The Past, Present & Future of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki [Updated]

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Tom Hiddleston Loki Costume Chest Shoulder The Past, Present & Future of Tom Hiddlestons Loki [Updated]

Arguably the most challenging property for Marvel Studios to develop and market on the path to The Avengers was Thor thanks to its relatively outlandish story and characters. By comparison, Hulk already had a few movies and a classic television series under his belt; Iron Man was by then a mainstream success; and Captain America had 70 years of history on his side and some major headlines in recent years thanks to his “death” in the comics.

Thor, on the other hand, was (literally) out of this world and introducing the cosmic side of Marvel Comics to mainstream moviegoers among more grounded character stories from Cap, Iron Man and Hulk was no easy task. Add in the risk of casting relatively unfamiliar faces into the two lead roles and banking on Thor to serve as a prelude to The Avengers, and Marvel Studios owes a substantial chunk of its success to the performances of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.

In chatting with SFX for next week’s UK release of The Avengers (titled Avengers Assemble in the region) on home video, Hiddleston recounted his experiences working with Joss Whedon and the cast behind Marvel’s biggest movie yet.

On working with Joss Whedon:

“What impressed me the most about Joss initially was the incredible screenplay we had to work with on Marvel’s The Avengers. Directing this film was a feat in itself, but his screenplay was phenomenal. I’m sure none of us really knew what to expect, but I take my hat off to Joss for that. He was incredibly open and that’s what you want as an actor: you want to collaborate. Everyone has a certain level of ownership of their character and Joss was very respectful of that possession. He would constantly ask us, ‘Does this feel right for your character? Does this feel true to you? Is this in your voice?’”

Tom Hiddleston Loki Avengers Wallpaper 570x258 The Past, Present & Future of Tom Hiddlestons Loki [Updated]

On learning that the character of Loki would move straight from Thor to leading an army against The Avengers the following year:

“Kevin Feige suggested Loki would be part of The Avengers storyline when I got cast in Thor, but I was so busy trying to build the character that I couldn’t think about it. I knew perfectly well that if I was rubbish in Thor, I wouldn’t get anywhere near The Avengers. That’s when I thought I’d just take everything one step at a time.”

“Towards the end of the Thor shoot, Joss Whedon came into Marvel for a script meeting and he asked Kenneth Branagh to see a rough cut of Thor. Joss wanted to see what he could do with Chris Hemsworth and where to take the character of Thor, as well as Loki. Joss loved it so much that we went for a cup of tea and we had a long, fantastic conversation where we swapped loads of ideas. Joss said to me, “There’s been some talk of multiple villains in this movie, but I think you can do it on your own,” which was the most incredible compliment. I had a mountain to climb after that.”

When Kenneth Branagh was hired to direct Thor, Hiddleston (whom Branagh worked with in Wallander) was one of the many candidates who read for the title role. He even made it into the shortlist of top choices before being handed the role he was better (perfectly?) suited for in Loki. Little did Hiddleston know at the time he would be having a lead role in blockbuster films three years in a row.

Joss Whedon directed the post-credits button at the end of Thor which served as a lead-in to The Avengers where Loki was confirmed to be returning as at least one of the antagonists. At the time, Whedon was rewriting The Avengers script by Zak Penn where at one point, the Red Skull could have been the main villain of the film. As we know now, Loki ended up being the headliner who led the alien invasion, but he answered to someone – Thanos (via his henchman, The Other).

chris hemsworth thor 2 loki The Past, Present & Future of Tom Hiddlestons Loki [Updated]

The followup Thor: The Dark World began shooting in early September 2012 in the UK and picks up where The Avengers left off with Loki in incarceration for his crimes against Asgard and Earth. Loki’s story arc will explore new territory as Hiddleston’s character will show his sensitive side on his path to acceptance and redemption as Thor and co. face new and much greater threats across multiple realms. Where Loki and Tom Hiddleston go next, we’ll have to wait and see…


Page 2: What Do The Events of Thor: The Dark World Mean For The Future of Loki?


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  1. Is Clark Gregg really going to be in it?

