Tom Cruise To Return To Top Gun 2?

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topgun Tom Cruise To Return To Top Gun 2?It seems that I write about Tom Cruise on a daily basis. I see some people in the comments page ask if I’m being serious, or just sarcastic when I talk about “The Cruiser.”

Well to be honest, it’s a bit of both.

I feel that Cruise is a great movie star, but he has made some bad PR choices in the last couple of years. He’s not a bad actor, it’s just that tabloid journalism has gotten a bit crazy. No – strike that, tabloid journalism has gotten really, really crazy and they will pretty much hammer anyone in the public eye.

Poor Tom played right into their hands, and as a result his career has taken a bit of a hit. However, he hasn’t really had an all out bomb – Lions for Lambs was a co-starring role akin to his Magnolia role, and even MI:III earned good bank.

Which brings me to news of a possible Top Gun sequel.

Is it just a crazy rumor on a slow news day?

Well, it might be odd that Cruise would reunite with Paramount after Sumner Redstone took the hump over his Mission Impossible 3 marketing strategy. Although the pair were recently seen dining together, previous rumors were that another Mission: Impossible movie was in the pipeline, but could it be a Top Gun follow-up?

Well… Paramount had a good year bringing back Indiana Jones, and they do have Axel Foley on the way with Beverly Hills Cop 4, so the return of “Maverick” may not be out of the question.

The very unreliable Sun newspaper here in the UK says:

“The idea is Maverick is at the Top Gun school as an instructor — and this time it is he who has to deal with a cocky new female pilot.”

Did somebody say Katie Holmes?

Now it is very possible that this is legit, as it sounds like a very plausible storyline for another Top Gun. The website also says that only a script outline has been written and the studio is waiting on an answer from Cruise.

Again this sounds like it could be true, and if Cruise doesn’t say yes and the story has an iota of truth, then don’t be too surprised when something like Top Gun 2: The Need for Speed hits a video store near you.

I don’t think that a Top Gun 2 is such a bad idea (a lot worse films have been sequelized recently), and if Cruise is onboard then I’m cool with that. However, if a sequel does go ahead with Cruise I’d like to see Val Kilmer return as Iceman – in a co-starring role and not a naff cameo!

Then, and only then would the film be worthy of the original.

I’ll keep you posted on this story, either debunking it, or keeping you up to date with any progress. Although I’d bet that it’s the former.

Source: The Sun

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  1. I loved Top Gun, and would be willing to buy a ticket for 2. It would be great to get Kilmer in for this, and even Michael Ironside (although he is pretty old). Cruise being in it is an automatic $100 million dollar hit.

  2. I think the concept would be very marketable as laid out in the rumor.
    Maybe Mavrick and Ice would opt for the more “old school” approach and pilot The F-14 Tomcats against their students YF-22 Raptors in order to demonstrate that technology can be challenged by superior air combat skills. Hopefully, the filmakers wouldn’t go quite so over the top as the whole UCAV deal in STEALTH.
    I think it could be a solid, enjoyable film if handled right.


  3. If Dr. Teeth is in this movie I will skip it…

  4. @nowhereman – Hey, bro, what’s the deal with the email addresses you use? I keep getting bounce messages in my inbox and I *hate* getting repeated bounce messages.


  5. This just sounds like a really bad idea. Not to mention that this would truely add ridicule to Cruise’s already bruised image.

  6. Also, to add to my previous comment, there are movies out there that don’t warrant a sequel. Those studios that have disobeyed this unwritten law have met it with disasterous results. With that said, “Top Gun” is such a film that does not warrant said sequel.

  7. I don’t think this movie needs a sequel… why is it that Hollywood always want that number 2? Why oh why can’t they just make new and fresh movie? No, no Top Gun 2 is needed!
    But I will go and see Valkyrie.


  8. I heard this rumor a few years back.
    at that time they were supposed to be scouting locations.
    Nothing came of it .
    We shall see what happens this time.

  9. This is your REMAKE OF THE WEEK !!!!

    Kahless, put down the bloodwine, 100 mil??
    Not getting my money.
    This film is chick 80′s softcore, fluffy duffy.

  10. top gun can definitely go without having a sequel. personally I don’t think a sequel will fit well seeing as it has been so long since the last one was made. we aren’t talking about a fictiony flick like indiana jones, this is top gun, just let it rest.

  11. The caption under the picture should say….

    “Do you know where I’m going to put this?”.

    So say we all,,,
    So say we all,,,,
    So say ew all,,,

  12. @ Vic – Sorry bud, I forgot to change my email on the address login line. Maybe that was the problem. I’m rather computer “simple” (having never even heard of a bounce message before…), so I hope entering my new email fixes things. Sorry for the skull boobery, mate.


  13. Only if Iceman/Val Kilmer is in it.

    And what’s this crap about a young female hotshot pilot…great it’ll be some supermodel and the movie will suck. Why not have Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise just blowing sh** up for an hour and a half?

    In all seriousness though top gun is one of my fav. movies of all time, I’d love to see its sequel done right and done well.

  14. Ohhh crap. Top Gun 1 kicked ass because of many actual fighter jet scenes. I think if they were to make a sequel, it will cost close to $200 million and be full of CGI planes. No longer will we have the fun of seeing actual F5Es (“Mig-24s”) going up against Tomcats.

    Perhaps Miramar will now use the Super Hornets instead of Tomcats? Those tower fly-bys sure look better with swept-wing Tomcats than they would with Super Hornets.

    • Val kilmer wont be cast i dont think he has put on some serious timber. Id love to see him get back into it though Im only young but top gun is one of my fav films!

  15. Top Gun: The New Class

    If Cruise attaches to this, he’s done. This smells so much like direct-to-DVD or USA Exclusive (no returning actors and Maverick being some sort of urban legend). Instead of “You Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” it’ll have a karoke scene with some Greenday song.

    Let it die

  16. Top Gun 2…oh Lord! I love the original movie, but sequels that come out years and years after the original almost always lag far behind the first movie. Top Gun 2 could work, but it would have to be worked out very carefully. In a way I hope Top Gun 2 is true, and in a way I hope nothing becomes of it! I don’t like when a good movie has some sort of crummy follow-up on it’s tail. This is just my opinion though. Each to their own.

  17. Next you’ll be hearing about a remake of “Iron Eagle!”

  18. Is it just me or did the Kenny Loggins tune “Highway to the Danger zone” sell this film?

    I really never liked Top Gun (oooh can you believe it?) even younger I saw this film as a joke, nothing more than a Air Force recruitment film.

    If they wanted to do a remake of Top Gun, they should stay far far away from the title Top Gun…..

    Just write a script about an Air Force squad or mission or whatever, just don’t call it “Top Gun”, and maybe I might see it. Maybe. ;-)

    Highway tooooooo the Danger Zone!!!

  19. Val kilmer wont be cast i dont think he has put on some serious timber. Id love to see him get back into it though… Im only young but top gun is one of my fav films!