TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]

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american choppers TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

While we tend to skew away from reality television on this site, I felt that it was only appropriate to write about the news of TLC canceling American Chopper. This show has not only been the Discovery Network’s flagship series for the past seven years, but it has helped Discovery (and their various networks) to grow into one of the most powerful, educational and entertaining channels on television.

For the past six seasons, American Chopper has not only brought us hundreds of interesting bike builds, but has continuously proven to be one of the most “real” reality televisions on the air. While building bikes is what the show is named after, fans of the series know that the family interaction and drama was equally as important, if not more so, than the actual bike builds.

This was never more apparent than in this past season where we saw the literal demise of the Teutul family relationship with Paul Sr. firing both sons, Paul Jr. starting his own company and Mikey going to rehab. Move over, The Hills, this is what actual reality looks like.

While I hate to see a series that I’ve enjoyed for so many years come to an end, I couldn’t really see any other option. With Paul Jr. removed from the company, the bike designs and builds became less creative and more about Paul Sr. trying to prove that his son wasn’t the only one in the family that could design unique motorcycles. Sadly, it seems as though he was.

As the season continued, the episodes started falling apart. I would find myself skipping over the motorcycle builds to watch what Mikey and Paul Jr. were up to. Partly because I wasn’t interested in the bike builds anymore, but mostly because I was getting tired of seeing Paul Sr. act like a child by continuously talking bad about his family.

american chopper paul jr TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]Paul Jr. is ready to be his own bike man.

But maybe all is not lost, as Paul Jr. has taken to Twitter to make sure  everyone knows that while American Chopper may be over, he’s not going away anytime soon and “the best is yet to come.”

*AC series finally [finale]! Its been almost a decade of great experiences. For me, I am certainly not done with television. The best is yet to come

Hmm… does this mean that Paul Jr. will be getting his own show? I have to say that I might watch it. I found his having to start over really refreshing.

Check out the trailer for the series finale episode below.

Are you happy to see American Chopper come to an end? Would you watch a show staring Paul Jr.? Any thoughts on the family drama?

Catch the last ever episode of American Chopper Thursday night @9PM on TLC

Source: TMZ

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  1. Good luck to JR’s new show ,and honestly SR is the LEAST accountable most selfish Ahole ever ,and can’t imagine him as a parent…Good luck PJ & Mikey you deserve much better F ghe drama king & OCC ther all Aholes especially Jason Pohl

    • I would love to see JR have his own show. I hope that he brings his brother with him. JR has alot of love to show. Mickey need to be brought in to show how a family, they can have difference’s everyone does!
      Hoping JR gets the show.
      It’s his time now!

    • I hope they steal Rick….

  2. If senior could get his (now rich) head out of his ass the show could still be interesting. That not happening he needs to go!

  3. Contrived show. Roid rage seems to be an issue as well.

  4. I’m sorry but I just listened to an episode with my back to the TV and notice it is the son and not the father with the attitude. Major communication breakdown. Yes, the son has valid points but he does not listen to the father. He reacts. He is a reactive personality. The father is really trying to be rational but the son is definately reacting in a negative way. Turn your back everyone and you will see the son needs to take it down a notch. Have respect JR. You will have no regrets if you get your focus on. GET YOUR FOCUS ON. GET PAST THE SMALL s***. We are all busy and have many things going on…you are not the only one in the world multi tasking…….

    • Junior acts like he is the reason for his, if you want to call it, success. Senior, who I deeply respect, is the reason behind the family’s wealth. Junior is a pompous jerk. What ever happened to Rachael’s Boutique?

  5. I sure would watch a show that had Paul Jr in it hope it would still have him buildilg his bikes

    • I would look forward to seeing Jr with his own show. I personally watch sr vs jr just to see jr’s bikes anyways so that would cut out all of the crap (aka Jason and sr nonsense). Senior got some lessons he can learn from his sons but his head is so far up there the echoes are too loud for him to hear

  6. I am a business owner with a large staff and I have to take a second to defend SR. As much as I admire the designs JR has created over the years, design is only one piece of a successful product. JR is short sighted in his actions. OCC had the potential to be the next Harley Davison so to speak if the OCC team(including JR) took advantage of the fame Discovery channel brought them. If JR could get over himself and accept his father for who he is and realize that his dad will die one day and the company would be his to run anyway but he could not contribute to a great thing and I feel his suucess in life will be cut far short because he did not continue to help his dad turn OCC into a quality bike building company. OCC could be a lasting brand had he made peace with his father and accepted his short comings. His father certianly accepted JR’s short comings. You can not say giving your son 20% of your business for free, not recognizing your sons talents! What did SR get for the gift of 20%? He received a signed letter saying JR would come to work on time and put in 110%. SR may not be the smartest man in the world or the best father but he did his best to create a good company and provide a place of work for his staff. His sons are lazy, numbsculls that only know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I think OCC will go down as one of the biggest opportunites missed by any company to become a lasting brand. For that I blame JR and Mikey. I think SR was the only person trying to grow and become a better person.