    • That was the cast list for Thor, not Thor: The Dark World. Ugh duhhhhh ! :)

    • Yes, I do believe he is going to be in it. No one said he died in Avengers, Fury needed something to unite the Avengers.

      And who knows what other Avengers were on board, we only saw the ones that we have known to that point.

      Makes you wonder now.

      • They didn’t say it but we all saw it. Agent Coulson is dead.

        • If I remember correctly, I believe when Fury tell Hill about Coulson, she says she’s sending a medic crew, Fury says they’ve already arrived and they called it…meaning he was dead. So, it was told to the Avengers and the audience that Coulson was dead.

  2. “There’s been some talk of multiple villains in this movie, but I think you can do it on your own,”

    Wow, what an incredible compliment to receive as an actor.
    I CAN NOT wait for Thor 2. The new set pics look like a LOTR style movie!

  3. How is Tom Hiddleston not doing more movies? Isn’t he supposed to be on some kind of “Fassbender-like” run where he’s in every movie you see?

    • he’s doing a TON of movies, as well as stuff for BBC. IMDB is your friend.

      • Thanks for the heads-up but after looking at the list it’s all TV movies and one about vampires, although the cast is great, a vampire movie isn’t what he should be doing. Although…. I had a look at Fassbenders roles after ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and he wasn’t exactly “box-office gold”. He did Centurion, Jonah Hex, a video game voice and a short movie. This basically invalidates my argument.

        • Tom also has “Black Wings Has My Angel” coming up.

          And “The Hollow Crown” was not just some “TV movie”, but an incredible Shakespeare adaptation by BBC, where Tom did an amazing job as Prince Hal/Henry V.

          Also the vampire movie has indeed a great cast (Tilda Swinton just to mention one) and the director is Jim Jarmusch, so it’s not gonna be any “twilight-esqe” crap. And I am very much looking forward to that.

          Now Tom’s shooting Thor: TDW… he’s literally moving from set to set (he went to the set of Thor as soon as he was done with the Jarmusch shooting, and he’s gonna do Black Wings when Thor is done)… I don’t think it’s physically possible to do more movies, especially since he has the leading role in 2 out of the 3 upcoming films.

          He also likes variety, so he doesn’t just wanna do blockbusters, which is understandable I think. He doesn’t want to be stuck with one type of character by doing the same kind of big Hollywood movies all the time. Some actors do want more than just good box-office numbers.

  4. I like Loki. He was always one of my favorite Gods. I always feel for the bad guys, they never get any good press. Tom Hiddleston really did a great job on making Loki real.

  5. Wonder how big of a role will loki have in sequel :0.

    • That’s sort of what I’m wondering too since there are so many new players in the game now. I think he’ll have quite a bit less screen time but a much larger presence when there.

    • I have a feeling Loki would help them in a way just to meet his own needs but his presence will probably be felt in one way or another.

      I’m sure Thanos wants him if Loki’s staff had the Gem from the Infinity Gauntlet (dose anybody know what that gem is, i don’t know im just guessing that its from the Infinity Gauntlet). He definitely wont have as big a part as he will in Thor 2

      Speaking of Thor 2, it would depend how his character is in that as well, What if he does :O

      • Dies* Screen rant should have edit text XD i make so many mistakes lol.

        • Relax, your mistakes make you human, and I for one am glad there are no Grammar Police.

          If people did not make mistakes in this world, there is no way in hell Jersey Shore, Toddlers and Tiaras would be on TV!

      • If it is a Gem from the Infinity Gauntlet (which is my suspicion) then it is the Mind Gem

    • IMBd says it’s a small role, unfortunately :(

  6. Tom Hiddleston did an amazing job as Loki in the avengers and Thor, looking forward to Thor: the dark world. I hope he returns in the avengers 2.

  7. He seems like such a nice and genuine person.

      • And he, more than anyone else in these movies, just seems absolutely thrilled to be in them. He always has nice things to say about the genre and everyone else involved.

