Tom Cruise’s ‘One Shot’ Officially Retitled ‘Jack Reacher’

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 23rd, 2013 at 10:01 am,

Tom Cruise piqued the curiosity of those who attended the 2012 CinemaCon panel for his upcoming film, One Shot – when he referred to the project as Reacher.

Paramount has since revealed that the movie is actually going to be titled Jack Reacher. While the studio has yet to offer an official explanation for the change-up in title, it was (most likely) motivated by a desire to appeal directly to fans of the Reacher character – similar to how this fall’s rebooting installment in the Alex Cross movie franchise is simply going by the title… well, Alex Cross.

Confirmation of the One Shot adaptation’s title change comes courtesy of Risky Business. The film remains set for a Winter 2012 theatrical release, where it will fill the spot previously occupied by Paramount’s World War Z adaptation (which was pushed back to Summer 2013).

Jack Reacher is based on Lee Child’s novel “One Shot”, which is being adapted and directed for the big screen by Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie). The film revolves around (who else?) Jack Reacher (Cruise) – an ex-military man, who gets pulled into a dark and dangerous murder case involving an expert military sniper who (puportedly) shot and killed five random victims. Other important players include a young defense lawyer (Rosamund Pike), a veteran detective who’s also investigating the shooting (David Oyelowo) – and a former prisoner of war, whose shady motives suggest he may have something to do with the deaths of the aforementioned innocent civilians (Werner Herzog).

Reactions to the Jack Reacher sizzle reel screened at CinemaCon were largely positive, with Cruise singled out for his effective portrayal of the title character as an intimidating anti-hero. However, that seems to have only somewhat assuaged the concerns of certain fans, who feel that the Reacher character in Child’s source material (where he is described as a 6’5”, 250 lb brute) is too heavily defined by his physical stature for someone like Cruise to play. On the opposite side of the debate is Child, who has long voiced his support for Cruise as Reacher – saying the character’s strength and size were always meant to be interpreted as a metaphor for his uncompromising mentality (which Cruise embodies, according to Child).

Of course, all that controversy is restricted to the Jack Reacher fanbase. As far as most everyone else is concerned: this project just sounds like a slightly different flavor of Tom Cruise action movie (with a fair amount of promise).

Jack Reacher is scheduled to arrive in theaters around the U.S. on December 21st, 2012.


Source: THR

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  1. Tom cruise is the exact opposite of reacher. Why does hollywood have to ruin books, especially series, with such poor casting. Lestat had brown hair in that second vampire movie! They change things that are so fundamentaly important to the plot and meaning of a book . I will watch this movie, wich makes me a big dummy, and i will feel ashamed of myself. I have also read every reacher book and i feel connected to them. My wife will get mad at me for pointing out all the things that are wrong but i will do it anyway. Stephen king lets hollywood do the same thing to all his movies as well. Tisk tisk hollywood!

    • Should have been Liam Neissen

    • “Can’t Reacher”. Priceless!

  2. Just finished “A Wanted Man”. Maybe Child is just on a totally downward spiral. Of course Cruise s a pathetic image of all Jack Reacher was written to be. The newest book is about 5’9″ of a 6’5″ previous novels. I agree that Child literally sold out on Reacher for all the money he could grab. Shame on him

    • I actually enjoyed the latest one, but I do wonder if it’s been “Cruisified”. There was only one scene where his size was a real issue.

      • I think I saw that in the promos! Was that when he was surrounded by 4 or 5 big guys and made him look even shorter?

        • Thats funny! 4–5 large guys surrounding the 5”foot 8’with “platforms”nothing Cruise looking to see which guy or guys that might make look smaller them Cruise! Ha-Ha-Ha, there was someone here who actually believed Tom Cruise can pull this off, yeah Cruise as 6’5’ 2050 pound Cruise works for all the Child/Reacher fans. Cruise bought the movie rights to the Reacher character so for all us die hard Reacher fans, ready to watch what should have been a great(awesome) movie trilogy but instead be thrilled to watch yet another Tom Cruise “Cruise movie” ruin another great character!

