Tom Cruise Talks Les Grossman Spin-off Movie

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tropic thunder tom cruise Tom Cruise Talks Les Grossman Spin off Movie

If you didn’t get your fill of Les Grossman at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, don’t worry, because Tom Cruise may soon reprise the role in his very own spin-off movie. After taking the stage as Grossman  for a show-stealing performance alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cruise told Marc Malkin at E! Online that he and his producing partners are “working on” the movie right now.

I love Tropic Thunder, and I really love the character of Les Grossman, but I’m not sure I love the idea of a Les Grossman solo movie. Realistically, how do you construct a film around a character like that? The Grossman shtick is hilarious, but only in small doses. Could you watch Les Grossman scream at people and do funky dances to Ludicris songs for a full 90 minutes?

On the other hand, many people doubted whether or not they could make a successful film out of a one-note SNL sketch, but MacGruber turned out pretty well (not at the box office though). Similarly, Russell Brand returned to his popular character Aldous Snow in the recent Get Him to the Greek and that movie also held up over its feature-length runtime.

Ultimately, it comes down to the story. Les Grossman is a great character, but there has to be more to him than what we saw in Tropic Thunder. Maybe it could be a biopic. Watch Les Grossman’s rise from a starry-eyed production assistant to the top of the Hollywood ladder. Any other ideas?

What do you think? Would a Les Grossman solo movie be a total flop, or is there potential for Cruise to take his foul-mouthed, Diet Coke-swilling, G5-flying movie executive to the big screen for his own adventure? What direction do you think they could go with a Grossman spin-off?

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  1. I love the character, but you’re right: a solo film would be tough. I was hoping for more random cameos, but I suppose that’s even tougher to pull off.

    I think a Les Grossman film would work fine as long as he had appropriate supporting cast. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Tropic Thunder, so I don’t remember anything about his assistant. I think he goes through assistants like Darth Vader goes through admirals, but maybe he has a secretary or someone that is a good foil for him. Like Andy Dick, but not Andy Dick. Grossman also needs a rival of some sort. The plot would also need to be acceptable, but could be reasonably thin if the casting and character development is good…see Tommy Boy, or maybe Happy Gilmore would be a better reference since it centers around a single main character.

    What is certain is the film wouldn’t work without a lot of guest cameos by Hollywood stars, on both sides of the camera. If the movie doesn’t have Grossman schmoozing and abusing famous real actors and directors, I don’t think they should bother.

    • what about putting together grossman and segio from get him to the greek? that would be an awesome movie!!!!

  2. Oh good gawd! Hollywood you suck!

  3. How about lets make this film, somethink different from that usual hollywood movie machine.

  4. I didn’t think Tropic Thunder was all that great. Lee Grossman was, however, the best part of the film.

  5. Utterly torn. I love the shtick, but agree, not sure it would fly.

  6. Tom Cruise and Michael Keaton should star in a ‘Les Grossman Meets Beetlejuice’ movie.

    I’m not joking. I would so pay to see that.

  7. the movie should be him VS. Sergio from “Get Him to the Greek” battling over big name stars with both movie careers and music careers, such as Miley Cyrus or Jamie Foxx. (the Celebs dont have to be good [or real] they just have to be big and wanted by both industries.)

  8. Tom Cruise USED to be one of my favorite actors. I mean look at his track record of Top Gun, Minority Report, Interview with the Vampire, Mission Impossible franchise, etc. Taking that into consideration I feel that he will never again be what he was, which is sad imo, and him producing a movei on this caharacter and trying to milk it for all he could get out of it is case and point. Tom Cruise used to be a very respectable actor, but after his overly goofy and unecassary performance at the vma’s I think he has just thrown all his pride out the window and is doing everything he can to make some more money. I have lost a lot of respect for him and I think that this movie is a TERRIBLE idea. Make MI4, do another movie with Spielberg your better than this; correction you WERE better than this

    • I disagree with you. I think he is doing this for the fun of it rather than to make a few bucks. I’m sure that was his thought process while doing the movie awards. Also probably to somewhat promote Knight and Day.

      I do think he is an excellent actor though.

