Time Warner Cable to Drop Fox Stations? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 9:22 am,

Time Warner Cable logo Fox networks Time Warner Cable to Drop Fox Stations? [Updated]

[Update: How did this all turn out? Go HERE for details]

I saw this flash across my TV yesterday while watching my Philadelphia Eagles stomp the San Francisco 49ers :-P, but didn’t believe my eyes until now:

There is a possibility that, come January 1st, Time Warner Cable will no longer carry any Fox Stations. We’re talking Fox, Fox News, Fox Sports Net, and FX… all gone. The problem? What else: money, money, money…

The contracts between Fox and Time Warner expire this year, and currently negotiations between the two companies are said to be at a standstill. That doesn’t leave much time for things to be worked out (especially not during the upcoming holidays), making for a very nerve-wracking situation for those who subscribe to Time Warner cable service (namely, yours truly!).

I tried and tried to sign up with Verizon FiOS, but was told the service was not yet available for my building in midtown Manhattan icon sad Time Warner Cable to Drop Fox Stations? [Updated] . I’ve also been a loyal viewer of both trashy and classy Fox programming since I was a child. If I have to watch the new season of 24 on my computer because of this, I will be PISSED.

Of course, the chances of that happening are slim; Time Warner would be stupid to think that subscribers would put up with this crap when there are other cable services competing for their dollar. I bet Verizon FiOS will be installed in my building REAL QUICK if this travesty is allowed to happen. Especially around NFL playoff time.

If you hear this and actually care, Fox (for once the lesser of two evils?) has started a website petition for you to protest on. It’s called  Keep Fox On and if you click that title you’ll jump right on over to the site, where you can petition and complain at your leisure.

All I know is, this better be resolved before American Idol starts up. Losing Paula Abdul was bad enough…

Source: Keep Fox On

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  1. @Ken J

    Weird. I don’t have any filters in place for political terms. Must be at the level of the company that does the filtering, not here locally on the site.



  3. I wouldn’t be that crushed if FOX was off TW. I’d probably just get a digital antenna and watch the few shows (Animation domination, 24 and some football). To me, American Idol is the worst crap on TV and Fox News is just blantantly NOT fair and unbiased. Sorry Vic, but Fox News is the mouthpiece of the right wing conservatives as much as MSNBC is the mouthpiece of the liberal elite. Neither one knows what unbiased media is. Maybe they should both watch some of Walter Cronkite’s old broadcasts. That being said, I’m hoping that they work out an agreement because whether or not I believe in what Fox News spews out, I believe in their RIGHT to spew it out. I just wish they would stop with all the reality shows though. UGH!!

  4. @Andy S

    WOOT, I agree dude. I don’t have any misconceptions that Fox is somehow not biased, of course it is!! It’s conservative biased, but I just LOVE all of the liberals that talk crap about how biased Fox is when EVERY OTHER NEWS STATION is blatantly liberal biased, and they think THOSE are not biased! So who really has the blinders on?? HAHA

    To me, if they have all of these liberal biased news stations, it’s only fair that there is at least one conservative biased stataion like Fox. I mean, come on, do we want our news to be JUST propaganda for the current administration? We need propaganda from both sides! lol

    I mean, yah, Fox is going to talk all kinds of crap about Obama, whether they are true or not, but that’s the thing, even if they’re making up the bad things, you at least know when Obama REALLY does something bad, Fox will definitely report it, while MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and all of the rest will quietly ignore it and make sure there’s more news about Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson to make sure you don’t notice the bad things Obama is doing. So in a way, yes, Fox is doing some good in exposing some of the things Obama is doing, but just don’t believe everything they say, I think that’s just as dumb.

    Unfortunately there cannot be a true unbiased news source because no matter what, the company is owned by individuals that have their own political beliefs, so obviously they will push those beliefs onto their viewers, it’s just human nature. The best thing to do is simply do research yourself instead of relying on what the tv tells you, most of it is BS anyway…

    Just don’t go thinking crazy aluminum foil hat websites are telling the truth either. That’s just going from one retarded extreme to the other retarded extreme. The truth is somewhere in the middle…

  5. @Andy

    What Ken said.

