Marvel Eying DC Superman Tom Welling for New Superhero Role?

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Tom Welling Marvel Studios Marvel Eying DC Superman Tom Welling for New Superhero Role?

Tom Welling’s Clark Kent is only three short days from embracing his destiny as Superman in the Smallville series finale – scheduled to air as a two hour event this Friday. With ten seasons of DC superhero mythos under his belt, what’s next for the Abercrombie & Fitch model turned high-profile actor/director/producer?

Answer: If a new report is to be believed – more superhero action; but this time at rival comic book house Marvel Studios.

According to What’s Playing, Marvel Studios is eyeing Welling for a potential role in one of their upcoming comic book to film adaptation properties – now that the actor is free from saving Metropolis and has started looking at future projects. There’s no doubt that the news will both excite and confuse Smallville and superhero lovers alike – especially if you’re a die-hard fan of one or the other comic book universe.

However, it’s especially interesting to hear that Marvel is interested in Welling who, aside from his time as Clark Kent, isn’t exactly experienced in headlining feature-films – with only three movie appearances to his name: Rupert Wainwright’s 2005 remake of John Carpenter’s The Fog as well as two rounds as Charlie Baker in the Steve Martin franchise, Cheaper by the Dozen. Granted Welling has a sizable following from his work at the CW but Marvel has proven they’re capable of landing high-profile, house-hold name-type, movie stars for their superhero roles.

Tom Welling Cheaper By The Dozen Marvel Eying DC Superman Tom Welling for New Superhero Role?Unlike superhero feature films (which require real-world feel and epic action), Smallville thrives on its oftentimes campy interpretation of the DC superhero world (see last Friday’s episode “Prophecy” which once again featured the return of Chris Gautheir as the Toyman). As a result, it’s not immediately apparent how Welling’s sometimes hammy superhero act and “boyish” good looks would translate to the blockbuster filmscape – especially without a different type of role (maybe one that actually showcases his acting talent) to serve as a buffer between iconic superhero appearances. The discrepancy between what works in comic book films, as opposed to TV series, was likely a contributing factor in Bryan Singer’s choice to leave Welling in TV land – after the actor tested for Superman: Returns.

That said, it’s not that Welling couldn’t do it, since he’s definitely playing to the CW audience on Smallville; however, looking at the current slate of Marvel properties the studio has en route (in some form) – Deathlok, Ant ManIron FistDoctor Strange, Heroes for Hire, and Runawaysit’s hard to know exactly where Welling would fit in. In the current cinescape, studios market a film with either a high-profile actor or a well-known property, so it’s unlikely that Marvel would offer Welling a headlining role in a lesser-known superhero vehicle – since it’d be especially hard to market the project.

As a result, should Marvel actually coax Welling into a rival superhero role – it’d be easier to believe he’d be a member of a team (as in Runaways) – as opposed to a one man show (like Deathlok or Iron Fist). Though, who would have thought relative unknown (pre-Star Trek) Chris Hemsworth would make such a successful leading-man in a riskier superhero film like Thor?

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Tom Welling/Clark Kent embraces his destiny (and maybe flies) this Friday in the Smallville series finale.

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. Welling deserves better since getting the shaft twice from DC..As Marvel continues to get better and develop more films,Welling should definitely be on the lookout for another ‘in’ into the movie biz-and if its with Marvel so be it..Wonder Man..i can see him be or even Namor..or a bad guy like Kang….also in response to Stevensen’s acting chops-The guy was just in the wrong film at the wrong time,as was Thomas Jane..Both of which were perfect as The Punisher, but had bad direction as well as a bad script…Ray Stevensen has since become a better actor thanks in part to his language coach and has had several films released since..”the other guys”,’Thor”,”kill the Irishman” to name a few…He even provides the voice of the Punisher in the Marvel Super Hero Squad tv show-rather comicly as well…I think if they were to do The Punisher again,they should keep him but have a better script and director…

    • actually both Punisher movies suffered from very poor acting in the villains roles and poor choices as bad guys

      • Actually Dolph Lundren’s Punisher film i find the worse outta the 3 thats been made. Thomas Jane’s was the one i liked best probly.

