Tom Cruise In For Joseph Kosinski’s ‘Oblivion’

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TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has been working hard to get his new original project, Oblivion, off the ground. The project hit a snag when Disney dropped it earlier this year, claiming that the PG-13 dystopian epic wasn’t Disney brand-friendly (though cynics believe the lukewarm critical reception of TRON played a part in the decision).

The Disney hiccup had a happy ending, though: Oblivion landed at Universal Pictures with a $100 million budget and a big star circling it in the form of Tom Cruise.

Today Deadline has the exclusive that Cruise has signed on for Kosinski’s Oblivion, which will see the (A-list?) star back in the sort of role we saw him play (with great success) in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film Minority Report. Read the synopsis for Oblivion below to see what I mean:

In a future where the Earth’s surface has been irradiated beyond recognition, the remnants of humanity live above the clouds, safe from the brutal alien Scavengers that stalk the ruins. But when surface drone repairman Jak discovers a mysterious woman in a crash-landed pod, it sets off an unstoppable chain of events that will force him to question everything he knows.

Guy living in a future society gets caught up in a ‘chain of events’ that forces him to re-examine what he knows about the world he lives in, all while dashing from one futuristic set piece to another? Yep, should fit Cruise like an old glove ;-).

The megastar has already wrapped Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which will hit theaters this winter, and he is now working on the Adam Shankman (Hairspray) adaptation of the Broadway rock musical, Rock of Ages. Cruise will play an over-the-hill rock superstar named Stacee Jaxx and he will be (gasp) showing off his singing chops, to boot.

Oblivion will take the place of the now-defunct adaption of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness, which Cruise was set to work on with Guillermo del Toro. Deadline claims that the actor is looking at del Toro’s new project, the sci-fi monster movie Pacific Rim, but nothing has been confirmed yet on that front.

Joseph Kosinski oblivion Tom Cruise In For Joseph Kosinskis Oblivion

The dystopian world of 'Oblivion'

TRON: Legacy was not that great of a movie – however the problems with the film had a lot more to do with the script (which was penned by half a dozen writers, no less) and less with Kosinski’s ability to direct. In fact, the world Kosinski built and the action scenes he brought to fruition were the only redeeming qualities of TRON: Legacy – so with writers like William Monahan (The Departed) and Karl Gajdusek (Dead Like Me, Trespass) hopefully crafting a better narrative, Oblivion may turn out to be something great. Given how notoriously fickle Cruise is about his projects (we’ll just forget about Knight & Day) something about the project must’ve impressed him.

With a big star now attached, expect production on Oblivion to ramp up quickly.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Does anyone even watch this crazy person any more?

    If I recall correctly, the last movies he has done have ALL BOMBED. I think America has spoken, Tom, we’re done with you – Go jump on a couch.

    • I still do. But I guess I’m one of those who look past his religeious views.

      • So what, he jumped on a couch to announce how much he was in love with Katie, good for him. Christian Bale went psycho on some DP for a simple mistake, and nobody labels him a “crazy person”.

        • yea but he doesnt believe a galactic tyrant named zenu camed to earth to brain wash souls! but i still like his movie presence and im lookin forward to seeing this i wanna read the GN to

          • Who cares what he believes in? That’s HIS business not yours. I don’t agree with his beliefs, but I don’t insult his religion b/c I disagree or don’t like it.

            • actually its everyones business because the religeon is behind many strange “deaths” and “murders” plus hes a public figure so its everyones business.. and i insult all religeons sorry its my way i dont agree with fiction or fairy tales that make the human mind delusional and sad. plus i was joking lighten up its a movie forum dude

              • Actually, it’s not any of your business. The fact that he’s a public figure is irrelevant, he’s still entitled to have a personal life. People just can’t mind their own b/c there’s soo pathetic, and they can’t do anything productive with their’s.

                @”actually its everyones business because the religeon is behind many strange “deaths” and “murders””

                Oh please. You sound like some crazy conspiracy theorist.

                • Ahh, whether you believe what he believes is indeed irrelevant, but when he takes to the airwaves to denounce everyone who takes an antidepressant and psychology as quackery then you have to say, maybe he should have kept those views to himself.

                • go do some research and read little. “ghost”

                  • You’re the one making these claims, so it’s YOUR duty to provide the evidence.

        • On the note of Bale, I think it probably went a bit like this:

          Bale is a character actor, as such he was required to whip himself up for certain scenes. Even Nolan has admitted he was getting Bale all riled up before scenes to assist him in getting into the right mood. So I could see the entire rant as a consequence of the creative process.

          Now what was Tom filming when he ranted about everyone who has ever taken an antidepressant or seen a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor (other than a scientology “counselor”)? Oh yeah – he was filming “How to Alienate All of Your Fanbase in 30 Seconds”.

      • Dante is pathetic and jealous :)

    • Where have you been? He was fantastic in Tropic Thunder, and I don’t recall that being a ‘bomb’.

      • Wait I wasn’t aware he was a star of Tropic Thunder – bit part would be more accurate.

