‘Titanic 3D’ Setting Sail In Spring 2012

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Titanic 3D re release set for April 2012 Titanic 3D Setting Sail In Spring 2012

James Cameron’s Titanic was an unprecedented box office smash when it hit theaters all the way back in 1997. The film also launched the careers of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet; ended up snagging a record eleven Academy Awards at the 1998 Oscars ceremony; and remains the second-highest grossing theatrical release of all time – behind Cameron’s other ultra-expensive must massively popular project, Avatar (ignoring inflation adjustments, of course ;-P).

Word got out last year that Cameron’s historical romance would (shockingly) be given a 3D theatrical re-release sometime in 2012 – and now an official release date has been set for the titular vessel’s return to the big screen.

Cameron and Michael Bay recently opened up about the current state (and future) of 3D cinema, a bit of filmmaking technology that the latter was vehemently opposed to at first – prior to his change of heart while making Transformers: Dark of the Moon. So Titanic will provide an opportunity for Cameron to prove what he preaches: that converting older films not originally conceived for the 3D format is actually a good idea.

Titanic 3D is scheduled for theatrical release on April 6th, 2012, in order to coincide with the 100th anniversary of both the actual Titanic’s maiden voyage (the ship set sail on April 10th, 1912) and the formation of Paramount Pictures.

That means Cameron’s original big-budget epic will actually hit theaters a few months after another late ’90s blockbuster returns to the big screen in theoretically glorious 3D – namely, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

Regardless of your feelings about the love story at the heart of Titanic, there’s no denying that it was a visually impressive epic when it first hit the scene back in 1997. The combination of (then) cutting-edge CGI and an actual, large-scale set that was constructed with meticulous attention to historical detail, worked to bring the famous sea vessel to life in an unprecedented fashion. However, while the practical sets and costumes of Titanic still hold up, nowadays the film’s digital imagery is noticeably dated and looks all the more distinctly “fake.” So will the movie as a whole look better or worse in 3D?

The Phantom Menace is arguably better positioned to benefit from the 3D format than Titanic, simply because so much of the Star Wars prequel is just CGI – and the conversion of digital visuals into 3D is both easier and more natural (since the images are already three-dimensional, essentially) than the same process for live-action 2D footage. On the other hand: Cameron will undoubtedly make sure the 3D version of Titanic looks as good as possible, and the cinematography of the historical epic is (generally speaking) innately more immersive than that of The Phantom Menace. Take that as you will.

To reiterate: Titanic 3D hits theaters on April 6th, 2012.

Source: Paramount Pictures/20th Century Fox

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  1. Why?

  2. I feel like i’m the only one who liked Titanic,

    it was grand, well acted, and romantic. alittle long but well paced.

    And if their really gonna convert movies into 3D, i think James Cameron will show how good it could really be (if it can be good at all). this is a good chance to look at a future technology of something we are all just gonna have to get use to.

    • well your not the only one that liked the movie, i have it at home and watch it at least 3-4 times a year, for the reasons you stated. it was well acted and wonderfully done. I might even go see it again on the big screen, but at a bargin matinee price.

    • Titanic is a guilty pleasure flick for me. I will freely admit it, not under duress. 8)


  3. man there just tryin to make money of it

    • More power to them and I think many people will enjoy the re-release.

  4. And just when I got that effing song out of my head.

  5. Titanic came out 14 years ago and James Cameron is still milking it. Until recently, he was still milking Avatar as well. Anyone who goes to see this is living in the past.
    He has got to be the greediest man in Hollywood. All those billions of dollars are not enough for him and he is still not satisfied.
    You don’t see Nolan and Abrams milking Batman and Star Trek.

    • I agree

    • “He has got to be the greediest man in Hollywood.”

      George Lucas disagrees.

      • @ Ink

        Would you say the samething if Someone like Chris Nolan re-release TDK or Inception in theaters down the road?

