TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]

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american choppers TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!
American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

While we tend to skew away from reality television on this site, I felt that it was only appropriate to write about the news of TLC canceling American Chopper. This show has not only been the Discovery Network’s flagship series for the past seven years, but it has helped Discovery (and their various networks) to grow into one of the most powerful, educational and entertaining channels on television.

For the past six seasons, American Chopper has not only brought us hundreds of interesting bike builds, but has continuously proven to be one of the most “real” reality televisions on the air. While building bikes is what the show is named after, fans of the series know that the family interaction and drama was equally as important, if not more so, than the actual bike builds.

This was never more apparent than in this past season where we saw the literal demise of the Teutul family relationship with Paul Sr. firing both sons, Paul Jr. starting his own company and Mikey going to rehab. Move over, The Hills, this is what actual reality looks like.

While I hate to see a series that I’ve enjoyed for so many years come to an end, I couldn’t really see any other option. With Paul Jr. removed from the company, the bike designs and builds became less creative and more about Paul Sr. trying to prove that his son wasn’t the only one in the family that could design unique motorcycles. Sadly, it seems as though he was.

As the season continued, the episodes started falling apart. I would find myself skipping over the motorcycle builds to watch what Mikey and Paul Jr. were up to. Partly because I wasn’t interested in the bike builds anymore, but mostly because I was getting tired of seeing Paul Sr. act like a child by continuously talking bad about his family.

american chopper paul jr TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]Paul Jr. is ready to be his own bike man.

But maybe all is not lost, as Paul Jr. has taken to Twitter to make sure  everyone knows that while American Chopper may be over, he’s not going away anytime soon and “the best is yet to come.”

*AC series finally [finale]! Its been almost a decade of great experiences. For me, I am certainly not done with television. The best is yet to come

Hmm… does this mean that Paul Jr. will be getting his own show? I have to say that I might watch it. I found his having to start over really refreshing.

Check out the trailer for the series finale episode below.

Are you happy to see American Chopper come to an end? Would you watch a show staring Paul Jr.? Any thoughts on the family drama?

Catch the last ever episode of American Chopper Thursday night @9PM on TLC

Source: TMZ

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  1. I’m stunned Paul Jr is even considering going into business with his father. RUN Paulie, run! I think this has to do with the producers stirring for new story lines but I seriously HOPE Paul Jr. will not do it.
    And Paul Sr. calling Vinnie up like he’s REALLY interested in why Vinnie doesn’t want to come around was disgusting. Vinnie being truly a stand up guy goes to meet him and then Sr. does what he always does, bullies. He’s trying to intimidate Vinnie. This display by Paul Sr should be a lesson to all: Zebra’s can never change their stripes. You are better off keeping your distance. Paul Sr. twisted the entire situation to try to power up on Vinnie with no intention on burying the axe – the one he planted in Vinnie’s back a long time ago. I’ve lost all respect for this man. As much as I believe his son’s should have behaved more grateful in the past and JR needed to behave more respectful when his Dad expected him to clean the shop and so forth…and I’m glad Dad/son are working things out….I’m becoming much more sympathetic towards Paulie these days. I believe Srs. mental and emotional disposition has a pathological component, much how Mikey always said it has. Now, I’m getting it. This man can’t control his urge to CONTROL then BULLY AND TWIST those he feels intimidated by. Obviously, his unrepentant attitude about the way things went down is all the evidence anyone needs to see how he operates; Arrogance and narcissism personified! What in the heck did Vinnie ever do ‘wrong’ to Paul Sr???

    • After watching last nights episode and saw what Sr. Tried to do to Vinnie, Sr. need to go away. Vinnie should have his own show! He is the only one on the show that has any common sense.
      I enjoy watching the different builds, I don’t enjoy watching Sr. try to control the show.
      Just my 2 cents!

