Tom Hanks Says ‘Toy Story 4′ Is Currently Being Developed

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Toy Story 4 is in the works Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Is Currently Being Developed

Pixar concluded its acclaimed Toy Story trilogy with a bang last year, as Toy Story 3 grossed more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office, walked away with two Oscars for its efforts, and left many a moviegoer weeping after watching Andy say farewell to his beloved playthings. Now, however, fans may start crying for a different reason.

Assuming that Tom Hanks is to be believed, Toy Story 4 is indeed being actively developed over at Pixar. This news comes hot on the heels of another sequel from the company, Cars 2, having been given a decidedly mixed reception (even from devoted Pixar and Cars fans alike).

Last fall, producer Darla K. Anderson stated that (at the time) Pixar had no plan for Toy Story 4. However, in a recently-aired interview with BBC’s Breakfast News, Hanks indicated that has changed – and that the beloved computer-animation studio is indeed “working on ['Toy Story 4'] right now.”

Plans to release several shorts featuring Woody (Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), and the rest of the Toy Story gang have been on the docket for a while now; the first of them, “Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation” is currently being shown in front of the Cars sequel in theaters. Nonetheless, there’s been no actual confirmation or serious talk from either studio heads or the Toy Story voice actor cast about another full-length movie – until now.

toy story 3 billionaire Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Is Currently Being Developed

It ought to be mentioned that while a fourth Toy Story film may indeed be currently in development, that does not guarantee it’ll actually come to fruition. Following the monumental critical and financial success of Toy Story 3 – and given that Disney and Pixar are (naturally) in the business of making money – it’s not really a surprise that the studio would have at least set some of their creative talents to the task of attempting to come up with a worthy new theatrical adventure involving the Toy Story characters and their new owner. But should they even try?

Obviously, the easy answer is “no.” Besides the matter of how Toy Story 3 essentially brought the themes and ideas about familial bonds and the impermanence of childhood that were developed in Toy Story 1 & 2 full circle, the climax of the film (Andy and Woody’s bittersweet farewell) seems like a near impossible act to follow; in terms of emotional resonance, that scene is about as good as it gets, for most people. That issue alone makes it difficult to compare this situation with what Pixar was facing before it set to work on either of the last two Toy Story pictures – and there was plenty of skepticism surrounding the potential quality of those films as well.

If Toy Story 4 does actually move forward, though, it could possibly go the way of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, by being structured as the beginning of a new series of films that do not thematically connect to the previous trilogy. That strategy probably wouldn’t fly with people who expect better from Pixar, but it would help to diminish the inevitable comparisons between the third sequel and its predecessors. It would also be along the lines of how the upcoming Monsters, Inc. prequel, Monsters University, hopes to win over moviegoers by not attempting to actually continue and expand the storyline of the original.

Toy Story 3 movie image 14 Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Is Currently Being Developed

More episodic adventures (re: shorts) with the Toy Story gang (like “Hawaiian Vacation”) should go over fine with most people, for the reasons previously mentioned. There’s no pressure to really tell any sort of complex or emotionally-fullfilling story; instead, it’s just fun, wacky times with Woody, Buzz, and Co. So even though it seems that Pixar is indeed developing plans for a fourth Toy Story movie, perhaps the studio will decide that just sticking to making five-minute (or so) films featuring the beloved plastic characters is the easier (and still profitable) way to go… maybe.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Toy Story 4 as more information is released.

Source: BBC’s Breakfast News (via Bleeding Cool)

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  1. The Toy Story trilogy was great (I cried at the end of the third movie and I’m not afraid to admit it). I don’t think they should make another one… I don’t have a valid reason but I just think it wouldn’t work.

    • I saw it on DVD, and that scene really got me too. I think that it is an example of what can be done with animation over live action. With animation the entire pacing of the scene, with every facial expression, the lighting, etc. can be tinkered with and manipulated for maximum waterworks effect.