    • So in that theory, if a musician finds new gear to make a previously recorded album sound better after being remastered and re release it, is that milking too. Its his project and he can do what he wants with it. The Nolan, Abrams example doesn’t work either. You’re statement suggest that Cameron is only working on re releasing Titanic when he is also working on 3 other projects as well.

      • Thank you

      • Sully, it’s not the muscians milking it that way, it’s the record executives. If youre ever in San Diego, you should come see my CD collection, you wont find ANY re-issues, remasters or any of that crap :)

        • Nice Ants! Yeah sometimes when I go to buy older albums, they only have to remastered re issue. Which usually the cover art isn’t the original which irritates me to no end. Luckily they haven’t done that to vinyl yet :)

          • By the way Sulls, that video of yours was prtty cool! But, I was expecting to see the entire band at lease LOL.

    • Milking Titanic??
      I would go see that movie again and again just because it is one of the most visually beautiful movies ever made!! I have no problem putting my $10 in Mr. Cameron’s pocket for the chance to see my movie on the big screen again!!

  6. I have been meaning to get this… right after my hole in the head.

  7. Really, Cammy, REALLY??

  8. Not gonna lie. Titanic is my guilty pleasure movie. I have no idea why and I know as a young male I am supposed to be the arch enemy of this movie, but I still liked it. I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed it.

    Having said that, there is no reason to convert it into 3D. If you want to “commemorate” the sinking of the Titanic, then create a new 5-disc Blu Ray or something with loads of bonus features. Ever since Avatar came out, 3D attendances have steadily decreased and that’s for new movies. I wonder how many people will actually pay to see this in theaters when they can just pop in the DVD and watch it at home on their big screen TV.

  9. Just Say No to 3D

  10. Titanic is one of my all-time favorite movies.
    I was there for the first showing in New York and
    I saw it three more times in theaters during its original run.

    Like only a very few films Titanic demands the big screen.
    Memories of the theater experience are so strong that
    I cannot watch it on the small screen where it
    is so diminished its almost another movie.

    I would have been happy with a re-release of the original
    rather than this 3D conversion but I’ll be there for this.

  11. I love this movie and since I didn’t see this when it was in theaters I wouldn’t mind watching it on the big screen. In 2D though. I was watching the film a few days ago and I honestly don’t see how it’ll benefit from 3D.

    I’ll probably ignore Star Wars Episode I.

    • I would pay to see the first three Star Wars films in 3-D. The attack on the Death Star would be awesome!

    • “I honestly don’t see how it’ll benefit from 3D”

      I have to disagree. In my opinion, it would be the scale that lets this movie shine in 3D. Think about Avatar, all those massive landscape shots. And the how the tree ends up falling, just like Titanic when she breaks in two (come to think of it, those scenes are VERY similar). It will be these shots that sell the film in 3D, as well as all the grand interior shots and flooding scenes. If you think about it, this film is perfect for a 3D conversion. What with water flying at you and things exploding out the screen.

  12. it’s an experiement.

    its not just about the money, they want to see how audiences will react to the latest 3D tech without blowing it on a $200+million movie. 3D in Avatar was good, say wat you want about the story pr acting, but you have to admit the effects were nice. And James Cameron knows that Titanic will be perfect to see how well a conversion works on a grand drama.

    and i agree with a previous post here, Titanic demands a large screen, watching it at home is just not the same.

  13. OK, first, I’ll admit, I’m a pig. Second, there’s only one scene in the movie I ever want to see again, and seeing it in 3D might be cool. The scene involves a sketch book…

    • AHAH :D

    • Pigs of a feath….I, mean, sty…oink together. 8-)

  14. If James Cameron wants Titanic to be successfully again then he should let people aka the new generation who don’t know much about the film to watch it in 3D in the opening screening.

    Besides the film will make people vomit when the ship in the sea as 3D only gives you headaches.

    Hopefully this idea doesn’t destroy careers especially Cameron’s.

  15. I want to see it in 3D but I probably wont. I’ll just buy it on Blu Ray.

  16. Man, 3D Titanic. Can you get any more disrespectful?
    What next, 3D Hurricane Katrina?

    • Actually I think it possible to be WAY more disrespectful.

