TLC Un-Cancels American Chopper; Will It Be the Same?

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american choppers TLC Un Cancels American Chopper; Will It Be the Same?

Updated: ‘American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior’ Season 2: Featured Bikes & OCC’s Foreclosure Plans

Despite being canceled and the “final episode” airing on February 11th, TLC has decided to bring the Teutul family back from the proverbial television graveyard by renewing their flagship motorcycle series, American Chopper, for another season.

The past season of American Chopper showed the collapse of the Teutul family as Mikey and Paul Jr. dissolved their relationship with Paul Sr. One could sense that the series was on its final legs, so nobody was surprised when it was finally announced that TLC canceled American Chopper. However, with the news of TLC renewing American Chopper, one has to wonder what led the network to change its mind?

Could it be that while TLC may be returning to the world of Orange Country Choppers, the show might change focus and make Paul Jr., and not OCC, the central figure?

Just a couple weeks ago, Paul Jr. announced via his Twitter account that he was starting to build a new shop for him to work out of.

building out my new shop- i feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day!! So nice out, think I will take the boys to the park

Combine that with the announcement in the so-called “final episode” that Paul Jr. would be marrying his long-time girlfriend this year and you’ve got the makings of his own reality show.

While some may say that the series has run its course and should stay canceled, I would be incredibly interested in watching if TLC decides to focus more on Paul Jr. building new his company, Paul Jr. Designs, as it would be a nice return to how American Chopper began 7 years ago.

american choppers returns TLC Un Cancels American Chopper; Will It Be the Same?Jr.’s New Home (via @whereispauljr)

What do you think of TLC bringing back American Chopper? Should it stay canceled? Would you want the show to continue the way it was or focus more on Paul Jr. and Mikey?

No dates have been announced when American Chopper will return to TLC.

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  1. I think it would be worth a season for Paul Jr and Mikey.

    • I say give them a shot. Maybe get Vinnie and Cody involved too from there shop. This was a regular show we watched every week and still do. I have seen every show 100 times. FYI. I am in recovery and I think Paul Sr needs to work some steps and get over his control issues. The boys need to show him the respect he deserves nad has earned.

      • I don’t think Sr deserves anything from the boys he wasn’t around to raise them and still parades around like he is #1 dad, what a joke. He is a control freak and OCC wont last now that Jr has once again created a masterpiece, GEICO is rocking.

    • Paul Jr always was the creator of the most radical, beautiful,bikes. The Old man cant come close,and the kid Jason isn’t much better. The Old man is a gruff ,control freak. Let him control his once nice OCC, which is now a JOKE!!

  2. I love seeing the amazing works of art that theses guys create in these motorcycles. Thats always been the best parts of American Chopper , the bikes.

    What I could never stand about the show was all the bickering between jr and sr .
    I realize that , for a lot of viewers , the bickering is the core of the show , a great source of drama .
    Personally , I was never interested in watching these bike building geniuses argue like
    a pair of knuckle heads . All that pointless shouting was always enormously boring .

    I want to see the design process , I want to see the build , I want to see the finished bike ; thats what I would watch.
    If the show comes back and still has all those useless yelling matches – then I won't watch it.

  3. like it or not, whenever there are any pop culture references to that show, its always been focused on JR and SR fighting. TLC knows that's what makes this show and so they are counting on the fan base of AC to bring it through a season or two so they can build it around Paul Jr and Mikey. its likely that they will focus on their continued attempts to reconcile with their father which always brings some good conflict to the episodes. What i would love to see would be Paul Jr and Mikey in parallel with Vinnie and Cody both marketing thier own shops.. the only thing that is likely to gum this all up will be Sr's desire to appear like the good guy and his money interest in AC.. i find it unlikely that Sr. will let AC go completely to the boys without him being involved.

  4. Never heard of this show ! Is it any good ?

    • why comment if you never saw it LIAR! You must live in a CAVE

  5. Never heard of this show ! Is it any good ?

  6. I've always felt the same way. In fact, I find I fast forward through the bickering, and enjoy the show a lot more.

    While I could occasionally empathise with Senior, often he just seemed to like to butt heads for no reason I could see.

    I've love to see what's happening with Junior and Mikey more than with Senior.

  7. Go for it! I’ll watch!

  8. Vinny or Rick smoke anything Jr or Sr has ever done, give them their own show

  9. I love the show, it is always entertaining to me and my wife. Bring it back!

  10. I am 60 and love the show. I am Disabled from the U.S. Army in a wheelchair and dream of one of Paul, Jr. design bikes. Paul, Jr. is the reason that the show was sucessful whith his designs. Bring Paul, Jr., Mickey, Vinnie and Cody back and watch that show go to new heights. Paul, Jr and that crew will take the business away from Paul, Sr. I am so very much looking for the new show to began. Please let us know when it will be on. GO PAUL, JR DESIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

    • First, thanks for your service. I like you think Jr. is and was the reason OCC became such a good show. Even David Letterman told the Old man it seemed as though Jr was the one that did it all and all Sr did was b****.

  11. I would like to see Mike and Paul Jr and learn how they can best the old man, I feel sorry for them as a father should not treat family in this manner. I love Paul Jr designs and think that he could not only build bikes, but trikes and trucks

  12. im glad that they are coming back and also gladnvinnie is coming also. i hope that you work it out with your father because family is more i mportant than money. but i ready nto see the show.

