‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Moving Forward as MGM Acquires Distribution Rights

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tomb raider mgm gk films reboot Tomb Raider Reboot Moving Forward as MGM Acquires Distribution Rights

Square Enix’s latest reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise saw the video game series’ heroine taken back to her roots in an origin story that showed a naïve, untrained young scholar begin on the path towards becoming the fearless explorer/warrior that players (and moviegoers) have seen portrayed before. The reboot might best be considered a calculated risk that mostly paid off – the game reportedly sold over a million copies within two days of its release (though still undersold according to Square Enix’s expectations) – and received generally favorable reviews from critics.

Previously, the film rights were acquired by GK Films a couple of years ago, but things have gone very quiet on that front since then. Until, recent developments.

Now, THR reports that MGM is partnering with GK in order to begin development on the film – with MGM’s CEO Gary Barber and GK Films’ founder Graham King jointly announcing the new partnership along with King’s intent to act as producer.

Tomb Raider Reboot Tomb Raider Reboot Moving Forward as MGM Acquires Distribution Rights

Graham King has produced a large number of successes in the past, including Rango, The Departed and Argo, though it’s probably best to wait for news on a screenwriter, director and star before assessing how much of a success this new Tomb Raider movie is likely to be. The video game has already been adapted for the screen twice, with Angelina Jolie in the leading role for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

The films were based on the series in general, as opposed to having a plot from any particular one of the games, but neither film was an origin story and the first opened with Lara already established as a successful and accomplished collector of ancient artifacts. MGM and GK Films’ Tomb Raider movie will be a full reboot, separate from Paramount Pictures’ much-maligned franchise, and though it might not be a direct adaptation of the latest video game, it will definitely be an origin story.

Graham King said during the project’s inception:

“There’s something about her character and going back to her roots, and that’s what we’re doing with this. You’re actually gonna meet her before she has all her powers as Lara Croft. It’s more of a character study, but it’s a really fun, fun adventure story.”

Jolie is not likely to be brought back to play Lara again but there are still a number of excellent candidates out there for the character. Megan Fox has firmly turned down the role but rumors and interest surrounding TRON: Legacy star Olivia Wilde began spreading in 2011 – after the actress was seen sporting a Lara Croft costume for a House M.D. photoshoot.

olivia wilde lara croft tomb raider Tomb Raider Reboot Moving Forward as MGM Acquires Distribution Rights

Another option for consideration is Camilla Luddington, who voiced Lara in the recent video game and has also had recurring roles in True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy and Californication (as well as playing Kate Middleton in the best-forgotten TV movie William & Kate).

Since the talent roster is still wide open, let us know your fantasy casting for the new Tomb Raider movie – along with your ideal choices for the screenwriter and director in the comments.

We’ll let you know as soon as MGM announce a release date for Tomb Raider.

Source: THR

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  1. Excellent. I beat the game last weekend and it was fantastic! My casting suggestion, as posted in the Open Discussion:

    Lauren Cohen.

    She already is half a Lara Croft in The Walking Dead and being British-American and having lived and studied in the UK she has a British accent (she sported that as Bela in Supernatural). All she needs now is a bit of training to make her a bit more athletic and she’d be perfect.

    Sure, she isn’t exactly 17 anymore, should the movie follow the game closely, but if video game movies have proven one thing then it’s that there is always a big amount of creative leeway involved.

    • I like the choice. She would be awesome after some training. Would love to see her sport her look from Supernatural also. Loved her with long hair and she was smoking hot back then. Not that she’s bad to look at now though. That aside she definitely has the acting chops to pull off Lara.

  2. Yes! The video game is freaking amazing! I’ve beat it twice and plan on playing again after the last of us an injustice.
    I really hope the movie follows pretty close to the game. At least the same tone and style. Though it would be cool to see yamatai on the screen! I have high hopes and I’m excited for more news to come!

    My fantasy casting would be lyndsy fonseca. She has the look and she already familiar with stunts and weapons from Nikita. She’s a quality actress that looks the part and does her own stunts. She can pull off the innocent Lara and the later tomb raider Lara.