  3. No doubt film Will be entertaining but will bear little resemblance to the teacher fans have in their mind.

  4. I have read all the jack teacher novels and thoroughly enjoyed every one . I have even turned my wife into a reacher creature . This larger than life fictional character deserves at least an actor to match his description …!
    I for one will not pay to watch it ..! Even when it is in $5 bargain DVD bins in Walmart a month after its release …!
    I may even stop reading lee child now
    SUCH A WASTE…….!!!!

    • I one hundred percent agree, really……Tom Cruise???????why not Van D. or someone close to the persona in the book. I wont see the movie, it would ruin the books for me

    • Totally agree with Rob Merchant! I have said the same thing! I have read all 17 Jack Reacher (Lee Child) books & I will NEVER watch a movie which has Tom Cruise trying to play Jack Reacher – NO WAY! If you can get by the size issue (& I don’t know anyone who can), JR is rugged – TC is soft! JR is sort of a detached, serious, loner kind of guy (with a heart) & TC is a ‘show-me-the-money,’ hyper-active, smiley-big-toothy grin, manic kind of guy — Colorado ‘white-water’ River vs Susquehanna ‘walk-across-on-dry-ground’ River difference! I think Lee Child is done with the Jack Reacher series, especially if he actually thought Tom Cruise was best for this part.

      • Watch Collateral. Tom was awesome in that. Stop having such a closed mind.

        • Read the book and you will see why Reacher book fans are unhappy! Waiting all these years, JUST waiting for a Reacher movie and they pick Cruise? NOOOOOOO WWAYYYYYY!

  5. The sad fact is that this will make a lot of money, including for Child, despite the outrage from the fans of the books. From his POV, it’s a good commercial decision- a name like Cruise can “open” a movie, and there are far more fans of Cruise than there are of the books.

    I just wish there was someone equally famous who could play it without a stepladder.

    But “I always intended it to be a metaphor” – arrant nonsense. Don’t insult our intelligence.

    A film of a book is always a compromise- a 50 page short story makes a decent 2-hour film, so a full novel always has to be filleted to make a sensibly-sized film. Perhaps it’s best not to expect too much, and just see them as different media and enjoy them in isolation.

    • If they wanted a big name, then what about Russell Crowe or a Chris Hemsworth?
      Otherwise Max Martini or Mark Valley would have been perfect.

      • Hey Anne

        Here are some other names: John Corbett (was on Sex & the City – Aidan) – right height and I am sure he would have muscled up for a role like this. Liev Schreiber – certainly looks tough enough. I know Ben Affleck is directing more these days but he would have been a great Reacher and he is 6’2″ plus. Or Gerard Butler – the list of guys 6’2″ plus goes on. I think both Hemsworths are too young to play Reacher and although Ryan Reynolds is probablt tall enough – he also looks too young.

  6. No way Tom Cruise can play Jack Reacher. I’ve read all the Reacher novels and one thing that Child writes very early in all the Reacher novels is that he is 6′ 3″ and weighs well over 210 lbs. Tom Cruise? I think not.

  7. I can’t stand to even watch the trailers. As all the Reacher fans know, Tom Cruise can never be Reacher. It is possible for him to pull it off. The physical characterist of Reacher are paramoount to all of the stories, so an undersized Tom Criuse is a farce. I always saw a Howie Long type physique as Jack Reacher. Too bad he was a terrible actor. It is really disappointing that Lee Child apparently sold out. While I will probably continue to read the books, I implore all of the true Reacher fans to not see the movie in any way, shape or form. Don’t reward anyone for this egregious betrayel of the true fans of Jack Reacher.

