TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]

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american choppers TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]

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While we tend to skew away from reality television on this site, I felt that it was only appropriate to write about the news of TLC canceling American Chopper. This show has not only been the Discovery Network’s flagship series for the past seven years, but it has helped Discovery (and their various networks) to grow into one of the most powerful, educational and entertaining channels on television.

For the past six seasons, American Chopper has not only brought us hundreds of interesting bike builds, but has continuously proven to be one of the most “real” reality televisions on the air. While building bikes is what the show is named after, fans of the series know that the family interaction and drama was equally as important, if not more so, than the actual bike builds.

This was never more apparent than in this past season where we saw the literal demise of the Teutul family relationship with Paul Sr. firing both sons, Paul Jr. starting his own company and Mikey going to rehab. Move over, The Hills, this is what actual reality looks like.

While I hate to see a series that I’ve enjoyed for so many years come to an end, I couldn’t really see any other option. With Paul Jr. removed from the company, the bike designs and builds became less creative and more about Paul Sr. trying to prove that his son wasn’t the only one in the family that could design unique motorcycles. Sadly, it seems as though he was.

As the season continued, the episodes started falling apart. I would find myself skipping over the motorcycle builds to watch what Mikey and Paul Jr. were up to. Partly because I wasn’t interested in the bike builds anymore, but mostly because I was getting tired of seeing Paul Sr. act like a child by continuously talking bad about his family.

american chopper paul jr TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]Paul Jr. is ready to be his own bike man.

But maybe all is not lost, as Paul Jr. has taken to Twitter to make sure  everyone knows that while American Chopper may be over, he’s not going away anytime soon and “the best is yet to come.”

*AC series finally [finale]! Its been almost a decade of great experiences. For me, I am certainly not done with television. The best is yet to come

Hmm… does this mean that Paul Jr. will be getting his own show? I have to say that I might watch it. I found his having to start over really refreshing.

Check out the trailer for the series finale episode below.

Are you happy to see American Chopper come to an end? Would you watch a show staring Paul Jr.? Any thoughts on the family drama?

Catch the last ever episode of American Chopper Thursday night @9PM on TLC

Source: TMZ

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  1. woot go Joe JR. just don't be a big of an ASS like your dad

  2. Perhaps Paul Jr can get start something new with Vinnie and Cody.
    I miss Vinnie and Paul Jr. on the bike builds together.

  3. I alway felt that if I met Paul Jr I would say something like; I love your show, then looking toward his dad, then say; And you have my deepest condolences. I don't know how he took the abuse as long as he did, Good luck Jr, will be waiting for your nrxt show!

  4. I can't agree more. As a parent I cannot tell you how much the actions of Paul SR. made me sick to watchell. He acted like an ass and I would tell him that if he was standing next to me. He looked like a old man trying to be tough – it was an act and was easy to see through. Then the staff at the shop talking crap and the worst was the bald guy. All asses. If Paul Jr. gets a show I will watch. It will make a great show as he puts his life back together and helps Mike out. Good Luck

  5. always liked American choppers,never really understood why Paul Sr was so stubborn towards his children but he must have his reasons if wrong or right.I wish it wasn't coming to an end but I hope there will be some other show related to American choppers.

  6. Jr would be nothing and setting in a bar somewhere if not for Paul SR.. You can give a kid everything only to have them blame you for thier problems..

    • Yes, his father started the business but that doesn’t give anyone carte blanche to ridicule your kid each and every show. I think he was jealous of his son expecially on the Javits show of the Black Widow where Jr. said he really respected the other guy. Here’s a guy who has the talent to design a $150,000 bike and his father wants him to sweep the floor. why no hire a high school kid to come in and clean, Sr. has no sense I think the drugs did a number on him.

  7. what show have you been watching these last 6 years. after the first week the show was aired Sr. Jr. and Mikey were all upset because there was so much yelling etc. Discovery channel told them “hey it's TV that's what people want to see.” Some where in the last couple of years Paul Sr has forgotten “it's only television”

  8. While there may be some truth to your statement, there has to be a reason why 3 out of his 4 kids don't talk to him.

  9. yeah put paul jr and mikey on a tv show of their own, it would be the best to watch. i cant wait.

  10. yeah give mikey and paul jr a show together everyone loves them

  11. Sr is a mad man and has taken away from the show for a long time. His ego is his worst asset.

    • Sr. needs a Drink and a chil pill

  12. It was a great show, but think they lost out on fun in life enjoying each other doing a business together and sure you're making a businees grow is one goal but at the price of family i don't think so! good luck to Paul & Paul Jr & Mike.

