Universal Planning To Remake ‘Timecop’ Without Jean-Claude Van Damme

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Timecop Remake Going Forward 2 Universal Planning To Remake Timecop Without Jean Claude Van Damme

A week in film news is not complete without another report of a reboot or remake, and since 80s action properties have been thoroughly harvested, Hollywood seems to be plowing through to the 90s. Moving on from remakes of Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicles (for now), the next action hero with a remake in development (without his involvement) is Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Timecop.

THR reports that Universal is looking to make a re-designed version of Van Damme’s 1994 time-traveling action movie. Directed by Peter Hyams and based on the Dark Horse comic book mini-series, Van Damme played the eponymous time-traveling police officer (in the future of 2004) tasked with stopping criminals who abuse the technology. He runs afoul a corrupt politician (Ron Silver) who might have had something to do with his wife’s death in the past. Mark Shmuger (We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks) and Tom McNulty are set to produce.

Timecop was a modest hit upon release and spawned a short-lived 1997 TV series and a 2003 direct-to-video sequel. While it remains one of Van Damme’s more watchable features from the apex of his popularity, Timecop never had the following of, say, Total Recall or Robocop. Given that science-fiction films have seen an uptick in popularity in the past few years, it’s actually a bit surprising that no one has seriously approached this property, despite a handful of reports from as far back as 2010.

Timecop Remake Going Forward 1 Universal Planning To Remake Timecop Without Jean Claude Van Damme

As mentioned, Van Damme is not reported to be involved. The new version will be a “re-imagining” of the concept, and while the project is out to writers, there is as yet no news on potential casting or who might direct.

With Looper having significantly raised the bar for not just science-fiction and sci-fi noir, a genre which the original Timecop arguably fits into (given the grizzled, mullet-ed Van Damme as a grieving widower, but time-travel movies in general, Universal will have its work cut out for it. If, that is, they’re going to try for a unique film by an increasingly-interesting auteur which could easily be considered a modern classic once enough time has passed.

Given the cash-grab smell surrounding this news, should Jean-Claude Van Damme be allowed to reappear in some capacity? He showed some revelatory acting chops in JCVD, but that very meta art-house flick never pushed him back into the public consciousness like he probably thought it might. Given the general, anything-can-happen nature of a time-travel movie, there’s always a way to fit his original character into this, but more likely on the level of a cameo.

Still, even the inherent nostalgia factor (with or without Van Damme) might not be enough to lure in audiences who have had it with the ever-present remake mania. As always, stay tuned for more details as they emerge.


Source: THR

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  1. Timecop won’t be the same without Van Damme’s massive hair.

    • They should treat it as a film in the same universe as Looper. I saw a lot of similarities between the movies.

  2. Why!? It’s not like it was even close to a good movie.

    • Bit heavy on the sarcasm there, Aaron.

    • Gay Mafia a lot of Girls . . a lot of tapes . . uhm all State “fuming!” **don’t tell anyone your scam**

  3. Who did he piss off??…You’d think with his epic villain role in Expendables 2 he’d get more high profile roles…

  4. Did Total Recall the remake do well at the box office?

    If so, then you might have your answer.

  5. It could work with or without him in the remake. It would be cool if he was in it in some capacity, maybe take the roll of Matuzak who was his boss in the original. But if he can’t be in it I’d still see it and I’m sure there will be nods to the original like they are so in all the reboots.

    • Yeah, If treated right it could work with or without him but a cameo of sorts would be great.

  6. Good thing Van Damme won’t be in this Timecop flick. By now he is probably so old his ticker would stop if he tried a chop-sockey move!

    • Haha, he’s younger that you, locks :)

      • ^ than

      • Yeah, you might have a point there. I might be a bit old when I consider that my last date was a “carbon date”!!

        • (Actually, I look alot younger than my chronological age of 55. I have been mistaken for being in my 40s and even 30s, looks-wise, and am probably more physically active than people of those ages. Now please pas the Geritol enema-bag….!)

          • Goldi, you’re only BARELY older than Van Dammage… he’s 53.
            So buck up :-)
            There’s always hope.

          • Oh, was that you’re bag?! Sorry.