        • I still wonder how they blackmailed Louis Gossett Junior to appear in that one.

          “The guilty MUST be punished!”

  2. I would be perfectly okay with this guy being Chase Stein in Runaways or Iron Fist (but only Iron Fist if its in a Heroes for Hire movie. A single hero movie might not work to well with him as Iron Fist)

    • Iron Fist should only be played by one guy, and that is Ray Parks, that is why most people dont comment on Iron Fist and whom should play him.

  3. I have to agree on one thing I think Routh would make a great Dr.Hank Pym AKA Antman to be honest id been going back and forth in my head who should play him and in reading that i automatically saw it as a perfect fit If he plays him like the cartoon thats out now The Avengers EMH.

  4. I hope this is just a rumor because I don’t like it when actors play two separate superheroes…I’m looking at you Chris evans and Ryan Reynolds. I think Welling can find work elsewhere of the non superhero genre

    • Chris Evans is playing 2 characters in the same universe, which is a bit irritating. But, I don’t mind an actor playing characters in different universes like Reynolds in Marvel and DC. I understand why they went with Evans. There is a limited number of actors perfect for these superhero roles and they seem to be running out. I loved Evans in FF and I love him as CA, so I’m not complaining.

      • Fantastic Four wasn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The whole thing started with Iron Man, and FF was before Iron Man’s time. FF was also produced by Fox not Marvel. So, Evans doesn’t actually play two guys in the “same universe” just one. 😉 If you go to Wikipedia you can check out a whole list of movies part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

        • Dont forget Halle Berry yeti.

          • Oh Aknot, why did you have to remind me of that crapfest? I really don’t count it because it’s so highly forgettable

            • Hahaha. I do my best to forget it too. “Catwoman?” There is only Michelle Pfeiffer. To be honest, I’m not even sure Anne Hathaway will be able to touch Pfeiffer’s performance.

      • I disagree. There are plenty of actors out there that would be well suited for a superhero. It’s just that studios want big names and the pool of big name actors who are physically appropriate as a superhero is not that large.

        They need to start taking a chance on solid actors who maybe just haven’t had their big break yet. Or actors who have mostly done indie and would like to step into a blockbuster.

        Chris Evans was perfect in FF and he might be good in CA but I don’t like seeing the same actors fill these iconic roles. It takes away the magic a bit.

        About Evans playing both roles…I would love to see a Secret Wars film but they’ll have to do a FF reboot first because Torch and Cap can’t both be played by Evans. :) Not to say anyone is even making a SW film but you can see the problem with using the same actors over and over.

        • And yes, people…I know that FF wasn’t made by Marvel so there are plenty more issues to address before anything like a Secret Wars movie could be made…just an example.

          • “They need to start taking a chance on solid actors who maybe just haven’t had their big break yet. Or actors who have mostly done indie and would like to step into a blockbuster.”

            There are a few issues with this IMO.

            Most arise from the studios taking a chance with their money.

            Do you lock someone in for “x” movies at a decent rate or only one then have to pay out the nose if its a hit for follow ups?

            Do you invest time and money in an unknown (character and actor) and not as much in writing, directing, SFX, etc or vice versa?

            It is a teeter toter and a very hard one to balance. It is difficult for us to understand as we hang onto this stuff (comics etc) like others do with American Idol and Jersey Shore .

            We dont understand the money, legalities, contracts etc that go into doing movies like this and think (at least I do) that it shouldnt really be that hard. Yet it is.

            I blame the lawyers. No offense to any lawyers here.

            • @Aknot, Very true and that is why it is a better gamble if you make 1 or more of your supporting actors as well known. Clear example;Thor. Trying to create a blockbuster film based around ALL relatively unknown or new actors is a HIGH risk that seldomly if ever works,however you do have some exceptions such as District 9 and Cloverfield but there are other reasons for those being successful. A talented unknown lead with a talented mix of known and unknown cast works much better.

