Tom Cruise Set As Jack Reacher In ‘One Shot’

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It seems that Tom Cruise’s name pops up in association with every other tentpole pic nowadays. He was a onetime candidate to appear in both Guillermo del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness (before it collapsed) and Pacific Rim, began circling Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion this past spring, and was offered the role of ex-military investigator Jack Reacher in Paramount’s adaptation of the novel One Shot.

Just as Cruise eventually signed on for Oblivion, he has also now accepted the part of Reacher in One Shot, reuniting him with Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie (who scripted the Cruise vehicle Valkyrie and co-wrote this winter’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol).

Deadline has confirmed that Cruise is officially locked down for One Shot, which will once again feature the A-lister kicking butt and taking names. It’s a role most similar to his turn as the professional assassin Vincent in Collateral, as can partly be gleaned from the One Shot novel synopsis below:

Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me.

And sure enough, ex–military investigator Jack Reacher is coming. He knows this shooter—a trained military sniper who never should have missed a shot. Reacher is certain something is not right—and soon the slam-dunk case explodes.

McQuarrie is both writing and directing the One Shot adaptation, which is expected to begin filming this fall. Cruise will wrap up work on Adam Shankman’s Rock of Ages before moving on to McQuarrie’s project. The actor will then proceed forward with Oblivion by the first half of 2012.

Cruise’s involvement with One Shot already has fans up in arms, due to his obvious lack of resemblance to the Reacher character – who, as described by original author Lee Child, is 6’5” and 250 pounds worth of scarred muscle, with chilling blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Child has gone ahead and expressed his support for the actor’s casting, saying “Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way.” It’d be more shocking to hear Child badmouthing the project so early on, of course, but he does have a point: Cruise can still sell a punch like few others (see the M:I – 4 trailer for proof of that).

We’ll keep you posted on the status of One Shot as more information is released.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Tom Cruise is no Jack Reacher, plain and simple. Even though Reacher gets the women, I picture him as a slightly better than average looking guy. I would rather see Reacher played by a no-name actor that better fits the description. Of all the Reacher novels, how can you pick just one to make a movie out of. I just love the books!!

  2. to tell the truth I’m a bit over the Jack Reacher novels now. Bit too much like a cartoon character for my liking.
    Having said that I know Cruise is out of character trying to play this role.
    He’s a clown maybe but not a cartoon superhero.
    Are all his co-stars going to be 4’11″?

  3. Tom Hardy is the perfect choice for Jack Reacher. Whoever cast Tom Cruise and agreed to it should be relieved of their job. Reacher is a land mass waiting to collide, not Ethan Hunt……

    • Maybe not, great actor and built like a brick outhouse, but only 5′ 10″. scrub him from the list and go with Clint Walker, even at 80+ he’s a better choice than Cruise – and I’m not anti-Cruise.

  4. Unbelievable choice. I have a huge extended family all in love with Jack Reacher and none of us will attend the movie as no way could 5 foot 5 Cruise fill those boots and handsome body.

  5. this as to be a joke nobody wants cruise as reacher why are they doing this . i won,t go to see the film , i hope its a big flop then maybe they will listen to reachers big fan base .

  6. No, no and heck no. The successful Jack Reacher cannot be played by someone like Cruise. This character is someone who can blend into his environment without even trying. He is physically formidable and doesn’t rely on guns or high tech or fast talking.

    I’m all for Cruise to be attached to the project as a producer to ensure that the film is made. However, the thought of Cruise in the title role is just plain silly.

  7. Tom Cruise will have to use a ladder to do the Jack Reacher headbutt.

  8. I cannot believe the choice of Tom Cruise. I couldn’t think of a more inappropriate actor for the role of Reacher. Big, hulking no-name that can act should have been picked. I will not pay to see the movie. I cannot support such bad casting. Hopefully there will be follow up flicks and they will do the right thing.

