Tom Hardy Talks Reinvented Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

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tom hardy talks bane the dark knight rises Tom Hardy Talks Reinvented Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

The first new cast member announced to be joining Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, was that of Inception fan favorite, Tom Hardy. After months of speculation and rumors about who he might play, it was eventually confirmed that Hardy is playing Bane, and not the widely-speculated Dr. Hugo Strange.

Since then, moviegoers and Bat-fans everywhere have been anxiously speculating on how Nolan would adapt Bane to fit into his Batman universe, knowing it would be vastly different than the mindless brute from Batman & Robin. Tom Hardy and his tattoos made an appearance on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man talk show this evening where they briefly (and humorously) touched on the subject of Hardy’s casting in The Dark Knight Rises and his character.

In the following video clip, Hardy remains tight-lipped about Bane’s mask when asked about it, but he does say you can completely ignore the previous film version of Bane and that he’s still needing to gain a lot of weight to play the character. With his need to bulk up even more, it’s emphasized that Bane will of course remain a physical presence against Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. We can assume Nolan will play up the intellectual side of the character as well which is needed would be refreshing.

Watch and enjoy:

Tom Hardy’s hesitation and joke about the mask can be taken any which way, but I’m betting that he does sport some sort of costume and/or mask when his Bane is in transformed beat-down-the-bat mode.

tom hardy bulked up muscle bane batman 3 Tom Hardy Talks Reinvented Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy bulked up Bane-style for Bronson

The Dark Knight Rises is directed by Christopher Nolan off of David Goyer’s story. Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne alongside franchise familiars Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine. On the new cast members side of things, Tom Hardy is joined by Anne Hathaway and there’s still talk of Joseph Gordon-Leviit and Marion Cotillard also joining Batman 3 but those reports/rumors have yet to be confirmed or made official. So, it’s not an Inception reunion just yet.

[Update: Also in this interview, Tom Hardy confirms that the cast of Inception is signed for sequels]

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The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Alan Carr: Chatty Man (via Batman-News)

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  1. I expect Bane to be either a protege of Ras Al Ghul or a servant of Talia Al Ghul (no proof this can possibly happen, of course). I really expect the ‘new’ Bane to tie back to the League of Shadows somehow. You can’t just forget that there was a whole friggin army of ninjas left over after ‘Batman Begins’, now can you?

  2. Lame, I can’t watch the video on mobile yet.

    • lol sucks

  3. He has a loooong way to go to look like Bane. I mean… he’s closer than Topher was to Eddie Brock… but he;s still a far cry from looking like Bane. lol

    • yeah he needs to do a chris hemsworth and pump some iron if he wants to be a convincing bane.

    • CGI!!!

  4. Please, please, PLEASE…no Robin!! I’ve heard rumors that character will be introduced in this installment. I hope those rumors are FALSE.

    • Pretty sure Nolan said somewhere there would be no Robin in his trilogy.

      • ya ROBIN is impossible

  5. Not to be anally retentive or anything, and I always appreciative news such as this, but a combination of giving credit where credit is due and darn near disdain for David Goyer’s writing ability would not allow me to read this article and let go that it states that this is a screenplay from David Goyer. He is credited as with the story (as is Chris Nolan), but the screenplay duties are appropriately credited to Chris and John Nolan (as were the previous two Bat-movies).

    The only credit I will give Goyer is his ability to pick out comic books to focus on potential stories for the big screen, but his execution in the screenplay department is at worst non existent and at best severely lacking. Want further proof than his work from the past, look at whats going on with The Man of Steel.

    • He also wrote Blade 1. As I’ve said before, one of the most underated and overlooked comic book movies that transformed a C-league campy seventies character into an A-league bad ass that could hang with the likes of the FF, Iron Man and Cap (i.e., Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1,2 video games). I’ll say it again, Goyer’s writing and the excellent production of Blade 1 probably made Nolan believe he could make a very grounded, reality based Batman movie.

