Tobey Maguire Leaving Spider-Man Behind For ‘Tokyo?’

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tobey maguire spider man Tobey Maguire Leaving Spider Man Behind For Tokyo?

Scared you there for a second, didn’t I?

Don’t worry, Tobey Maguire is still signed-on to reprise his role as Spider-Man for the fourth and fifth movies in the successful franchise, along with director Sam Raimi. However, Maguire is also set to star in a new romantic comedy called Tokyo Suckerpunch, which is based on the 2000 novel by Isaac Adamson.

According to Tokyo Suckerpunch screenwriter Ed Solomon (Men in Black, Charlie’s Angels), Maguire’s role in the film is so good that it could help the actor move past his role as Spidey. Bold words.

Tokyo Suckerpunch’s story follows a comic book writer who’s obsessed with the life he leads in his stories on the printed page until his real life suddenly turns into an adventure of its own. I just wonder if that adventure will end up being reminiscent to the trials and tribulations of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man… Along the way he falls in love with his editor, who it has now been revealed is going to be played by Anne Hathaway.

Here’s what Ed Solomon had to say about Maguire’s role in Tokyo Suckerpunch:

“I believe that for Tobey it’s the perfect thing to go beyond [Spider-Man]… It’s a romantic comedy-it’s got a lot of action, but it’s mostly comedy set in Tokyo, about a guy who thinks he’s in love with one woman.”

With Maguire accepting the role in Tokyo Suckerpunch, does that mean he’s attempting to follow in the footsteps of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in trying to shake-off the Spider-Man role he’s been associated with for over 7 years now? (The only non-Spider-Man movies Maguire has put out in that time period were Seabiscuit in 2003 and The Good German in 2006.)

Tokyo Suckerpunch is currently labeled as “In Development” for 2011, which leads me to believe that Maguire could start working on the film sometime mid-to-late next year. So where does that leave Spider-Man 4 (and 5)? I’m pretty sure more importance will be placed upon the blockbuster franchise rather than a much smaller romantic comedy, even though Maguire may actually want to change his resume up a bit.

 Tobey Maguire Leaving Spider Man Behind For Tokyo?

Just to give us a feel for the story of Tokyo Suckerpunch, Solomon gave us a bit more details about it:

“[Maguire's character is] a graphic novelist who lives in Cleveland and writes a graphic novel about himself that he sets in Tokyo… He has a certain fantasia of what Japan is and has a certain fantasia of what a real woman is. Neither exists in reality, but he goes off to Tokyo in pursuit of this fantasy woman.”

“…He ends up in this adventure not dissimilar to the kinds of things he writes about… it’s really about a guy figuring out what matters to him.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would rather Maguire concentrated on bringing us another awesome Spider-Man movie with Sam Raimi, instead of doing an out-of-left-field romantic comedy like Tokyo Suckerpunch. I’m all for being diverse, but in the case of the Spider-Man franchise, it’s not something you can just brush off; I really don’t think that would go down well with the fans (a lot of whom are still upset over Spider-Man 3), nor would it do any real favors for his career, at least not popularity-wise. In my opinion, Maguire should do at least one more Spider-Man movie before thinking about doing anything else.

What do you think of this Tokyo Suckerpunch project that Tobey Maguire has signed-on for? Do you think his concentration should be on Spider-Man before anything else?

Tokyo Suckerpunch is currently in development for a 2011 release.

Source: SciFiWire

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  1. Damn man you got excited there for a moment….while I like Maguire as Spiderman(in the first two), but I got tired of him in the third film, I would actually prefer they recast the role. I like it though that he is doing something else besides going into the next Spiderman film.

  2. i got let down by that. Im sick of spiderman and im sick of toby ratings for the movies
    spiderman B
    spiderman 2 B-
    spiderman 3 C+
    they need to stop before these movies get any worse.
    ps. im sick of kirsten dunst as well

  3. I give “Spiderman 3″ a F-.

  4. Sorry guys but keep wishing, not only is he a good actor but the movies made a shitzillion dollars in the box office. Pretty sure the casual movie goer didnt mind Spider-Man 3

  5. If he could film the other film in between the next two Spider-Mam filmsWithout disrupting the franchies ,
    thenI have no problem with it.

  6. Dang it. For a moment I actually believed he was done with spiderman.

  7. if he could do the other film in between without disrupting the filming of 4 and 5 then I would have no problem with it.

