Tom Hanks Says ‘Toy Story 4′ Is Currently Being Developed

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Toy Story 4 is in the works Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Is Currently Being Developed

Pixar concluded its acclaimed Toy Story trilogy with a bang last year, as Toy Story 3 grossed more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office, walked away with two Oscars for its efforts, and left many a moviegoer weeping after watching Andy say farewell to his beloved playthings. Now, however, fans may start crying for a different reason.

Assuming that Tom Hanks is to be believed, Toy Story 4 is indeed being actively developed over at Pixar. This news comes hot on the heels of another sequel from the company, Cars 2, having been given a decidedly mixed reception (even from devoted Pixar and Cars fans alike).

Last fall, producer Darla K. Anderson stated that (at the time) Pixar had no plan for Toy Story 4. However, in a recently-aired interview with BBC’s Breakfast News, Hanks indicated that has changed – and that the beloved computer-animation studio is indeed “working on ['Toy Story 4'] right now.”

Plans to release several shorts featuring Woody (Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), and the rest of the Toy Story gang have been on the docket for a while now; the first of them, “Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation” is currently being shown in front of the Cars sequel in theaters. Nonetheless, there’s been no actual confirmation or serious talk from either studio heads or the Toy Story voice actor cast about another full-length movie – until now.

toy story 3 billionaire Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Is Currently Being Developed

It ought to be mentioned that while a fourth Toy Story film may indeed be currently in development, that does not guarantee it’ll actually come to fruition. Following the monumental critical and financial success of Toy Story 3 – and given that Disney and Pixar are (naturally) in the business of making money – it’s not really a surprise that the studio would have at least set some of their creative talents to the task of attempting to come up with a worthy new theatrical adventure involving the Toy Story characters and their new owner. But should they even try?

Obviously, the easy answer is “no.” Besides the matter of how Toy Story 3 essentially brought the themes and ideas about familial bonds and the impermanence of childhood that were developed in Toy Story 1 & 2 full circle, the climax of the film (Andy and Woody’s bittersweet farewell) seems like a near impossible act to follow; in terms of emotional resonance, that scene is about as good as it gets, for most people. That issue alone makes it difficult to compare this situation with what Pixar was facing before it set to work on either of the last two Toy Story pictures – and there was plenty of skepticism surrounding the potential quality of those films as well.

If Toy Story 4 does actually move forward, though, it could possibly go the way of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, by being structured as the beginning of a new series of films that do not thematically connect to the previous trilogy. That strategy probably wouldn’t fly with people who expect better from Pixar, but it would help to diminish the inevitable comparisons between the third sequel and its predecessors. It would also be along the lines of how the upcoming Monsters, Inc. prequel, Monsters University, hopes to win over moviegoers by not attempting to actually continue and expand the storyline of the original.

Toy Story 3 movie image 14 Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Is Currently Being Developed

More episodic adventures (re: shorts) with the Toy Story gang (like “Hawaiian Vacation”) should go over fine with most people, for the reasons previously mentioned. There’s no pressure to really tell any sort of complex or emotionally-fullfilling story; instead, it’s just fun, wacky times with Woody, Buzz, and Co. So even though it seems that Pixar is indeed developing plans for a fourth Toy Story movie, perhaps the studio will decide that just sticking to making five-minute (or so) films featuring the beloved plastic characters is the easier (and still profitable) way to go… maybe.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Toy Story 4 as more information is released.

Source: BBC’s Breakfast News (via Bleeding Cool)

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  1. I wouldn’t mind a new Toy Story film. IMO, I disliked Toy Story 3. I know many people praised it, but I thought the whole film was a downer and would love to see a new film with the characters interacting with their new kid. And before you try, you will not be able to change my mind about Toy Story 3, its my opinion and I believe in it as much as you believe the film is good.

    • Your opinion is insane and just wrong.

  2. i would like to see what would happen if the gang went into the attic

  3. Toy Story 3 struck a perfect chord and
    any attempt to replay it will only be an echo.
    There is a time to let letting go live on in memory.

    There are no greater joys than the joys of childhood.
    And no greater sadness than having to move on from them.

    You can’t go back, you remember, you always remember.
    When imagination was reality and your toys were real.
    It was a perfect world and you once lived in it.

    Toy Story 3 is a story made for everyone.
    And Toy Story 3 was a story about me.

