Time Warner Cable to Drop Fox Stations? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 9:22 am,

Time Warner Cable logo Fox networks Time Warner Cable to Drop Fox Stations? [Updated]

[Update: How did this all turn out? Go HERE for details]

I saw this flash across my TV yesterday while watching my Philadelphia Eagles stomp the San Francisco 49ers :-P, but didn’t believe my eyes until now:

There is a possibility that, come January 1st, Time Warner Cable will no longer carry any Fox Stations. We’re talking Fox, Fox News, Fox Sports Net, and FX… all gone. The problem? What else: money, money, money…

The contracts between Fox and Time Warner expire this year, and currently negotiations between the two companies are said to be at a standstill. That doesn’t leave much time for things to be worked out (especially not during the upcoming holidays), making for a very nerve-wracking situation for those who subscribe to Time Warner cable service (namely, yours truly!).

I tried and tried to sign up with Verizon FiOS, but was told the service was not yet available for my building in midtown Manhattan icon sad Time Warner Cable to Drop Fox Stations? [Updated] . I’ve also been a loyal viewer of both trashy and classy Fox programming since I was a child. If I have to watch the new season of 24 on my computer because of this, I will be PISSED.

Of course, the chances of that happening are slim; Time Warner would be stupid to think that subscribers would put up with this crap when there are other cable services competing for their dollar. I bet Verizon FiOS will be installed in my building REAL QUICK if this travesty is allowed to happen. Especially around NFL playoff time.

If you hear this and actually care, Fox (for once the lesser of two evils?) has started a website petition for you to protest on. It’s called  Keep Fox On and if you click that title you’ll jump right on over to the site, where you can petition and complain at your leisure.

All I know is, this better be resolved before American Idol starts up. Losing Paula Abdul was bad enough…

Source: Keep Fox On

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  1. Hey stop the train here. I know that you might have had a favorite show or two on Fox but what have they done for you lately??

    Have they changed their ways any? Have they tried to make any improvements, like keeping shows fresh by running less reruns? Seems like their were plenty of reruns last night. What about the good franchises they’ve canceled? What about all the movie franchises they’ve gotten their hands on and summarily screwed up? Yet despite all this I take it they want more money? I say, Fox improve quality and performance and then ask for more money. Otherwise keep the crappy sports and shows.

    Sports on TV is the longest running worst reality show now playing. It gets way more expensive every year and never gets any better. When was the last time they did something to Football to improve its watch-ability? It’s the same game only the players have changed. It’s like watching the “Wizard of Oz” week after week year after year for a season into infinity. I’m sure MGM [bless the poor lion, he's being thrown to the curb] could use all that outrageous cash the Football league wants for the broadcast rights! Who would do that? Besides, so you miss a part of a season or a few games? It’s not the end of the world. If Fox loses a major outlet then perhaps they’ll lose the piece of Football they are contracted to show! Ouch that would have to hurt CBS, ABC, NBC. Maybe Fox can pick up the slack with golf? Which is it, NBC? – has been limping on that for years now…

  2. Lets get it on

  3. Yay! Die Fox, die!

  4. I HATE Time Warner. We have their service now, but we had AT&T UVerse before we moved and loved it. We were so bummed when we found out that it wasn’t available in our new neighborhood.

  5. KEEP FOX ON ! ! !

  6. Didnt something similar happen last year with Comcast negotiations?
    At the last minute, it was resolved.
    Same holiday deadline as I recall.

  7. Screw FOX!

    Only thing needed now is that FOX News gets taken down.

  8. @anakin

    Yes, let’s bury the only news station that is actually questioning what the gov’t is doing. Great plan.


  9. Please keep Fox stations on Time Warner. They are my favorite news sources. If I lose Fox, I’ll have to switch to another cable company.

  10. Yay anakin, get rid of the only station that has an opposing opinion as EVERY other station! Woot for monopolies!!! lol

  11. Thank goodness I don’t use Time Warner. I love all the blind Fox hate. Fox is one of the few decent stations left. Without it we will just end up with more crap networks like CBS and more crappy news networks like MSNBC. Also lets not forget the best cable channel out there for original shows FX.

