Today We’re Totally Crushing On: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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jglheader Today We’re Totally Crushing On: Joseph Gordon Levitt

The last time we were “Crushing On” someone, it was Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) from the Harry Potter films. The “Crushing On” series focuses on one relatively unknown or underappreciated actor/actress that may not be popular with mainstream audiences (yet) but that we feel should get some exposure for their work. Today we continue our new semi-regular series “Crushing On” with a name that most people have heard but few people know anything about: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It’s really a shame that mainstream audiences haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate JGL’s work. He has quite an extensive background in acting and is only 28 years old, but has been acting since he was 7 with his first TV debut, Stranger on My Land. For the next four years he played various roles in a gambit of TV shows: Family Ties, Murder She Wrote, China Beach, Quantum Leap and L.A. Law. Not too shabby of a line up if you ask me.

His first role in a major motion picture came in 1992 when he played the younger version of Craig Sheffer’s Norman Maclean in A River Runs Through It. Nothing too fancy of a part but it he did well in it being only ten years old at the time of filming. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t see another role in a major theatrical release until 1996 in The Juror and followed it up a few years later with a great performance in 10 Things I Hate About You.

The character Gordon-Levitt is probably best known for is the TV role of Tommy Solomon on the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun.  In the five years the show was on the air, you could see him getting better at his craft, even if he was acting opposite of French Stewart. From then on, he soon began choosing more lower budget, indie style films like Brick, The Lookout and Stop-Loss which were all better films because he was involved.

I liked him very much in the latest two films I saw him in: Killshot and Miracle at St. Anna, but the movies themselves were less than okay IMO. I would say that out of all of his performances he has done so far, his role in Brick would be my hands down favorite. If you have never had the pleasure of watching Brick, I would highly recommend you do so. You won’t be disappointed in either Gordon-Levitt or the film.

I don’t know if JGL purposely stays outside the view of mainstream film audiences but he has starring roles in two new summer movies this year that are sure to get his name noticed. First into theaters last month was (500) Days of Summer. We posted the trailer for it a couple of weeks ago and it looks like a great end-of-summer date film. In it, Gordon-Levitt plays Tom Hansen, a nothing-special type of guy who works a nothing-special job but falls in love with a something-special girl.

Second (and this is the BIG role) is his casting as Cobra Commander in the upcoming tent pole blockbuster, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. When the news was first announced that he had been cast in the role of an evil tyrant bent on world domination, the news was accepted by the blog-world with a collective THUD! Not because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a bad actor, but quite the contrary. He’s such a strong actor that it didn’t make sense to include him in with the likes of Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans. And before people label me as a Marlon hater, I’m just saying that JGL’s name hasn’t been associated with big tent pole summer films much less playing the “bad guy” in movies at all.

The more I read about JGL in the role of the evil Cobra Commander, the more I’m comfortable with it. I think he has taken the role seriously enough to give it some great depth and character. As far as the look goes, I haven’t seen the film but I bet you my best friend’s house that he gets a more “familiar” look in the upcoming sequels.

Good solid performances, great range and the ability to make audiences believe his characters are the reasons why we at Screen Rant are “Crushing On” Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

What do you think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his acting ability? Do you think he has what it takes to carry the blue hood if G.I. Joe movies forward with sequels?

(500) Days of Summer is currently in limited release nationwide. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opens everywhere August 7th, 2009.

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  1. I hated 3rd rock from the sun. So when this guy started doing movies I wanted to hate him. He was in the show that I hated and there was no way I could like anything he did. Then I saw Brick which was a brilliant movie that I loved. I decided I should give the kid a chance he is clearly a talented actor. Then the trailer for 500 days of summer came out and the movie looks really good and I’m excited to see it.

  2. 500 Days of Summer was awesome and I did enjoy Brick.

    I don’t count out actors in roles they don’t seem ‘suited for’ since they put in Michael Keeton as Batman, so we’ll see.

  3. “Crushing on” is such a cringe worthy term.

  4. His role in GI Joe was very badly written, but JGL made it believable. I won’t go into spoiler territory (although knowing who he is in Joe is kind of a spoiler when you watch it) but the character’s motivation was a little bit too insane to make it plausible, but JGL’s performance was great in an underwritten and relatively small role.

    And I’m somewhat of a fan of 3rd Rock so I’ve been a fan of his for a while and like that he’s made his name more in small indie films than huge big name films.

  5. Mysterious Skin, probably my favorite JGL movie. I thought the movie and his acting in that one was superior to the already great Brick.

    Big fan of his. I wanna see (500) Days of Summer now.

  6. Brick confused the heck out of me, but I want to give the movie a second chance. It might’ve been confusing because my dad required me to tell him what was going on every five minutes.

    I can’t wait to see (500) days of summer, it’s just come to my local theatre so I’m excited. I’m thinking about going to go see itthis weekend.

  7. Brick is how all movies should be made. Interesting plot, intriguing characters, and all the ideas are unfamiliar. Its refreshing in these times of remakes, reboots, and unnecessary sequels. JGL is fantastic. I’ve liked him before that, having no other reason than his charisma coming through in weaker characters, but Brick was a dramatic turn that got me paying attention. 500 Days of Summer, though, I’m a little apprehensive. Love him, I like the feel of the trailer, and the premise sounds great, but ever since Tin Man, Zoey Deschanely hits my radar as a horrible actress. She works best with quirky characters, so here’s hoping this film is in her style.

  8. I had to watch Brick two years ago for a college film class. I didn’t really expect anything special, but ended up really liking the film and him in it.
    I got to volunteer at Sundance this year. I was disappointed because I missed all of the showings of (500) Days of Summer because they were all before I got there. It was so popular they ended up showing in again on one of the last days. The director and others connected to the movie who were there for the first few showings had all left Park City. They all leave half way through. He stayed. He felt it was important that someone from the film was there to represent it and answer our questios in a Q&A after. He was amazing. So charming and so sincere, truly dedicated to his part in the film. He answered so many questions and gave such detailed answers instead of just one or two words. Seems like such a great person. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  9. I loved 500 Days. It’s adorable. The writing was fantastic and the cinematography and editing perfect. JGL was amazing in it and I am very much crushing on him. He’s very talented at conveying emotions through just a look or slight mannerism. I haven’t seen in him anything else so I don’t know if he was merely playing himself or the character but now am curious to see his other works.

  10. Is it me or is Joseph Gordon-Levitt strongly reminiscent(sp) of Heath Ledger.

  11. @Sunny

    It’s not just you. Just look at him in action in any of his movies post 3rd Rock (or just watch “Ten Things I Hate About You” and simply imagine one of the characters being an older version of the other).

    Really (and I know most people hate this idea), but if they were to put the Joker into Batman 3, JGL would be a really good choice to play him, he even has the acting chops.

  12. Ah, JGL is definitely one of my favorite. He’s quite the actor, very charming too so it’s impossible to hate. I saw 500 Days and since then I’ve been watching a few different things he’s done in the past; most notably Brick and Manic. Brick was good, albeit confusing, very witty and unique film though. Manic though, was amazing. If you guys really want to see something different and that he really proves himself in, that’s not one to miss.

  13. He is an amazing actor. He was great in The Lookout and I am surprised he didn’t get more recognition for that role. Also Brick. He does remind me of Heath Ledger. Very good looking. Good enough for an Oscar nom. His time will come.

  14. I am reading this article because I am so impressed with GLV’s acting. I saw him in Lookout and then in Killshot, and it’s really hard to believe it’s the same person. I was impressed with him in each movie on its own, but when I compared the two characters, that’s what impressed me even more. I think he has what it takes to become very big. If that’s what he wants.