Marvel Eying DC Superman Tom Welling for New Superhero Role?

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Tom Welling Marvel Studios Marvel Eying DC Superman Tom Welling for New Superhero Role?

Tom Welling’s Clark Kent is only three short days from embracing his destiny as Superman in the Smallville series finale – scheduled to air as a two hour event this Friday. With ten seasons of DC superhero mythos under his belt, what’s next for the Abercrombie & Fitch model turned high-profile actor/director/producer?

Answer: If a new report is to be believed – more superhero action; but this time at rival comic book house Marvel Studios.

According to What’s Playing, Marvel Studios is eyeing Welling for a potential role in one of their upcoming comic book to film adaptation properties – now that the actor is free from saving Metropolis and has started looking at future projects. There’s no doubt that the news will both excite and confuse Smallville and superhero lovers alike – especially if you’re a die-hard fan of one or the other comic book universe.

However, it’s especially interesting to hear that Marvel is interested in Welling who, aside from his time as Clark Kent, isn’t exactly experienced in headlining feature-films – with only three movie appearances to his name: Rupert Wainwright’s 2005 remake of John Carpenter’s The Fog as well as two rounds as Charlie Baker in the Steve Martin franchise, Cheaper by the Dozen. Granted Welling has a sizable following from his work at the CW but Marvel has proven they’re capable of landing high-profile, house-hold name-type, movie stars for their superhero roles.

Tom Welling Cheaper By The Dozen Marvel Eying DC Superman Tom Welling for New Superhero Role?Unlike superhero feature films (which require real-world feel and epic action), Smallville thrives on its oftentimes campy interpretation of the DC superhero world (see last Friday’s episode “Prophecy” which once again featured the return of Chris Gautheir as the Toyman). As a result, it’s not immediately apparent how Welling’s sometimes hammy superhero act and “boyish” good looks would translate to the blockbuster filmscape – especially without a different type of role (maybe one that actually showcases his acting talent) to serve as a buffer between iconic superhero appearances. The discrepancy between what works in comic book films, as opposed to TV series, was likely a contributing factor in Bryan Singer’s choice to leave Welling in TV land – after the actor tested for Superman: Returns.

That said, it’s not that Welling couldn’t do it, since he’s definitely playing to the CW audience on Smallville; however, looking at the current slate of Marvel properties the studio has en route (in some form) – Deathlok, Ant ManIron FistDoctor Strange, Heroes for Hire, and Runawaysit’s hard to know exactly where Welling would fit in. In the current cinescape, studios market a film with either a high-profile actor or a well-known property, so it’s unlikely that Marvel would offer Welling a headlining role in a lesser-known superhero vehicle – since it’d be especially hard to market the project.

As a result, should Marvel actually coax Welling into a rival superhero role – it’d be easier to believe he’d be a member of a team (as in Runaways) – as opposed to a one man show (like Deathlok or Iron Fist). Though, who would have thought relative unknown (pre-Star Trek) Chris Hemsworth would make such a successful leading-man in a riskier superhero film like Thor?

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Tom Welling/Clark Kent embraces his destiny (and maybe flies) this Friday in the Smallville series finale.

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. I don’t care as long as it keeps him from portraying Superman in the JLA movie.

    • lol

    • Tom Welling was great as Clark kent on Smallville and i really belive and know that in a full fleged blockbuster movie with a full and perfect cast and not to mention much better writing than a tv show. Tom Welling could, should and will be Superman in the Justice League movie. he has got the looks, talent, height and breath of Superman. if i heard write Christopher Nolan was producing the movie after his Batman is done, and with a team like Christopher Nolan and such, i am sure Tom Welling could brake out from tv to superstar movie as Superman, i bet he could portray Superman in a acompleeetly different way than he ever did with Smallville!!!

      • Nolan is producing the new Batman reboot, not Justice League. And just b/c Nolan is attached doesn’t mean the film will be good. Uh oh, that was “blasphemy” (rolls eyes).

  2. I like this alot

  3. So anyone else think Marvel (Disney) will be shoving it in DCs (Warner Bros) face if Tom Welling succeeds as a Movie Superhero?

