‘Titanic 3D’ Featurette: James Cameron Pitches His 3D Vision

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James Cameron Titanic 3D Featurette Titanic 3D Featurette: James Cameron Pitches His 3D Vision

It was a year ago that we first learned that Titanic was being converted into 3D, and since then, reaction has been joyous nostalgia juxtaposed to continued disdain for a filmmaking format that some just refuse to embrace.

Well, anti-3D people, James Cameron feels your pain and he wants to explain to you (and anybody else who may be wondering) just why Titanic 3D is going to be worth your while. Better yet: he’s not going to just tell you, he’s going to (sort of) show you why Titanic is worth a 3D conversion.

For those who may be too young to remember: James Cameron (Avatar) directed this little film called Titanic back in the late ’90s. It was a fictional chronicle of love set on the real-life “indestructible” cruise liner that [SPOILER ALERT!] tragically crashed into an iceberg and sank off the southern coast of Newfoundland on April 15, 1912 during its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City. The doomed lovers in the film are Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), a working-class lad with a talent for sketching, and Rose (Kate Winslet), a high-class gal trapped in the grip of a cruel aristocrat boyfriend (Billy Zane). As it goes, boy meets girl, ship hits iceberg, and Celine Dion sings “My Heart Will Go On” over the end credits.

In all seriousness, though: Titanic was a phenomenon of unheralded proportions when it was released back in 1997. I was a sophomore in high school at the time, and never have I ever seen another movie where people went back to the theater three, four, five, six, seven times to see a three-and-a-half-hour movie. Nowadays, getting people to sit through a two-hour movie once is a challenge. So you can imagine what kind of feat Cameron and co. achieved.

Of course, the 1.8 billion dollars that Titanic snatched from the worldwide box office didn’t hurt either. Neither did the 11 Oscars, including Best Picture.

At this point it’s safe to say that no one can rightfully doubt the success, or even the durability of a film like Titanic. Rather, the question that a lot of people have, is: Does this film need a 3D makeover? As stated, Cameron himself has heard these concerns, and is addressing them directly in the Titanic 3D featurette below:

Granted, that featurette isn’t actually in 3D, so there’s a fair amount of skepticism that can be withheld regarding Cameron’s claim that Titanic is ripe for 3D. On the other hand, the footage in the featurette does seem to indicate that the film has indeed been “cleaned up,” as Cameron said – and the scenes they (smartly) selected for that the clips were ones that are not that hard to imagine looking good in 3D…even it if we aren’t seeing the final proof on our computer monitors at the moment.

Having recently seen Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, I can say this: the results of live-action 3D being used by truly masterful filmmakers are something to behold. So although I’ve never been the biggest fan of Titanic as a movie, I’m not going to count it out as a quality 3D movie experience. If nothing else, it’s hard to believe that James Cameron would mar his own opus for the supposed sake of “wringing out a few more bucks.” 1.8 billion dollars and 11 Oscars probably have a way of satisfying even the greediest hearts working in cinema.

Or do they?

If Cameron can truly work technical magic with this 3D conversion there is a good chance that Titanic will (once again) take a big fat bite out of the box office. At this point, is there any point doubting Cameron?

Titanic 3D will splash into theaters on April 6th, 2012

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  1. I seriously can NOT wait to see this in 3D. And own it on bluray ofcourse, Im super excited for this!

  2. Honestly, this is exactly why I’m sick of 3D. What in this film makes a 3D conversion necessary? Is it Kate Winslet nude? (actually…..:P )The drama? Seriously, what?

    This just proves that Hollywood (and even James Cameron) is way too obsessed with the technology. IMO, 3D has shown to only work on big action blockbusters like Avatar, Transformers 3, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Final Destination. What’s the point of seeing a romance film in 3D?

    • I’d imagine the sinking of the Titanic would make it worth watching in 3D.
      But perhaps that’s me being optimistic.

      • And the underwater exploration. That and the costumes and sets were pretty awesome. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to ride on the Titanic and live to tell the tale. This is probably the closest most of us casual movie go’ers will get.

        On another note entirely, my options for surviving the Titanic experience would either be

        A) Dress like a woman and hope to get away with it like Richie Riches’ butler did, or

        B) Make sure I’m young enough to be considered a child.