    Second choices are Nina dobrev Olivia Wilde and I like Lauren Cohen but like Wilde there both already in there thirties unlike fonseca and dobrev who are in early twenties. I’m thinking for a franchise they should go with younger acteessss.

    • Yeah, the most important thing is that they treat the project as a serious adventure movie and not as some overly cartoony Sunday morning flick for “those videogaming kids”. That was the downfall of the Jolie Tomb Raider movies.

      Speaking for which: they need to make sure that they have proper production values. I don’t want to see a cheap plasticky set like the one from the first movie’s showdown again, whick looked more like a theme park ride than an ancient site.

      • Exactly throw out some money for high production value. If it looks beautiful people will watch it. It shouldn’t look shopped or fake or very poorly cgi back sets. Take the time and build quality sets with quality effects.

        Add a perfect leading woman and most importantly a great script with a director or cares and understands the character and the story.

  3. jennifer lawrence

    • Noooooooooooooo!

    • hahaha very funny…

  4. Rhona Mitra really looks like Lara!

    • That’s why she used to be the official Lara Croft model. ;)

  5. I say Keira Knightley

  6. After watching some of the making of videos for the game I would have to say that Camilla Luddington would be the best choice. She brought alot to the table during the motion capture.

    • Indeed. He voice would definitely work since she WAS the voice of LC, but I haven’t seen any of her acting work, so it would be difficult for me to say if she could pull off anything. I need to “research” her more.

  7. 1. Gemma Arterton
    2. Camilla Luddington
    3. Lyndsy Fonseca (if her accent doesn’t suck)

  8. Olivia Wilde would be perfect for it… Do not do kim K angelina maybe emily browning would work perfect too.

    • YES!

  9. Summer Glau would a great pick the movie. She is already a scifi/action star.

  10. In my opinion, the actress to play lara croft would need three things. A background in Gymnastics and martial arts, has an english accent, and last but not completely important is the actress’ sex appeal(athletic body)

    • Sex appeal is “not completely important”? Whoa! Then how about casting a guy, instead? Would we notice? Sex appeal in a woman — a lesbian or a female of a certain age — is exceedingly important.

      Listen, a woman is the opposite of man, not the opposite of sex.

    • I would say you have that backwards. As Lara Croft, the actress must be beautiful and curvy, a great actress, come across as intelligent and able to handle the physically demanding aspects of the role. She must also be young enough to pass for 21, as they are following the new game. The accent is important, but secondary to an actress that can make us believe she is Lara Croft. Gymnastics and martial arts are not important. Gymnastics were an afterthought in the games, nice to watch but not really important, and the only game where Lara did hard-to-hand combat was Angel of Darkness, but that was only because she didn’t have a gun in the beginning, and until she got it. She could fight if she had to, but as is her trademark, she would use her twin pistols primarily, or other guns and weapons before she would fight. Lara has always been tiny so strength is not on her side.

  11. Camilla Luddington. She did a great job mo-capping and voicing the character plus she is equally attractive as Lara. Other than her I’d give the role to Lauren Cohan.

  12. Olivia Wilde, Yes Please!!

  13. Olivia Wilde, sounds good to me, just needs some training & perfecto, role is covered!!!

  14. No, no, no and no! You cannot base a cinematic franchise around breasts alojne which is what it was last time and it failed again and again. Stop rebooting failed mediocre crap hollywood, recycling garbage doesn’t make it anything new, its still just garbage!

  15. I think the perfect candidate for the role of Lara Croft, would have to be Camilla Luddington. She is already set for the part, seeing as how she pretty much became Lara for the new game. No reason not to pick her for the lead role.

  16. Hopefully the movie version of Lara will be as hot as the new game version!

  17. Perfect casting in mind for this, has to be Emmy Rossum (Fiona US Shameless).

    She shows a great range, tough yet vulnerable. A fantastic actress and looks the part already.

  18. My pick would be:

    1. Mila Kunis (Just because she looks like a young Angelina Jolie)
    2. Rhona Mitra (Not young enough maybe, but gorgeous)
    3. Lauren Cohen (kick ass)

    Laura Croft is beautiful and strong, not baby-face cute. As long as they stick to that im happy!