    • @ Mojo,

      You’re correct. It’s Goyer’s story and the brothers Nolan script writing.

    • Mojo

      Goyer must be doing something right if the Nolans keep bringing him back for work.

  6. I’m incredibly excited to see Bane in this new film. He’s always been my favorite Batman villain.

  7. Not trying to nitpick, but isn’t the screenplay by Jonathon and Christopher Nolan? I thought Goyer only has a story credit. Very excited for The Dark Knight Rises!

    • Oops! For some reason I didn’t see the comment above me until now. My apologies.

  8. I assume we are not going to get the over-pumped Bane from the comics, since there is not going to be a ton of CGI, so I am hoping that we will get a ripped, but smaller version. One who uses peak human strength and cunning. Strong, ruthless and smart.

  9. Only 14 stone? So he isn’t going to get to big then. That’s essentially a heavy middle weight or a really really light Light Heavyweight in MMA. Take a look at an MMA fighter by the name of Rich Franklin that’s about what Tom Hardy will look like at only 14 stone. I hope they use a bit of movie trickery to make him look bigger because 190 isn’t that massive. I’m not expecting Bane fromt he comics of course not that’s impossible, but 190? Gonna need a lot of movie tricks for that. Should be a 225 minimum. I suspect that right now Chris Evans is pushing 210 to play Cap and Hemsworth is probably right about 225 possibly 230 with him being so tall. Bane should be right around there I would say. Tom Hardy is short so that would explain the weight being a little low, but 190 just seems way to light.

    • They could digitally scale him to be slightly bigger on screen, like they did with Mr. Hyde in League of Extroardinary Gentleman. Making someone digitally appear bigger would mean Hardy doesn’t have to bulk up as much. I think that if they do it that way, it will be very subtle though.

  10. its amazing how popular Batman is now. i mean its a SUPERHERO movie but people are treating it like something more than that. Christopher nolan turn superhero films into a serious art-form instead of the comic cheesy flicks. thats some SERIOUS talent. i dont think any director can do what he did to a comic book character on film

    • Completely agree. It always takes a trailblazer to show how it’s done so we’ll start seeing more directors and producers trying it the way he did. Just look at the choice of using Webb (a relatively unknown indie director) to do The Amazing Spiderman.

    • Batman has always been popular. Superman even after the Richard Pryor fiasco was still popular. Same with Spiderman.

      You are right though people are treating it more then what it is supposed to be, comic book movie about larger then life super heroes.

      Hopefully it ends with Nolan and we can get back to the comic book roots. It can still be thought provoking and intelligent but have characters like Killer Croc, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Captain Boomerang, Robin, etc.

      Same could be said about Favreau and Ironman.

    • Keep in mind though Batman has always been more than a “superhero” – detective, ninja, vigilante, genius… the list goes on. Not to mention he doesn’t actually have any powers, and is just an extraordinary man who is as human as you and me, but deeply scarred by his experiences, to the point of being obsessive about meting out justice in an otherwise corrupted city.

      I actually think Tim Burton was also inspired by the verisimilitude of Batman’s character to make the first movies into an art form as well, and Christopher Nolan did the same thing, except in an expanded way – instead of concentrating on the characters & the setting, and backgrounds, he worked his magic on the story itself.

      But either way, Batman has always been ripe for a movie like the Dark Knight.

  11. Why is the clip blocked when I am in the UK??? Is it because Americans uploaded it??

  12. Hardy for Bond. Nuff said.

    • Drsam

      I’m not a Bond fan so I’m hardly an authority on the matter, but I do agree. He seems like a perfect fit. I wouldn’t be shocked though if the next Bond ended up being Hugh Jackman or someone else though.

      • Jackman was nearly Bond before Craig but he would only do one film.
        Hardy would be a good Bond for a lot of reasons, but he has real charm, something Craig just doesn’t have.