    • Marvel would love it. The hype would be off the charts. A lot of fans wanted Smallville to end at season 5 and move Welling to the big screen, but WB chose to do Superman Returns instead. Fair enough. When WB formed that first JLA movie a couple of years back, and announced that it wouldn’t use Routh, all the comment sections of places like EW, MTV, etc, were jammed with people demanding Welling. WB went with a short mexican dude instead. OK. After the reboot was announced, all the magazines ran polls and Welling killed everyone in all the polls by over 60%. WB decided on a re-origin instead. OK. Welling was always the overwhelmingly popular choice to be Superman, but for very logical reasons of continuity, WB always chose not to muddy the picture that way. But it doesn’t matter how logical that decision was, people wanted Welling anyway. Now we have a possible Dr Strange movie coming out the same month as the Superman reboot. Marvel could really kick DC in the balls with this move and the hype would be immense. Now, I never blamed WB for their choice, even though I liked Welling a lot. It IS logical. WB had to make a hard decision, and they aren’t wrong to go against the public tide. Continuity WOULD be a huge problem, even if the public never understood that. But Marvel would never stop laughing if their Welling-led film beat the Superman reboot. And it could. The reboot is looking a tiny bit shakey. Marvel gets to play up being the good guy saying, “See people, WE will give you what you want, unlike those evil WB/DC goons. WE care. We are the good guys.” And then laugh and laugh and laugh.

      • Exactly what I meant.

        “Here at Marvel/Disney we care about what you, the wallets, I mean fans want.”

        • Dante,

          Please. Of course Marvel/Disney cares about “wallets” – they run a business, not a a charity fansite.


          • I didn’t mean to imply otherwise, simply saying this is a shrewd move by Marvel/Disney.

            Attract Dollars & Disgruntled Fans while reducing the box-office take of the Man of Steel movie, all in one fell swoop.

    • Don’t get me wrong I love Tom Welling as an actor but I am hoping that the orginal rumors are true and that Nathan Fillion gets the role of Antman. And also the incredibly awesome rumor that Morrena Baccarin would play Wasp and then the nerd universe would rejoice

      • If they played those characters god people would freak out.

      • Two actors from Firefly playing Antman and Wasp? That would be great insect laden irony.

        And i think Welling could pull off Namor for sure.

      • Yes yes yes

      • The ONLY other characters that I could see him possibly portraying are either Captain Marvel(Mar-vel) or Adam Worlock if he had his hair colored blond.

        • Hmmm Warlock, now that would be an interesting idea…perhaps lead in to Avengers 2 – The Infinity Gauntlet?

  4. I don’t know why, but I think he’d make an awesome Ka-Zar.

    • Now that you mention it, I can see that too. I love both Tom Welling and Ka-Zar so my head would explode if it were to ever happen.

    • I could see Moon Knight–vaguely–if he channeled his mirror Clark (Luthor) and let some beard stubble grow…

      • not old enough or worn enough Moon Knight is better fitted for someone like Thomas Jane , who looks like he could have been a solider and suffers from multiple personality disorder

        • Agreed. He’s too fresh faced for Moon Knight.

  5. Sentry.

    All he needs is a long blonde wig.

    Or the Beyonder.

    Actually a movie version of the Secret Wars would be entertaining.

    • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Secret Wars movie!!!!!!!

    • As Sentry I don’t see it, although it could be done,he’s already got the “S” on his chest,Lol but boy would that be an extreme slap in the face to D.C. ;Sentry is pretty much Marvel’s Superman.

  6. He would make a great She-Hulk. Compare the pictures. They are dead-on.

  7. I think this is just Marvel’s revenge for DC casting Ryan Reynolds :)

    • It occurs to me that it doesn’t have to be limited to Marvel-Disney properties, since Marvel is still a producer on the movies made at other studios like Spider-Man.

      • Don’t get the wolves here on you about these movie rights. Marvel has no say in the movies they rented out to other studios.

        • So that explains X-Men Origins: Wolverine…

        • ‘Tis truth you speak – Fox controls the X-Men and Sony controls Spidey.

          Marvel went with highest bidders back in the day when those untested comic book movies were being produced and now they find themselves with a pantheon lacking in their core heroes.

          Dang, just dang.

  8. Please don’t let this guy get the part of a Marvel superhero

  9. he would make an awesome Dare Devil…or get him in the Fantastic four as Johnny Blaze or Mr. Fantastic. Why not a villain?

    • I would love to see him as a villain. I think he did his best acting work when he went evil. AU Clark Luthor was truly scary. You felt he could snap somebody’s neck at a moment’s notice. He had genuine menace.

    • No way do I see him as DD or in FF but hell YES to him as a villain. That would rule!

    • by the way Johnny Blaze is Ghost Rider Johnny Storm is The human Torch

      • Haha I was going to be nice and not saying anything.

  10. Shooting from the hip, but I’m thinking maybe Namor?

    • He would make a badass namor if he beefs up like Hermsworth the man can get a lead role.

  11. What bugs me about this article is assumes everyone thinks Tom Welling can’t act, I for one think Tom Welling is a great actor and more than capable of headlining another Superhero film. I’m pretty sure Tom Welling never auditioned for Superman Returns, with him doing Smallville 9 months out of the year it wouldn’t makes sense for him to audition.