            • Aknot, you bring up an excellent point about locking in actors for “x” number of movies. Three pics seems to be the standard for all action franchises and DC also uses this. But, Marvel seems to be locking in their actors for 9 films! I’m sure that must scare off a lot of actors. This greatly reduces the pool of actors Marvel can pull from. So the actors have to have the right look, be young enough to last 9 films, and be willing to sign a long contract, that will force them to pass on a lot of other roles. All for very little money, since we know how cheap Marvel is.

    • I agree, yeti. I’d love to see Tom do an action series, like Indiana Jones or the Bourne films. It is going to be really strange not seeing Tom playing Clark next fall.

      • I was all set to back the idea of Welling as Allan Quatermain until I learned the new Quatermain movie would be set in the future! WTF? Allan Quatermain is like Indian Jones. In fact, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Indiana Jones BASED on Allan Quatermain? We need a new Indiana Jones, big adventure, questing franchise and I thought Quatermain would be it. Now I learn it is set in the future on some bombed out abandoned Earth?! Rolls eyes at you Hollywood. I want Welling to star in an Allan Quatermain movie set in the 19th Century … where he belongs!

  5. As far as Namor, I don’t see it. Namor’s facial structure is important as has always normally been drawn with long facial features, prominant-receding forhead and a pointy chin and started out that way. The only actors that I see that look like that are Zachary Quinto, Jonathan Rhys Myers, and Joaquin Pheonix. The actor that looks the most like Namor is Joaquin Phoenix but due to his height 5’8 and age loses out. Jonathan Rhys Myers is a little taller at 6’1. But Zachary Quinto beats out both actors as he is the same height as Namor 6’2 and has the same symetrical body type as Namor; Zachary would just have to tone and bulk up. As seen in J,J. Abram’s Star Trek, Zac playing as Spok is already seen pretty much as what he would look like as Namor.

    • They HAVE to get an Asian person to play Namor. There’s no question about it. Or possibly a New-Zealander or someone from Hawaii.

  6. from what I hear they might make a justice league movie and never wanting to spend the big bucks for lets say christian bale to play batman they are going to want TV actors to play the heroes so welling would be perfect to play the man of steel and we all know who should play lex M.R.

  7. If Marvel was to go with a person of color for Namor, then The Rock would be the man for Namor. So either Zachary Quinto or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Namor The Sub-Mariner. I could see The Rock go up against The Hulk, That would look badass!

    • The Rock is waaay to bulky to play Namor.

      Zachary Quinto would have to go a serious diet/exercise regimen to get that olympic swimmer type build.

      • They could just get Michael Phelps to play Namor LOL.

      • @Santa,LOL I knew somebody was going to say that. There is a thing called toning down.LOL. All the Rock would have to do is slim down. Attitude wise, as Namor, The Rock has it down PATT and I can totally here him saying “Imperious Rex!!!!!!”

  8. I can’t think of any good Marvel character that would be great for Tom Welling other than WonderMan perhaps. Mostly i wanna see Tom Welling take the role of Superman in the Justice League film.

  9. The only role he would fit is maybe Ant-Man (Hank Pym) – Tom Welling’s personality would fit the role and it’s not like he doesn’t look like Hank from the comics (except for the hair). I doubt he will play some sort of villain. After playing superman for how many years he doesn’t strike anyone as THE BAD GUY.

    • Is Pyms Antman confirmed? I would like to see him as Giantman/Yellow Jacket and O’Grady as Antman.

  10. Talking with a buddy of mine who is all-in when it comes to Smallville. We had a hard time coming up with anyone who Welling would fit from Marvel. Until he brought up an interesting point: Aren’t they still casting for Millar’s Superior movie?

    I know the producers batted around the idea of Jon Hamm. But wouldn’t Welling be an interesting choice for that role? DC won’t let him fly as Superman? Watch him go in Superior! It adds to the already interesting history of JLA / Squadron Supreme riffing that the Big 2 have. And it makes for a cool Hollywood-behind-the-scenes story.

  11. I think Marvel would pay him just to sit out of the DC limelight till the Avengers came out, then let his contract expire…..

    But if he did take on a character, I would like to see him take on Wonderman, but, he dies anyway…….. so back to the first sentence…..

