avatar james cameron Titanic And T2 In 3D? (Plus New Avatar Pic)

With his 3D CGI, Motion-Capture extravaganza Avatar on the way at the end of the year, just what else has James Cameron got on the horizon? Well, how about taking some of his past movies and transforming them into 3D as well? Word is that Cameron is thinking about doing his mega-success Titanic in 3D, and maybe Terminator 2, as well.

On top of this news, we also have a brand new image from Avatar, which shows the director himself getting in on the action. Sweet.

Cameron spoke with Empire at Comic-Con recently where he gave his thoughts about his love of 3D technology. It is here that he mentioned his plan to bring Titanic to three-dimensional life:

“We’re going to do Titanic in 3-D! We’ve already done a 90 second clip of it and it’s phenomenal and gorgeous, so that’s going to be the project for next year. It’s a conversion of it, not native photography; we can’t go back.”

Cameron also went on to address the question of whether he’d like to turn any of his other past projects into 3D:

“You know, we’ve thought about Terminator 2, which could be fun because I think that’s a film that stands the test of time for me. I think that Aliens was a really good film in its time, but visually it doesn’t quite hold up; we’ve kind of evolved beyond that now. I mean, for me it doesn’t. Terminator 2, I think, is the cusp of where it still holds up, through now. True Lies, I don’t think so; it doesn’t feel right to me. Titanic absolutely, slam dunk! I want to see it!”


titanic Titanic And T2 In 3D? (Plus New Avatar Pic)

It appears that Titanic is almost definitely going to be coming at us in 3D, and Terminator 2 is more of just a, “We’d love to do it,” kind of thing. Even though Cameron says the clip they’ve done of Titanic is, “phenomenal and gorgeous,” I’m still not sold on the idea – or the idea of doing any of his other projects in 3D for that matter. Would Titanic or even Terminator 2 REALLY benefit from being in 3D?

With regards to Titanic, in particular, it obviously would be pretty impactful to feel like violent waters and a sinking boat are actually in the movie theater with you. And doing a re-release in the 3D format would certainly further it’s already whopping $1.8 billion revenue at the box office.

But am I the only one who thinks Titanic is fine the way it is?…

3D is a technology that I think, for the most part, has been used in a gimmicky and showy sort of way that offers no real benefit to the story. But I do like the technology when it’s used in a subtle and well-placed way to further enhance a cinematic experience (Like Pixar’s UP for example).

However, most 3D movies (notice I said most) just have things flying out of the screen at you in the most obvious and in-your-face kind of ways – a gimmick which gets old after about 10 minutes. Sure, it’s amazing we’ve even got the technology (especially at the level it’s at nowadays) but for the most part it’s not being used in an effective ways at this point in time, as far as I’m concerned.

avatar header new Titanic And T2 In 3D? (Plus New Avatar Pic)

The "Na'Vi" from Avatar

However, “gimmicky 3D” may become a thing of the past come this December, when Mr. Cameron releases his mammoth 3D project, “14 years in the dreaming, 4 years in the making,” Avatar. Most of those lucky folks who managed to get into the Avatar panel at Comic-Con this year have had nothing but amazing things to say about the movie and the 3D CGI technology employed within it. If the technology has indeed been utilized the right way, hopefully Avatar will stand as the example other 3D movies follow.

Speaking of Avatar, today we have a brand new photo from the film (courtesy of Empire magazine’s latest issue), plus a few words from star Sam Worthington about the movie. The pic is not from the actual movie itself (i.e. not a still) but it’s nonetheless pretty damn awesome. It shows Cameron operating a huge gun, presumably directing one of the soldiers (Worthington?) on how/where to aim it. Check it out:

avatar image cameron gun Titanic And T2 In 3D? (Plus New Avatar Pic)

Pretty sweet, right? For the full size image you can head over to Empire.

Lastly, here’s the latest on what Sam Worthington had to say about Avatar:

“It’s a movie about bullies… The humans have come to tear into the Na’vi planet and strip-mine it. We’re telling a story that’s relevant now. It’s filled with typical James Cameron messages, especially technology overrunning us all, which is what nearly all his movies are about.”

I don’t need to say that I’m eagerly looking forward to Avatar. I don’t know if it’s even possible to live up to the hype that’s been built up around the film, but I, for one, am expecting something really special.

Would you like to see Titanic or Terminator 2 (or any of Cameron’s other films) in 3D? What do you think of the latest Avatar pic?

Avatar is scheduled to hit 3D and regular theaters on December 18th, 2009.

Source: Empire