  19. I would like for Kate Beckinsale to do the role,I think that she would make a great Lara Croft.

  20. Wait… last I heard a couple years ago when Square Enix bought Eidos was that Warner Bros. had the rights to the film franchise. Guess they sat on it too long, or that was a lie or a rumor. Good to see the film coming along. I’m buying the new Tomb Raider (first Tomb Raider I’ve bought since Underworld for DS) game next week on Monday. Can’t wait. I heard the game is amazing and I hope a sequel is in the works. however, I feel as though Square had too high of expectations. 3.4 or so million is amazing for a rebooted IP… or any IP that isn’t CoD. But I also feel that maybe it was due to their calendar year being over less than a month away. So maybe next time release in the summer or fall. Megan Fox would be a good choice, as long as Michael Bay’s name isn’t in the picture. At all.

  21. I regard all sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots and continuations as ATM machines; basically, they’re screen-savers until something “real” is conjured up by the studios. That being said…

    Angelina Jolie did an admirable job with interpreting Lara Croft; I admire her acting chops, athletic ability (and wish like hell she had taken the role of Vesper in CASINO ROYALE); but unfortunately she is far “too mature” even to be considered for a nubile version of this video-game character.

    For Lara to in anyway be inexperienced she must be on the green side of womanhood; we’re talking late teens/early twenties, I suspect. If not, Lara might in her fumblings look a tad ridiculous…like an Olympic athletic trying to kick it off at thirtysomething. Anyway, that’s my takeaway.

    Graham King is an excellent producer, though I am surprised he’s involved with such a premature reboot. Perhaps, here, he has received-wisdom beyond our understanding.

    In suggesting a particular writer, the action genre typically results in a heavy dose of collaboration (rewrites/script-doctoring) so you can throw darts at a board in selecting a scribe.

    But the director should be stylistic, have decisive input toward shaping the screenplay, and not be simply a hired hand; a surprising choice (like Ange Lee or John Woo) should make all the difference. Otherwise, this “deep” reboot (prequel/remake) will be no more than half-ass with pretention. (re: TOTAL RECALL)

  22. Gina Carano

  23. Camilla all the way for me. It’d tie in nicely with the games too. She could voice the videogame series and also portray her in separate, standalone movies that still tie into the videogames as extra material (just like the various books that tie into the Halo and Gears Of War franchises and expand the worlds created in those games).

  24. Emilia Clarke with Jonah Nolan writing and Danny Boyle directing would be an all-star lineup

    • Danny Boyle has never made a film wherein the central protagonist is female…until his upcoming movie, TRANCE. How well he does…we’ll see.

      Meanwhile, Boyle offered the helm of SKYFALL but turned it down. His bona fides for a high-action/adventure seems a bit suspect. One likes to think any talented director has the requisite skillset (and collaborators) to make any movie; but, in truth, no one would hire Woody Allen to do a Lara Croft film.

  25. The game was very subpar to be honest, make a uncharted movie instead.

  26. I never thought that Angelina Jolie was the right choice anyway. Oliva Wilde I like in general…hmmm.

  27. Shut up with Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Beckinsale – they would just end up being predictable. I really think Jessica Brown Findlay from Downton abbey would be perfect; she has the looks, the acting capabilities and most importantly she’s English! The Americans are woeful with English accents and even Beckinsale these days is a parody of her English heritage. Findlay is just on the outskirts of an unknown actress so we could have something very fresh for the big screen from her.

  28. No offence but most of your picks are based on looks alone which is important but how the **** can you imagine Olivia Wilde being Lara croft, what has ever done close to it. The best person to do it is Camilla Luddngton she did a good job with the game actually a great job. though Jessica Findlay looks good but could she pull of the action, if kate bechinsale was a bit younger she would be great for the role to though lara croft needs more than look and **** of megan fox that girl can go back to the whole she climbed out of. when has she ever beena good actress.

  29. I would go with Emma Watson in the staring role and maybe Alfonso Cuarón as director. I definitely do not want Lara’s boobs being the star of the next movie and I do not want someone who would look more like Lara’s Mum playing Lara.

    Since they already have the script it seems a bit late to be wishing for a different team to write it. I am not fussed who writes it anyway, so long as it is good. Fergus and Ostby seem OK writers.