  8. not nice Ross, not nice.
    I’ll have to tell the resistance that you are no longer on our side.

  9. i dont what any spiderman for at least a decade im sick of it right now

  10. Hey Tobey where’s that Robotech movie?

  11. Was very afraid due to the headline. Sorry, but Tobey does a great job. Also I want him to stay for continuity purposes. But daggumit, I hope he puts his all into Spidey 4. In one, he was ripped to shreds because of the transformation. In two, he started to look like pre-spider bite Parker again. Which, in that story, was cool since he was loosing his powers. But then three made him into an emo punk(one of various problems with three) so I sure hope he buffs back up for four. And we get another performance that respects the material, rather than dump all over it and the fans with camp(and Topher Grace)

  12. yeah, i definitely don’t like other people playing the same characters (hulk, punisher)

  13. I can’t imagine anyone replacing Toby!

    I mean who could whine and whimper like McGuire?

    (Well, besides Kirsten Dunce of course)

  14. I’m gonna get this book and check it out–sounds fantastic!


  15. I like Maguire in Spiderman, but look at him in other movies, he tends to play the same character. I’d hate to say it, but the only time he’s actually branched out was in Spider-man 3 while he went all emo.

    Personally, I’d like to see him play a totally different character for once, one with a little more confidence instead of just his one note performance.

    I honestly can’t say I’ve been moved by any of his or Dunst’s performances in the Spider-man movies, they were adequate enough for a summer popcorn movie, but they were no Heath Ledger or Aaron Eckhart.

  16. Personally,I think they should just let the series end at 3.

  17. @ Heath

    This film is nothing like the book. I read the book back in 2001 (got it as an X-Mas present) and it’s a about a reporter who goes to Tokyo to cover a Martial Arts Tournament. This movie is just stealing the title and possibly using the plot of the book as a the basis for this graphic novel Tobey’s character is writing.

    Hollywood tricks us again…

  18. You know guys, Tobey Maguire looks exactly like the type of character you could picture Spiderman would look like, i mean, he IS Peter Parker. They chose the PERFECT guy to crawl on walls, actually, more than perfect. So it would be a shame to see a different actor take the opening, and i know he is going to be 33/34/35/36 around Spidey 4 and 5, but i feel like i don`t really care, because he looks too much like the kind of guy i can relate to. Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, all those actors also look exactly like who they play, they`re a great cast, and especially J.K. Simmons, who obviously looked alot like J.J. anywhere, in the comics, cartoons, etc. I want them ALL to come back, because they all make each of these movies a Spiderman movie. There`s no way to thank Stan Lee enough, he changed the world with such a creative imagination to construct a popular superhero. Marvel and DC are both great teams, but hey, what other DC characters are there besides Superman and Batman?


  20. I liked all the spiderman movies. I think Tobey Maguire did an excellent job of playing Peter Parker. I also liked Kirsten Dunst as well. I hope they continue to cast them in the roles. They had excellent chemistry on screen.

  21. I liked all the Spider man movies. I think they were all done well. I am excited for the release of the next one. I’ll be in line to buy my ticket.

  22. I’ve got hundreds of Spiderman comic books dating back to the early 60′s and while I respect Toby Maguire’s acting (I do own DVDs of some of his films), I’ve never quite taken to him as Spiderman.

    IMHO, I reckon he’s a bit too short, too goofy looking and too nerdy compared to the Peter Parker from the comic books.

    I personally would like to see a new director and a new cast breathe some life into the franchise. It would’ve been unreal to see what James Cameron could’ve done.

    I’m also curious as to what Christopher Nolan could have done with the webslinger. And no I’m not looking for “The Dark Spider” although that might be interesting.

    Ridley Scott, Paul Greengrass and Doug Liman are all esteemed directors who could really ramp up an action packed blockbuster. Maybe these guys are too expensive or too busy to hire.

  23. Hey SA. I somewhat agree. I’m not 100% sold on the Spiderman films either. I mean they’re enjoyable from an aesthetic point of view but just like The Fantastic Four films there’s something missing.

    I’d like to see some hardcore realist action. Just a little more realism in the acting. At times the acting seems a little hammed up I know it’s all rather subjective. I guess I’m just too critical and very hard to please.

  24. he is not”too goofy looking”