Tom Cruise Set As Jack Reacher In ‘One Shot’

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It seems that Tom Cruise’s name pops up in association with every other tentpole pic nowadays. He was a onetime candidate to appear in both Guillermo del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness (before it collapsed) and Pacific Rim, began circling Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion this past spring, and was offered the role of ex-military investigator Jack Reacher in Paramount’s adaptation of the novel One Shot.

Just as Cruise eventually signed on for Oblivion, he has also now accepted the part of Reacher in One Shot, reuniting him with Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie (who scripted the Cruise vehicle Valkyrie and co-wrote this winter’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol).

Deadline has confirmed that Cruise is officially locked down for One Shot, which will once again feature the A-lister kicking butt and taking names. It’s a role most similar to his turn as the professional assassin Vincent in Collateral, as can partly be gleaned from the One Shot novel synopsis below:

Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me.

And sure enough, ex–military investigator Jack Reacher is coming. He knows this shooter—a trained military sniper who never should have missed a shot. Reacher is certain something is not right—and soon the slam-dunk case explodes.

McQuarrie is both writing and directing the One Shot adaptation, which is expected to begin filming this fall. Cruise will wrap up work on Adam Shankman’s Rock of Ages before moving on to McQuarrie’s project. The actor will then proceed forward with Oblivion by the first half of 2012.

Cruise’s involvement with One Shot already has fans up in arms, due to his obvious lack of resemblance to the Reacher character – who, as described by original author Lee Child, is 6’5” and 250 pounds worth of scarred muscle, with chilling blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Child has gone ahead and expressed his support for the actor’s casting, saying “Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way.” It’d be more shocking to hear Child badmouthing the project so early on, of course, but he does have a point: Cruise can still sell a punch like few others (see the M:I – 4 trailer for proof of that).

We’ll keep you posted on the status of One Shot as more information is released.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I wonder if the people who came up with the movie Salt, read this book first. They sound a lot alike. Just a few differences.

  2. Tom Cruise doesn’t get involved in bad movies, except for ‘MI:2′, he’s gonna be brilliant in this.

    • Have you ever read a Jack Reacher novel. Tom Cruise is not the man for this role.

      • You’re right, Tom Cruise only gets involved in cults.

      • Curles, you sir are correct. I don’t get how a scrawny 5’9″ Tom is going to play a 6’4″ Reacher.

        • Cruise is 5’7″ — not 5’9″.

      • Get over yourself……

  3. He’s a brilliant actor but he’s not 6’6 and 250lbs. :(

    • What do you think of author Lee Child’s response to that issue?


      • I think his response is rather interesting. Especially since his size is stated to be just a metaphor. Tom Cruise is no push over by any means, and I think his size shouldnt be an issue except for fans of the book. It would have been interesting to have seen Daniel Craig chosen and he get back to his Casino Royale size for the part, since he heavily matches the appearance of the character.

      • I don’t see how he can justify his comment.

        • Lee Child is starstruck, plain and simple. Having a pocket bulging with movie money probably doesn’t hurt either.

    • My problem with that is Tom Cruise is often portrayed as being tall. Most actors, who are shorter than average, are portrayed that way. As for the muscle/weight, plenty of actors have beefed up for a role because the role demanded it and I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Cruise did the same.

      I have faith in Tom. He is a very good actor(underrated these days because of his personal life, which is laughable to me that people criticize him over that so much that his works take the fall) and he is one that has done a plethora of respectable films. I’m sure he’ll do great in this role!

      • That “personal life” is involvement in and financial support of an organization involved in: false imprisonment, assault, threats against critics, fraud, extortion, child neglect, covering child sexual and physical abuse, coerced abortions, conspiracy to murder, slander, libel, defamation, obstruction of justice, violation of labor laws (including child labor laws).

        Learn what it’s like to grow up in the cult Cruise has donated millions to at

        I don’t care if it’s the best movie ever made. I will never spend money on a project he’s involved in.

  4. While I think Tom Cruise is an ok actor, the thought of him playing Reacher just has me outraged…seriously while I was reading the Reacher novels I never once considered Tom Cruise for the role!

    • Well the odds are in Tom’s favor to do well. Anne Rice didnt want him to play Lestat in Interview with the Vampire. But she praised him performance afterwards. Give it a chance is all I say. Some films are doomed from the jump by first appearance (The Smurfs, The Chipmunks) but some need time to judge. I think this will be a very good movie, as well oblivion. Cruise is a very underrated actor, whose personal life has become the focal point rather than amazing resume.

