‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ & ‘Hercules’ TV Spots: Bring on the Action

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Paramount and Michael Bay’s Transformers movie franchise continues to make big bank, with the latest installment, Age of Extinction, currently enjoying a reign atop the worldwide box office. The studio is hoping for similar success with the upcoming Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action film reboot, which arrives in a month; a couple weeks before then, however, Paramount is going to unleash a new Hercules movie (starring Dwayne Johnson), in order to keep the cash flowing as Summer 2014 continues on.

TMNT, as illustrated by the above “Family” TV spot, is a flashy contemporary take on the property generated in the 1980s – one directed by Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans), but with the stylized action and PG-13 humor that’ve become strongly associated with Bay’s Transformers movies. (It doesn’t help that Megan Fox has been featured in the relaunch (read: first) installments for the rejuvenated properties.)

Between Bay’s involvement, tweaked designs for characters such as The Shredder, and ongoing rumors about significant alternations to the Turtles’ mythos, it’s been a bumpy ride for longtime TMNT fans so far. Post-millennials, by comparison, are likely not so perturbed by such issues as the motion-capture Turtles’ appearances, since these characters have always been CGI creations for younger people weaned on either the 2007 TMNT movie and/or Nickelodeon’s current TV show iteration of the Turtles’ universe.

In short: between the (morbid? Optimistic?) curiosity of older TMNT fans and purer excitement amongst younger moviegoers, there’s good reason to think that enough people will turn out to see the movie reboot to prevent it from becoming a financial bomb. Whether it will be successful enough to re-invigorate the general public’s interest in seeing the franchise live for yet another day, remains to be seen.

The latest Hercules TV spot, like the theatrical previews released before it, lays on the mythological spectacle and hammy dialogue pretty thick. Brett Ratner’s film doesn’t have a high bar to clear, following after Renny Harlin’s The Legend of Hercules from earlier this year; at the same time, though, the marketing for Ratner’s movie has ultimately not left that strong of an impression, outside of suggesting that this film will be a Clash of the Titans-esque pop action take on ancient mythology, starring Dwayne Johnson as an older Herc. Not exactly an “event”, in other words.

… Then again, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. The combination of Johnson’s star wattage and lack of heavy competition in the weeks before Guardians of the Galaxy and TMNT hit theaters, means that it shouldn’t be too difficult for Ratner’s Hercules movie to carve out a decent-sized piece of box office pie for itself. All things considered, the next month isn’t looking too shabby for Paramount business-wise, as far as its release slate is concerned.

Hercules opens in U.S. theaters on July 25th, 2014, followed by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a few weeks later on August 8th.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. both movie look terrible just my opinion

  2. Haha tmnt don’t look that bad

  3. Something is up with Herc, you’d think the PR machine would be pumping up this movie alot more than what its been getting. Find the odd, though we couod get a blitz in the next couple of weeks. Think the SR review though will decide whether I go see it or not.. Does give off a Clash of the Titans vibe and those where rentals for me.

  4. I’ve been a huge TMNT fan my whole life. I don’t understand all of the hate that this movie is getting. Anyone that’s an actual turtles fan has figured out some of the movie’s secrets and is even more excited. It seems like most of the hate is coming from people who watched the 80′s show growing up and thinks that’s how the turtles are supposed to be.

    • It is only getting hate because people are hating on Michael Bay right now. Apparently to a lot of people he has had no good movies.

    • I will admit to some well earned anti-Michael Bay bias (I will never forgive him for Jazz!! Never!), but I always thought Bay’s silly humor and style would be far more suited for TMNT than it ever was for Transformers. Ironically enough, Bay didn’t even direct TMNT. Nonetheless, early on I was very skeptical about everything I was hearing. Fast forward to now and I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to cautiously intrigued.

      Personally, a thing that has changed for me is perspective; working on actual films and seeing how hard the process is. It’s humbled me. These days I try to give a film a chance to at least finish, give the filmmakers that latitude to at least show us something first before rushing to judgment on speculation alone. And when that something is shown, judging it on it’s own merits without being too overly influenced by past disappointments.