      • I think Vinnie was a good worker for OCC yet visibly he didn’t go out of his way to kiss Seniors backside and he and Jr got along a little too well for Seniors liking. Thus, he took out all his frustrations on him but not only that, he was always trying to show Vinny that he was ‘nothing special’…Have you ever seen him treat Mike or Christian or Rick that way – NO. Only Vinnie was expected to take the nasty s**t Sr doled out as if he were a surrogate for Jr. Then when Vinnie left – that was the ultimate insult to Senior. Nobody JUST leaves …but Vinnie did and began his own shop and then later, got back with Jr.
        And Jr is lucky Vinnie did. Vinnie took all the crap aimed at Jr and then some…and dealt with Jrs immature and irresponsible ways when he was always working his own A off at OCC.
        Yet Vin encouraged Jr to at least try to reconcile on some level with his Father…Senior should be thanking HIM for that!It’s an insult to Vin and all the garbage and grief he’s gotten – that Jr. should even consider looking at going into business again with his Dad.

        • vinny wouldn’t kiss SR’S backside but SR sure has a shop full now that will..

    • I couldn’t have said it better. Paul Sr. jumped the shark when he called out Vinnie. Obviously, Sr. will never understand what he has done emotionally to his children and to great guys like Vinnie. I love Jr. and the guys who work for him. I hope Paulie sees his father will never change, accept it, and try not to let it affect him as much as it has. Jr. has a future on TV, I would certainly watch him, Mikey, Vinnie, Cody, Rachel, Joe, and all the PJD folks and their amazing creations on a new show. Let Paul Sr. go back to his million dollar car collection and pass judgement in silence with no bully pulpit.

    • You people have all got this wrong! Are you people mongolos or what? Whether you like it or not, that business belonged to Paul Sr. end of story. He had all his kids working in what he took from a basement shop to a multimillion dollar enterprise. He gave them salaries and something productive to do with their lives. Paul Sr is old school and simply got fed up with the uselessness of his two boys showing up late for work and sometimes not at all, putting more burden on the others that worked there. Mikey was and continues to be a slug, a fat lazy useless piece of garbage, that now throws paint splatter onto canvass and expects people to buy that crap because of his name. Teutal, that name his father gave him. Sr. expected work and results not constantly having to chase his lazy kids down to do what he was paying them to do. Mikey was clueless anyway. Paul Sr. must be tired of all this anyway and be glad this is over, I would be tired of an ungrateful set of bookend sons that showed him no respect. Do your job and Paul Sr. had no problem with you or you him. They just couldn’t tolerate having to work for a living. Paul Jr. sucks eggs. Paul Sr. builds solid old school bikes with flair, while Jr. builds glitter bikes. Please, all of you are soooooo wrong and biased in your opinions. Paul doesn’t need this crap anymore and deserves a rest from an ungrateful family. Adios mongolos.

      • “He had all his kids working in what he took from a basement shop to a multimillion dollar enterprise. He gave them salaries and something productive to do with their lives.”

        LOL! Paul Jr. was working in OCC when he and his dad were building bikes in their garage. Without Paul Jr., OCC would have gone nowhere. Mikey basically did nothing. However, the TV show really grew their company, but without Paul Jr. designing and building great bikes, Sr. would still be in his garage. Paul Sr. couldn’t design or build a bike if his life depended on it. In fact, he never designed one bike and he always had loads of help when building them. Sr. is not the genius he or you make him out to be.

        • Paul SR is that you lol…Delusional

      • Well, I don’t know what the word “mongolos” means you keep referring to ‘us’ as but whatever. Yes, you are of course right that respect to Paul Sr should paid as the person who built his business but he wasn’t alone in doing it. Having said that, I also get what you mean about the kids being lazy and not doing things the way Sr wanted them too but if that was the only problem…then why did Paul Sr single out Vinnie who didn’t deserve bad treatment? It’s not an all or nothing situation, you see.
        I’ve always said PAULIE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE respectful when it came to showing up to work on time and cleaning up around the shop. But when Paulie left Seniors massive ego and the nastiness at which he dished out publicly against his own son was very telling of this mans deep jealousy of his own son. Yes, he was hurt by Jr.s actions but I think it never occured to him to give his own son what was due him and that’s where he and I believe others underestimated Paulie’s passion about bike building. The facts are that Jrs designs catapaulted OCC. And the other fact is that Senior didn’t like the idea of having a son more talented than he was. Instead of seeing the GIFT he had in Paulie, he saw him as competition. The angst of their relationship had begun long before we saw these two on TV….and Sr has a history of expecting to treat people badly then wonder why they react in certain ways. Jr of course has a problem with passive agressive behavior; he supresses the urge to lash out then instead, AVOIDs the person or thing he’s frustrated with and that translates into Senior being frustrated with him. NOt that hard to figure out really.