  13. If there are no bikes, it won’t be worth the tape it’s filmed on.

  14. A show WITHOUT Paul SR would be way more watchable. I find Paul SR just plain annoying, he does nothing, just barks like an angry dog at everyone, huge ego, when he is offscreen are the best moments in the show.

  15. I hope they focus on Mikey & Paul jr. designs & let Sr. go away. we all know that OCC wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for jr’s design abilities.

  16. paul jr designs built a bikes. Showed at strugis one is a geico bike. Best he ever built

  17. I watched the show to see Paul Jr. Anyway, Noe with Vin, it’s a shoe in! I can’t stand Paul Sr. He doesn’t have a relationship with any of his sons, and he thinks it’s their fault. It’s like the guy who married 10 different woman, and said it was their fault. Hmm, look inward buddy!

  18. I’m glad I’m not paying Paul Jr’s. attorney bill. Also a little concerned about the lack of bikes going thru his shop. He has a huge house, new wife,unpaid 5 axes flow jet machine worth a fortune, big shop payments,big payroll…Who is kidding who here? Is his weekly checks coming from TLC paying for all this? I’m dumb but not that dumb

  19. My hubby and I have watched the original AC from the very start and have always said that Paul Jr. should start his own shop as he is the one with the great design ability. Paul Sr.’s bikes are a big snooze. Also love Mikey. We have been watching the new Versus AC and rooting for Paul Jr. and Mikey all the way. Paul Sr. is totally at fault for all the bad feelings. Shame on him as a father.

  20. I always enjoyed American Chopper but it lost much of it’s appeal when Paul Jr. left to do his own thing.. Without Paul Jr, Mikey and Vince the show just seemed to flounder.. Sure the “new” guys were inventive and creative with the computer tricks but I loved to watch Paul Jr’s ideas develope without all the electronis gizmos… Bring back the show but concentrate more on the Kids not the grumpy Dad….

    • Paul Sr needs to retire and just back away, maybe check into an anger Management clinic and get some real mental help. I’m the same age as Paul Sr and have been a Harley Chopper Builder and rider sense early 1960. I spent about 7 years going to anger management and it saved my relationship with my Wife, 2 Sons and 2 Daughters because they’re worth More than every business I have ever owned.
      Paul Jr and his crew are more in line with the younger Motor Cycle world and Sr seems to be wanting to become Henry Ford with standard Bike builds and then making bike after bike that just don’t excite me any longer.

  21. Loved the show from the start and seeing the bikes being made. I had to turn the channel when Paul Sr and Paul Jr would have a bad argument. It will be interesting to see if Paul Jr at his own business will show up for work and on time and keep his shop clean and neat. Paul Jr not showing up for work on time or at all & not keeping the work place clean at his father’s shop is what would make Paul Sr really upset.

  22. Sam Patton says:
    09/17/2010 at 11:49 AMHi Paul jr.

    I just want you to know that your Father, is the only Father you will ever have, regardless of what he has done , said, or doing at this time. I feel you and your new shop will make it. Please take the time to really think whats going on in your life and your Fathers. I worked with my Father for many years and I can’t tell you how many times I was fired or quit, but it does say to HONOR your Father and Mother, In the Ten Commandments, so regardless of what happened, if it was my fault or my Fathers, I would go and apologize to him, Just to keep harmony in the Family. I know you still Love your Dad even, if he is a load mouth, and wants to take credit for everything you did, for him and his shop, but still get down and say you are sorry for everything that is taking place and took place no matter how much you feel you are right. One day you will wake up and he will be gone and this will eat at your heart for the rest of your life. I am only writing this because I know this tobe true, I felt like I needed to put my two cents in, so you could live long and prosper the rest of your life, as well as make the old tough softy,
    come to see you as you really are. This goes for your Brother as well.
    God Bless You All
    P.S Forgive the spelling

      • Poor Saint Paulie is a vain, egotistical twit with an over-inflated sense of self-worth. Poor Saint Paulie has been handed everything he’s gotten, including the tools and equipment for his new shop, not to mention a 20% interest in the OCC business. Poor Saint Paulie’s “prison” was located in the land of freedom of choice; he could have walked anytime he wanted to.
        Get real. If Discovery offs the old man, there will be no drama, ergo no reason for the show. Especially since it isn’t even remotely related to motorcycle building anymore.

    • Mr. Griffin, since you are from the same generation as the old man, it surprises me that you don’t understand work ethic. I don’t think he has anything to prove with regard to “building”; where do you think OCC began? Wasn’t from Jr’s hard work, dedication and effort.
      Regarding your service, Semper Fi.

  23. I worked for some 20 years building a great bussness and after involveing my sons (who i relate to the tuttul boys) when they left school and could’nt find work. Over the next five years i ignorantly (Or arrogantly) defined my own logic and common scene and allowed them to gradually distroy all i had build. i am now a bankrupt with low self asstem and thoughts of suiside. It happened ten years ago. i am now currently on a carer pention and pay rent.
    Paul senior is a sucsesful bussness man and he has, through his tuff, uncomprmuising demener, raised his family above the bar and now they are out doing it for themselves. Fantasic. The boys cant work with thier father… You should have seen the arguments we had.
    i have a good relationship with my sons but the under current of resentment and bitterness still darkens my heart serverly.
    Senoir, the boys will be fine once they have thier own kids and see how hard it is to make it on thier own. You have given them a fantasic start and i congratulate you on your success. Time heals all wounds. the kids will come home…