      Don’t confuse this with preaching, anyone. Just saying. Back in the day I would catch myself sometimes rooting for a film to fail because maybe I don’t like the director or lead actor or something other. These days I check my cynicism at the door. Or at least try to. That said, the Shredder still looks weird. lol. ;)

  5. I don’t userstand the hate but it’s purely just stubbornness to change reboots etc and unexpected retools of characters, the small quirkcs that cause fanboys and 35-year-old-still-living-in-my-moms-basement guys . I liked all the Transformers movies and what’s so wrong with explosions? Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, Steven Speilberg, James Cameron, Justin Lin, you name it have all used explosions and CGI before at this point it’s just a Micheal Bay Hate Bandwagon that’s clearly been full since year one. Shout out to the raging fannies that still think Micheal Bay directed this TMNT movie. He fudgin produced, get your facts straight smh cue the trolls in 3…..2…..2……1 half…..123…..1.

    • “35 year olds still living in mom’s basement”? Are we still using that insult? I thought the internet retired that one. Oh well.

      I think people have a lot of good reasons to hate Michael Bay that go far beyond the assumption of “stubbornness”. Not everyone who loves Transformers wants to see them farting and humping legs like dogs. Some like a little substance with their explosions. And every one of the filmmakers you mentioned have shown us that this is not an unreasonable standard. Nolan, Snyder, Speilberg, Cameron, Lin, all have showcased liberal use of explosions and cgi but they’ve wrapped them up in competent storytelling. None of the exploitation, casual racism, or shallow comedic tropes that Bay loves ruining his films with. We respect these filmmakers’ use of cgi and big action set pieces because they seldom do it at the expense of story or character. None of them, for instance, would have subjected us to Bumblebee “lubricating on the human”, or Mudflap and Skids, or any of the other tired Bayisms.

      Important difference.

  6. @TheSamurai27 fair enough but their complaining isn’t going to change anything, especially when Micheal Bay brings Paramount over 800million each Transformers film, would you give that up for the fan’s vision? Its a business and unfortunately they care more about income and market share more than fanboy outrage and rants. I’m not judging anyone but it comes to the point were a) lol they’re still going to see the movie and b) proclaiming they’re not going to see the movie doesn’t matter, one person isn’t going to affect the box office neither are a few unpleased/demanding fanboys. Look at all the people who complained about Iron Man 3….it still made $1billion+. Fans will soon realize they don’t give a flying (insert word here) about staying true to the characters/using every autobot ever introduced in the universe and they probably won’t stop using humans because having a movie with only transformers, plus effects and yada yada yada….really? That’s like 460million budget that’s not a business move Paramount will EVER make

    • The problem is that misconception that they have to choose making coin or making quality films. It simply is not the case, as is evidenced by many a great film. They wanna go the easy route, so they play up the assumption that the audience is stupid and so needs to be pandered to. All those filmmakers mentioned, they’d make much better Transformers movies. And we’d pay them all the money for it. That’s what’s so frustrating about Michael Bay. All the resources in the world, but no commitment to doing anything of substance with them. Better storytelling and more respect for your central characters would not result in fewer people seeing the movie. I’d love to see a Transformers film made by del Toro. Now THAT would be sick!

      • Misconception is not even the problem, the problem rests squarely on moviegoers. The same people who claim to hate these films are the very ones that continue to put coin in the bank for this franchise. The bottom line is the Transformers series is just dumb wild fun, and become the franchise that everyone loves to hate. If it wasn’t for Bay and Spielberg Transformers would never have seen the silver screen and would still be lying in dormancy. In fact no director in Hollywood wanted to touch the project from the very beginning, hell even Bay said no at first.

        We need to stop placing the entire blame on Bay, if fans don’t want to see him in the director’s chair anymore maybe they should stop seeing the movies. Like it or not at the end of the day money talks and it’s saying that it likes Michael Bay.