  2. I have say I been a loyal fan of this show since the beginning. It sucks to see it cancelled again but on the other hand I’ve had enough of sr and the cry babies at occ(minus Rick). I sincerely hope jr does get his own show. He is an awesome designer and builder and has one of the best crews a person can have

    • Even though I like him and he’s a metalworking wizard, I think Rick has been insanely disloyal to Paulie. I hope there is no room on the new show for Rick.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by Rick being disloyal to Jr. Maybe I missed some shows but I have never seen Rick say anything really bad about him and in fact he seems to go out of his way to avoid getting in the middle of things. He seems to behave as neutrally as possible and is not a drama seeker. He’s in a bad situation and all he wants to do is his job. Rick is smart. He’s biding his time. If OCC completely folds, he’ll probably have a job with Paulie or better yet, open his own shop.

  3. I would rather see a PJD VS show. Each episode would be a bike build off where they may win or lose against known bike builders.

  4. I dont think any of you really get it,the only reason the show has worked all these years is because of father and son,people watched the show to see how sr would treat his son,he gave no credit to jr for anything,in the early days the bikes came from Jr,he had his way of doing the bikes,and if left alone would have finished them before they needed them,but sr kept finding fault in everything jr did,and would drive his son away for days at a time,people liked to see this,then came the big blow up,ratings hit the roof,sr had his son under contract that would not allow him to do anything with bikes for a year,this is the stage where we saw jr contemplating starting a buisness in retail,when the year was up he went back to what he does best,and thats designing bikes,he got Vinnie on board,and later on Codie,both had fallen out with sr,it was because of sr that Vinnie left and not jr as sr tried to make out,with Cody it was sr using codys name and keeping the bike he gave Cody very publically on the show,Cody even took sr to court,the outcome i dont know..,the show was dropped for a year or so untill the idea of Sr V Jr came along,even more people tuned in to watch sr turn against his son and tell anyone who would listen what useless kids he had,it was just a matter of time before they made up,some people here have got it wrong,Jr is not stupid enough to get into bed with his father,he`s already been there and look how that turned out,he also knows that if he did,he would lose both Vinnie and Cody,apart from a production bike they can still work alone,and keep both shops seperate,just having one shop in a show wont work,without one or the other people will soon get bored with it,if they do another show,and i think they will,they should do it with both shops seperate from each other,thats not to say they cant get together every so often for the show,go for a run on the bikes,both shops together,but keep business seperate,it will work,sr is a clown in front of the camera,although he is trying very hard it remains to be seen how things will go,jr is taking things slow,and after all he has been through im not suprised,looking forward to the 4 way build off,hopefully jason fool will actually design a proper bike this time and not a big boys toy,Both Paul Jr and Jesse james are both Bike Builders,they just do it in different ways,and i hope Jesse james does not run off at the mouth like he did on the last one,instead of being a smart arse,just get on and do his best,and keep the gutter mouth for the toilet…………….

    • We know all the facts but it has gone way too far, to the point of having to change the channel because Sr. has become unbearable. What’s the fun in that? Sr. probably broke a million labor laws over at OCC. Dude, you have to pay overtime. These employees have a legitimate beef with Sr. and OCC. Also, Jesse James is a great visionary regarding bike building but as a human, he sorely lacks character.

      • I don’t know about Jesse James. Personally, the bikes Paul Jr. builds are far more beautiful and appealing to me, but tastes differ. You are right about Jesse James as a human being though. He’s a scumbag.

