Tom Cruise Willing to Return for ‘Top Gun 2′

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top gun 2 co starring tom cruise Tom Cruise Willing to Return for Top Gun 2

It has been 24 years since Top Gun was in theaters, where it made nearly $400 million—an insane amount of box office money for 1986. In the time since, it has spawned countless knockoffs and even a shot-for-shot remake in the form of Days of Thunder (sarcasm).

As recently as June, Jerry Bruckheimer talked about the possibility of a Top Gun 2, despite the decades that would separate the original and its sequel, but claimed that nothing was concrete. Now, according to Vulture, Paramount is moving forward with the project, and Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, will have a small role.

Apparently, Paramount has made offers to both Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer, the original film’s director and producer, and wants Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2) to write the script. Tom Cruise has agreed to join the cast so long as the “small role” isn’t something stupid—say, an old man flight instructor, a la Tom Skerritt as Viper? Because yes, that would be really stupid.

Frankly, I can’t imagine wanting to watch a Top Gun movie guest-starring Maverick as the father of the film’s protagonist, Maverick Jr., or whatever silly concept they concoct to briefly shoehorn the character into the story. Is Tom Cruise so busy with Mission: Impossible 4 that he can’t take the lead in Top Gun 2, or is this just one of those studio-backed “next generation” deals where Hollywood’s hottest young stars take over for the stars of yesteryear?

If it were up to me, Top Gun 2 would be a movie about an aging, drunken Maverick as a washed up airline pilot with a myriad of illegitimate children all across the planet whose lives he’s mostly absent from until he gets kidney cancer (on both sides!) and needs a transplant to survive. So basically it’d be a lighthearted comedy.

top gun 2 tom cruise Tom Cruise Willing to Return for Top Gun 2

This movie writes itself

What’s your opinion? Would you be satisfied with a Top Gun sequel starring younger, hipper, topper guns—Shia LaBeouf, Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, and the like? Or would you prefer to see the original Maverick being the toppest gun there ever was alongside Val Kilmer as Iceman and Anthony Edwards as Goose’s ghost?

Tom Cruise is currently shooting Mission: Impossible 4 with Jeremy Renner (The Avengers) and Josh Halloway (Lost); the film is set to hit theaters in December of 2011. Jerry Bruckheimer is currently shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, Tom’s ex-girlfriend, set to be released in May of 2011 (with a trailer coming this December attached to Tron: Legacy). Stay tuned for more Top Gun 2 news as it develops.

Source: Vulture

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  1. Not a big Tom Cruise fan, although I liked Top Gun. Personally I prefer not seeing it at all. Just me.

  2. 24 years? Are you kidding me?!?!

    Ben I love your plot idea. Anything that keeps Maverick and Iceman as the stars is fine by me. Maybe Charlie could come out of the closet like her actress counterpart… Or Iceman is the instructor but he himself can’t fit into a cockpit.

    I can’t stand the thought that “younger” actors would be taking over. Plus, Val Kilmer is just riding a little comeback from “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” He needs to act right now.

    • Thanks, Jessie! By the way, I read your blog and noticed you’re living in Ankeny–I’m actually originally from Iowa myself. Good to see a fellow Iowan.

      • Ben: Our world is an English village. :)

  3. Mommy make the bad man go away..

    “Oh hell yes this will make our studio a ton of money next year, we’ll
    just need a Delorean so the screening can premiere in ’86”..”wait maybe…maybe we can work in that
    little alien guy with the long neck and that finger”..”this is soo cool, the action will be digital 3D so Grandpa Mavie will fly right into the audience”

    Jeez I sure hope they have Cruise alongside Travolta in a Stealth Bomber cause that would be
    great, what’s Arnold doing after this November?

    • Expendables 2. This time not a cameo but a full on ah-nold comeback

  4. We really don’t need a sequel. plus after 24 years…

  5. I wonder how much gay subtext they will ram into the sequel?

    • key word being “ram”? DSB? it would be kinda fun to see him in the Tom Skerrit intructor type role in a sequel.

      • Yes that was the word I eventually settled upon.
        However, I’d still like to see this, Top Gun is still a great flick.

        • its one of TWO movies he’s in that i can handle…the other one, the movie was flat out stolen from him by a certain terrific japanese actor.

  6. It may involve ancient alien masters and theta waves.

    Ticket prices will depend on your “level” and will need to be paid to the person who previously saw it.

