‘TMNT’ TV Spot & Motion Posters: Weapons Turned Heroes

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Mixed feelings among longtime Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans aside, the upcoming movie reboot isn’t looking too shabby. The action sequences in the film appear sufficiently flashy and stylized (if nothing else), thanks to director Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) and producer Michael Bay (Transformers: Age of Extinction). Likewise, such elements as the Turtles’ personalities, the story, and the film’s general sense of humor, seem to be hitting the intended mark.

The first trailer for the TMNT reboot revealed that, in an intriguing twist on the title character’s origins, the villain Eric (William Fichtner) was responsible for creating the Turtles, with the intention of using them (presumably) as weapons – something elaborated upon in a new TV spot (see above, courtesy of CBM), which includes previously-unseen footage from the film.

Admittedly, in the above TV spot when Leonardo is saying, via voiceover narration, that “We knew the world would never accept, but one day it would NEED us,” it’s pretty easy to just roll your eyes at the obvious Dark Knight influence. Nonetheless, that sort of thing is actually in keeping with Leo’s traditional self-serious mentality - and we’ve already seen that his brothers are all too willing to mock Leo whenever he does “his Batman thing” in the movie. (That the Turtles would be making such widely-known modern pop culture references in the reboot, was never exactly something in question.)

Similarly, in each of the new motion posters included below (hat tip to Total Film), we get a snippet of dialogue that nicely sums up the tendencies and motivations of each respective Turtle – be it playful Michelangelo’s “snapping turtle” line, nerdy Donatello expressing his desire to stand up and “be the badass for once,” or angry Raphael… uh, yelling angrily. (Okay, so maybe they’re not all the most complex masked heroes around.)

In short, so far it looks as though Liebesman, Bay, and the film’s screenwriters - André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) along with Evan Daugherty (Divergent) – has done well enough, when it comes to modernizing and re-inventing the TMNT live-action movie brand for the 21st century. That might not be the consensus once everyone gets to see the actual movie, but in the meantime we might as well try and keep a level head and hope for the best.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opens in U.S. theaters on August 8th, 2014.

Source: CBM, Total Film

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  1. It LOOKS good but because of past experience’s with Michael Bay “Reboots” *Cough* Transformers *Cough* I’m still sceptical. I mean the Transformer films LOOKED awesome but most where Crap.

    • Then you should be happy knowing that Micheal Bay is NOT directing this movie. Seriously, people keep complaining about Bay making this movie when he isn’t even directing it.

      • Does that really matter? Just look at other movies he was involved with, Friday the 13th, Amittyville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning, Unborn, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

        None of those movies were good, and he did not direct those movies.

        • I beg to differ

          Friday the 13th was crap, I give you that, and I haven’t seen The Beginning yet, but Amityville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Unborn and Nightmare on Elm Street were pretty good. I especially like Nightmare, because it turned Freddy into a scary guy again, instead of him being a one-liner spouting joke with bad skin.

          • I am taking off what I have seen, and what Rotten Tomatoes says.

            Also, in Nightmare, sure there were good parts about it, but like all of Mr. Bays films, he uses models to try to pass as someone who tries to act. In Dark of the Moon, a movie where he had more say then the ones I mentioned, he tried to get an actual model to be an actress.

            I don’t know how he is a director of anything but commercials and music videos. Apparently, in Hollywood people fail upwards.

            • *he uses people who could pass as models to try to pass as someone who could act.

            • Rosie only became known to the non-fashion people due to her relationship with Jason Statham after he and Kelly Brook broke off their engagement, then Bay snapped her up to get back at Megan Fox after their spat and it all just went horribly wrong (not like it wasn’t already going to be a bad movie, which it turned out to be).

        • Checkmate, Brandon. If Bay wasn’t involved in some capacity I’d totally be excited for this but I almost feel like I know I’ll be disappointed.
          I still want to watch it because it’s the Turtles but I don’t even know how to feel about it anymore. Stupid Bay.

          • Did they change the meaning to the word “checkmate” since the time I last used it in high school?

            • I think so because I don’t think you realize I’m agreeing with you. I guess you were the cool guy that coined catchphrases back then?

              • Since when do you say checkmate to someone who you agree with? It would have been simpler if you said something like “I agree with you, Brandon”. Then this confusion would have been avoided.

                Also, is that last sentence of yours intended to be an insult of some kind?

                CHECKMATE, is not catchphrase, it is a simple phrase that people say when they put someone in a hopeless position to defend their argument. “Yippie ki yay mother f#####” is a catchphrase.

                • “It would have been simpler if you said…”
                  Man, what a douch*bag. You’re the reason I don’t comment on these sites.

                  • How is that being a douch bag? You even said (on your second comment) that you agreed with me.

                    • Yes. Frivolously attacking someone who agreed with you definitely makes you look like a dbag.

                      I remember something similar happening to me. Commented favorably on some girl’s thread only to have her get on my case about a typo. Guess what that made her look like to everyone who saw it.

                    • @TheSamurai27

                      So you are saying that he forgot to say that? Why didn’t he just say so?

                      Could have avoided everything if he mentioned that in his second comment instead of saying that: “I guess you were the cool guy that coined catchphrases back then?” Which I am still not sure if that is intended an insult or an observation.

                    • To be fair, I did assume that he said checkmate because he felt that when he goes to the movie he will enjoy it no matter what I say, as if that meant he put me in checkmate by saying that.

                      It still looks like it could mean that if you only read his initial comment.

                      For that confusion, I am sorry, Alex.

                    • I thought “checkmate” was weird too, but in context the intended usage seemed obvious. In other news, that girl I mentioned never owned up to or apologized for her Word Nazism. lol. She wasn’t classy enough.