    • I may not “get it” but I do know that this household and at least 3 others that I know of, stopped watching the show years ago. When Sr.’s screaming, belittling and gruesome personality became the main part of the show. When Sr vs Jr came on we started watching again but only because we could fast forward through the OCC parts. Sr. is disgusting and we can’t bare to even look at him.
      So we would be THRILLED if PJD and his crew had their own show. We could watch the development of the design and build without the “crap” pardon my french. The ugly arrogance of that OCC bunch is just rediculous. I will not do business with companies that get them to build a bike. There has got to be something wrong with that business manager if they thank OCC is a good idea to help their company have a good name.
      So there are some of us that may not get it but we would love to see a show where we wouldn’t have to fast forward through Jason and Sr.
      I would love to watch Jr. build and expand his company all while designing some pretty awesome bikes.

      • What was so sad about watch PJ during all the legal problems is his personality and the way he came off at least on camera at his shop was the JOY and light had gone out of his eyes. The toll it had taken on him was tangible . Then seeing Sr…and what it had done to him too was difficult to watch even though I feel he brought it upon himself – he’s still a Father albeit a confused fustrated individual, he was trying to reach out to his kids. As a person whose gone through major upheavals with my own father who has now passed away, I felt for him.

  5. I really hope Paul JR. gets his own show!

  6. Paul going to win biker build off!


    • Well, I’m not sure where else to post something current. It’s a bit confusing to track down and the threads sometimes are out of sequence.
      So here we all are…


  9. glad to see paul sr. go. i have felt for along time that he knows what makes a show work and everything that he says and does is what he thinks the tv audience wants. i enjoy the way paul jr works and the people that work for him are loyal. the people at paul sr. except for rick, he’s great and i hope he goes to paul jrs, are what is known as k—a–. they know where there paycheck comes from and they do whatever it takes to keep paul sr.’s head swelling.

  10. Yes Matt most of us do realise this site is old,i think you will find its over 2 years old,as i said in my last post,we are on the last legs of american chopper,although i dont imagine it will last long,it didn`t take long before they realised that at the time Jr walked from occ that there would be another show,and there was,and from what i can tell the build off is going to be the grand finale,there is so much more than can do with the show,people are still interested in the show,though many dont want to see occ and sr,but its the way it works,there needs to be both shops for it to work,it doesn`t matter if you like the old man or not thats how the show works,Jr will never go back to occ,and Rick will never leave occ,even if he did he would not be allowed to touch a bike for a year,its the contract sr has all his employers sign,thats why it took Jr so long to open up PJD,like i said there is a good chance the show will be back,it comes down to money,and at the end of the day they make a bucket load of cash….

  11. Man I’m glad that show is finally coming to an end. Very stale and lame!

  12. Its about time the drama ends….

  13. As much as I’ve enjoyed the show I am tired of the artificial “suspense” the producers try to manufacture using the Jr/Sr relationship. First of all who cares if they get along, and second there has never been any big surprise turnarounds by either. Sr is a mental patient who just happened to be discovered and had a son with some design talent. Jr is a lazy turd who just happens to work with some good people (Vinnie) that make sure the product is produced for the client. The only reason I still watch the show is to see that smoking hot wife Rachel and what the support crew at PJD produce. If the OCC shop disappeared from the planet who’d miss them? Particularly that bafoon Sr!!

  14. this is what you call tv¿ knuckleheads profiting off the brain dead public. this wasnt anymore of a tv show then all the hate fueled, crook, drug pumping, money robbing dumb down brain numbing garbage spewed out our airwaves. 15 seconds of fame turned into 10 years of toxic waste. idiots rule!

  15. I have watched this show from the beginning and believe that Sr is a little insecure with who really made occ great. Jr designed those bikes it was his vision that made them so good. I just don’t think Sr can build a good bike especially with that ass kissing Jason.

  16. I can’t believe how many people think Jr. is this great bike builder. He builds candy bikes and is very lucky to have been under Sr. wings to give him a career. Jr. will win the biker build off again simply because of popularity but Jesse’s bike was a true bikers bike. I am not fan of Jesse but I know difference between quality bike and one with bunch of toys attached to it. Large amount of voters don’t even have a bike or know about a lot of Juniors bikes are not even made for riding.

