Tom Cruise Chooses to Accept ‘The Mission’

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About a month ago, it was reported that Paramount Pictures was mulling over the possibility of changing the title of Mission: Impossible 4 – to disassociate it from the previous installments in the Tom Cruise starring franchise.

Well, it looks like they’ve done it. Mission: Impossible 4 is dead. Long live The Mission!

The announcement of the new title came from Cruise himself (or more likely one of his minions), when he tweeted the following:

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 UPDATE: Skydance Productions & Paramount Pictures join forces for “The Mission!”

While Cruise’s tweet errs on the side of ambiguity, it does appear that Paramount has indeed renamed the franchise with the aim of refreshing the Mission: Impossible brand.

Cruise famously had a very public falling out with Paramount Pictures in 2006 when Mission: Impossible 3 under performed at the box office, with many people believing that the lacklustre grosses (compared to previous franchise entries) were a result of the star’s couch jumping antics. The film still made a very healthy $397 million at the worldwide box office and a fourth film had always been in the cards; though, for a while, it appeared as if it might go into production without Cruise’s involvement.

As a result, the studio stipulated that Cruise take a pay cut for this new Ethan Hunt adventure – and they’ve paired him with The Hurt Locker’s Jeremy Renner, in order to make the film more of a two -hander, rather than a Tom Cruise solo-venture.

Mission Impossible 4 Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner Tom Cruise Chooses to Accept The Mission

It’s believed that Paramount sees The Mission (if that title sticks) as the beginning of a new chapter in the Mission: Impossible franchise, with Cruise taking more of a backseat in future installments to let Renner (and possibly others) take control of the series. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. The last film in the franchise had more of a team dynamic than previous titles and with Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg set to return, alongside newcomer Paula Patton, it would appear (on paper at least) that the film will be more of a group effort.

Brad Bird is set to direct The Mission for Paramount and David Ellison’s Skydance Productions for a December 16, 2011 release.

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  1. I thought ‘Impossible Mission Force’ would have been the obvious choice for a rebooted title for the series

    • Besides, isn’t ‘The Mission’ already a 1986 movie about missionaries in the 18th century?

    • I second that.

  2. the mission????? wtf these people smoking?????the mission????
    this has to be some kinda sick cruel joke tom cruise is playing on us or else they are better of naming it “The Impossible Mission”

    • “the impossible mission” sounds even worse

      • thats my point lol

    • The Mission sounds like, at first, a spiritual, religious experience. Oh, oh, how much does the Church of Scientology have to do with this?

  3. OMG whats happening with all these stupid titles? Saw 3d,fast five and now the mission. What is going on?!?

    • You forgot 5nal Destination

      • Oh yeah LMAO!

  4. Well If you wernt going to useuse “Mission Impossible”.
    ther are not a lot of options left .
    If they didnt call it “The Mission”
    and they still want people to know its part of the franchise , you either go with something that has “Impossible” in the title or you do what they did.
    When people hear “mission ”
    they think” your Mission ,should you choose to accept it”
    Loook at how this article starts out! .
    I don’t agree with their logic, but I understand it.

  5. Why can’t he stop doing anything? People have lost respect for him, especially me.

    • Who?

      • Tom Cruise, the Scientologist wack job.

        • Wow.
          Why do you have to bring his religion into this? Why do people find the need to judge people solely based on what they believe in?

          Tom Cruise has a choice in what he wishes to believe in. So do you. You get that freedom by living in the United States. I hate when people judge someone by their religion or something. Especially a talented actor like Tom Cruise.

          This really pisses me off.

          • And the only people who have lost respect in him are people like you. Ignorant people who judge him on stuff like religion.

            • I’m guessing you missed out on that chapter of his epic stupidity. He’s a self absorbed Hollywood nutcase who joined a cult. Have fun admiring a wackjob.

              • yes, scientology is stupid.. but so what? cant we admire what he does in front of the camera even though he believes in that? i mean since you call him a wackjob, you can pretty much call everyone who believes in a religion a wackjob.

                • I agree with Magnus. Admire him for the work he does on screen. Stop judging him because of his belief. And it is no more a cult than any other religion. It is a religion and people do believe in it.

                  Seriously, sometimes I want to look into this Scientology to see how I join. Just to piss people off.