  13. many people forget that Paul jr. was very lazy and didn't have the work ethic that Sr. has. and for Mikey, he too is a loser and will never amount to anything if not for Jr. carrying him. I hope that paul Sr. will not drink himself to the grave.

  14. I would for sure watch a show with Paul Jr and Mickey!!!!!!! That is the only reason that i was still watching the show. I am sad to see it end and I would hope that they both rethink the idea of not being on television. They need to understand that the T.V. show didnt end the relationship with their dad kinda mad that happen on his own. (Can you say ” My head got a little bit too big!!”) I think that he (Paul Sr.) forgot where he came from and only worried where only he was going HOW SAD!!!!!!

  15. would liketo see paul get his own show paul is entertaing and has talent i like to see him in a real form in a show no aruging and fighting

  16. I stopped watching American Chopper after Paul Jr. left the show, as Paul Sr's designs sucked big time. While most Fathers would be proud to watch their sons want to follow in their footsteps, I found it downright painful to watch Paul Sr. constantly and jealously berate his talented son, Paul, Jr and Mikey. A good Father and businessman he is not!. Imagine taking Paul, Jr. off of productive, billable work to put tools away and clean the shop in the middle of the day, just to show he was in control. What an immature baby! He could have just as easily hired teenagers who would gladly do that kind of cleanup work after school just to be on TV. If Paul, Jr. gets his own show I will wartch, but not if Paul, Sr. is on the show. He just brings everyone's morale down (including the Television audience) and destroys the creative energies everytime he appears and starts yelling and throwing things. Another reason why I turned it off. I hope Paul, Jr. wins his lawsuit and uses the proceeds to fund the startup of his own shop to put his Father out of business and shows who is the real talent. Go Jr! Jim

  17. That would be great, and get rid of the ass's that are bad mouthing Paul Jr. and Mikey. Trying to take the credit for all of Jr.'s great bike designs. The Paul Sr. ass kissers that are designing now are a joke and should get a ass beating from Paul Jr.

  18. Honestly, this show is what kept my marriage together. Me and My ex-husband argued all day, but when the show came on, we were like best friends. We were so into this show not because of Paul Sr. badmouthing his sons but because it was about the bikes. Paul Sr. always found ways to make it up to his sons during their famous European trips, where they all sat together for dinner as a “family”. Remember guys, this was a family show. I wouldn't be so fast to criticize Paul Sr. how many dads discipline their kids this way? Paul Sr. is a perfectionist which equaled perfect bikes. Paul Jr. was the creative side of the choppers, but Paul Sr. has the business sense. You can create all day, but if you don't know how to sell it whats the use? I would rather watch a Paul Sr. show anytime over Paul Jr. Overall, I am sad to see the show go. Just like my ex and I…Time to move on.

  19. I thought Paul Sr. was extremely abusive and degrading towards his sons. I'm glad the kids woke up to his abuse.

  20. Since Paul Jr left the show it has been on a downward sprial. It's obvious Jr was the creative genius behind the earlier bikes. Now all of the bikes look the same and the part that cracks me up is to watch those wannabees like Rick and Jason and the other ass kissers trash Jr when ever they get a chance. That's it boys keep kissing Sr's ass all the way to the unemployment line. Sr has run all of the good talent off like Vinny and Cody and now Jr. Hey Sr be careful what you wish for !!!!!!

  21. Paul Sr. and Hulk Hogan should team up for a has been reality for has been celebrities who were failures at being parents . . . . hosted by Martin Sheen.

  22. The show definitely has run it's course. It got to be too repetitive. Theme bikes are ok but tend to get boring after awhile. I'm an old school guy. I liked the old “Biker Build-off” shows. I really miss “Indian Larry” and his creations. He was the genius builder. I don't care if they give Jr a show. I'll watch it once and decide. No matter what the Teutul's owe the world a huge thanks for all of the t-shirts, hats,…etc that have been bought. Just saying…

  23. I would love to see Paul Jr. get his own show. I always fellt that paul jr. was the true design genius that made the original show what it was. Of course, Mikey's humor always added something also.

  24. Good bye to a real ass Paul Sr. Without your son Jr. you certainly wouldn't have that big house and all the money. Your idea's suck! Your attitude sucks! Your a disgrace as a parent! Hope Jr. gets a chance to use his imagination without being constantly cut down by the bafoon father.

  25. I was a big American Chopper fan from the beginning but lately it seems that Paul Sr let others influence his decisions ( I.E Steve Moreau and Ron Salsbury ) and the quality of the shows and the bikes have declined.

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