    • People have eyes Chris,they can see what happens on the show,what you call candy bikes is called progress,have you watched the past series when they made production bikes for the public,they are Rider bikes,the bikes that are made for companies for their show rooms,there is no need to build it to ride,if they wanted a bike to ride they would build if accordingly,as for jessica james,hes all mouth and trousers,the majority of the public voted Jr as the winner of the build off,jessica james made a bike that was far too big for him,he couldn`t even see where he was going,he had to look from one side to the other,he looked like a little kid who had pinched the old mans bike for a joy ride,his bikes are nothing special,i see bikes like that all the time,and they have proper men riding them,as for most of the voters not having a bike or know about a lot of Juniors bikes are not even made for riding,that is just your opinion,one person,if you dont like the show,dont watch it,if you have nothing worth while to say,dont be a hater,just dont comment,by the way i have been riding bikes for over 30 yrs,and carry out most of my own repairs.

  17. I always skip Sr. To watch Jr. This is the best idea

  18. Show staring pjd would be awsome he is so creative.havent seen a good bike come out of occ in forever!!

  19. Show staring pjd would be awsome he is so creative.havent seen a good bike come out of occ in forever!!.

  20. Show staring pjd would be awsome he is so creative.havent seen a good bike come out of occ in forever!!. See ya sr.

  21. I have really enjoyed the show most of the time but as a 73 year old woman who has raised children and at one time was married to a domineering alcoholic did not enjoy the scenes where Sr. constantly was bullying JR. and never seemed to appreciate his talent. Granted Sr. knows how to build bikes but as far as fresh innovation in styling and design Jr. got the talent for that (without the benefit of a computer) and if Sr. would be totally honest with himself, the problems between them rose out of jealously and his lack of ability to really be able to compete on the design level that Jr. is at. As a designer myself I feel that Jr. is so blessed that he is going to be able to achieve what ever he wants to. I’ve gotten so attached to the show that I feel a certain sense of pride in him for doing what he and Rachel have accomplished so far with PJD. I have PJD on my Email list and really enjoy getting updates from them. I’m really hoping Discovery will at least give PJD a year after the build off to see if they can hold their own. If they go off the air it will definitely leave a big hole in our viewing. After watching the show for almost 7 years I have gained a new respect for motorcycles. The ones Jr. does are truly works of art. Please give them a chance. Good luck on the build off and no matter what, Jr. will absolutely have our vote. Have a great holiday season.

    • Dorothy I’m right here with you. :-)

  22. Like it or not, Snr is the J.R. Ewing of this show and it doesn’t exist without him and Jnr together.
    I wouldn’t watch a show with only Jnr and his four theme bikes in it – YAWN! Who wants to watch a show about charity bikes, playground equipment and BBQ’s with no confrontation in it?

  23. Yea I would watch a show with jr. But I’m not happy to see the show come to an end, my family an I ha e watches the show from ep 1.

  24. Yea I would watch a show with jr. But I’m not happy to see the show come to an end, my family an I have watches the show from ep 1.

  25. I think Mikey is a weird sort of bloke, a stint of militarty training, loose some fat, have a haircut and get a real job would sort him out, looks like the kids have been spoilt rotten to me. Jnr needs to harden the f@#k up and stop being a pussey, and make up with his old man, who clearly by his face on the show’s misse’s his boys. Without the old man, they would be no body’s

  26. After last night show, Pauly better not go into business with OCC. Pauly should be punched fat Jason in the mouth after his disrespect. Paul Sr. should of fired Jason after his pull the bike off the stand but then again, OCC would have been gone a long time ago!!! PJD deserves their own show. Good luck guys…

  27. jr. did the right thing to just walk away from his father and Jason. Jason is a Sr. want a be! He won’t make it in life!
    I think all of the staff is getting real tired of being watched on TV! It is time for a change! Bring on Vinnie and Rick. They deserve there own show!
    Discovery channel has turn bike building into the Jerry Springer show! Not a good idea!

  28. Well maybe its for the best ….maybe the will both have there own show….maybe we will never hear from either one of them again….maybe they well …..