  4. In the words of a certain character in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS: “Nein nein nein nein nein!!!” If it does happen I will see it, but oh God no, it’s over, it was wrapped up so perfectly, there is NO WAY a 4th one could do any better (save this so I can either eat my words or say “I told you so” when TS4 does happen). This is just suckling on the franchise’s nipple, till it runs dry. Yes, I understand it is a business, but c’mon, Pixar, you made us think you were above that. I am truly hoping TS4 doesn’t happen and the darn studios stop going the easy way out.

    • I think Toy Story 4 should pick up 10 years later
      when there new owner has grown up & the toys remember Andy,
      and are now on a quest to return to him

      Andy now has a family of his own and the toys would fit in great with his kids

      • This is exactly what I want. I’m a huge fan of Toy Story and whilst I love Toy Story 3, I was torn over the ending. Yes, it tied up all the loose ends, pretty much told the audience that whatever happens the Toys will have a new home and did the “we started TS1 with the cloud wallpaper let’s end TS3 with the clouds in the sky” thing but honestly I didn’t like the fact Andy didn’t have his toys. I thought all along that would be the perfect ending to the films but they would have to keep a gap in years to mirror Andy’s growing up that has happened in the other three films. While I’d love to see a Toy Story 4 I don’t think 2015 would be long enough for it to happen. But then again, if Tom Hanks was telling the truth when he said Pixar was working on Toy Story 4, maybe they’ve expanded their team and worked on Toy Story 4 all along?

      • This sounds like an amazing concept. His toys attempting to reconnect with him, by being with his kids (presuming its a girl, and a boy) lets make things interesting.

    • You did not need to say that word seriously say that some where else I don’t care what you think about this comment Im making you could just say you like the way toy story 3 ended and you do not want a sequel to ruin it you do not need to go in depth on everything that was just disgusting you do not like that movie that much then just do not see it you people take this too seriously you people are acting like they are forcing you to watch the next movie or it something that you have no choice to do like pay taxes for food which you need get over it people unless you own the intire Pixar company your words you say no matter how deep they are will not do anything to change their opinion they want money just like everyone else these days just give it up I would like to see how Bonny does with the toys and I Agee with john036 that would be a cool seen too thanks and don’t care what you think of this opinion it mine and can’t be changed please come up with Toy Story 4

      • This message was ment for Juan Carlo Rodriguez

  5. add more toys… more characters…

    • IF they make a fourth, IF (empasize) they would probaly continue with that little girl from the third one who andy gave his toys to and the toys that she already had

  6. Idk… I was skeptical about TS3, and it ended up being my favorite of the 3. That being said, while I’m sure a 4th would be as good as anything Pixar has done, I would still prefer that they stop at 3. I’m down for shorts and also wouldn’t mind (a few years down the road) a CG TV show with Bonnie’s family. That way they could start “new” without ignoring or stepping on the toes of the trilogy.

  7. If this is true, I will eat a bowl of kittens.

  8. Talk about milking something until it’s bone dry.

  9. The last two sequels were great. Hanks/Allen and co seem keen to do more. The last film grossed over $1 billion, sold probably the same in merchandising plus relaunched umpteen old toys to sell tons again. Against the same kind of mentality you are displaying here, where people thought the sequels would be pointless and questioned them being made to begin with, they have continued to charm and win film awards and new fans world wide.

    The only reason people like yourselves ask why they are making a sequel is because you have no idea what Pixar have in mind for it. Instead of doing what you all did last two films and wait for a stinker, perhaps put your money on this being another cracker in one of the best written and most charming childrens film series of any era.

    Why are people obsessed with trilogies? Who cares how many films there were previously if they are all great films?

  10. did tom hanks say this was ‘Toy Story 4′ or just ‘a fourth Toy Story movie’? Nice try but it is probably either a Christmas special or a Pixar short about Woody.

  11. They should make Easter/Chrismas 30min specials like Shrek, I enjoyed it more than watching Shrek forever

  12. I never saw the 3rd movie and you completely ruined it in the first paragraph.

    • The movie was released over a year ago, June 18, 2010.
      At this stage any article written anywhere should
      be assumed to contain elements of the story.
      Spoilers do have an expiration date and
      in this case it has long passed.