    • That’s not true. I specifically mention I’d like to see him in a project where he could showcase that he can act – he’s fine on Smallville but, as I mentioned it’s campy (nothing wrong with that) and I don’t think most studio heads would consider it a great showpiece for his potential as a feature film star.

      As to Superman Returns. He was approached about the Superman feature that would become Superman Returns – but one major reason he didn’t go very far in the process was that Singer (and the WB) were worried about how the movie might impact Smallville (as a brand) in the event the movie either took off or bombed. So, an unknown (Routh) was cast. So, while it’s true it didn’t make sense for him take the part – it doesn’t mean he didn’t test (he’d have been crazy to have not thrown his hat [or cape] in the ring).

  12. I could see him as an adaption for Namor the mariner. He has the perfect look and coloration

  13. Tome Welling IS an awful actor and seeing him in a film at all is bad enough, but seeing him single handily ruin a marvel film would be terrible.

    You got crappy actor in my marvel film

  14. I can see him as Wonder Man, but only in a suppporting capacity.

  15. I think it is Dare Devil. They recently announced the reboot of that. But I find DD a boring character, so I hope not. I’d rather it be a really mind-bending Doctor Strange movie, with somebody like the Wachowskis directing Welling. I want mirrors to melt and freaky landscapes.

    • I was thinking DD or he can be in XM4 if its ever made as new mutant…or again Namor!!!

      • The problem with Namor is that the public is never going to pay to watch some character in a thong speedo for 2 hours. Never. It is too campy for them. However, if Marvel changes the costume to something people can take seriously (and will take their kids to see) then hardcore fanboys will riot. Does Namor have a costume variant that isn’t just a thong bikini? Google shows me some leather vest gay clubbing outfit also, which frankly isn’t much better. Unless and until Namor gets a costume that isn’t ridiculous, he is never getting a movie.

  16. I think he would make a great Superman in any Marvel movie!!! He would do great in what ever character he is plays in!

    • I hope you mean he’d make a great superhero in any Marvel movie because Superman is DC.

  17. I could definitely see him as Chase from Runaways, though he might look weird as a blond.

  18. I really would like to see Mr. Welling get some work after smallville. For 10 years I have watched him, and I don’t want him to disappear like most start do after a long running show ends. I almost wish they would have him do the Punisher. That would be way different for him.

    • I don’t think that there will ever be a successful Punisher movie. They have tried again and again and again. The public just doesn’t seem interested in a Punisher movie, no matter what.

      But I agree with you on Welling. I want to see him in movies. Most of my favorite actors are now 47 or older. Nothing wrong with that, but lately I’ve really been wanting some younger favorite actors in my movies. I used to hate when magazines would do the “SoAndSo is the new SoAndSo”. But lately I’ve been hankering for the new Mel Gibson, or the new Clint Eastwood, or the new (insert old star). Maybe I’m just in a weird mood lately. But yeah, I would enjoy seeing Welling in movies, because I’m kind of tired of the same 5 guys headlining all the movies I want to see.

    • yh he would do good in other shows/ movies

  19. I definitely think that Tom Welling has improved in his acting and deserves some big parts. But I don’t think Marvel’s the place for him. He is Clark Kent! I can’t see him as any other hero…

  20. Wonder Man, Vance Astro, Namor, Moon‑Knight, captain‑marvel.

    • Didnt think of moon knight or wonderman, but I do agree 100% on Namor, I wonder if (and I dont want to see this happen) he would be a good deadpool since RR is so busyy with green lantern and its future movies (if they do make future ones)

      I think that he would be a good namor, bullseye (since colin cant stay out of jail) winter soldier(cant imagine the guy playing bucky being a good winter soldier), sentry(hes got the build, and the look, and the ppretty boy image), antman (maybe? kind of a stretch to imagine him as a genious), and my favorite… DRAKEN!!!

      I think that he could be an awesome draken, just get rid of his pretty boy image and make him a sadistic guy who wants nothing more then his fathers head on a stick… literlly…

      • I like the Idea of Vance Astro if they are doing a Gaurdians movie, I also think that he would be perfect for Wonderman, Superhero turned actor, perfect role for Welling.
        I think the Idea of him playing Namor is a big No Way. He is a good actor he needs to be a great actor to play his Royal Arrogance.

        Moonknight is completely wrong for him , Thomas jane is the type of actor they need for Knight, Knight is a War vet who suffers from multiple personality disorder. welling isnt capable of that role.