  29. Im totally amazed at the video i saw,there was Jr and sr with jason FOOL talking about this new business,and the old man just stood there and let that idiot who works for him insult his son,the son he is trying to have a relationship with,but he just stood there and let it happen,how can there be anything between them after this,it just goes to show family means nothing to him,i have had it with jason FOOL,why the hell is he still working there,anyone can do his job,its the software that does the build,you dont even have to be a bike designer to use the software,its just a cad program,and you can download a lot of these off the internet for free,i was impressed at the start when they decided to build the bike at sr`s and they were both trying very hard to get along,i was having second thoughts about the old man,but after this,never again,i will stick with my first hunch,he`s a jealous old man,who but for his son would still be building bikes in his basement,maybe he should adopt jason FOOL as the son he always wanted,his actions speak for themselves,and his true colours came out,people who watched this will never forget the day the old man stabbed his son once again in the back,and let that idiot twist the blade,well done to Jr who just walked away,all of us out here know who the best designer is,and its not that FOOL,as a father he is a disgusting excuse for a human being,,there is a need for a bike show,but now im not so sure it should include occ anymore,its just a shame that Rick cant just up sticks and move,but the old man has him in that yr contract where he cant touch another bike job for a year!!!!

    • So Dave, you think Jason shouldn’t stick up for himself when he is dissed by Jnr? Here’s your first clue as to Jnr’s attitude when he met with Jason and Snr – in the voiceover as Jnr enters the shop he says “We’re meeting in Jason’s little office”. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the use of the word “little” is an indication of his pre-set state of mind toward Jason. Before he even gets there he has made up his mind that he has no regard for him – closed mind before the meeting begins. By he way, you didn’t notice that the first thing Jason did on the show this week was to hand draw a concept of the bike Snr just discussed with him? Why don’t you re-run a few of the old eps when Jason and Jnr both used the CAD system to design bikes at OCC. Take the blinkers off buddy and you might see that Jnr’s problem with Jason is that the old man had a good designer to replace him when he blew out the door and that’s what really pisses him off about Jason.

      • Briano,it had nothing to do with sticking up for himself,it was all about ego for jason FOOL,drift your mind back to when Jr worked there,everytime there was trouble it was in that tiny room,back then Jr was the designer,and that idiot was there to put Jr`s idea`s on paper,even today he messes up,he has no idea about building bikes,even Rick has said as much,its only to sit in an office and draw up pictures of fancy bikes,its another thing to taake that picture and make it work,the picture might look good,but it does not mean the bike is possible to build,look at the last build off,the BIKE build off,all i saw was two bikes and a fancy toy that spewed out flames,no way was that a bike,not by any stretch of the imagination,and who was the designer of this toy?,Yep jason FOOL,i would have sacked him when he threw the bike off the lift,again it was his design that didn`t work,and he threw his toys out of the pram,after spitting the dummy,over at PJD,all the bikes that are built come from Jr,not a peice of software,and jrs bike have beaten occ`s everytime,like i said at the start of this post,it was ego,the old man should not have allowed it to happen,he has shown everyone his second face,i was all for this Production bike till then,now i would say,No way,dont do it,so much for wanting a relationship with his son,he couldn`t even back him up,its no secret that Jr and FOOL dont like each other,if as you say jr is jealous.hahahahaha,of fool,you must be the only one then,as on other sites there is a petition for a Jr only show,no one wants to see occ anymore,people have had enough of the old man and the little boy in the little room,i dont have blinkers on,my vision is perfect,if anything you should leave the Jr hate at the door before posting,although im happy to say you haters are very few and far between…

        • Dave B, I’ve checked some of your previous posts and found you telling someone else also to not to be a hater. Sound advice for you to follow in regard to Jason Pohl Mr Hypocrite!

      • OK, and so just HOW did JR. “diss” Jason? He simply said he would be part of it if HE could design the bike from scratch himself at HIS place. Jason is integral to OCC designs via CAD, no doubt…but him
        doing the CAD design on this bike build was not what JR signed up for.
        JR handled himself right and even told Jason he was sorry if he gave him the impression he was ‘dissing’ him but anyone with eyes saw it was JASON’s whose inept lack of respect for social protocol and respect for the present family dynamic between father and son was IN THE WRONG and looked like a complete jerk doing what he did. He did not handle himself well at all. JR. spoke his mind and it’s a good thing he did…because going back into any kind of ‘build relationship’ with his Father means nothing but problems. Jason is is a sad immature, insecure individual…simply put.