  3. If James Cameron is behind it, you know the conversion has to have been done well. So I’ll definitely check it out, even though it wasn’t one of my favorite James Cameron movies, it’s still worth watching. I just hope they re-release Terminator 2 in theaters. I know there’s no reason for them to be inclined to do so in 2D, so if it has to be in 3D, then so be it, but I definitely want to see it on the big screen again…


  5. I might see it.

  6. King James, King of all directors, I don’t really care for Titanic because I am one of the few people who has yet to watch Titanic. So, bringing it back in 3D still does not make me want to watch it. Heck, I have yet to watch all Harry Potter movies because I’m not a loser who dreams of being a wizard. I don’t detest Harry Potter, but I find it boring. Storyline/screenplay for the potters films seemed to be good, but boring in action and unnecessary adventures. I fell asleep for two of the movies and there are two I have yet seen. Anyways, King James, I am still waiting on Battle Angel. Since, a**holes in Warner Brother are f**king up AKIRA. I expect better from you because it’s something your good at.

    • It’s ok if you don’t like the Harry Potter films (why bring that up in a Titanic article though?), but that’s an incredibly rude generalization of all the people who’ve watched the Harry Potter films.

      • @That Guy

        I feel sorry for you.

      • I apologize to you all “potter heads” and also like pre-apologize to all those mock Toilet. Oops! sorry, I meant Twilight. I am sure no one is mocking this genre and it’s people.

    • Not having seen all the HP movies is understandable, but I never thought I’d come across someone who has NEVER seen Titanic! I must have come across it at least 6 times on TV alone (although it is on once a year in New Zealand). You must have been born in the late 90’s/00’s.

  7. Well It’s slowly starting to happen, movies that started out 2-D are being shoved aside to force customers to watch the 3-D converted version. “Immortals” had one showing at the local cineplex in 2-D this evening while it played 4 times in 3-D! At the very least these 3-D movies need to be designed for 3-D presentation instead of just lower quality conversions. It’s bad enough we get hosed with digital I-Max…

  8. God i rele hope no one pays to see this. If you do you’ve only got yourself to blame

    • Haha epic win @KanTstandYa 😉

      I for one would be a very happy wizard lolol

    • I’ve met J.K Rowling when I took my little brother to a book signing at a Border’s bookstore. You would be surprised of what some authors really think of their work. Some actually writes something interesting enough for … wait for it… MONEY!!!. Some actually care what they write and other write stories towards a target market (kids or tweens hint hint: Twilight). Author’s who believe in their work is rare. My kid brother is a die hard “potter head”, but I’m not going to be a douche and tell him what his author actually thinks of her work. So relax! I don’t hate potter that badly, but i don’t see the big deal. I thought Lord of the Rings was epic, but my kid brother hated it. On a funny note, I found out that J.R.R Tolkien knew C.S Lewis and criticize him for his ideas about Narnia and fantasy tales , yet he goes and writes his own fantasy novel.

  9. This is called “milking it”.

  10. Kate winslet’s !@#!@ in 3D :O … yes please 😛

  11. I don’t see why people are upset about “milking it”. I mean, just don’t go… It’s that easy.

    Also, why wouldn’t they want to milk it. It’s a business! This is what they get paid for! Why would someone NOT want to make more money?

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see this (and can’t wait for the blu-ray).

    • Agreed. I think the industry is basically there in order to ‘milk it’.

  12. I’ve been drinking my share of haterade over the years, and I think I’ve moved on from finding things do dislike about films. I’m all in for this. I think I was too young to appreciate this movie in theaters the first time, so not only am I glad to see this movie in theaters again, but it’ll be great to see it in a Cameron-helmed 3D experience; which, to me, makes all the difference. He doesn’t half-ass his projects. So I’m in.

  13. Am I only the second one to think “boooobies in 3D! :O”
    My parents wouldn’t let me see it a second time due to Kate’s *cough* performances.

  14. Don’t really think Kate Winslet is that hot. Really do wish it was someone else nude in 3D… lol.

  15. saw it at advance screening at Coneworld in Newport last night, just days after seeing Star Wars 3D, and I always knew Cameron would deliver the goods. Sure star wars pod race was well done, but the rest? pah. Titanic, from the start – the 3d was (almost) epic! the wreck was in your lap! However, there seems a trade off with blurring the back image, and eye-popping 3D, and where Georgy Lucarse went for less blur (almost succeeding) Jimbob thought f@@@k it, I want THREE D!!!!! – and you have to ignore some background blurring – but of the two approaches, give me the cameron’s. If I shell out for 3d, I want to see some stuff in my face. I did laugh the way he occasionally makes u look through “ghost” people who are right in front of the camera, and I did hope he would have re-done the visuals when Titanic left Southampton – I could forgive most of the othe CGI as passable for the time, but the bit leaving port, and the tugs, is just crap (sorry Jimbob)
    Overall – see it – u will like it!

  16. I’ve loved this movie for so long. I’m beyond excited about it coming out in 3d. I even entered the sweepstakes world market has on their facebook to go to the premiere!

    • @Melissa – read my post before yours – you will like