    • I’m right there with you, man. The moment Andy found Woody in the box, my eyes… I couldn’t see, I wanted to cry so hard. And it was just out of the blue, like it wasn’t even building up, it was like WHAM! I’m about to cry. Pixar just has that effect, and I agree they shouldn’t risk messing it up with a fourth. Pixar, if you give the smallest ioda about your fans, don’t, I beg of you, do NOT do this to us.

  2. I don’t doubt that it could be a good movie, but if you ask me?: The 3th one was so great and such a masterpiece that every following movie would be limp in comparison.

    Leave the Series like it was. A Trilogy with a brilliant final Movie.

  3. I love Toy Story, but as you said, the third one was perfect. It needs to be left at that. I mean sure, there are a ton pf things Pixar could do for a 4th one, but they should leave that masterpiece of a third one alone.

  4. Toy Story is one of my favorite series of movies. I remember seeing the first in the theater and I teared up in the third. That being said…. STOP THE SERIES NOW! The third ended at the perfect moment. Don’t kill that ending.

  5. In the words of Darth Vader: “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Toy Story 3 ended the series perfectly. A new film isn’t needed.

  6. OHH FFS C’MON, i knew hollywood’s wave of stupidity would eventually reach disney/pixar >:(

    i really hope this is all bs b/c it would totally ruin their rep with me, and kill the perfect ending that TS3 gave us (the ones who grew up with the trilogy).

  7. Oh, Pixar. What happened to make you guys such uncreative media-whores?

  8. maybe they will introduce a new character and then move on with him,a la puss on boots

  9. don’t join the dark side, Pixar.

  10. I loved the Toy Story trilogy. Not many trilogys out there i enjoyed where i liked every single film. Toy Story was another trilogy of a few like Back To The Future that i i grew up loving. I loved the first film heartly, the 2nd Toy Story film was pretty darn good, but Toy Story 3? Wow, loved it heartly as i did the first film. Id to keep a open mind, but maybe a Toy Story 4 could be great for a new trilogy perhaps imo. In Toy Story 3, the little girl Bonnie looked younger than what Andy did in the first film & i assume she was. Even though Toy Story 3 ended the trilogy w/ a bang, who knows a 4th film could be possible & maybe that’s why they makin mini Toy Story movies to see what people’s reactions would be like, kinda testing the waters sorta speak.

  11. Pixar is my favorite movie studio ever, but they are obviously loosing some of there creativity. I think they should spend time think of unique new characters obviously and not try to do a toy story 3 with everyone of their franchises.

  12. This is unbelievable. This franchise is done and teh story is told, please let it rest and dont ruin what has been claimed as one of the best trilogies ever. If they do proceed, I think that hanks shoudl step down and not take do teh voice of Woody. Hanks- you have enough money and can get plenty of movie roles, this franchise is complete dont be part of another one, do something fresh and origonal.

    I really hope that this does not get made.

  13. Id like to give them the benefit of a doubt they could make another Toy Story film, or trilogy if they plan that far. Look at this way, id hate to see these films get rebooted, even thought up about being rebooted when they run out of ideas.

  14. Don’t touch the franchise with films, again.
    Pixar shorts, okay, but not films.

    The 3rd is an impossible act to follow, and had the necessary closure to the trilogy.
    Anything beyond the third wouldn’t have the same emotional feel as the first three.

    So, please Pixar. Please don’t make a 4th.

  15. I hope this is not true but just a rumour.

    Toy Story 3 was the best one in the series and is the greatest trilogy ever and the ending where Andy farewells the toys, that was the greatest and emotional ending ever.

    The series ended great with a great ending.

    Just leave it as it is for a new generation to be inspired, no Toy Story 4.

  16. Make The Incredibles 2 instead, not Toy Story 4. The franchise is fine the way it is. But I really think a sequel to The Incredibles is necessary than a Toy Story sequel.

