Tom Cruise Saddles Up For ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Remake

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Tom Cruise may be approaching fifty years of age, but he shows no signs of intending to slow down. The Mission: Impossible star has a multitude of film projects on his ‘to-do’ list, and it looks like he’s just added another one – MGM’s remake of John Sturges’ classic western The Magnificent Seven.

Cruise has enjoyed a career resurgence following the massive success of Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol (some would argue that he’s never been away) and he’s capitalizing on the success of that film by attaching himself to a slew of high-profile acting gigs. However, the remake of The Magnificent Seven appears to be a long way off as the film doesn’t even have a director yet – or even a script for that matter. Now, before we get too excited about Hollywood remaking classic movies, it should be noted that The Magnificent Seven is actually a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, and that film turned out okay.

Sturges’ 1960 film starred the outstanding combination of Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn, Brad Dexter and Horst Buchholz as seven cowboys defending a Mexican village from Eli Wallach and his gang of evil bandits. The success of the film led to three lesser sequels and a short-lived television series starring Michael Biehn in the late 1990s.

The original Magnificent Seven Tom Cruise Saddles Up For The Magnificent Seven Remake

The Original Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven is the latest in a long line of remakes from troubled studio MGM. The home of Leo the Lion has also announced plans to remake RoboCop, WarGames, Death Wish, Carrie and Poltergeist. If we play our cards right then we might even get to see the long-delayed remake of Red Dawn.

If you think that MGM’s remake roster is impressive then you really should check out the list of films that Mr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV has in development. Cruise will next be seen in Rock of Ages, and then he has One Shot/Reacher and Oblivion on the way. After that he is set to star in Doug Liman’s All You Need Is Kill, as well as Top Gun 2 and Mission: Impossible 5. The diminutive actor is also attached to Universal Picture’s reboot of Van Helsing and Warner Bros. wants to pair him with Robert Downey Jr. for El Presidente and join Clint Eastwood’s A Star Is Born. It’s also believed that he wants to reprise the character of Les Grossman in a Tropic Thunder spin-off, as well a re-team with Ben Stiller for The Hardy Men. That’s a lot of movies for one man.

Cruise’s role in The Magnificent Seven is far from a sure thing, heck even the movie isn’t a certainty at this point. However, a western is probably the only genre missing from the actor’s resume – okay, so he made Far And Away, but that wasn’t a guns blazing cowboy movie. At one point he was attached to star in 3:10 To Yuma, but that film ended up lassoing Russell Crowe and Christian Bale for its leads. A few years ago his name was even mentioned in relation to a remake of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a film that would have allegedly teamed him with John Travolta. So this news of a starring role in The Magnificent Seven seems to support the notion that Cruise is chomping at the bit to slip into some chaps and spurs in order to hit the open range for a western.

Keep reading Screen Rant to see if Tom Cruise really does climb into the saddle for The Magnificent Seven, or if he bolts from the project.

Source: Variety

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  1. love the magnificent seven! this should be interesting!

  2. NO. STOP REMAKING FILMS!!Holy crap do something original, take the parts that you like about something and make it your own. This film and the Japanese original do not need to be remade.

    • I agree. This epidemic of remakes, reboots and rehashes is depressing. Is Hollywood really so bereft of ideas? Or is this some sort of strategic fad?

  3. Lol.. “the diminutive actor”

    • It was abit of ‘low’ shot :P

  4. I always thought this story would make a good pirate movie. An abused island hire a group of outlaws to help defend them against other pirates.

  5. No script, no director, and Cruise joining the cast is far from a sure thing.

    Ok, sounds awesome Im on board sounds!! :/

  6. edit: Great!

  7. He’s playing the Robert Vaughn part lol

    • And Yul Brenner is really a bad guy.


    C’mon, remaking The Magnificient Seven?!? Tom Cruise? HELL NO TO BOTH!

  9. Any word on Mission Impossible 5? When could we expect to see that?

  10. Is nothing sacred? What are they gonna remake next? Patton? leave some of these greats as they were. Just like the remake of Willy Wonka. Big tme fail.

    • We can just ignore a remake.

  11. WHY, WHY WHY? Can Hollywood not make something original for a change? This film does NOT need to be remade. The original is a classic, as was The Seven Samurai movie it was based on. Some films just need to be left alone.

  12. A real shame that the team up with Travolta for a “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid” remake never happened. Say what you will about their Scientology beliefs & alleged in the closet status, both actors have tremendous charisma & have both had enough classic hits to qualify for living legend status. That’s one of the few of the slew of remakes on the boards that sounds like it really could have been as good (If not better. I know that’s blasphemy for some people but remakes have been & can be better than the originals. Just look at “Scarface”) as the film that it’s remaking.

  13. King Kong, Batman, True Grit, Xmen, Tron, The Good the Bad the Weird, Let Me In, Karate Kid.

    Reboot is not necessarily a bad word, once in a while it does work out. Its still too early but Cruise has made some really good movies (most recently Ghost Protocol ) but lets wait for more info before passing judgement

  14. I agree shows like this or The Dirty Dozen or such that has a star studded cast like that really don’t need a reboot. Why not reboot movies that everyone thought would do well the first time, but for some reasn they just got it wrong?