        • There is a difference between a collection of mythology & oral history of a people posing as a religion and the musings of a pulpy sci-fi writer turned cult leader who espouses “truths” that are able to proved beyond a shadow of doubt to be false.

          When someone falls into the thrall of a cult, they should be pitied.

  6. They really could’ve just called it, Mission Impossible. I mean, JJ Abrams called the Star Trek reboot…Star Trek.

  7. You guys picked the absolute worst picture of him to put at the top of the page lmaooo

  8. gay on a stick

  9. Yawn. Pass.

  10. LMAO!

  11. I third that.

  12. Yeah just call it MI4 or Mission Impossible. Don’t think about it too much. Jeremy Renner is a pimp, great choice.

  13. Might as well be called, “Action Hero Movie 4″. This franchise has no soul. Its hollow and empty.

    Much like its lead actor,,,

    • Don’t call cruise empty. He’s full of it.

  14. why even reboot it? I know that’s the way franchises go these days, but Mission Impossible 3 wasn’t that long ago.

  15. I really don’t know why the term ”reboot” keeps poping up with this film, it is not a reboot but rather a transition from tom’s character to presumably renner’s character, assuming this film is a success, which i believe it will be with Bird at the helm. I for one am very much looking forward to this flick, even though i agree the title sucks just stick with M:I-4, Tom cruise has definately taken alot of s%#$ over the last few years, and don’t get me wrong he got a little loopey at times with the scientology crap, but whatever this guy has been entertaining audiences for almost 30 years and for the most part all of his films have been big hits, he’s had a couple of flops in there but who has’nt. hes never been involved in any type of bad scandal like drugs or rehab or phone recordings (MEL). I really think he gets an undeserving bad rap.

    • Yeah, but the whole scientology thing is REALLY out there. But I agree with you about his films. For the most part they have been entertaining, but except for the first MI movie, the others have been awful-Charlie’s Angels awful.

  16. but curise is not going to be the star therefore it will automatically suck and the title sucks or as i previously put it

    gay on a stick

  17. I thought mi 3 was the best one.

  18. Why not call it… “Milking a franchise”

  19. When the hell are those overpaid accountants in the motion picture industry going to get off the “milk the franchise for all the money we can suck out of it” kick and take a chance on some new young,talented film makers and writers for fresh inventive and “Old Hollywood” creativity. Compared to the 30′s and 40′s these writers today are nothing but hacks who plagiarize any concept that has made money in the past. That can sometimes work, but when you drive it six feet into the ground you can only wind up with a grave.

  20. I like the idea of calling it I.M.F. and hyping it up as a ensemble men on a mission film with Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg.

    • thats if they can truely make it an ensemble movie and not focus on cruse or the new guy they want to replace him with.

  21. that is.. one.. creepy.. picture..

  22. I loved the previous film. I still doubt the fourth movie would be made

  23. Hey, pals, the change of name is because Mission Impossible is a CBS trademark. And since a pair of years CBS and Paramount are not partners any longer. So, if Paramount wants to use Mission Impossible name, logo, music… it must pay. But if the name in THE MISSION, don’t…

    • So they have to pay for the name associatted with the franchise and not for the right to use the characters’ names?

  24. Yes, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (or Star Trek) and related marks are trademarks of CBS Inc. All rights reserved. If you want use name, logo, music of this franchise… You must pay. In 2004 Paramount and CBS were partners, but no longer. ST 2009 was the last movie made by CBS-Paramount.

  25. Well they should pay…..

  26. @Magnus,,,
    That’s the thing about Cruise. I don’t hate him because he’s an in denial gay idiot cult member.

    I simply don’t like the films he’s in, or his acting props.
    Out of all the films he’s been in, I’ve seen, Colateral, War of the Worlds, and Tropic Thunder.

    And the over hyped totally lame by todays standards, “risky business”

    The rest are all cruise-centric and I can’t stand when an actors ego takes over the films he’s in. Clooney is the same way.

  27. Just your heads out of the sand, Paramount execs. Stop the chaos and hold the presses!

    And release it under “Mission Impossible 4″. On the good side, at least ‘Mission’ is better than ‘Aries’. But still…

    Y’all seen a DUCK?
    A duck!

    beeeeeecause if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and flies like a duck it must be what?

    • Just get your heads out…oh you know what I mean.