        As far as Draken, Come on what a turd of a character he is. Do we really need a character who is basically the original Wolverine before marvel curbed the dog and made him all PC. Oh yeah and Mohawks are so late 80’s. Lame and should be wiped from existences its bad enough we have to deal with X23 but at least she has some decent story lines. Draken was made as a negative copy of Wolverine and that was his only purpose.

        Now As Far as Marvel characters goes , who said it had to be a Good Guy he couold play Zemo, Kang, if Marvel Decides to go Cosmic, He could be Mar-Vel, NOVA, or Star Lord. Current Movies out there he could be a pretty cool in Iron Man he could be Ezekiel Stane – A businessman, son of Iron Monger aka Obadiah Stane. Who later becomes the new Iron Monger or perhaps he could play Bilzzard. Thor he could play Ares or some Dark God, or In Captain America, He could be Task master, Zemo, Scourge, Nomad actually Nomad might be a cool for him.

      • @ BeaArthur#1

        Ryan Reynolds is the only guy for Deadpool. I think we will definitely see a Deadpool movie near 2013 – 2014. Ryan has committed to the movie (no contract yet but that’s just a formality) they only need a director to get started, but Tom Welling as Deadpool? NO FREAKIN WAY! THAT WOULD JUST BE WRONG! TO GO FROM SUPERMAN TO DEADPOOL (A VERY, VERY VIOLENT MERCENARY)… IT JUST WOULDN’T WORK!

      • As much a fan of Moon Knight as I am, in all reality, he’s just another Bruce Wayne (Millionaire-vigilante-with-shroud-and-manservant).

    • Isn’t Captain Marvel a DC character?

  21. Come on, this is BS–
    Don’t believe it for a SECOND!

    This is agent propaganda.

  22. I think it would be hilarious if they got Welling(Moon Knight is probably his best bet) and Routh(I think he would be a good Pym) to be in Marvel movies and they both beat the new Superman movie.

  23. Hellcats is in danger of being cancelled. I wouldn’t be surprised if he defects to Marvel possibly through his connections with Jeph Loeb, who used to work on Smallville from seasons 2-4. I’d say Runaways would be a better fit for him because it deals with superheroes without costumes.

    • The problem with Runaways is they are talking about him being a main character and the Runaways is about a group of teenagers. Welling is most decidedly NOT a teenager anymore.

  24. Ray Stevenson was a GREAT punisher! I wish he would continue the saga……

    • Are you serious? That was an awful movie. Punisher Warzone was probably the worst film based on a Marvel comic.

      • The movie was bad but Stevenson played a very good Frank Castle.

    • I’m sorry, but the weakest parts were the directing and the acting. Ray Stevenson gave a poor performance as usual. The action scenes were cheesy and horribly embarrassing to watch. The Story was horri… Oh wait there wasn’t a story. Never mind.

  25. Well lets see we have slated on the books supposedly from Marvel with no casting:

    Luke Cage – Well we had an Afro-American Kingpin why not a Caucasion Luke Cage? Ok we will pass this one.

    SubMariner – He would (IMO) have to slim down a little bit. While Namor is strong he is not (nor should be portrayed) as Welling is now. Namor should be built like a swimmer…. His strength is (I believe if I remember correctly) part of his mutation and living under the pressures of the sea.

    Deathlok – Why not? While I understand actors wanting to get their face seen there is no shame in not. Robert Englund did quite well and Karl Urban appears to be wearing the helmet more then his predecessor.

    Dr. Strange – I just do not think he is old enough. IMO Dr. Strange has a look… that needs to portray expierence. Welling does not have that look.

    Ant-Man – The most currnet Ant-Man is not Pym. (unless they switched it again on me) Since the target audience wont know the difference between Pym, Lang or O’Grady I dont see why this couldnt work. He has the build to be a Shield agent and I think he can carry a semi smart butt role decently. Best chance?

    The Runaways – He could play the dinosaur? 😀 I jsut dont see him in any of the parts in order to make him a hero under the Marvel banner there. The Runaways are all teens and or younger.

    Other heroes?
    Blackbolt – I dont know I just see him as a Blackbolt type of guy. He has a bit of regality to him (helps with Namor also) and seems to carry it well.

    DareDevil – meh as much as people didnt like him I saw Ben as Matt. I just dont see Welling as a lawyer.

    MoonKnight – Is there with the others of not seeing it. MoonKnight was a soldier and mercenary. I dont see that in Welling.

    Count Nefarian – Honestly he just looks it. Seems like a decent fit with the Avengers possibly doing 3 movies…. He could be a young Count that has just come into power with the Maggia (or was it A.I.M?).

    Mephisto – No really….

    In closing it is really hard to say. Especially with my opinion of seeing him in the role. Of course I was one of those… KEATON??? persons and then was proven mistaken.