  15. After all I will accept this film to be remake, most remake films are from the 80`s and 90`s

  16. Why is everyone so anti-remake? You will still always have the original! Sometimes they get it right, True Grit anybody? Now i have two amazing versions of one of my favorite films.

    • Well I do own the original that the Mag 7 was created from….”Seven Samurai” so in reality the Mag 7 is a remake

      • I think id consider that a reimagining. i dont consider it the same as a remake.

    • How about the “Thomas Crown Affair” with Pierce Brosnan and One of the hottest woman this side of Mars, Rene Russo.
      I just watched it in the last two months. It was a great story, with twists
      and turns that made it exciting, at least for me. The story was changed some from Steve McQueen’s version.

    • ben– “True Grit anybody? Now i have two amazing versions of one of my favorite films.”
      I agree on this one, the original story in the book made both of these movies so good, and both were
      also done well.
      Also, you don’t have to go see it,so it won’t mess up anybody’s childhood.
      I would be against anybody redoing “Top Gun”, it was done well as it is.

    • remake of True Grit was a total flop, what a shame.

      • I loved the remake, I like both of them.
        Why don’t you like it?

  17. Hollywood! Please don’t kill my childhood!!! Magnificent Seven is my all time favorite movie! Yul Brenner just turned over in his grave. #isnothingsacred

  18. So is this going to be a faithful remake of the 60′s version, setting it in the old west or will it get an “edgy” update and be set in our present era?

    (or better yet a faithful remake of the original Japanese version! Cruise has played a Samurai after all ;) )

  19. Which of the Seven would he play?

    If the Yul Brynner role of Chris Larrabee Adams, would he (A) shave his head and (B) make himself available for the inevitable remakes of Westworld/Futureworld as the bald gunslinger?

    • From IMDB: “The robot that Yul Brynner portrays is an homage/spoof of his character Chris from The Magnificent Seven and wears the same costume.”

  20. I say do it for Vicki

  21. I am a big fan of the 1960 film so if they were to remake it they should be using unknown actors as most of the 7 were realativly unknown apart from Brynner but hollywood will want to go with an all star cast so here are my suggesions,
    Cruise-Chris, Daniel Craig-vinn, Josh Brolin-Bernardo, Javier barden-Lee, Taylor lautner-Chico, Jonny Depp-Britt, Robert Downey jr-Harry

  22. I have never seen Tom Cruise on a classic movie yet. I guess I’m excited to watch this movie remake.

    • “I have never seen Tom Cruise on a classic movie yet”
      The only one I can think of is “Top Gun”, I would put it in the
      classic file.

  23. Please, no one will ever be as good as Yul Brynner. If Tom Cruise thinks he could ever fill his shoes he’s dreaming.

    • Probably True.

  24. What a horrible idea to remake this classic western, and even worse casting. Leave the original with its iconic characters in tact. Magnificent Seven should not be done again. There were several film sequels that were disasters. The only exception was the TV series version which was surprisingly well done and the actors perfectly cast. Loyal fans of the original film and the TV series will not be interested in another ripoff. Cruise as Chris is unbelievably bad casting. He is big enough for the role only in ego, the guy has no charisma which the role demands. He ain’t no Yul Brynner or Michael Biehn. Matt Damon is a terrible recast of the Steve McQueen/Eric Close character of Vin Tanner. McQueen and Close in their portrayals of Vin had the right combo of confidence, passive leadership, and a lethal dose of integrity and loyalty. Brynner/McQueen on film and Biehn/Close on TV were fantastic casting that had tremendous chemistry. Cruise and Damon are not believable and are too old and lack the chops for such iconic roles. Call it Over the Hill part 2. I will definitely take a pass on this calamity.

  25. That is three big thumbs down on this remake: Cruise – awful, Damon – terrible, remake – NO WAY

  26. If there is a God this movie will not be made. Time for shorty to retire
    he has had a great run, now buy an Island a long ways away and go there.
    I bought the BluRay version of “The Magnificent Seven” and I will enjoy it over and over.
    I did like the “True Grit” redo though. Tom Cruise wasn’t in it.

  27. Yul Brenner – Gerard Butler
    Steve McQueen – Tom Cruise
    James Coburn – Timothy Olyphant
    Charles Bronson – Kevin Costner
    Robert Vaughn – Robert Downey Jr.
    Brad Dexler – Josh Brolin
    Horst Buchola – Mads Mikkeilson
    Eli Wallach – Antonion Banderas

    • Cameo by Eli Wallach and Robert Vaughn.


      • The prominent actor Lance Riddick would be a perfect “chris”; the role played by Yul Brenner. He is a consummate actor(check his credits) and he even walks like Yul. I am a great fan of Denzel Washington but not in this role. And the original casting of Tom Cruise, another favorite of mine, is almost a joke. Lance would make the role his own and, thus, raise the level of this movie to the greatness of the original.