  9. Just saw the trailer. BIG disappointment!!! Not even counting the physical disimilarities, Cruise’s voice, his mannerisms, his overall acting style just doesn’t fit the image I’ve built in my imagination over the last years, growing to love Jack Reacher. I’d considered who I would choose to play Reacher after I heard Cruise was taking the role. I thought, if he could adequately overcome the accent, Gerard Butler, who stands over 6’1″ and has the physicality I’d expect for Reacher. SIGH…Instead we’re stuck with a mediocre actor who doesn’t come close to the presence of Jack.

  10. Can’t imagine a pipsqueak like Tom “shorty” Cruse in this “he man” roll. This is so ludicrous that it oould be an unpopular new comedy. Tom could never “measure up.” Please look at WWE–Randy Orton, etc. for this roll. How can Lee Child imagine the antithesis of Jack Reacher as a convincing player of this roll.

  11. Have you seen the trailer for this movie? Shows small Tom Cruise driving a very fancy car Jack Reacher would NEVER have, shows a close up of Tom Cruise’s tiny hands driving the car, makes it even more ridiculous. NOT the hands of a 6″ 5″ person!! Guess Cruise’s ego is 6″ 5″ but his tiny body sure isn’t.

    • Unbelievable that Tom Cruise was chosen for Jack Reacher. I won’t be wasting time and money to see the movie. What a dissapointment.

  12. Tom Cruise as Jack reacher is a horrible joke. I have read every Lee Child Novel and I absolutely love the character of Jack Reacher. Why would they cast Tom cruise? Physically Jack Reacher is very itimidating. Tom Cruise is tiny and not at all believable as x military badass cop. very disappointed, I won’t waste my time on movie.

  13. christopher meloni would have been an obvious choice for me – not tom – in four foot frikken nothing cruise

    • I just started reading the Jack Reacher books this summer and I’m enjoying them so much – love the bigger than life character of Reacher. I was so disappointed to read that Tom Cruise was cast for a movie based on one of the books. He’s completely wrong for this role and I can’t imagine him being even slightly believable as Reacher.

      I refuse to watch the trailer because I don’t want the image of cocky little Tom Cruise to pop into my head while reading the books….I have my own great visual of Jack Reacher and he looks nothing like Tom Cruise! I plan to happily continue reading and pretend that this movie doesn’t exist.

  14. Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth… Any of these guys would be a much better choice to play Jack Reacher. I’m embarrassed that a great set of novels can be butchered by this hobbit trying to fill reachers shoes.


  15. Ray Stevenson would have been a great casting for Reacher.

    • I agree with Ray Stevenson being perfect for Jack Reacher. His profile picture on IMDb is the face and body I see when I’m reading the books. I wish I could see the movie for the story which is one of my favorite Reacher storylines and to see the other characters come to life but I do not want the image of tiny, smiling Cruise to invade my subconscious when I’m reading or listening to the books. It already has to a degree which I think is the reason why I’m not enjoying Child’s latest book as much as all of the others.
      I’m so disappointed with the casting of Cruise – he couldn’t be more wrong for the role of Jack Reacher and not just physically. Stevenson would have been amazing and legitimate!

  16. I have always like Tom’s work, with very few exceptions, but to have him play the hulking Jack Reacher has pushed my sensibilities to the limit. I’ve seen one trailer, and it appears that the director is shooting Tom from ground level. truing to make him look tall and ‘hulking’ (could that have been some kind of modified fish-eye lens??). Did the casting crew search out tiny people to play the other roles, or are they doing the ‘Alan Ladd thing’ (putting people in shallow trenches to make the star look ‘normal’?’
    There are many SAG card-holders that could have easily been “Jack Reacher”, but I suppose Tom is looking for a franchise to carry him into his senior years, as there are many good Lee Child novels. Anyway, I wish him well, and yes, I am going to see the movie when it is released.

