Todd McFarlane Wants Leonardo DiCaprio for ‘Spawn’ Reboot

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spawn1 Todd McFarlane Wants Leonardo DiCaprio for Spawn Reboot

With films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man leading a new wave of successful and critically acclaimed comic book adaptations, it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since 1997′s Spawn. That film, which for all its visual splendor never really told a coherent story, left a lot to be desired for fans of the franchise, leading many to wish for a reboot.

And if Todd McFarlane gets his way, what a reboot it will be!

In a recent interview with MTV, McFarlane shared some of his hopes for the film, comparing it to Jaws, The Departed, and, if you can believe it, The Godfather. As lofty as McFarlane’s ambitions sound, perhaps none of his hopes are as grandiose as his choice for the film’s lead: Three-time Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio.

Of course, Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t play Spawn. In fact, according to McFarlane, the movie might not even revolve around Spawn, but rather, “the guy chasing Spawn.” McFarlane went on to elaborate that the character would probably not be familiar to fans of the comic.

“We had Sam and Twitch in the book, but because of some of the stuff I’m trying to sell in Hollywood, we might have to change the characters a bit… it would still be a police character who’s chasing down a case and in the middle of this ‘Godfather’-type movie, something weird is out there and no one knows about it except him and a few other people.”

Why would Leo sign on for a Spawn reboot? McFarlane’s says it’s in his family history.

“It’s a big wish, but his dad was a big fan of underground comic books and he came from that.”

Would Leo sign on for a Spawn reboot? It would certainly be a big win for McFarlane if he could get DiCaprio on board, and the actor has found some success in action films, but I don’t know if I can see it happening. On the other hand, I thought Leo was a little baby-faced for his role in The Departed and that turned out to be one of my favorite movies of 2006.

What do you think? Can you see Leonardo DiCaprio in a Spawn reboot or are McFarlane’s sights set to high?

Source: MTV

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  1. good guys, but for the life of me i cannot see leo in this

  2. Not about Spawn? I don’t think I like the sound of that.

  3. The idea cracked me up.

  4. Um, Spawn is a black guy. I guess he doesn’t think his character is important enough to keep him black. I wonder if we’d ever see a black Spider Man. Oh, that would make everyone mad, I forgot.

    Clearly this is all about money, because we all know a white super hero will make more money than a black one.


  5. Todd should stick to his comic books. I still laugh about his buying McGuire’s last few record breaking Homerun hit basbeballs for a couple or million $$$, only to have Bonds beat the record afterwards…LOL

  6. @teddy
    Dicaprio won’t play Spawn; there’s no word on who would play Spawn yet. I would presume it would be a black actor.

  7. You guys aren’t paying attention. He said Leo would play the character chasing spawn. A cop or detective or something. He wouldn’t play spawn. I think he could definately play that kind of roll. I’ve seen some of the footage for Shutter Island and I think you will all be surpised by the calibur of acting in that kind of a dark story. I really liked the original Spawn movie, and I say go for it Todd. I’ll go see your movie.

    • Yes, he does say his wish is for Leo to play a character chasing Spawn, but the emphasis is on Leo not the actor to play a black superhero. Can’t you see how lopsided that is? He opens himself up to criticism by glossing over one of VERY FEW black heroes out there. Its bad enough that 99% of the time Spawn is in full costume and you can’t even tell he’s black. How much time did Iron Man have over Downey? And Toby Maguire had no problem unmasking as Spider-Man. Point is there was never any “hiding” of these guys versus the way Spawn was/is portrayed.

      Now, to be fair, the guy was badly burned and is now made up of necro-plasm. But if McFarlane is so hot to re-boot, he ought to focus on the STAR, not the guy chasing him.


  8. I’ll put this bluntly: I can’t stand Leonardo DiCaprio. If he’s in it, I won’t see it.

  9. I think Shemar Moore (criminal minds) would be a great Al Simmons and Todd has a better chance of spawn winning a oscar before he gets Leo

  10. I love how some people read the headline and comment with out reading the actual article. Way to go Teddy.

    I use to Hate Leo, but after The Departed I can no longer hate him. That movie was amazing and Leo did an excellent job in it. I also thought he did very well in Body of Lies.