      • I agree 100% @Prophet King!

      • Its not only that cruise is wrong phsically, its that in all of his movies cruise always comes off as desperate. Like he needs to be paid attention to. I like him as an actor but if you’ve ever read the books you would know how bad he is for this role. I just hope that the studio took reacher out for a nice dinner, cause its proper etiquette to wine and dine someone before you f*ck them

        • I so totally agree with you…Tom Cruise makes no sense in this roll…I’d rather see Uma Thurmon take it on….I wrote to Lee Child about this, but it’s unfortunate that he’ll probably only be seeing the $$$ in his dreams. How do you get from 6’5 and 225 pounds… blond haired, blue 5’7 150 pounds dark haired and too old to even begin to be appropriate?
          Send an e-mail to Mr. Child at…tell him what you think.
          Thanks for your post!


  6. You have to give Cruise credit. A few years ago it looked like his career was going to start to slide but lately his name is mentioned for everything. It also doesn’t hurt that he still looks 35 years old. As far as the films mentioned in this article it still bumbs me out that Mountains fell through. But I think he may be good for One Shot. Not the obvious choice but interesting.

  7. I have no idea who this character even is, but I can tell you one thing, I don’t want to see Tom Cruise as him.

    Heck I don’t want to see Tom Cruise as a human being, gives us too much in common.

  8. I don’t likee the casting, I’d rater have Jon Hamm or they could have done the book where he is younger and use Hemsworth. But I’ll still see the movie as this could become a mega franchise to rival the great bourne movies just more brutal(the guy snaps necks like nothing)

  9. “Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way,” says Lee Child.

    “Metaphor,” my foot. And Child knows it. He i$ obviou$ly trying to protect hi$ own finançial intere$t in the film.

  10. Well, I am not familiar with the book but Tom Cruise is a good actor, so he might just surprise who ever doubts his ability to play this role. I hope the movie does well because the story so far sounds great.

  11. He represents men and myself. I know that it’ll be good because he is who he is. It is the way he does it not what he meant for it to be. How he plays it is how we see it as is. What he is thinking is for him to know and when he wants us to understand, he will explains his thinking. It is the flow of information that we do not see nor feel unless we are peaceful and calm to accept circulation as the interpretation and translation process though our minds. What’s the deal? Will it matter? Why talk about it? I think that there is more action then just talk. It may not take long before a decision is made. However, the efforts won’t be appreciated unless it’s real. We know Tom Cruise more and see him most in his movies. There are all different and so were he. The actor.

    • @Swana Am – your post makes no sense whatsoever. It also just gave me a headache.

      We all know Tom Cruise has no physical similarities to Jack Reacher. That’s a given. I think Cruise is completely wrong for other reasons as well. In the books, Reacher is a quiet loner who doesn’t care if he’s perceived as a hero (hell, he would prefer if people didn’t even think about him). Cruise plays characters as cocky, narcissistic, and never quiet or introspective. This isn’t Reacher. Reacher is a drifter. He doesn’t care what people think and has no qualms killing people he perceives as doing wrong. In movies that Cruise is the lead in, he always has final say and that’s put him at odds with many directors and writers. MI:2 was a mess because it went through several directors because Cruise was changing everything. Frankly I am scared of how Cruise thinks Jack Reacher should look like and what his personality would be like. He doesn’t care what the original creator and writer thinks. He thinks he is right (and judging from Lee Child’s comment – Child looks like he’s going to be yet another yes man to Cruise).

      I hope I’m wrong, but I highly doubt I am. Changing the main character us a slippery slope. I’m willing to bet he doesn’t stop there. The plot and tone of the movie won’t be anything like the book by the time Cruise is done.

      • You seem to know an awful lot about what Tom Cruise thinks about this project. I would definitely be interested in hearing your source for all this inside information. It is also quite impressive that you already know exactly how the film is going to turn out since they haven’t even started filming it yet. You must be some kind of warlock or something.

        • What a dumb comment! A person does not have to be a Warlock to know this is the worst casting in the history of book-film… Do you even know who Tom Cruise is? and next question- do YOU know who Jack Reacher is?

          IF they cast Bill Cosby as Hitler in “The Bunker”, it still would have been better casting than this horror show!