    What?! I’m just sayin’…

  7. Okay, I don’t care about anything you wrote in this article OTHER than your scenario for how you would do Top Gun 2. I’m thinking you should write this screenplay and try to sell it? Yeah?

    • We could freeze him in a very small block of carbonite.

      • I like it. Then we could sell him to jaba in a galaxy far far away

        • why dont we just give him the wonderful treatment that Joe Pesci received in Casino

          • Cause then mother earth would be stained with the vile blood of him!!

            • im officially done with this thread lol.

            • And that would make skeletons rise up from the earth!!!

  8. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. terrible idea, topgun should be an untouchable film. However they will probably do it and in 3d. They should pick up the film where maverick is running miramar and the entire flight training programme, maverick has his reservations about training pilots for the current conflict in afghanistan but does it still, because he´s just that good. Then finds out goose´s kid from the first film is now part of a medical evac team has been shot down in combat, and maverick needs to come out of retirement to go save the day.

    • Wow, that’s actually not that horrible.

      • Really? Are the Taliban going to be piloting fighter jets, or are the Top Gun jets going to be targeting tiny humans?

  10. I wonder how many times the girls ear rings will change in the elevator in his one 😛

  11. Well, you’re gonna hate me for this, but…..”Top Gun 2: Cruise Control”. Right? Riiiiiiight? Oh, wait…

  12. If the original Top Gun was a bit of a flop and did not cast huge stars like Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer I could understand the logic of replacing them with younger, hipper stars.

    But why not both? Young hip stars + Cruise and Kilmer?

    What made the original movie great was the chemistry between Mavrick and Goose and the competition from Iceman. It’s a rock n roll sports movie so the sequel must follow that same format and I think it would be pointless to make this film without Cruise and Kilmer.

    Another thing that is well known for this movie was the soundtrack. How can you make another great Top Gun movie without something along the lines of Danger Zone? Impossible!!

  13. This is a wonderful idea. Good Job Paramount! I must say that Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are a vital part of the film because they are Top Gun!!!! I wouldnt want to see it if those two arent in the movie! i cannot wait to see the movie and VAL AND TOM MUST BE THE STARS OF THE MOVIE! ANYONE ELSE WOULD RUIN THE PONT OF A SEQUEL !!!

  14. ben tom cruise yi çok seviyorum filmleride ço çok güzel keşke hep izlesem bida yayınlasalar televizyona daha güzel olur ya ni seni seviyorum tom cruise.

  15. For the new Maverick-like protagonist, I envision some foreigner tackling the role, specifically a Japanese actor whose speaking voice will be dubbed by a well-known voice actor. My pick: Jyoji “Shibby” Shibue, Justin Nozuka, or Shun “Guri” Oguri with Yuri Lowenthal for voice dub; the character – a Japanese-American Navy fighter pilot named Kotaro “Buckaroo Banzai” Tsurugi, aerial combat hero of Operation Iraqi Freedom, TOPGUN graduate, rock and roller, intellectual, and graphic artist at heart.

    But, what would be a spinoff of “Top Gun” without the hot chick that serves as the hero’s lady love? No problem. I have a few actresses in mind: Natalie Portman, Ellen Page, or Anne Hathaway. The character: Katherine “WildKat” Wheeler, one of Kotaro’s closest squadronmates during the 2nd Iraq war, female naval officer qualified as both pilot and NFO who is also a TOPGUN graduate, avid physicist and artist.

    The plot: It is the year 2007 (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!). One year has passed since Saddam Hussein was overthrown from his dictatorial rule of Iraq. Now, the Americans have turned their attention towards North Korea, a communist country in the Far East that is willing to invade its southern neighbors South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan at any given moment. To get ready for a possible threat of invasion of southern Asia, the American military mobilizes its forward-deployed Pacific forces, which includes the Navy’s best strike fighter squadron, the “Fighting Regents,” to participate in a bilateral aerial combat exercise called “Noble Dragon” with the Japanese, Taiwanese, and South Korean air force pilots in a remote air base in Southern Japan. Among the pilots in the “Regents” squadron is a man named Kotaro Tsurugi, callsign “Banzai,” a young naval aviator who shot down 3 renegade Iraqi fighter pilots during the 2nd Gulf War and flew as a TOPGUN adversary tactics trainer after the conflict. Upon news of his squadron being invited to participate in “Noble Dragon,” Kotaro is then assigned to lead the squadron as he returns to his homeland for a short while and participates in the combat exercise, which hosted by a fighter wing of the Japanese Air Defense Force in Tsuiki Air Base.