        • I prefer the more physical – shall we say brutal – Craig as bond, rather than just another want-to-be charmer. Moore pulled off the charming Bond very well, since he was older and far less physical than Connery in his prime, and everyone since then has tried to copy him.

          • But why can’t they keep the physical side of Bond and the wit and charm too? Craig’s version of the character is just a thug, he isn’t James Bond.

            • Yeah, I’m with DSM here – while I liked Craig as Bond in the first film, I thought that as time went on the rough edges would get smoothed out – but in the second film he just came across as a thug (good, concise word to describe the character).

              That’s not a spy. That’s an assassin, and a unsophisticated one at that.


              • Vic, do you think Hardy would be a good fit for Bond?

                • DSM,

                  Dunno… I guess he does have a slight bit of a tough Connery look about him. I don’t picture him sophisticated, although I’m sure he could play it.


                  • There was a time when Clive Owen was being considered for Bond. I liked him in Sin City and thought he did tough, witty and suave all very well.

                    • Owen was reportedly the producers first choice but he would only do 2 films and wanted a cut of the profits.

            • I don’t think that’s fair to say just yet. QOS happened RIGHT after CR, so we can’t expect him to have “grown” that much. This is supposed to be a reinvention from the beginning of his 00 career, so it makes sense to me that he needs a place to start where he’ll eventually end up like Connery. Even if he doesn’t, I personally don’t care. I loved James Bond, but I can appreciate this iteration of the character too. There’s nothing wrong with it, he’s just not what people grew up on.

  13. i’m starting a rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio is joining the cast as Black glove

    • lol, great joke.

  14. For those in the UK

  15. The fan-film “Superman: Luthor for President” has the best live-action rendition of “BANE” so far. There’s two scenes of it up on You-tube. One scene (with the mask) focuses on his muscles, the other scene focuses on his intellect (without the mask).

  16. I’m still a little conflicted by the white washing, and it’s not the first time in the trilogy, but Hardy’s acting is strong enough that I’ll probably get over it. Here’s to hoping Marion Cotillard ISN’T Talia, because, really, that’s just taking it too far.
    (That’s not me saying that I don’t want Talia in the movie, mind.)

  17. those British/New Zea-land shows are very peculiar man. Strange caricature hosts and stuff. Weird, how does the audience even buy into all this stuff??


    • Yes because all american chat show hosts are totally genuine and not fake in the slightest.

  18. I’ve been a huge Batman fan ever since my mom came home with that first Batman comic. I nearly did a back flip out of my shoes when I found out Bane was the new villian. Tom hardy I believe was a great choice to play Bane. Yes he will bulk up, a lot. I’m really hoping for some CGI or camera trickery to make him insanely buff like in the comics. Maybe when the venom hits he can get insanely buff and when it starts wearing off he can go back to just normal but still MMA looking. I really hope they keep the mask. I’m looking forward to see the breaking of batman and all that. Pumped!

  19. Daniel Craig sucks (literally)

    • I just never thought he had the right look for bond. Connery had rugged good looks but Craig looks like a redneck alcoholic not a cool superspy.

  20. Bane has to be CGI after seeing the Bulked up pic…lol. In the same manner as Dr. Manhattan. The pic of Tom Hardy looks like any Joe in Golds Gym…lol. I would blow him out of the water!

  21. Crap! I knew the name seemed familiar. “The Dark Knight Rises”… D’uh! Its a homage to the series “Knightfall”.

  22. He’s a very different Bane like Ledger’s Joker. He’s more realistic and smart. I think his size will leave a greater impact than anything. Just like the original Michael Myers, Hardy won’t be that big but very menacing. The only thing I am worried about is if Nolan can outdo himself this time… He has made TDK and Inception the two modern masterpieces. But no worries, I’m still hyped :P

    PS don’t expect the oscars to nominate him for BD. There’s a chance for TDKR for a BP nom but only because there’s now ten noms.