  11. I think McFarlane is just delusional. He’s going around saying there’s going to be another Spawn movie hoping it will happen. It’s like he just got done reading “The Secret”. Other interviews he’s said things along the lines of being in talks with 6 major movie studios and a few independent studios. He’d rather go for independent, because, you know, that’s what he’s been about all along (sarcasm). He’s probably just talking to a 20,000 dollar budget studio and touting larger studios to make himself seem more impressive. This guy needs an ego check. He must’ve finally realized if God was real, he couldn’t beat him.

  12. the first one sucked so bad

  13. I’ve posted on an article without reading the whole thing before, it was almost as embarrassing as teddy’s post here… almost…

  14. A superhero movie not about the superhero? That can work as one episode in a show, but not sure about in a movie.

    If they did do this, I’d still be more interested in who played Spawn. The cartoon series was pretty cool.

    Personally I found the Departed overdone, and Leo and Matt Damon are no replacement for Andy Lau and Tony Leung.

  15. It kinda sounds like a Hitman Movie knock off…

  16. gonna go out on a limb here, but leo was bad ass in another movie Speilbergs “Catch me if u can”

  17. @ Kale

    Leo was pretty freakin sweet in “The Quick and the Dead” too! That’s possibly the only film that I can watch with Russell Crowe in it!

  18. oh, and you can’t forget Critters 3! lol

  19. @Brodie_Bruce

    I THINK Teddy was being sarcastic in his comment, but I’m not 100% sure. BEING A BLACK MAN (had to get that out of the way), I still can’t shake off when racist people pull race into any and every subject out there. I try to either completely ignore it, or respond in a way that illustrates that minorities are not idiots, as assumed by the color of their skin, but in fact ALL races share the same common characteristics. If a black baby and a white baby are next to each other in a nursery and they’re both crying, does the white baby somehow seem more intelligent in it’s crying by virtue of race? I think NOT. Bottom line is that we are all PEOPLE. Teddy’s message had a hint of sarcasm in it regarding McFarlane keeping the character of Spawn black and using Spawn as the character to propel to movie status. In that regard, I have to agree with him. Regardless of how good a movie with a black super hero is (Yes, even BLADE), you’re still going to have your core group of race mongers who bash the movie because they feel (as Teddy stated) that a white super hero is just more appealing than a black one could be. For those types of haters, I say POO POO on them, but at the same time, I’m not going to waste negative energy dwelling on them and what they believe in. I’m more concerned about what I believe in, and THAT’S what’s most important to ME.

  20. The Godfather? McFarlane sounds deluded to me.

  21. @The Desolate One
    From a fellow brother of color, I believe you are right, teddy was being sarcastic. Michael Jai White, IMHO, was perfect for the role. In fact, I think he would be perfect to play Power Man, instead of the Transformers marine.

    You might want to put LOL or :-) (which is : – ) all together) after a sarcastic remark.

  22. @Kale

    Leo has proved he can handle some level of bad-ass in other films as well. Body of Lies and Blood Diamond to name two.


  23. No way Dicapprio signs on for this 1. Another Spawn movie? Blah nobody cares about this character I dont see this happening

  24. @tasouli

    I would like to reply to your message with the instance of “Hulk” directed by Ang Lee in 2003, and “The Incredible Hulk” directed by Louis Leterrier in 2008. More money, A BETTER STORYLINE,and the desire to reach a wider audience heralded “The Incredible Hulk” with a much larger end profit than “Hulk”. Many people thought they were crazy to redo the 2003 version, but financially, it turned out to the the right move. My point, let’s not cut out the concept of a remake of Spawn until we see who all the players involved will be.

  25. Personally I’m not too interested in Spawn as a character. And it has nothing to do with his race despite someone calling me a racist before, lol. I just don’t like all of these more supernatural comic book heroes. I like the “human” ones like Iron Man, Batman, Punisher, etc. The only supernatural one I’m really looking forward to is Thor and that’s only because it’s part of the whole Marvel universe they are trying to make and I liked Iron Man so much…

    But if they make a new Spawn, I’ll probably watch it, I’ve become a comic book movie fan lately. They are so fun to watch. I loved Iron Man and TDK, Incredible Hulk was pretty bad ass, and I even enjoyed Punisher Warzone despite its crappy villains. so bring it on.