    • Defenderw, I completely agree with your analysis. Now that the show is ending, I predict that PJD will be broke in 2 years as the big spending buyers of the theme bikes will no longer get the national and international exposure of their brand on the show and orders will dry up. Unfortunately Jnr’s obsession with design may be his downfall. Jnr’s problem is that he hasn’t progressed his company in the time he has been on his own by developing a shop front and a production bike. Those two things are the strongest reason, (after the TV exposure), why OCC has grown so big and will survive the loss of the TV coverage. OCC production bikes are available internationally as well as in the USA and they have established a market beyond the theme bikes. Of course, criticising Jnr has exposed me to being called a hater elsewhere on this forum, so I expect a response from people who are so small minded that they actually see a person with a different point of view as “hater”. I only call it as I see it and hope both Pauls can now get back on track with their relationship now that they don’t have pressure of the show or a production bike to interfere with their genuine efforts to mend fences. Other good shows with family dynamics in them are Pawn Stars and Hard Core Pawn – both worth watching on the Discovery Turbo channel.

    • Sorry, I do not agree JR made SR.I do agree about Jr coming to work late and leaving early at times but his designs were awesome…Sr is a business man somewhat but he is a bully,he’s way or no way.

  7. I have to admit that I am a bit sad obout the show beeing canceled. But I felt the same thing as the author above. I skipped over the senior builds and I didn’t really understand Jason having that attitude with so few skills. The worst was in the episode before where he tried to sketch…ridiculous. I hope Sr. and Jr. build a healthy relationship again cause you can see that they love each other but pride about business is between them. When the show is over, the can be a family again.

  8. Hope to see Jr with his show soon. It is ashame tlc cancelled the show. I guess tlc will have something boring on now.

    • To all those defending Vinnie and his awful treatment at OCC please go back and watch the episodes.
      Sr always commended Vinnie for doing all of the work JR couldn’t be bothered to do or because he was awol or late just didn’t do.
      The tension as Vinnie stated many times on camera at OCC was Jr’s lack of work ethic and laziness.
      Not my opinion but facts.
      I jus wonder if the ‘thousands’ of hours of overtime he claims he was owed would have paid for his new roof,the trips all ovet the world and possibly many other gifts he got during his time there.
      Hopefully they cancel this nonsense once and for all because complete U turns by Jr have become an embarrasment and no longer worth watching.
      If he craves TV coverage or success that bad he should just go back to OCC and start acting like a spolied brat again,I’d watch it.

      • Bob,you obviously didn`t see the show were Vinnie told the world he left occ because of sr,it had nothing to do with Jr as the old man would like people to believe,Vinnie will never go back to occ because of this,and he has told sr this face to face.
        As for the roof etc that was show business,thats all,everyone can see that,and they didn`t complete the entire roof,the trips over the world was for sr,he knew people not only wanted to see the family,they also wanted to see Vinnie as well,it was money in the pocket,dont remember any gifts he got,i remember sr refering to Vinnie as a second rate mechanic,You couldn`t drag jr back to occ,he has a good business of his own,and its only going to get bigger,i dont know how much of the web you look at,but the poll going round at the moment puts Jr miles ahead of occ,and i would imagine that its because of jason FOOL,the blob with the mouth,he should have been sacked ages ago,as for the last build off,it was jason FOOL who designed that toy,no way was it a bike,should have been disqualified,in truth there was only ever two bikes in the build off not 3,as for any partnership between sr and jr for a production bike,i think jason FOOL has put paid to that,the old man did nothing,he should have slapped that idiot down,yet again,sr is showing his true colors,i didn`t think it would last too long,as for the show,i think its finished in the format its in now,but there is going to be a PJD show,people are just fed up with a jealous father who takes all the credit and gives none back,occ will eventually close down,Rick will either go to Jr or will start his own shop…..