    And you have to remember that the perception of Fox News comes mainly from their editorial programming: O’Reilly, Hannity, etc. Those guys don’t report the news, they have obvious bias. But on other networks, the news REPORTERS who are supposed to be unbiased spin the regular news broadcasts to skew in favor of the administration and other Liberal causes. They’re so deeply invested in Global Warming that they can’t bring themselves to report on anything that might undermine that, even if it’s valid.


  6. Welcome to big Brother! This is just the start of the way to silence the media.
    Whats next? Radio talk shows?
    What about the contracts customers have with Time Warner cable?
    Tell me if you broke your end what happens? But Time warner can do what they want!

  7. Oh please we’ve had big brother and the Epsilon minuses since prior to WW1. The idea that Time is any more guilty is to ignore Fox’s blatant power shoveling of crap at us the subcribers. As far as breaking of contracts is concerned, customer’s have a choice and more of them every day. They can choose to leave Time Warner, go with satellite or as services like U-verse become available choose that. Additionally, just like a person above said buy a digital Aeriel and get Fox direct. The real tragedy is that I really don’t think anything fundamentally will change, It’s just all about at what price point.

  8. Censorship is cool as long as it works alongside your point of view. :-)

    Not my point of view, being sarcastic, lol.

    I wonder what some of these people will say if it was the other way around and Time Warner decided to drop CNN, MSNBC, and/or the other liberal news mediums…

    I’m willing to bet we’ll be hearing a whole different tune…

  9. Please Time Warner, my cable carrier, keep FOX on the air. I am an elderly lady who fully enjoys seeing the Dallas Cowboys games and I am upset that during play offs, you may drop Fox4 from the air. If it has to happen, could it possibly be in later in 2010 rather than during the PLAYOFF football games.

    Thanks for being my Cable Company, Time Warner, but please treat your customers better than this. Thanks for the time.

  10. One greedy bunch of corporate fools complaining about another group of equally douchy corporate jerks.

    Who cares???

    More bucks in Rupert’s wallet?

    Yeah, right…

  11. It’s not important if they lose them, I can always access this stuff in the Internet, which I already for many programs.

  12. The owner of fox is a rich selfish man!! Like he doesn’t have enough money so he wants to take more from the people who use time Warner cable! So messed up! I think it is nonsense! However I watch fringe, American idol, glee and so many sports games that I would be sad to see fox go. I think fox needs to stop being such a baby and not try to reem other companies and people of their money. If they do that in actuality they are going to piss people off and end up losing more money anyway. It is all just a bunch a BS.

  13. Nikiki Finke is reporting they cut a deal this afternoon.
    Was there ever any serious doubt they would?

  14. I don’t think this is the problem, I think your other
    news net works are behind this, they cant compete with
    FOX. The liberals don’t like FOX. This might go all the
    way to the white house.

  15. There are so many places TIME WARNER can pick up that money.DROP MSN who watches that? How about all those
    Government channels . FOX has a lot of viewers . But that’s
    one way to pick up a lot of business for DISH. I believe
    cable is way over priced. They not only get money from the subscribers they get a lot from sponsors . charge them.
    They also give every city money, so they can
    run there business there ( THATS STRANGE ). Guess it like a tax… then they also tax the people double dipping
    I think they call that. Then Time warner passes it along to
    the costumers .

  16. I saw that the service will no longer be available on verizon fios as well. And verizons service is mediocre and I can not understand what they are saying when I call them about once a month because of some type of issue with my service because all of their workers are employed in India.

  17. In all fairness, all cable, satelite and verizon providers pay carriage fees subject to contract renewals for all the channels they provide. Before you buy into the recent Fox appeals to TWC customers, realize that they are attempting to raise their fees at the subscriber expense while most of their programming are available free off air (antenna reception with digital tuners)and if you think that you should be able to pick and choose individual channels cheaper, you will find out just the opposite. People, know that the providers do have your best interest in mind. The networks will forever look for ways to raise the fees in order to pay the high dollar celebrities, programs and sporting events. You see, it is really about profits over the cost of doing business and the subscribers are the victims. If in doubt, look further online or contact FOX directly and ask them how much more?

  18. any one that is seeking Verizon Fios Service please contact me and i’ll sign you up and a flat rate for 24 months. email me at matthewmcculloughal@gmail.com