  12. Tom Cruise is my favorite actor, I love his movies, I admire that does not use doubles in his movies, does her own stunts in this role who else could do that he will not be at 6.6 but that’s not 250 pounds a problem today, the same as training makes most of the actors do to build muscle, as does Hugh Jackman for the role of wolwerine, I’m dying to see how it goes here.

  13. Tomy Hardy sounds like better choice in this case.

  14. If you can all cast your minds back to the indifferent Judge Dredd flick with Stallone. I expect they’ll just hire a bunch of short actors and extras to make him look big. As for blonde hair and blue eys, that’s easily remedied.
    As for Tom Cruise himself in the role. He’s got enough action chops to carry the part. I think the bigger question is whether or not he’s a box office draw or turn off. Based on recent box office, it’s turn off, but this will be post his lastes Mission Impossible gig, so he may be hot again.

  15. Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is the biggest miscast i have ever seen!!!! The ONLY actor in hollywood who could play this role is Dwayne Johnson. I am a huge Reacer fan but i swear i will not ever see this horribly mis cast movie till it comes on TV at 3 am when i cannot sleep cause i am sure this will do it . (seriously heavy sigh)

    • THE ROCK – that would have been brilliant! Perfect size and personality. Not blond and blue-eyed, but that doesn’t matter.

    • Good choice! I never thought of THE ROCK… that would have been an awesome choice! I was thinking a bit beefier Dolph Lundgren might work…

      I am so mad! I am half way through 61 hours and that is where it most likely will stay… thinking of Cruise as Reacher has, lets say, spolied my appetite for Reacher…

      sad day…

  16. As a huge fan of the books this was a major disappointment. I was holding out hope that this was one of the many miscast roles you read about on IMDB trivia pages. Alas. This movie is ruined for Reacher fans, but still has a great plot for a good flick. It always interested me that the rights to this book were sold out of 17 some odd books written by Child, especially since it’s in the middle of the series. There are a few quintessential Reacher fights in this book, so it will be interesting to see if they have them go with more of a Bourne style of fighting since the brute force is out of the question. Hell, Reacher killed a guy in the last book because he punched him that hard. Tom Cruise…good luck with that.

  17. As a suggestion for who should play the role, Ray Stevenson hands down would fit the part. Over 40, physically imposing, and has the sketchy look that he thinks he could bash your face in if you say the wrong thing. Pretty much the opposite of Tom Cruise.

  18. this is the worst choice in history. i’ve read every jack reacher book and his size and strength is dominate in every book. tom is not even a good actor, just a pretty face. i will never go see this movie,never.

  19. horrible choice… Jack Reacher does not wear lifts

  20. Reacher is supposed to be 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds of solid muscle. He’d break Tom Cruise in half with one well-placed kick.
    Awful casting. Simply awful.


  22. This is just more typical Hollywood crap!! 5’8″ plays a guy 6’5″!!! LOL

  23. So Tom [Wooden] Cruise is going to be Jack Reacher. So the hobbit is going to destroy another character.

  24. What a way to kill a character! I am an avid Jack Reacher fan and I think that casting shorty Tom Cruise is a HUGE mistake. Come on, Lee Child, are you only looking at the money? Or are you so star-struck that you have now stooped to selling out your Jack Reacher character? There are plenty of great actors who would portray a 6′-5″, 250 pound Reacher more convincingly. The fact that Reacher is so huge is part of his appeal. He uses his build and bulk to gain and maintain the upper hand in every situation. To take that away is simply stupid casting. I, for one, won’t be seeing the movie.

    • Amy, I couldn’t agree with your comments more. However, I am sure Mr Child isn’t short of money and therefore can’t believe he is sanctioning this for his own financial
      gain. I assume his acceptance of master cruise is either a little out of his hands or he sees the prospect of a Hollywood name launching the possibility of a series that entice a new audience, one that is not familliar and endeared to the written works. I think it is unneccessary and by not casting a lesser name who could make the role his own and launch Reacher and himself onto the worldwide cinema and DVD stage, the producers and Lee Child himself mat have missed a trick.