  8. Now one thing the I have questions about the MCU (one of many) is what happened to Red Skull? It seems as though he went to an Asgardian looking realm and all of his connections to the Cosmic Cube he seemed destined to be attached to the Avengers but that never happened. Is he dead? Is in he Asgard or Hel? So many question

    • i’m sure we will find out in one of the upcoming sequels. i remember reading that hugo weaving was getting tired of doing all these block-buster films, but i’m sure he doesnt mind when he gets that huge paycheck…anyway, i think we will see RS in T:TDW or CA:TWS. i don’t think they (marvel) are just going to leave his story just hanging. and if hugo don’t want to do it, anyone can be RS

      • I’m not so sure anymore man…
        They’ve been leaving the Leader “hanging” for 4 years, so I’m starting to think that the Red Skull will be joining that club if something doesn’t happen soon.

        I can’t really see him fitting in with the Thor film, but there are definitely ways he can be brought back in Cap 2… and I’m pretty sure that those “multiple villains” Whedon spoke about included the RS, so maybe there’s a small chance for a future Avengers appearance as well.

    • Weaving likely won’t be coming back but it would be a huge shame not to have the character back.
      It would have been very cool if he had been advising Thanos at the end of The Avengers…

  9. Tom Hiddleston is such a great actor. I can’t wait to see him in Thor: The Dark World and I hope he’ll be in Avengers 2 as well. One of the best comic book movie villains ever!

  10. His evil smile is so spot on, perfect Loki smile. They gotta bring the fur lining to his costume for thor 2

  11. What I’m really interested here is this quote: “Loki’s story arc will explore new territory as Hiddleston’s character will show his sensitive side on his path to acceptance and redemption …” I’m wondering if that will really be the case. I’m really hoping for redemption in some form but it would also be just as satisfying to see him go deeper into the darkness. Anyways can’t wait to see more of Hiddleston’s amazing performance as Loki. Hiddleston is an amazing actor, great looker, and seems like a genuinely nice guy.

    • I completely agree. Tom gives Loki a duality which I rarely see in antagonists. These days it’s the “I’m bad and bad to the core” approach that writers utilise more often, but Loki has this internal conflict that just surfaces at emotional intervals, which is really good. I do hope they go down a “redemption” path, or maybe a “too late to be saved but sincerely regrets everything”.

      Whatever way they take Loki’s character, I’m sure Tom will do justice to it.

      :mentally imagining Loki’s lullabye:

    • Dude, learn how to use a comma! :)

  12. Thanks for posting this interview. I think Tom Hiddleston is a great actor and did a fantastic job as Loki in the Avengers. He really puts a lot of thought in his characterizations. I’m really looking forward to his upcoming work. I can’t get enough of him! lol

  13. Redemption path? Or road to ruin? Damn, that’s a tough choice. It’s gotta be both ‘cuz Loki’s the god of mischief, so he’ll always go back & forth with being “well-behaved” & then going on causing chaos ‘cuz that’s what he does! And I have a feeling that Loki’s gonna be lying a lot in the next Thor movie with that silver-tongue of his.

  14. I hardly drop remarks, however i did some searching and wound up here The
    Past, Present & Future of Tom Hiddleston

  15. I just want more Loki!

  16. Gosh. Enough LOki please. It’s getting old and boring. Explore other characters.

  17. Well, like it or not, Loki is the best thing for the Thor franchise, and Marvel boss thinks Loki is the big bad for MCU, so they won’t let Loki go.

  18. I don’t think Loki has done anything to Odin. He simply impersonated him in front of Thor. Now with Thor gone, he can impersonate Thor and accept the throne from Odin as Thor. Is that plausible? Does Loki desire the throne enough to accept it as someone other than himself?

  19. I like the idea of Loki impersonating Odin with Thor and then impersonating Thor with Odin, very Loke-esque. He will eventually have to have to reveal himself as king, though. The thing Loki craves is recognition of his power and he can’t get that impersonating someone else. As far as Tom Hiddleston goes, he has been GREAT in everything he does. His Shakespeare is wonderful. By the way, he is on stage right now in London in the title role in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, getting rave reviews and the entire run is sold out.