  12. Actually I see him “and Marvel” going more toward a different way…Werewolf By Night. Older, semi-obscure character….if done right could be as up there as Blade(who was a real nobody until the movie).

    • I fully agree, especially about Blade, I tryed reacing some of the comics after I watched the movies & found win to be quite weak and emotional for a Vampire Hunter/Marvel Super Hero……hell even Spider-Man has more of a backbone which it didn’t come as a surprize to me when the Blade series was eventually canceled. I just hope the animated series appearing on G4 does much much better :\

      • Blade series was cancelled because they dove right into a convoluted storyline and never took the time to actually establish the “new guy” and “new team” as Blade. By the time the dust cleared and you almost figured out who was who and what the hell was going on it wasn’t pulling enough with the ratings to keep it going.
        The only series I can think of that has successfully changed lead actors for a character and had it work out well is Doctor Who. Even the entire Hulk thing hasn’t worked out as well as The Doctor.
        I still believe Tom Welling is a Good actor and this is a PRIME opportunity to take something “old” and make it New and Relevant(read Popular and successful), with the whole Supernatural thing going on Werewolf by Night(whom was slated for a movie which never appeared several years back) could be just the ticket Unless they go for something like Guardians of the Galaxy with the whole Vance Astrovic Saga(being kinda reminiscent of Farscape) and not actually forming the “group” until later…. Just not something which might totally waste his talent like making him “Rick Jones Eternal Sidekick”

  13. Dr. Strange

    • I don’t think he’s old enough to play Dr. Strange, although with a little grey in his hair it might work.

      • While working for a DC Comics franchise, Tom has become the ultimate superhero. If he gets a job for a Marvel Comics franchise, Tom should become the ultimate villain. Anything else will just typecast him as a ultimate superhero.

  14. I Think its perfect cause DC wasnt giving him much love

  15. Tom Welling should and will be cast for “DC” Justice League Movie as SUPERMAN!!!

    • @ Robert

      I agree. I think Welling deserves a shot at the role play Superman in Justice League if he wants to of-course. If they decide use Lois Lane down the road in solo films that follow Justice League’s universe, than Erica Durance should be asked for the role again. Just those two cause i doubt Michael Rosenbaum will want to be Lex again. Id be happy enough to have Tom Welling & Erica Durance on the big screen in the roles they’re best at.

    • I can honestly tell you that I would skip the film if he was cast.

      • @ Ghost

        Oh well, i bet plenty of people would see the film, not counting Smallville fans.

      • Honestly I’m skipping JLA if Tom Welling is NOT Cast in it!!! I’m already skipping, and boycotting Man of Steel with the worst casting ever! If they ruin JLA also I will boycott that movie also.

        I’ve been a Superman fan for 25 years, and it hurts to boycott a Superman movie but I’m so un happy with the direction the movie’s going in I refuse to watch it.

        Cavill sucks for Superman!! Tom Welling is still Generations Superman. Period. He has earned the role.

        If Marvel snatches him up the DC will be looking mighty stupid!

        • Except that Tom Welling doesn’t WANT to play Superman in the movie. Honestly I think casting him in a Superman movie would be a bad move anyway, it would just seem like a continuation of Smallville, and whoever wrote and directed it would either have to stick to the mythology of the series, which would be confusing for non-Smallville fans, or disregard it, and then it would just be awkward.

          I don’t what’s so bad about Henry Cavill. How does he suck for Superman? He looks the part, he’s a good actor (better than Welling at that, and more experience), he can achieve a nice build, I can see any reason to say he sucks. It seems like the only people complaining are Smallville fans.

          Also, you’re not “boycotting” the movie, you’re just not going to see it. Boycotting is a form of coercion. You’re not coercing anybody to do anything, you’re one individual it doesn’t matter if you see it or not.

          • @ theStray

            Welling was open to the idea of Superman on the big screen. Imo I think casting Welling wouldn’t be such a bad idea, I find people who might disagree think he won’t use Smallville series as a excuse. Smallville was about his journey to becoming Superman, if Welling is gonna be Superman in Justice League, it’s obvious he’d to be Superman for a number of years. Imo Henry Cavill doesn’t look like the character, & as people mentioned his height etc. Amy Adams doesn’t catch my eye as Lois Lane. I like Smallville, but my views are based on news of Man Of Steel that seems like a remake of Superman 2 almost.