        • Everyone has a turning point. Do you want an example M. Night Shilamayan, Riley Scott. Texas chainsaw the beginning was a piece of s*** did you watch the 1970 version you will understand what I mean:) He is not a christopher nolan or stanley

        • Can you shutup about bay. You keep picking on him. Can you give him a chance instead of bashing his head in. Jeez your annoying.

          • Didn’t I see you on Youtube screaming about “leave Brittany alone”?

  2. Just wait until the ending…

    Here is a spoiler for you. Things go boom, “oh no!!”, more things go boom, up-down-left-right, boom, they save the day, credits, you leave feeling empty, I get money, I get to do the second TMNT, you say it will be bad, you see it anyways, you were right, starts over again.

    Seriously, what else would you expect?

    • EXACTLY. I mean the CGI and etc look good in the film but chance’s are with bay it’ll turn out ust like Transformers(and probably in the way you said too)

  3. I hope this movie does well solely for the selfish fact that I’m tired of all the Michael Bay hate.

    You’d think Bad Boys, The Rock, and Armageddon never existed by everyone’s impression of him.

    • People in the biz can still disappoint. Nic Cage, Lucas, Smith, Affleck (The Town and Argo kinda saved him), Butler, Spike Lee, Ridley Scott..

      • Roland Emmerich, Brett Ratner, Depp, Burton, Gibson, the Wachioskis…

        • No, I’m in agreement on that (you forgot to mention George Lucas…), but I’m just frustrated hearing the constant bashing. The issues with the movies isn’t a directorial issue. It’s a writing issue. Sure, he has some influence there, but look at what he does with proper scripts.

          I’m not a huge fan of the Transformers movies, I’m just sick of him getting all the attention when Ehren Kruger wrote all 4 movies.

          • You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig, but Michael Bay didn’t make the pig.

            He should get praise for how beautiful of a pig he made. Not criticized for being responsible for putting lipstick on it.

            • If you ever get a pig to wear lipstick, please upload it to youtube

              • +1

        • Apart from personally, what did Gibson disappoint with? Well ok, maybe the man with out a face.. But otherwise he’s pretty good about story lines and character development. Even if it IS a bit heavy handed at times

    • Except that Armageddon is a pretty bad movie that is only entertaining because of part of its cast, and that it, along with the other movies you mentioned, were original products, not adaptations. The Transformers movies keep disappointing fans of the source franchise, and Bay as both a director and, much more importantly, as a producer (in which capacity he has a lot more power over the movie’s final nature) shows no sign of caring about that.

      • Blasphemy! Don’t speak that way of Armageddon that way!

    • The Rock and Armageddon are literally the only Michael Bay movies I’ve ever enjoyed. Couldn’t even finish Bad Boys so I haven’t bothered with the sequel either.

    • He didn’t direct Friday the 13th, Amittyville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Unborn, and Nightmare on Elm Street either. I have yet to see a good movie he was involved in, directing or otherwise.

      And how was any of those movies you mentioned 75% CGI? The only movie that might be 75% CGI I can think of is one you failed to mention on your list, and that was Avatar.

      • You take every comment literally. It’s hard to watch.

  4. Oh no the fanboy took my comment 100% to heart smh I meant that those blockbusters had massive CGI and so does TMNT . the movies mostly getting hate because idiots think Micheal Bay directed, bandwagon, and those who nitpick over every stupid detail get a life is what i’d advise them to do

  5. I want this movie badly. F*CK YOU TROLLS.

    • They’re not trolls, they’re turtles. Just because you want them badly you shouldn’t let your lust blind you.

      • lust? really?

    • Not seeing how people are trolls for having genuine opinions based on what they’ve seen in the trailers. Effing and jeffing gets you nowhere either, just makes YOU look like the immature person around here.

      • Now you are trying to look educated…haha

        FYI, Trolls are poor souls who are AGRESSIVE and DISRESPECTFUL against anybody else who doesnt like what they so dearly like.

        Trolls = Bad

        Therefore… F*CK YOU TROLLS!

        • I don’t need to “try” to look educated, I’m a damn sight more educated than you are, pal.

          Also, you attempted to describe trolls (but added the part about disliking something others like, which is wrong, trolls are aggressive and disrespectful to everyone) and then acting like one yourself after attempting to redefine the definition of the word.

          THEN you end with your needless swearing again.

          Are you sure you’re not a 12 year old because that’s how you’re acting. Stop it immediately, you look like an ass. I mean, why else would you do what trolls do by starting a potential flame war with insults aimed at no one in particular and then perpetuate it when one of your betters attempts to stop you looking so damn foolish? You HAVE to be immature, all the evidence points towards that conclusion.

          Oh well, hope to see you listed on the Darwin Awards site soon! Love ya!

          • +1 Well struck m’lord.

            • “you say a lot.. and NONE at the same time”

              You say very little… and NONE of it makes sense.

              • do you understand english?

  6. CGI in the trailer at the top looks…horrible. Like cartoonish almost. I hope its just a low quality trailer and TMNT dont come off looking like a 90s saturday morning cartoon episode.

  7. Okay… Maybe getting Bad Grandpa to play Leo was a bad idea.

    • Which Bad Grandpa? Johnny Knoxville or Jack Nicholson?

      • I assume that it means the one you mentioned doing the voice of Leonardo.


  8. Normally I do alot of hating around here, but not gonna lie, the Donatello one was kinda cool.

  9. Considering Laird and Eastman sold out pretty hard and fast when it came to merchandising the TMNT as a franchise ie. completely abandoning it’s pulp-comic roots and opting for a “lighter” cartoon version in order to sell toys in the 80′s, this movie seems to be following in the same vein. Michael Bay is clearly working with Hasbro and both will be getting rich of the toys from this movie because at the end of the day isn’t that what this is all about, selling toys?