Tom Cruise Set As Jack Reacher In ‘One Shot’

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It seems that Tom Cruise’s name pops up in association with every other tentpole pic nowadays. He was a onetime candidate to appear in both Guillermo del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness (before it collapsed) and Pacific Rim, began circling Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion this past spring, and was offered the role of ex-military investigator Jack Reacher in Paramount’s adaptation of the novel One Shot.

Just as Cruise eventually signed on for Oblivion, he has also now accepted the part of Reacher in One Shot, reuniting him with Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie (who scripted the Cruise vehicle Valkyrie and co-wrote this winter’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol).

Deadline has confirmed that Cruise is officially locked down for One Shot, which will once again feature the A-lister kicking butt and taking names. It’s a role most similar to his turn as the professional assassin Vincent in Collateral, as can partly be gleaned from the One Shot novel synopsis below:

Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me.

And sure enough, ex–military investigator Jack Reacher is coming. He knows this shooter—a trained military sniper who never should have missed a shot. Reacher is certain something is not right—and soon the slam-dunk case explodes.

McQuarrie is both writing and directing the One Shot adaptation, which is expected to begin filming this fall. Cruise will wrap up work on Adam Shankman’s Rock of Ages before moving on to McQuarrie’s project. The actor will then proceed forward with Oblivion by the first half of 2012.

Cruise’s involvement with One Shot already has fans up in arms, due to his obvious lack of resemblance to the Reacher character – who, as described by original author Lee Child, is 6’5” and 250 pounds worth of scarred muscle, with chilling blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Child has gone ahead and expressed his support for the actor’s casting, saying “Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way.” It’d be more shocking to hear Child badmouthing the project so early on, of course, but he does have a point: Cruise can still sell a punch like few others (see the M:I – 4 trailer for proof of that).

We’ll keep you posted on the status of One Shot as more information is released.

Source: Deadline

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  1. As appalled and angry as I am about Cruise playing Reacher, I’m even more disappointed with Lee Child. I appreciate that part of the deal to sell the movie rights of his book was that he relinquish any say in the making/script/casting of it, but was that really necessary? I mean, it’s not as if he really needs the money. But what really breaks my heart is that he was willing to abandon his incredible creation to a shallow, insipid Hollywood studio, who, now that they can do what they like with the story and Reacher’s character, will deliver a formulaic, bland, action movie. I know this because no matter how much we admit to liking Cruise, it’s obvious that he’s completely wrong for the part of Reacher. And it’s not just his size, he lacks the depth required that’s needed to show Reacher’s dark, brooding character, as well as his disturbingly cold and violent side. No, Tom could never pull it off, for one simple reason, he’s a movie star, not an accomplished actor. There’s a world of difference between the two. As for my choice if it were up to me, this guy ticks all the boxes………Tom Hardy!!!!

    • Tom Cruise is certainly not Jack Reacher – I’ve read all Lee Childs books and am very very disappointed that Cruise is to play a huge mountain of a man! If this goes ahead I will not buy any more Lee Childs books – what’s the point of building imagery into the reader’s mind only to distroy it in appointing Cruise? There are more unknown worthy actors that deserve to play our hero! Get a grip film folks – protest now!

  2. What a farce …. I like Tom as an actor but to play Reacher ….!!!
    No Way

  3. I get the size thing on Tom. That said: I do think Tom can do it. I was a big fan of the rock or stratham but cruise can do this. At least he does his own stunts. I’m so desperate for a reache book to reach the screen that I can think of a lot worse. Did he beat up more than two people in this one? I read again a few months ago but it seemed like this was more of a thinking book. Not so much fighting like gone tomorrow or worth dying for. I also thi k he could pull off die trying. Maybe they will recast after this test. One shot used to be my least favorite but I changed my mind after third reach. I really liked them all in the field a t the end with that range owner who brought one gun. Least fave are none!!!!!

  4. Johnathon Schaech is a good actor to be considered for the role of Reacher – take a look girls !

  5. i cannot believe that tom cruise is being considered to play the part of jack reacher!! of all the actors in all the world i would never have imagined him to play jack ever. too smoooth too cheesy he’s just not the one personally i imagined him to be. George clooney or Keifer sutherland some 1 with substance and a story to tell in their face tom cruise has the face of a male model beautiful maybe if you like that sort of face but it’s not how jack reacher looks i am soooo disapointed and hope they reconsider .

    • I wait with bated breath for each new Reacher novel and was thrilled when I heard they were making a movie of One Shot. Thrilled until I heard Tom Cruise was playing Reacher. I will never see the movie! Jeez, you would think they would have chosen someone at least half Reacher’s reported height! One of many problems with that casting.