  8. Just pure garbage – saying the character’s strength and size were always meant to be interpreted as a metaphor, well no actually they weren’t as anyone reading the books knows – on Wiki Reacher is defined in one paragraph as “Reacher’s favorite (fighting) techniques include elbow strikes, uppercuts, and headbutts.” Who the f*** is Cruise going to headbutt – nobody over 5’4 inches tall thats for sure. In a fight against a 7 ft (2.1 m), 400 lb (180 kg), steroid-using thug, Reacher lifts his opponent into the air and drops him on his head, Tom C is going to do this? I don’t think so
    This will appeal to people who haven’t avidly read reacher, if you have I don’t think you should bother with this spin off

  9. Channing Tatum would have been an awesome Jack Reacher – he has the strong, silent persona thing going on, and the military air about him. Tom Cruise is a foot shorter, not strong, not silent pipsqueak.
    I have read Jack Reacher novels from beginning to end and always pre-order so I can start the next one the day it comes out After that long, you have the picture imprinted on your brain of this big, touch, quiet, ordinary looking guy and I cannot even fathom Tom Cruise as Reacher.

  10. I think I’ll wait for the remakes with someone who fits Reacher’s description a lot better. As for Child’s “always” being happy with the choice of Cruise playing reaching that’s not my recollection of when it was first announced! I understood he’d been talked into it. Then again what can he say now!

    • that should have been “playing Reacher”

    • DITTO! I’ve read movie websites tht they are thinking of re-naming it Reacher instead of “One Shot”, little late for fixing things(except the main character”! Maybe if they make anther Reacher they will choose a more realistic actor instead of McShorty!

  11. Guess what? My facebook page has affected the box office. Someone should have listened.

  12. I’ve read Mr. Child’s answer regarding Mr. Cruise lack of physical attributes for the role of “Jack Reacher”; said there are no 6’5″, 250 lb. actors; what has happened to Hollywood, all they can produce are current actors, and their children; please, please, Mr. Child don’t sell out your fans, don’t ruin our “Jack Reacher”, to all your fans he is larger than life; you are doing your character and yourself grave injustice.

    I personally will not go see the movie.

    How about if we think outside the box try and get an “unknown” to play the role, there are many strapping 6’5″, 250 pound men out there!

  13. While I appreciate how almost every fan of the books feels- we can’t blame “Hollywood” per se for this- it’s a Tom Cruise Vanity Production. He’s bought the film rights to all 17 novels, and he’s the producer (read: moneyman).

    The whole series will be a hideous fiasco- I for one won’t give them any of my money, and I suspect no real fan will; but the Tom Cruise name can “open” a movie, so they’ll make gazillions, as will Child, so no-one really cares about the fans.

    I’ll be buying any future books secondhand, so I don’t create any more revenue for Child, though.

  14. Possibly the worst casting of a book character to a film ever. Cruise did not even approach the Jack Reacher character in any way possible. Lee Childs must be rich from the advance, but embarrassed that this appalling version is on release. I wanted it to be so much like the book and was seriously disappointed. Cruise destroys the character we have come to admire.

  15. Tom cruise is not 6’5 or 250lbs. Jack Reacher is……. Why are the Hollywood types so retarded? Why f@l@l up a awesome book so bad? I like Tom cruise but he is no jack reacher

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  17. I saw the film first, before reading any of the books. I liked Cruise as Reacher, he is a big name, so I,suppose they thought that would sell,the film. I,think,there are more Tom Cruise fans out there to,pay to see the film,,than there are Child fans who will,buy the book.

    I like,the books too, and have just read “never go back”. Excellent.

  18. All these posts are accurate, Jack Reacher is listed as 6’5 in Lee Childs books and Tom Cruise qualifies as a midget. Such a shame, Liam Nelson or Tom Selleck would have been perfect for the role, the trade mark reacher headbutt doesn’t feel genuine coming from a dwarf.

  19. Neeson* sorry. Don’t watch the film if you’re a Reacher book lover, It’ll ruin everything. I’ve just finished The Affair: Elizabeth Deveruax, enough said, enjoy.