      • Hi Daisy,
        I’m sure Mr. Child has garnered a significant amount of money with his Reacher books, but the possibility of huge residuals and increased name recognition from a new Hollywood franchise must have appealed to him.
        I’m sure that Tommy Cruise can make a passable attempt at portraying an entirely new Reacher character, but, in my opinion, every Reacher book is a well-observed account of the story, the surroundings, and the character assessments, including very specific character descriptions. These books are character driven and Reacher would not be Reacher, would not be able to do the things he does with such brutal force, were he not 6′-5″ and 250 pounds. He uses his bulk to intimidate, thereby gaining the upper hand in a difficult situation right off the bat. His stature is directly related to the story and its outcome.
        Sure, you can hire short little characters around Tommy, give him lifts, shoot him from the ground up, but we all know what he really looks like.
        This movie will create a very different story far from it’s original intent and appeal, especially knowing that Tommy is a control freak and will change whatever he wants about the movie.
        I have a feeling that Mr. Child will regret his comment that Reacher’s size is merely a “metaphor”, and that Tommy will be able to deliver the same “punch”.
        I’m not buying it, and neither do a lot of other Reacher fans.
        And I agree with you that Mr. Child and his movie producers may have missed the opportunity to create a brand-new franchise, true to his books, with a lesser known, talented actor who represents the size and spirit of Jack Reacher.

      • only problem with this comment is what happens when these new fans read their first novel and learn Reacher is a monster and Cruise, is, well Cruise… it hinders more than it helps!

    • I also will not be seeing this movie! I ADORE Jack Reacher and NO WAY can Tom Cruise fill his shoes! Big miostake, paramount—no, make that HUGE mistake!

    • I read this article yesterday, and was trying to think who could play Reacher. Sitting here with UFC Unleashed on in the background,the Shane Corwin v. Brock Lesnar fight comes on. That’s it!

      Brock Lesnar in the role of Reacher. Two main advantages:

      1. He’s the right physical type. 6’3″, 265lbs. Blond and blue.

      2.He’s a complete unknown as an actor, but he has experience with acting in WWE.

      Disadvantage or advantage? You tell me.

      • Not bad… I prefer Shane Carwin! HIM, I would believe punching out 4 guys in a bar fight… Not Brock though… I agree with his size and coloring… but Brock is a tool and might do worse than cruise. Brock is too arrogant, where Carwin has that “leave me alone” or I will kill you aura about him… Plus he is a complete unknown to those outside of UFC… would have been a great choice!

  25. IMDB has the movie synopsis up and has Reacher as a former criminal investigator. Goodbye Badass Reacher MP. So there’s your spin. That’s how Cruise fits into the role.

    • It seems to me that Mr. Child has allowed his screen writers and producers to produce a huge cleaver and completely severed his story line from his main character. By making Tom Cruise a homicide investigator (how completely predictable and how completely boring) he has removed crucial references to Jack Reacher’s military background, the very circumstances which have made him who he is.
      This movie will be about the story line only, with Cruise inventing a character that will have little or nothing to do with the Reacher character we have come to know and love.
      Mr. Child seems to have forgotten that we buy the Reacher books NOT because of his story lines, but because we have fallen in love with Jack Reacher’s character. Why advertise his books as “another Jack Reacher novel” if it isn’t all about Jack Reacher?
      Mr. Child is making a huge mistake by assuming that his fan base will just blindly accept a character that has little to do with his original creation, and will turn that loyalty into movie followers.
      What a shame.

  26. What is wrong with you people. Tom Cruise is a tremendous actor singer, dancer. He ruined public opinion on the talk shows years ago. BUT the man has talent!!

    I love Jack Reacher and I think he will do a great job!

    • Lilly,
      You are completely missing the point. He may be a good actor, but he just won’t be able to fill Jack Reacher’s shoes, simply because he does not resemble the character AT ALL! It has nothing to do with public opinion. He is just WRONG for the role.

  27. When you read the Reacher books, your imagination has to create a picture of the characters, this choice has so missed the man who could present reality to the image.

  28. This is bad news to all Reacher fans…very, very bad news. With all the talent available today, why would they ever select such a poor (and short of stature) actor like him? I’m really surprised Lee Child didn’t nix this and go with someone who actually act and even resembled Reacher to some degree.

  29. This is a very poor choice. Cruise may (or may not) still be a box office draw, but he is so NOT Reacher. What a deep disappointment! Apparently the casting director, producers and everyone else who had a role in this decision have not read the books. I was really looking forward to this movie, but now I doubt I’ll bother to see it. It is not that Cruise can’t act, it’s just that I cannot fathom how he can pull off a convincing Reacher. He doesn’t come close, in so many ways, to the descriptions of Reacher in the books. Stop this nonsense before it is too late!

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