  6. I’m a Reacher fan from way back and like the (most of the) rest of the world am horrified with the actor choice. I got no axe to grind against TC personally, I thought he did very fair job of the MI series but this just isn’t a role for him. Big Arnie rocked in T1, it made his career, the casting panel should have shaken the bushes for someone of the same ilk, but with slightly better english. A Dolph Lundgren look-alike with a slightly less ‘huh?’ expression would have been perfect. I’ll still go see it, but TC is going to have to pull out stops he didn’t know he had to carry it off.

  7. Arnie and Dolf are just Brawn and no Brains, and way too old. Jack is the thinking man’s hero. Also, he rarely smiles, he keeps his feelings under lock and key, he is mysterious to men and women alike, he runs deep, he is honest and brave and Tom just isnt him. Tom with that stupid grin would ruin the film. He have to play the role of his life to pull it off. Im still not going to see the movie

  8. This movie will end up being a joke. I have read 9 of the Reacher novels thus far and still reading. For Cruise to be effective, he will have to have under 5′ tall co actors! Cruise is a movie draw but LEE CHILD’S REACHER NOVELS ARE A BIGGER DRAW. WITHOUT A COMPARABLE 6’5″ 250# REACHER, THE MOVIE WILL FLOP – NOT MEASURE UP. THE PUN IS INTENDED!!
    No Child/Reacher fan could possibly believe a Cruise attempt.

    • More….the Reacher novels are intelligent – Child presents a giant with brilliant mentality, powers of observation, trained and fine tuned for self preservation. He fights only as the last resort. A Cruise movie will, typically, have physical action as the only option.
      I can’t help but recall the casting of Mathew McConaghy as Dirk Pitt in Clive Cussler’s Sahara. Pitt is over 6′ and his hulk of an associate had to be downsized to accommodate McConaghy. Totally unbelievable for Cussler/Pittfans. I can only imagine the same happening with a Cruise version of Reacher. I find it hard to believe that Lee Child finds Cruise acceptable!

      • What Mathew McConaghy did to the Dirk Pitt character, Tom Cruise will do to Jack Reacher. It’s too bad, I really liked Reacher books, tiny, little Tom Cruise – not so much. What a way to end a really exciting character and book series. The only way I would accept Tom Cruise in a Jack Reacher movies is behind the camera directing a believable actor in the part.

  9. Hmn
    I’ll just have to chalk up another movie that I will not be seeing. It will spoil my great enjoyment of the book!

    • Diane-

      I started ranting on this site months ago- all the same feelings as yours… disgusted… BUT, I was even more disgusted in Lee Child and his comments on the whole thing. I was actually reading “61 Hours” when I read this appointment of Cruise and I first thought I was reading one of those ‘fake’ news websites… I threw out 61 HOURS and will never read a Reacher novel again… Even if they ‘pretend’ this move does not exist and re-cast for the other novels… I am too mad at Child for supporting this and his comments… try and find them- or I will tell you..

  10. If T.C. plays Jack Reacher, I’m not going to see it, AND I’ll not read another Reacher story.
    Some of the candidates shown on the web, it seems they are concentrating on ‘preaty boy’ looking type actors, it’s got to be a ‘total Reacher/no BS package’ actor or nothing.

    *as I head down the road, towards the sunset- fade to black*

  11. Just say “NO” to Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. He is too short and can’t pull it off. The perfect actor is THE ROCK (DWAYNE JOHNSON). He is the perfect height and has the right physicality.

  12. Read every one of the Reacher series. Casting Tom Cruise is a commercial cop out. Every inch money and politics and it sucks. The Reachers books need to have some special treatment, maybe a lesser known (very good) actor who takes on the mantle of Jack Reacher and keeps it true to the book. I’m disgusted with this casting choice and Tom has all the things that don’t belong in the role of Jack Reacher. Crap and more crap. I was so so looking foward to a great series of films… should be something iconic and different. Bond held this position and I was hoping Jack would carve a niche. It’s not to be with a silly little man playing the lead.
    Horrible choice. What a cock up.

    Ben Parry

  13. Reacher is a “real man”,tom cruise is a”little twerp”… lee how can you allow this to happen??.the little pretty boy is a joke.i will never be able to read another reacher novel. isnt cruise an executive at this studio.hmmm

  14. The ONLY reason Tom Cruise is playing Reacher is because he paid for it, that is fact! End of story, that’s the only reason! He is NOT a great actor, even if he was 7 feet tall and 300 pounds he would still not have the Reacher look, he isn’t rugged by any means and he is a boy not a man! Child wanted a big buck movie and couldn’t get investors that were willing to pump him up with the kind if money needed for a big blockbuster so along comes Cruise… Of course the movie is gon astink, of course fans will hate it, of course Lee Child will a few years down the line admit to the mistake, OC COURSE but for now we the true Reacher fans, the onles solely responsible for Lee Child’s rise to fame have to suffer for our loyalty to the books… That’s ‘entertainment’ people!