  13. Please tell me this isn’t the beginning of Pixar selling out and going Hollywood sequel happy. Until Cars 2 they’ve seemingly been immune to the Hollywood’s creative lapses. Please lets Cars 2 be the inevitable rotten film but nothing more than an aberration.

    If there is one Pixar film that should get a sequel and a sequel would be fitting and natural it is The Incredibles. If it happens though hopefully it’s not without the considerable talents of Brad Bird who is now attempting a foray into live action directing with the upcoming Mission Impossible sequel/reboot. He was huge for Pixar. He really filled out their creative team and really played a gigantic roll in allowing the company to effectively release high quality movies on an annual basis rather than every other year as had previously been the norm for them. I fear that without him there may be a quality dip if they continue to aim for that kind of prolific production scheduling. Perhaps Cars 2 is already evidence of that. The only reason to make a sequel to their worst (or rather least good?) movie is purely as a money grab; ie. to drive the already considerable merchandising sales spawned by the middling first film.

      • Ummm…WOW. You might want to lay off the cocaine-snorting. You are WAY too high-strung…Sheesh!

        Anime has its place in the world, and CGI has ITS place. They’re NOT mutually exclusive on this planet at this point in history.

      • While I can respect your opinion, I must politely disagree with your opinion on anime. I simply refuse to support the manga and anime industries for the sole reason that the “true animation” looks so similar to each other. Story-wise they might have originality, but artistically? Bah. And while this wouldn’t be so big a problem, manga and anime are also VERY aesthetically unappealing to me. I really don’t like the look of it. Granted, the unique look of Pixar’s characters might be a little too cartoony for some, but what are you going to do?

        • Then you saw some different anime then me… ;)

  14. apart from Toy Story none of Pixar’s films have never done sequels, now we have a Cars series, and a soon to be Monsters Inc prequel :/ I dont mind sequels but Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy worked because they didn’t churn them out like some kind of Hollywood sequel making machine as soon as they got the chance (which is what they did with Cars, the first film still feels so new, wasn’t the case with Toy Story 3 tho)

  15. I want a TS4. New adventures with the little girl at the end.

    • agreed. i really liked the new dinosaur

  16. I don’t want a new Toy Story, the shorts are good enough I truley would not be able to transfer from Andy to the little girl.

  17. I happen to believe that it is a great idea and quit talking bad about tom hanks he happens to be my 2nd cousin he is a great actor and pixar does great movies with both of them together makes a great movie and my kids love all the toy story movies a fourth they would definitly love toy story is mostly ment for kids so who cares what you critics think kids love it that’s all that matters

    • Really, you know Tom Hanks? Somehow I doubt that.

  18. I completely agree with jklc they are one of the best movie industries out there every movie they make touches people’s life and I have even seen men cry all their movies have parts that make you cry and laugh and the kids really look up to cowboys like woody and astronauts like buzz and anime don’t have anything to offer like pixar

  19. More Toy Story please. More toys…. They forgot Hello Kitty, etc.

  20. the fourth should be like this, andy has a son now, and the girl will give woody and co. to andy’s son. the story will focus there. Andy’s son is the new owner of woody and co.

    • Yes. Just yes.

    • Yes. Just yes. Perrrfection for toy story 4

  21. It’s so funny I see the word “I” used so often in these posts. How old are you people? And do you have children?? Only adults care about the “integrity of a trilogy” and the “selling out of Pixar”. Children WANT another Toy Story. These films make them happy. They have made my children happy. They jump around, and laugh, and hold hands and dance, and beg to replay the Hawaiian short story 20 times. From a mom who loves to see the smiles on the faces of my young children, that is reason enough to make a 4th…or a 10th!

    • Then have fun spending a fortune on this franchise since you like seeing “smiles on children’s faces!”

  22. I don’t care what anyone says about Toy Story 3, but that was the worst animated film I’ve ever seen in my life. I hated every minute of it. Pixar BLEW it when they decided not to rescue Stinky Pete from the second film. Yeah, everyone thinks he’s a bad guy, blah, blah, blah, but the truth is, I NEVER saw him as a bad guy. He was never a bad guy in the Woody’s Roundup series, so it looked to me like that whole complication with Pete near the end of Toy Story 2 was NOTHING more that an excuse to get the audience psyched up for a Toy Story 3, in which they would resolve those issues in true, climactic fashion (like The Empire Strikes Back, or Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), and it should have taken place no more than a WEEK after the second film, not 11 years later.