        • Go check his latest movie’s number

    • You mean “all” both of them? Not counting the shows which he was only a minor supporting character (like Tropic Thunder but even that was good), I disagree. Valkyrie, MI 3, War of the Worlds, Last Samurai and Minority Report were ALL good to excellent. Now I’m not saying Knight and Day and Lions and Lambs were great but you can’t win them all.

      I for one let his career track record speak for itself and would gladly see a show with him playing the lead (as long as I’m interested in the premise of the show)

      • Dude, Last Samurai was box office Valium, MI3 – only Hoffman was good in that (and seeing Felicity get her brain blown up). War of the Worlds was a film which made me wish for the old black & white. Minority Report was nowhere near as cool as advertised. And I, like many many many other people didn’t see Valkyrie.

        • I get that you personally think his films have been “bombs” but box office numbers (and the general public by buying those tickets) tell a different tale:

          Last Samurai – made for 140 mil, grossed 456 mil
          Minority Report – made for 102 mil, grossed 353 mil
          Valkyrie – made for 75 mil, grossed 200 mil
          War of the Worlds – made for 132 mil, grossed 589 mil
          MI3 – made for 150 mil, grossed 395 mil
          Knight and Day – made for 117 mil, grossed 258 mil
          Lions and Lambs – made for 35 mil, grossed 15 mil

          Only one that qualifies as a turkey is Lions and Lambs. Most of his films though at least doubled their return which makes him a bankable actor.

    • Knight and Day made almost 3X it’s budget. Not much of a flop IMO.

  2. Tom Cruise back in Sci-fi? Hell yeah! With him, I don’t see his religion but the Artist. A very Great actor indeed!

  3. was this oblivion thing before battle angel?
    cause this sounds like a cheap version of it.
    everything about it screams battle angel, except the whole
    women ship crashin or watevr..

  4. Certainly fits him like an old glove.

    Let’s hope the glove isn’t too smelly.

  5. Script let Legacy down, all the luck to Kosinski, becuase if he puts half the effort from Tron into creating this, somthing that is essential his babay it will be dystopia we saw in films like blade runner and Judge dredd but y’know with out the viceral quality of models from Blade Runner and with out the cheese of Judge dredd

  6. Hey Kofi,

    I’m pretty sure Tom Cruise still qualifies as an A-list actor, considering he has been, and continues to be, one of the biggest film stars in the world for the past 20 years. The fact that Screenrant writes an article about every rumor in which Cruise’s name is mentioned pbably serves to drive home this point. The fact that you question his A-list status makes me question every opinion I’ve ever read of yours on this site. He’s probably the most underrated actor out there, and deserves a little credit, even though his religious views haven’t been well-received by the media. In any event, I don’t think he cares, because he’s too busy making $30M a movie to have time.

    • @nick

      I wasn’t insulting anybody – I just honestly didn’t know for sure if people still consider Cruise A-list. Personally I think his presence will make this film better. I still like most of his work.

  7. I am aware of much of the history and beliefs of his religion and I personally don’t agree with his religious views, however, as an actor, Tom Cruise has already proven himself many years ago, he isn’t a fresh face but he still has “it”. Many actors have come and gone but he’s still bankable. Just look at Cruise’s “Jerry Mcguire” buddy Cuba Gooding Jr. for example or Christain Slater, it’s saddening to see theses guys doing straight to dvd movies these days. I think that Cruise still has more in him and has touched a hidden talent when he tapped into COMICAL roles. No need for him to prove himself as a a serios actor anymore “he had people at hello”. But seriously, I think Cruise should tap more comedy and into FANTASY again, like he did in “Legend”, which is such a SERIOUSLY underrated movie(Tim Curry’s performance in “Legend” was absolutley EPIC). Cruise has been in the game since “Risky Business” while many have faded into the darkness, have gotten burnt out, blacklisted, or serious frequent drug rehab visits, he’s still out there which says a lot.

    I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan but you have to respect his staying power and talent. I’m sure he still has more to give for a while.

  8. So umm…No one else here is a big Elder Scrolls fan? Yeah, when I Googled “Oblivion movie” this is not what I had in mind at all. It’s kind of a let down. AND the whole “irradiated post-Apocalytpic world” sounds a bit like Fallout. Bethesda needs to step up…But then again, it’s Disney. After the success of Miley Cyrus, no one’s going to pose a threat financially to Disney.

  9. I liked lions for lambs! Tom Cruise is aight in my book

  10. I think you’re too hard on Tron: Legacy.. but that aside, Oblivion kind of reminds me of “Pale Cocoon” in a way..

  11. so this isnt about the game Oblivion?

  12. look at all the pests who deprive themselves of entertainment due to a personal life of someone they don’t even know LOL — You need some SERIOUS HELP. I pity you.

    As for his acting ability? One of the most dedicated and best in Hollywood. A career of three decades and still getting big budget movies. You know what that hints at? It hints at your own failures when compared to this guy’s success.

    On another note, all religions are corrupt so your point to single out any one is invalid.


  14. Love that they are filming this in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!!