  15. Tom Cruise?!? Was Verne Troyer not available? Size and physicality are sort fo key Reacher components. Hugh Jackman or maybe Eric Bana could pull this off. They are about the right age, both over 6’2″, laconic enough with the physical presence needed for the role.

  16. Tom Curise is not Jack Reacher. Did the person who is making the movie read the books because if they did they would not have cast Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. It has nothing to do with acting ability but he is not my visualization of Jack Reacher. A Harrison Ford type is more like a Jack Reacher type. I will more likely than not skip this movie.

  17. A good Jack Reacher would be Jim Caviezel on the new TV show Person of Interest. He is 43 (7 years younger than Tom Cruise), 6′ 2″ tall (7 inches taller than Cruise), and has the loner face instead of Tom Cruises baby face. The character he plays reminds me of Jack Reacher.

    • I agree with Hilde, Jim Caviezel from Person of Interest would be a great Jack Reacher. The first time I watched that tv show I thought Jack Reacher. Don’t understand picking and paying Tom Cruise and I’m sure he commands a high salary. I don’t know if I can actually see the movie or not knowing the books. Probably would be good watch if you weren’t familiar with the books at all.

  18. lol fanboys…

  19. I’ve read all 16 Reacher novels, but Tom Cruise ??? I don’t think so.
    Hugh Jackman would be my choice.

  20. These books are crap anyway.

    • Hmmmmmmmmm…..must be a guy.

  21. Metaphor??? I doubt it!! Lee childs should be ashamed of himself for approving tom to be cast as reacher! It should be a newcomer, a no name, who looks like the reacher we all know from the books. This is the perfect opportunity for hollywood to create the worlds newest action hero, loved by women and admired by men. Tom cruise is neither one!!!

  22. I’ve been about half way through my 5th Reacher, Tripwire, and every since Cruise was announced as cast as Reacher I can’t get into the book again more then a few pages at a time. I’m afraid Cruises casting, and Childs sell out to get a movie produced, have ruined it for me. I doubt I’ll ever finish Tripwire and I know I won’t be reading anymore Reacher books. Can you imagine casting a female as Harry Potter…or maybe a 50 year old? Same miscasting. Shame on you Childs.

  23. O dear what can i say, this is a miscast as big as Grand canyon. To pick Tom Cruise for this roll must be a big mistake he could never fill the roll of Jack Reacher.
    I would like to see Dwayne “the rock” Johnsson in this roll, he could defently do Jack Reacher.
    So people we need to stop this BS now and recast Jack Reacher.

  24. As much as I enjoy the Jack Reacher novels and would love to see them become a major motion picture I completely dislike Tom Cruise and refuse to see anything in which he is cast.

    What about being true to the character? And I don’t think Jack Reacher should become black simply to fit an actor to the part.

    I agree with those that mention Leam Neeson although he isn’t quite the presence I imagine with Jack Reacher. I think Tom Selleck would make a great Reacher. He’s a little older than the character but has the physical presence as well as the quiet intensity and intellect of Reacher.

    I saw mention of Howie Long and I think that could have been another great choice. He definitely has the size and he has an intensity that comes off him even when he’s not saying anything but he has a funny side that shows up at times. All those are the qualities that should be in the actor cast into the part of Reacher, not some 5 ft something arrogant snot. Reacher isn’t arrogant – he’s confident. And he doesn’t go looking for problems, he simply deals with them when thay are thrust into his path. He doesn’t rapel down a skyscraper – he’s much more cerebral than that.

    Tom Cruise couldn’t be cerebral if he tried and I hate that I won’t get to see Lee Child’s book put onto the big screen but Tom Cruise – NO WAY!!!!!

  25. What about PAUL WALKER ?! Take a look folks! Ice blue eyes, shrewd intelligence, intense gaze, laconic jaw, and of course, the body and the height? I realize you need a big name to launch, but Paul Walker would be excellent for future Jack Reacher flix…

    • Shrewd intelligence and intense gaze and you pick Paul Walker? That would be fine if the character was not too bright and had a intensely confused gaze, then Walker would deliver that as perfectly as he does in every film he stars.

  26. How hard is it for a director casting a role to follow a discription of the lead character 6’5″ 250 lbs. of walking intimidation starts out 33 years old, blue eyes, sandy hair!!!! Oh yes lets cast Tom Cruise. Definately won’t be standing in line for this one or anyone else that I know that has read these books!!! Obviously fans of this series of books input doesn’t matter, but thanks for the chance to rant.

  27. Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman, True Blood) after a few months in the gym is my choice. Somewhat unknown but could start the franchise. He’s absolutely perfect for it, right height, demeanor, eyes, even hair color.

  28. after seeing some old westerns recently, a 40 year younger Clint Walker would be the man (google images of this guy if you don’t know of him).

    6’6″ and muscles before there were ‘roids

    • further to Clint Walker post – 230lbs lean mass, 48″ chest and 32″ waist –
      at 84 I suppose he’s changed a little though