            • sigh your

    • Last time I checked, he`s in better shape than all of us at his age

  7. Time Cop is my favorite Van Damme movie. Still, I am intrigued by the remake. I think that it’s be awesome if JCVD was in the movie in some capacity.

    • I have seen a number of Van Damme movies (I don’t actually remember watching Time Cop, for some reason, tho), and while a couple were not bad, like Bloodsport, for instance, they seem to get a bit repeat-icious. Same with Steven Segal. Early ones were good, but pretty soon they seem like the same old thing. I suppose one could say that about alot of actors, musicians, authors, etc.

      • Try Netflix, I think they might still have Timecop up along with others.

        • I love Netflix! I have both the streaming to my Roku service as well as the “by mail” service, and it is a great entertainment investment. Very fast service, helpful with problems, and great humongous catalogue in every genre imaginable. I am a Netflix fan forever!

      • Locks, Time Cop is definitely worth watching.

        • I just might take everyone’s recommendation and give it a peek.

          • As you should :)

  8. ^ it’d

  9. I heard this new one will have 200% more split kicks

  10. JCVD is not gonna like this, his documentary proved that he isn’t happy about his films being remake. I don’t like the idea though

  11. Heck, I think that he should be allowed to STAR in it…it should be a straight up SEQUEL (in practice, not in title–they should not call it Timecop 2–wait, crap–theres already a Timecop2…but C’MON, it’s TIME TRAVEL and you can have JCVD appear from an alternate timeline who has arrived to kick ass and set things right– I say call it TIMECOP: INFINITY) –really do it up and re-invent the wheel as far as how the mechanics of the time traveling actually works– cast JCVD as the experienced cop he should be at this point…maybe even make it so that he’s about to retire but one more big event needs to be taken care of first–this could be his personal King Conan movie moment and you can give it some real weight by having him sacrifice himself at the end…but IS it the end?? We may neve know! BAM! . Write a really plausible story that really takes him to some cool historical eras instead of mostly the present this time around and give the characters a realistic tone–like his JCVD movie. It was a smaller story, but had a much larger impact because of it…film something like THAT, instead it just happens to have a sci fi element to it– I mean, REALLY…do you REALLY think that a new cast and calling it a “reimagining” –or even a reboot is going to get you a better movie or better PR than if you just had JC?? You can still have your “all new” universe and rebooted style that doesnt need to even adhere to the original thanks to the fact that time travel creates alternate dimensions and realities…such a huge opportunity to literally do ANYTHING.

  12. Total Recall, Timecop, Dredd yeah yeah yeah, yada yada yada… let me know when there’s a new Demolition Man being made lol

  13. He should be able to appear, since he was the ORIGINAL time cop… come on..

  14. I loved Timecop.

    I guess if they wanna go for a younger version of JCVD who looks like him and has been in martial arts flicks of his own then one of my dreams since the late 90s was to have JCVD and Rob Van Dam in a movie together.

    Maybe this could be it?

    • That’s be awesome,

    • ^ That’d

    • Rob Van Dam…you mean from WWE wrestling? I always kind of liked his style, although I have not watched wrestling much for quite awhile (I used to watch it alot, but some of the storylines were getting too dorky).

      • Well, he did wrestle for WWE, but then he went to TNA. RVD’s contract has recently expired. I’d like to see RVD in a mainstream movie.

  15. “A week in film news is not complete without another report of a reboot or remake”


    • After approximately 120 years of motion pictures it looks like filmmakers are running out of ideas or they’re stalling with ‘innovative’ technologies like 3D

  16. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the original Timecop was not a bad movie. I’m curious if the sequel will feature any interesting cast members (no one from the second Total Recall) :)

  17. Hey screenrant, I clicked on a link on my facebook page that was supposed to be about Christopher Nolan talking about why he chose Zack Snyder and it lead me to here. Just letting you know.

  18. As long as they don’t have that insane “you can’t touch your past self or there’s a paradox” garbage, I’m in.

  19. I only have two words – THANK GOD

  20. I say make him the villian

    • That would be a cool twist–

  21. why not make van damme the bad guy.