  12. IT’S ALL ABOut The Monee… :D

    You can justify it how ever you want. That’s what it boils down to. Who gets how much for what ever. You know what, let Fox deliver the goods then they can talk cash. This past track record isn’t going to be begged away. It Will be negotiated away, yep you bet. I say step back let the chips fall. Fox goes down the tubes, hey, failure is its own demonstration! Do I really think it could go that way? Not a clue. Do I have a say? Only to the extent of this keyboard, the remote and my wallet. Fox has very little I’ve thought worth watching now. They have scrimped, made stupid blunders with good properties, ticked a lot of people off. The recent news about all the corporate greed hasn’t helped. The decades of “DO More with Less” philosophy should be pointed right back at the top dogs that put those kind of ideas together. They can’t hack it they should get out. They can’t perform, retire! Go do something else. Don’t come whining to me, I have sympathy, but hey my money spends like theirs only, I have a whole lot less of it… :(

  13. Flush Fox’s so called news, all they do is incite rumor, fear mongering and anger. I can find 24 and the few FX shows I like somewhere else.

  14. @Docktorwu

    What the do is not suck up completely and utterly to this administration.


  15. Shame on time Warner. We appear to be moving in to a form of censorship as practiced in those country we criticized. If they take FOX news off the air, I will cancel all my time warner subscriptions in all locations.

  16. I bet Jermaine was just all over that Texas tail, with tales
    of T/W and the Newhouse family suddenly getting a case of “customer satisfaction” on their minds..


    Newhouse (Brighthouse) could care less about us, they are interested in seeing if they can pressure FOX into dropping the subscriber rate…typical zionists, as if owning half the media wasn’t enough.
    But, like everyone else, I bought into BH thinking that I would have access to FOX .. so BH has lied.
    I will go with Dish or Direct if they fail to renew.
    anakin, you’re a fag.

  17. Red Neck says: “they are interested in seeing if they can pressure FOX into dropping the subscriber rate”

    FOX should be cut rate they haven’t performed on all fronts. If merchandise is flawed and output is low it should be discounted. Perhaps they should both cut prices? Other forces are catching up to match cables bandwidth, ease of use, and reliability. I also think you shouldn’t be calling other people names if you don’t know them or their circumstances. Perhaps Anakin has legitimate cause to feel the way he does about FOX.

  18. Either keep fox on or I will cancel my cable & internet service with TW

  19. Bright House already raised it’s rates not too long ago (September 2009). What are we paying more for? HD stations…not all of us use HD so WHY are we paying for it? Because Bright House says we have to if we want to keep their service. Frankly I would rather pay a $1 a month increase in my bill for FOX than pay the $2+ increase they charge for the 26 HD stations they put up in September 2009, which I don’t utilize…

  20. Please Please Please keep fox on. Too many good shows. I will be extremely annoyed if I have to watch 24 on the internet. I would even think of going to Fios

  21. I think that Joe Flint over at the latimesblogs had an interesting thing to say about the issue paraphrasing he said;” why is it that we can’t pick and pay for the channels we want, rather than paying for things we never watch?” Let the market do the talking. The least they could do is attempt to put the channels that have similar programming close to each other. That way they could filter out the channels customers didn’t want to buy and cut down channel bloat. perhaps they would make up the possible capital loss by selling more Internet bandwidth? Sooner or later something has to change the competition is only going to get bigger and more intense.

  22. It’s really time to stop worrying about money and start worrying about viewers. We have your whole package of cable, phone, etc. but it can be changed to FIOS.

  23. Keep FOX on. If Time Warner takes Fox off, I will switch to another cable company. I was thinking about switching my internet over to Time Warner, I am sure glad I found out before I switched. I know what this is really about and I don’t think such things like this should be aloud. Before you know it we will have cable channels and we will all have a limited amount of channels to watch just like it was when we had regular TV.

  24. OOps, forgot the filter…


    Yah, and Fox haters = $ociali$t leftist elitists

    Just wanted to be fair. :-)