    The is the ONLY story Pixar could do for Toy Story that I would actually pay money to see. Anything else is really pointless.

  23. Im 15 goin on 16 this year and i think yall should make toy story 4 i love all the toystorys and since andy is gone yall should do one with the little girl. Please

  24. NOOOOO!!! Toy story 3 offered closure. CLOSURE!!!

  25. I like how Toy Story: 3 ended. It shows how you go from a child to a grown up. As a parent myself it shows how they are little one day and going off to college the next day. What would the story line be? The toys with Bonnie? Maybe being sold in a yard sale to a new kid and they might meet back up with bo peep or other toys sold? Maybe Andy is a grown up and has kids of his own and buys them all back for his kids and the movie is about him again with his children? I think 3 is enough in my opinion….. but people who make movies are in it to make money and if they think they will make money they will do what ever they want….

  26. I think Toy Story 4 should pick up 10 years later
    when there new owner has grown up & the toys remember Andy,
    and are now on a quest to return to him

    Andy now has a family of his own and the toys would fit in great with his kids

  27. I think its great, My 14 year old watched Toy Story and now I have a 4 year old and a two year old who watch all three of the Toy Story movies all the time.
    I say make Toy Story 4!

  28. Thanks, please post more info when you know

  29. i suggest that the story would be this, the movie starts With Woody and Bullseye running together to reach the mysterious gold in the desert, Bullseye jumped over the grand canyon Woody was shocked when he saw another cowboy running with it’s horse, the cowboy wears a black hat and a red suit and a tangled short hair. They raced over the desert, Bullseye ran faster and reached the gold first, The cowboy congratulated Woody and they shaked hands. The end, the word appeared on the TV, the last episode of Woody’s roundup. Then the toy story title appears. Bonnie and her Mom are going to take a vacation in Tokyo, Japan. To visit Bonnie’s cousin, Andrea. Bonnie puts all her toys inside her backpack, he put woody inside without his hat. Bonnie’s mom called her. Bonnie hurriedly went to her mom. Woody opened the backpack and finds his hat, Buzz, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Mr. potato Head and Chuckles went out of the bag to help Woody find his hat. Later, Woody found his lost hat under the bed, Bonnie came running and zipped his backpack and rushed outside and went to their car, her mother went inside the car and drives it. And Woody Buzz and the rest of them was left on Bonnie’s room, “Now look what you’ve done, we’re left, all because of your stupid hat!” Potato Head yelled. “Hey, I didn’t ask you to help me” Woody replied. “Everybody calm down, we’ll find a way to get to that Kid” Buzz said. Bonnie and her Mom went to the airport. “We’re leaving without Woody and Buzz?” Rex asked. “I’m sure they’ll be okay Rex” Jessie answered. Bonnie went inside the airport with her Mom. The airplane takes off. Buzz found a way out, in the kitchen window, they went out through there, a car stopped i front of Bonnie’s house, Buzz and his friends went inside the car, and sits on the backseat, the driver didn’t see them, the driver stopped at POULTRY PALACE, the driver bought mini Buzz and a small fry, Mini Buzz joined them in their journey going to Japan. A few hours later, the airplane arrives in Tokyo, Japan. They directly went to Andrea’s house. Bonnie tossed her backpack on Andrea’s room and went outside. Jessie opened the backpack and goes outside, All Andrea’s Japanese toys looked at her, she was amazed and smiled, a Japanese martial artist action figure wearing a karate suit, he speaks hello to Jessie in Japanese, What? Jessie asked. “Hello, my name is Zin Lin” said the Martial Artist. Zin Lin introduced Bonnie’s toys to Andrea’s toys. Woody and Buzz went to Sunnyside Daycare to seek help from Ken, Ken accepted their help,and went to the airport, they hid inside a backpack, they met Marlon, the character from Woody’s Roundup TV Show. Marlon stole Woody’s hat and became their enemy, Marlon returned the hat back to Woody. Shan Lee, one of Andrea’s toys has escaped from Andrea’s house and Zin Lin, Jessie, Rex, Dolly, Mr. Pricklepants and Buttercup are set to find Shan Lee. In the End, They found Shan Lee and Woody and Buzz are introduced by Jessie to all Andrea’s Japanese toys. The End.