    • Tom Cruise, IMO, should just semi-retire and stick to the cameo roles like Les Grossman (at which he was brilliant). Frankly, his last good movie that he starred was Jerry McGuire, although Minority Report had its moments. He’s a talented actor, but he seems to try to shoehorn himself into roles (or directors do) that don’t realy fit him. He’s slowly falling out of the A list

  9. I think this is a great idea! I think the character is funny and he’ll make it work!

  10. He should get Xenu’s permission before doing anymore movies.

  11. As soon as I saw the MTV Movie Awards I knew that this would most likely lead up to a Les Grossman movie. I was right apparently. I think they could do something decent with it though and I think it’d do pretty good at the box office. It’s very different than any of Cruise’s other roles, so that’s why it’s so cool. Also I think they could throw in a whole bunch of celebrity cameos! I’d love Ludacris to make a cameo himself. I think they could do lots of funny things with cameos and little references to movies and it would work out well.

  12. I just think he is having a big old laugh at us. People mostly think of him as a joke now but when I saw Tropic Thunder it made we think that this man is not off his rocker as most of the tabloids make him out to be.

    Brilliant decision to see where else this character could go.

  13. It depends on th story,
    But I would go to a Lew Grossman film before I would Ever see Macgruber.

  14. The Les Grossman “mockumentary” biopic WORKS for me, a truly DARK comedy that LOOKS like a typical drama until he does something totally outrageous. If that movie doesn’t happen, I won’t bother to watch, sorry Tom, that’s the ONLY way I will spend $10 at the theater for it!

  15. Yes, the character he was born to play is getting his own spinoff movie. Hope they dont mess it up and it turns out like Get Him To The Greek

  16. <3 This character and YES I could watch him dance to ludacris for 90 minutes, it's FREAKIN HILARIOUS!! Go Tom!

  17. The biopic is a great idea! Would love to see that come to fruition. If not though, I’d still probably see the movie in theaters, just a great character.


  19. Les Grossman would be great as an online series of shorts. Don’t try to make a full-length movie out of it, please.

    “think online, Tom. Online”

  20. Definitly Go for it i’d watch it

  21. Les Grosssman Vs. Ari Gold

  22. posted on Facebook

    Les Grossman is finally in talks with Paramount about Les Grossman spin-off movie.

    Remember when Tom Cruise portrayed Les Grossman as the producer of the MTV Movie Awards back in 2010? The Les Grossman character attracted an enormous fan base, and a Les Grossman spin-off movie was set to come out in 2012. Whatever happened to that?

    It turns out that Les Grossman is not a fictional character. There is in fact a living, breathing man named Les Grossman who was an over-the-top foul-mouthed movie and concert producer back in the late-60s and through the 70s. Here are a few of his notable accomplishments:

    1. Grossman produced the Led Zeppelin/Who Concert on May 25th, 1969. This was the only time in US rock and roll history that these two bands performed on the same concert stage.

    2. Grossman booked Joe Cocker in June, 1970 for $1500 to open for Janis Joplin in December, 1970. By the time he performed, he was making $25,000 a night.

    3. Grossman got David Lynch started with his band, Tractor, as composer for Lynch’s pre-Eraserhead movie The Grandmother. He was also a non-credited associate producer of Eraserhead.

    4. In the 2000s, Grossman became a wild horse enthusiast and developed wild horse properties.

    5. During this time he also became a dog breeder and trained Best in Show Hall of Fame dogs. These awards included first place at the Westminster Dog Show.

    Grossman’s producing days were on sabbatical until the powers that be gave Tom Cruise his persona. Since the announcement of the Les Grossman spin-off movie, the real Les Grossman has written three books including “A True Hollywood Legend… Les Grossman AKA Tom Cruise’s Alter Ego” and a screenplay partially based on this book. The screenplay is titled “Les Grossman: The Pre-Sequel”.

    I found all of this information in ” A True Hollywood Legend”, which I read after I met the real Les Grossman at a book-signing in Las Vegas, NV. After doing some research, I heard through the grapevine that Les Grossman is now in talks with Paramount executives about finally making the Les Grossman movie so many fans – myself included – have waited years for.

  23. I love the character of Les Grossman, Tom Cruise parodies the best of the worst version of a hollywood film studio executive but with the right amount of crude comedy, he definitely stole the show, within the realm of parody films but you’re right: a solo film would be tough. because I suppose that’s even tougher to pull off, as hollywood would need a kind of a MA Rated crude comedy based backstory and plot as well as adding new characters as well as more random celebrity cameos. but I personally think if Tom Cruise is up to it and can somehow figure out all of this with hollywood backing him then that would be fantastic, It depends on the story. I think this is a great idea! I think the character is funny and he’ll make it work, some think different from that usual hollywood movie machine for a change. any thing is possible!