        • Dave,
          of course Vinnie NOW says it was SR’s fault because if he said what he said many many times before that it was Jr’ fault he would be plainly seen as the hypocrite he is.
          JR will not survive without TV coverage and I honestly believe the powers that now realise the whole show and everyone involved has run its course.
          SR will retire,OCC will shut down and in 2 years no-one will care.

          • Not once has Vinnie ever said he left because of Jr,he was still in contact with both Jr and Mikey when he left and started his own company Vtwin with Cody,in many interviews he made it clear he didn`t leave because of Jr,but wouldn`t up till now say why and who made him leave in the first place,Jr and Vinne were good friends at school,it was Jr that got Vinnie the job in the first place,your just making stories up to suit yourself,if Jr and sr were to ever get a company up building production bikes,and i doubt it will ever happen now,thanks to jason FOOL,Vinnie and Cody will not go to occ ever,you really should spend some time on the WWW and get the facts,there are many sites that are in regular contact with all the players of the show,and they freely get out informationsr is an arse,always has been always will be,he set his son up with that confrontation between him and that FOOL,then stood back and watched it,goes to show what sort of a man he is,he wants a relationship with his son,then pulls a stunt like that,it has and always has been Jr that made the show what it is,sr has no creative talent at all,he has plenty of jealousy towards his son,in two years time,Jr will be in a bigger premises like the occ headquaters,and occ will be assigned to the history books,as for jason FOOL he will be lucky to get a job at Mc Donalds,flipping burgers………

  9. Good luck paul jr with or without the show my whole family likes watching ac and will watch your new show too if its good

  10. I think both Jr and Sr are at fault for whats happened in the past few years. Paul Jr should have worked harder and shouldnt have taken advantage of being the owner’s son. Paul Jr did help build OCC to be what it was today. Paul Sr shouldnt have been making personal attacks on his family then trying to pretend he wasnt partly at fault. If we are seeing the bad mouthing Sr does dont you think Jr and everyone else did? I sure hope they can make a mends at at least be civil to each other in the future and even have a real relationship like in the past. I think that if PDJ does get its own show I think there will be several OCC employees who will defect to PDJ. They will know that by being on a TV show they will make more money.

  11. I’d watch Paul Jr if he gets a new show. American Chopper was getting old and seemed Sr. and Jr. were going back to the same problems between them again. Hope Jr. gets his own show, he’s so talented and I like watching him design and build his bikes.

  12. I am so tired of Sr. claiming to have made his son. He was in Hot water and owed money, (which he stuck his non-chopper son with) in his iron business. Jr. and he went TOGETHER and started to build bikes… of Jr’s design. OCC’s logo is even something Jr. designed. The T.V. show was something Jr. pushed for and Sr. wanted it to stop after the first “special” about them. It was and is Jr. who made this happen for the family and Sr. is a green today as he was back then about his son’s success. He should be thanking him rather then trying to convince all who will listen, that he and he alone built OCC. Jr., far different from his father, always shares the credit with each of his talented staff at every unveil and interview. I am really pleased that we will no longer have to listen to Senior talk trash about his family and then take the stance that it never happened… a sad man. I look forward to Jr. new show and great bike builds.

  13. Let it go, enough is enough. It’s really gotten old. How many times do you want to watch someone build a bike.

  14. I think Paul Jr is very creative and its wonderful to watch him create on the fly. Jason Pohl should go design boxes or something. Pauly and Mikey are wonderful boys no thanks to their Dad. I am sure they can thank their Mother for bringing them up to be good kindheated men. I would love to see Paul Jr. and Mike having a TV show. Good luck in your future.

  15. Watched it from the start . Best reality show i have ever seen. Now that JR is just starting to take off on his own
    I would love to see his rise to the top. PLEASE PICK UP JR!!!!


  16. Thank you for the entertainment. Wish all the best of luck.

  17. I hope JR. Does plan to start his own show, I love to watch them build unique bikes.

  18. Yes it would be awsome for paul jr to have a show & I hope Vinne gets a stake in it because he deserves it more than anyone, JR will be fine and it will be a great show and lets see Mikey back.