  17. Also I like the idea but IMHO I really don’t think it could work.

  18. I totally disagree, Pixar should definitely not make a Toy Story 4. The third one was just a perfect ending to the trilogy, and people who grew up with the movie feel closure. Now what they need to do, is make a sequel to The Incredibles. That was one of my favorite Pixar movies and I would love a sequel.

  19. The third one was the perfect ending to this trilogy. If there was a spin off or other toys and a different kid that would be interesting

    • @ Frank

      After the conclusion of Toy Story 3, imo they already have a different kid w/ Bonnie to make start a 4th film with the toys.

  20. I’d rather see TS4 than F&F6.

  21. Dude whats the matter with you guys? Yeah, Toy Story 3 was awesome and would be a tough act to follow, but why not have even more new adventures now? If you enjoyed the films so much, I dont understand why you WOULDN’T want more? They could call it TOY STORY: “CREATIVE STORY NAME” Doesnt have to be TOY STORY 4..

    I know how alot of you feel about them screwing up a great trilogy and all that. But Ive loved the series since I was a kid until now, and I would sure love, and even be honored, to get more new toy adventures…

    • @ Tim

      Im with ya bud. Im all for a 4th film. No way do i want them to even think about rebooting this franchise in the future.

    • Do you remember when George Lucas ruined Star Wars? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’m still cleaning my brain after Lucas raped my childhood then Spielberg did the sane to Indiana Jones. We don’t need the Toys to go through the sane trauma. It’s just spitting in every fans face and it’s people like you who will ruin it for everyone else by supporting this crap. That’s my 2 cents. I’m out.

      • @ Mike

        Just curious. But i don’t get why people hated the Star Wars prequels & claim he ruined the Star Wars franchise that he started.

  22. Im not sure about this… Toy Story 3 was amazing. One of the best films Ive seen. I love the trilogy we have now but I wouldnt mind more I mean its not going to take anything away (unless the part 4 is totally bad which I doubt) So Im ok with this. :)

  23. 3 films is enough no need for a 4th one.

  24. I cannot remember exactly when or where, but didn’t someone on the “Toy Story 3″ production already say that TS3 was DEFINITELY the last in the series? In fact, weren’t people (including, I believe, we here here on ScreenRant) even making jokes about how the “Shrek” people should take the hint of the TS3 people’s strategy and STOP? “Shrek”, itself, ended (as far as anyone knows), though that world is apparently continuing with a “Puss in Boots” spin-off, but everyone was praising the “Toy Story” people for being smart enough to know when to say when.

    Are they, in fact, smart enough???

  25. Dear god No !! Enough is enough. Another story where Andy goes away.

  26. Tim, maybe short films will work for the Toy Story series but a full feature film will be hard and also the way Toy Story 3 ended, it meant it was a great ending to the greatest movie trilogy ever.

  27. I have no problem with another Toy Story movie. There is nothing complicated about writing the next movie. It is just like the message of the TS3, just go forward.

    I dont buy into the preserving “legacy” nonsense or the fear of making a bad movie following a great movie. With that logic there shouldn’t be a TS2 which paved the way for TS3.

    In the long run it really doesn’t matter. Eventually pop culture stuff like movies will fade away from everyone’s memories. Just ask the greatest movie ever made ‘Citizen Kane’. Few even know that movie existed much less watched it.

  28. Not interested in a 4th film at all. Pixar should stop this sequel nonsense (especially after the mess that is Cars 2) and focus on making more original films.

    • This is all guess work, why do you jump to conclusions as if they are doing it now.

  29. I personally think they are playing with fire. In this day and age it is literally unheard of to have not only an original great story but TWO sequels on par with the original. That doesn’t just happen (LotR and Star Wars come to mind as the only others) so messing around with trying to tag on another movie to the trilogy is like an artist screwing with their proverbial painting once they have signed it.

    PLEASE just move on to NEW projects and don’t get caught up in the sequel-itis Hollywood seems to be suffering from (along with remake and reboot-itis)