  16. Wow! The fact that TV ‘Hero shows from ‘Bill Bixby’s ‘HULK, Linda Carter’s ‘Wonder Woman and Hercules to present day Smallville, have always seemed lacking. I know the difference in TV and Film are astronomical but glad we have the genre. That being said…He wouldn’t fit the Marvel profile of any character I can think of.

    Dr. Strange definetly not. Marvel Studio’s (Unlike the other studios that unfortunately have rights to other Marvel properties) have a perfect record in casting their characters.Nick Fury either way…Terrace Howard (Jim Rhodes) that was ‘His(greed) fault,but He was a perfect casting. Anthony Hopkins on screen with Chris Hemsworth was incredible..You really felt the ‘Family and Love between the characters. We will wait for ‘Cap,bit O doubt there will be any disappointments. so now…here we are with this scenerio..
    Can’t call it…Justice League Movie.yeah..maybee

  17. Since the are making a trilogy to X men First Class he could be cast as Vulcan,Doctor Nemesis,Sunspot ,Xorn,Warpath,Cypher or I think Box a.k.a Madison Jeffries would fit him best.

    • I’m not racist but I think they should leave Sunspot and Warpath for at least actors of that particular ethnic background. Yeah,yeah I know about the Heimdall and Nick Fury thing but minority superheroes are still a minority. Keep Sunspot as a dark-skinned Brazilian, Warpath as a real Native American and Deathlok as an African American.

      • Ultimate Marvel Nick Fury is African-American.

  18. Wow, the author of this article must not watch much Smallville. I really resent the comments about Tom’s acting. He’s a very GOOD actor and has a huge and subtle range of emotion when the script is well written. He can only work with what he is given. He would do just fine on the big screen but I think a team type of superhero movie would work very well for him.

  19. I think he’d do well with an Indiana Jones type of movie, or like a National Treasures type of flick. I wouldn’t want to see him in any sort of chick flick movies.

  20. after tonight’s episode I have no doubt in my mind that Tom Welling can play any hero you can throw at him.

  21. If the “fanboys” could get past his black hair,he could play Iron Fist, who is blond. He could also play Moon Knight just as he is.

  22. it’d be great to see him in the Justice League movie, i really, truly would. And all it would need to complete the line-up in Batman and Wonder Woman!

  23. I think Walt Disney will choose Tom to play some characters in movies, I would like to see him star in the Disney films like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (The Remake), Treasure Island,

  24. Tom and Erica are great actors. Tom would be perfect in any Hero role. Give him the right script and with Erica they would really Shine. Tom is SUPER HOT so let’s keep the “fires burning” and get those two in an action hero film pronto!!

  25. Now that they mention Disney movies why not cast him as Tarzan…I know some fanboys will have an outrage.



  27. The Guy Tom Welling could’nt wear the whole Superman Suit for all the fans that gave him 10 years of watching this guy! If George Reeves can wear the suit so could Welling! Tom thinks he’s to good for us, it’s below his standers! When we watched Tom wear this uniform he was 500 miles away saving Lois Lane from the plane that was out of control. The image looked like a cartoon! Thanks Tom Welling but no thanks. We need someone to play The Superman guy who is proud of being Superman and cares for the fans!!! We saw Tom Welling close up from the top up only. The only one to save the show that day on the final was(Lex Luthor) Michael Roseumbaum. Thanks Michael and great acting and carring for your fans!

  28. marvel made the sentry as their answer to superman who better to play him than welling. seriously people and who cares if he isn’t blonde thats very easily remedied.

  29. SAMLLVILLE executives and writers butcher the show . The show did not make any sense , they were making it up as they went along knowing most of the fans would stay loyal, because of one thing they got right , THE CASTING. We can only hope the reason they never showed Tom in full Superman uni was bc WB was saving it for its Justice League movie.