  19. I have read a lot of the postings here and get the feeling that most really paid little attention to the show. Watch the early episodes, the ones where they showed the clock nearing midnight as Jr was leaving, the ones with Sr already gone at that late hour. Jr made deadline after deadline and still didn’t sacrifice the bike to do it.
    I feel for Jr, working for your father is never easy, they expect you to work twice as hard as the hired help, and tolerate the “I’m right because I’m your father” nonsense.
    Jr will be fine, he builds great bikes and truly was the creative force behind the builds.
    Sr unfortunately alienated his own sons for the sake of his ego and fame, the prime reason he has broken relationships with all his kids.
    I watched last nights episode about the build off and have to say I was a bit shocked when Sr allowed Jason “the Tool” Pohl, to bad mouth his son. Would have loved to seen Jr, beat the little wussbags skull in.
    As far as the last show is concerned, Jesse James is a retard who thinks he’s the only person in the world that can work metal, I know a couple of 70 year olds that could fabricate circles around JJ. It’s a shame he didn’t learn that telling everyone how superior you are, when you LOST the last build off only proves your limited IQ.
    Good Luck to Jr & Sr, and the guys from Gas Monkey, to Jesse, you are a cry baby who thinks that people in the space program are impressed with him, get a grip, people in the space program don’t get impressed with non-educated wrench monkeys.

  20. I’v watched the show from the start. The bottom line is SR tends to be geared towards the business side, . JR was the backbone of the design when they were together at OCC. if SR would have let JR do his designs without bothering him OCC would have been a great bike building company. Because of SR’s over zealous control issues and jealousy with his son JR, SR has hurt himself/company when he fired JR.
    SR will now watch his sin JR grow to a much larger bike building company then OCC will ever be, is what I see in JR’s future. And as far as JR and the business side, it’s much easier to hire somebody to run the business end then it is to find a great visionary bike designer that appeals to most everybody like JR.
    Best of luck to both, but JR will win in the end as the better designer AND business man,


  21. He was always the talent on the show and always had all the respect and class. Although, it may be interesting to see a little drama to get you hooked on the show, after watching screaming for 10 years I don’t think anyone would miss that. I hope Jr. rocks out his new show, moves to a bigger complex, away from his father’s neck of the woods, and begins his huge enterprise. He deserves it more than anyone else on these silly “fakelity” shows,, but the great things is that everyone can see Jr. is a real class.

  22. I think people commenting here are failing to realize that this is the SECOND time the show has been cancelled and this article is from two years ago. The “hinting” at Paul Jr. possibly getting his own show WAS what just was cancelled which was “Amercican Chopper Jr vs Sr then just American Chopper ” in name yet again. Jr got his own shop and we just had two more seasons which was just now cancelled in December 2012. here is a breakdown:::: “American chopper 2003-2010, American chopper Sr vs Jr season 1 2010-2011, name change back to just American Chopper season 2 (or 10 if you will) 2011-2012″. Thats it folks

    • If you follow him on either twitter of facebook,a PJD show is in the pipeline,the person who runs one of the sites on facebook is a personal friend and regulary goes to the shop and gets regular updates,a show is in the pipeline without occ…..

  23. Paul jr should of had his own show a long time ago, if it wasn’t for his designs occ wouldn’t be as big as they are today.

  24. Jr and Sr made a really bad decision regarding this production bike project. Instead of starting another bike business, they should have picked-up Mikey and all gone fishing. Sr is a snake. He says he’s “changed” but all he’s done is let his employees attack his son while he stands there with a goofy smile on his face. What’s wrong with Jason? Can someone tell him that he appears to be a jerk whenever he’s on tv? I suppose he may think he’s being funny, but intelligent viewers will agree that he’s just being goofy. He may be an industrial designer like he claims, but not all industrial designers are so immature.

  25. OK Folks, I’m going to impart wisdom of the ages with you all.
    This is the way that family business can go. Wanna see another identical example? Pawn Stars. The son thinks he is responsible for the success of the pawn shop, that he works harder than everyone, and deserves to be a partner because…. he’s family. I saw this EXACT SAME scenario play out in my own family with my brother working for my father… thinking he was the most important part, and demanding to be made a partner. It’s just the way it goes.

    As for who made the OCC business a success? The TV show. SR. took the opportunities and made the most of them and greatly overreached, and JR was a great design talent who couldn’t bother to respect his father one iota.

    And who is at fault? They both are. It takes two to tango, people.

    Merry Christmas.

  26. I’m gutted, I love the show. Please bring it back.

    • Catherine, two words for you SPELL CHECKER!

      • i have to words for you thank you