  17. Tom Cruise is an excellent actor. No doubt about it! BUT! Jack Reacher is a HUGE man! He is 6′-5″ tall where Cruise is considerabley shorter. Reacher has Ice Blue Eyes, where apparently Tom Cruise’s eyes are not close to blue, they’re brown I think…Reacher has dirty blonde hair, Cruise has Dark brown hair. I’ve become a huge fan of the Lee Child Novels and I must say, Tom Cruise is NOT the image I get of Jack reacher. Why was he cast in this role, when he obviously has ZERO resemblance to the character? I am just curious.

    • Icannot understand why cruise was chosen for the part of reacher.I will never be able to read another lee child novel without seeing that little person trying to portray JACK REACHER….. SO……… I will not watch this Tom Cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • one dissenter among many – you have the right to disagree but you’re wrong.

      It seems to have eluded you that Jack Reacher is in effect a cartoon character and as such must display the physical qualities of a superhero.

      Tom displays the physical qualities of a circus midget and he’s too old anyway.

    • Are you serious?? Tom Cruise isn’t even CLOSE to being Jack Reacher, in any of Reacher’s aspects, physically or personality – it would be the same if he was to cast himself as a cave troll in Lord of the Rings (and I’ll bet he paid a huge pile of cash to get the author to let him play the Jack Reacher role).
      And he DOES NOT come off on the screen as a “bad ass dude” – he comes off as a 20-something year old “playing” superhero.

      What a disappointment – just goes to show you that money buys whatever you what when you’ve got a ton of it.

      I’ll boycott the movie for sure and hope the Reacher fans unite and it flops like it deserves.

  18. No No No …Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher by any stretch of the imagination. How did Led Child agree to this? Jack Reacher is such a great Hero, I’m really disappointed and I can’t get excited about the film now!

  19. Omg
    Tom cruise as Reacher, WRONG,WRONG,WRONG, I will not be going to this film?
    How could they, the books are now ruined for me.

  20. I’ve read the “Reacher” books by Lee Cild from the beginnig. Love the series, love the character. And I will not watch a minute of this tripe with a guy who stands all of 5’3, 135lbs attempting to portray Reacher, regardless of Lee Childs own spin. This isn’t a blond Daniel Craig playing Bond, or even a chic playing Starbuck. Reachers physical size is an emphasized point of the character and part of who Reacher is. What a bad decision.

  21. Jack Reacher is one of my all-time favorite characters. I’ve hung on every word of every novel but there is no way Tom Cruise can pull off being Reacher. Reacher HAS to be 6’4″ and 250 pounds or it’s not Reacher. For the studio’s sake I hope only us avid followers are totally turned off by this selection. Mr. Childs’ plots and techniques are great but so much of his Reacher character is his size and how it plays into the novels. I can’t see how the movie can capture the true nature of Mr. Childs’ creation with this selection.

  22. Tom Berenger, perhaps? Duane Johnson? Sam Eliott?
    Tom Cruise???? I can’t find it in myself to keep a straight face when thinking of Cruise as Jack Reacher. Cripes, my husband is 6’6″, and 250 lbs. Big, buffed out guy…hard around the edges…ex-military, currently in law enforcement. My husband would be a much better choice, and he wouldn’t need any strange camera angles or close-up photoshopping (HANDS, for instance!!!) to make it more “realistic.” Did the producer hire a troop of little people to try to put it in perspective? I sure don’t get it, and I won’t be paying to see any Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher films. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  23. How can Curise be a believable Jack Reacher? I will not go see this movie. If anyone has read a Lee Child novel you must know that Jack Reacher is a big man not a little boy trying to act big. There are so many other actors who could play this part.

  24. This just once again proves that no one in Hollywood ever reads a book . I suppose this Jack Reacher has a home and a suitcase.

  25. Why would anyone cast Tome Cruise as Jack Reacher did the casting director even read on of Lee Childs’ books!!??? Horrible let down of a character choice…

  26. I think that Clint Eastwood would have been a much better choice than Tom Cruise even at 80 years old, he is tougher than Cruise. Give me a break! Seriously?