  17. I’m really waiting for this to come out on Blu-Ray!

    And, how is making it in 3D being disrespectful? I mean the 3D will most likely add to the vastness of the ocean and stuff. The point of the movie was to appriciate what the ship was, and how tragic the sinking was. Inhancing the experience wouldn’t be disrespectful.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s “disrespectful”, but it’s a waste of time and money IMO. There’s nothing in the film that would make the film need 3D, unless you count Kate Winslet’s nude scene ;P . IMO, it will just distract from the film’s story. To me, 3D is only needed with films that don’t have a story like Resident Evil: Afterlife. I would be too caught up in the story to even notice the 3D, like with Toy Story 3.

  18. Re-releasing something just because it’s been converted to 3D qualifies as a stupid gimmick for nothing more than a cash grab.

    I was one of those loyal fans who paid to see original Star Wars again when they added the “enhanced” footage. It was enjoyable but that is the LAST time I will pay for a movie I have seen numerous times that has a few added “gimmicks”.

  19. My partner and I avoided Titanic for 12 years, being turned off by hype and Celine Dion. Finally, a couple of years ago we finally watched it and both enjoyed it more than we thought we would. So, yeah, we’ll be watching it on the big screen.

  20. This is almost a bigger waste of 3D since that Justin Bieber movie. I’ll man-up and admit I enjoyed Titanic, but what’s the point of this? There HAS to be better ways we can remember those who died in the disaster.

    • @ Ghost

      Imo i don’t there is a better way to remember those who died in the disaster. But the worst thing would be to forget, thats for sure. It’s over a decade since the film was in theaters so the film would have new audience aswell those who would want to see it again. Thing about film was that the real Titanic was in the film in some scenes. And who knows how long till that ship is but a pile of rusted metal on the bottom of the ocean. Watching Titanic: Breaking New Ground, those images of the wreck still gets me everytime i watch was amazed how preserved what shown was. I got a book though that shows a pair of stroker’s boots on the ocean floor in the way he landed there. Imo, I don’t think its about money other than what paramount & Fox would get. But Cameron did alot of homework about that disaster on the Titanic along with people who died. But thats all i gotta say about this.

  21. Can’t wait to see Titanic again theaters, atleast i hope it comes to the one i go to nearest to me. I only saw it once back in 1998. I think i seen every single Titanic film except for the first silent film made. I liked all of them but Cameron’s is the best & i look forward to the new made for tv Titanic movie that will be shown next year aswell. I been i big Titanic buff since i was in the 3rd grade,lol. First book i read, forget the name-pictures looked cartoon like so i didn’t know it really happend till my teacher showed me another book of the real thing and i got more & more into it since then.

    As for Star Wars: Episode 1 i look forward to that aswell since i never saw it in theaters nor the original trilogy. My friends somehow got me into it & so i rented it-liked it watched it more, then bought it along the original trilogy. Then i saw Episode 2 & 3 in theaters. Im a fan but not a super fan. Im excited & hoping to see all 6 films on the big screen.

  22. Does James Cameron still plan to have Terminator 2 be re-released in theaters? Anyone know?

  23. Will not spend a penny on either of these movies. Titanic for Cameron, and the Star Wars Prequals for of course Lucas.

  24. How will 3-D make this better? I admit I loved it the first time, but except for the latter quarter action stuff, it will be watching people talking in 3-D. Uh huh….

  25. Wait a minute! I thought some angel prevented the Titanic from sinking just to make sure this movie wouldn’t be created? And isn’t Celine Dion homeless in Canada? :-P

    I’ll admit, like others, I enjoyed it. But if any of you girlie-men say you cried, I’m taking your mancard and ripping it to a million pieces! :-D

  26. Can’t wait for them to rerelease Avatar in 3d, that film should benefit greatly from a 3d conversion.

  27. Its a shame that Cameron’s isn’t spending the money on digitally correcting the errors in the film: http://www.paullee.com/titanic/jc1997goofs.html