Alice In Wonderland Teaser Trailer Online! (Plus New Posters)

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alice in wonderland logo Alice In Wonderland Teaser Trailer Online! (Plus New Posters)

Over the last few weeks we’ve had various looks at Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland adaptation, from images of the specific characters to concept art for the settings and so forth. To add to that, we’ve also been teased by Burton himself that the teaser (or “semi”) trailer was on it’s way soon, likely premiering at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con International this year.

However, it appears that the Alice in Wonderland trailer has dropped online a little earlier than allowed anticipated, as it was originally suppossed to be shown in 3D at Comic Con. We also have five new character posts for the movie for your viewing pleasure. Check it all out (while you can).

The very first ever footage from Burton’s Wonderland has just premiered online at IGN and I am relieved to say it’s every bit as good as I’ve been hoping it would be. The set design, the creatures, the colors, those classic Wonderland characters brought to life – all is just fantastic-looking. It appears that someone over at IGN has jumped the gun by posting this teaser trailer online this early, but here it is below (watch it while you can!):

Apart from the fact that Depp seems to be emulating Heath ledger’s Joker a tiny bit (with less sadistic violence, that is), he nonetheless looks fantastic in character as The Mad Hatter. Just like Burton and the Alice in Wonderland tale, Depp seems perfect for this role and this footage proves that.

Newcomer Mia Wasikowska, despite not speaking a word at all during the teaser, looks great as Alice, and overall it just looks like Burton has nailed the quirky yet dark tone the film rightfully should have (although, to be fair, Burton can do that sort of thing in his sleep).

On top of the teaser trailer, we also have five Alice in Wonderland character posters. They are basically the same as the images we’ve seen before of the film only in singular poster form, but they’re cool nonetheless (click any for larger version):

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  1. The trailer actually worries me. Not a big fan of the Mad Hatters look. Also the trailer makes it seem like Depp is the star in a movie called Alice in Wonderland.

  2. Trailer does seem like that, but I think they do that because the know people will see it for Depp as that. I doubt thats how it goes down in the movie, if it does then this movie will be bad. Tim knows its about Alice and will keep it that way. They just put him as the focus of the trailer since he is the big star.

  3. I love the trailer. I think it looks great! and since this is a “semi”-trailer they probably just threw together some footage that was semi-completed,which is understandable since I read there is still a lot of post-production to do.

    I can’t wait for this movie!

  4. HELL YEAH!!!! THAT was GREAT!!! Johnny Depp looked good…Tim Burton is soooo good!!!

  5. I’m a little worried, myself. I love Alice and Lewis Carrol… >>” If Tim Burton, the genius behind Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and etc. screws this up… I think I might actually cry. Hopefully, though, they amend the whole ‘Johnny-being-the-star’ thing. I don’t think I would be too appreciative of Mr. Depp hogging the screen again. No need for another Pirates of the Carribean.

  6. Burton had nothing to do with “Coraline”. I think this has potential to be awesome. We’ll see.

  7. Jer is right, Burton is only tangentially associated with “Coraline” – the director of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, which Burton wrote, directed and adapted the screenplay for “Coraline”.

    I don’t like the look of this movie at all, from what’s shown in this teaser. Looks like Depp is just playing Willy Wonka again with different make-up and the focus on Depp in the teaser is worrying.

  8. JUST FOR THE RECORD. Tim Burton did not actually direct the Nightmare Before Christmas. He just created the story. ALSO, he is in no way associated to the film Coraline. In actuality, Tim Burton only co-wrote and produced the film. He also helped with the actual animation but he did not direct the film. HENRY SELICK DID. Henry Selick also directed Coraline which was based off a book written by Neil Gaiman. Tim Burton didn’t have anything to do with Coraline.

  9. I doubt the focus of the movie is going to be Depp, as some of you guys have said, they probably just used him as the focus of this teaser because he’s the big star. And The Mad Hatter is the most recognisable character other than Alice to most people (maybe even MORE recognisable in some ways).

    It’s funny – I really thought the reception for the trailer would be unanimously positive, but it seems pretty mixed, at least around these parts.


    I didn’t get the Willy Wonka vibe, except maybe for the fact he wears weird clothing. He has a different accent (British, I think), and acts more mysterious than his portrayal as Wonka which more more silly than anything else.

  10. Someone beat me to the punch. Forget my last comment.

  11. I really want to see this.

  12. Coraline the movie was awful. Neil Gammon must have been horrified at the final product.

  13. It is not a “fact that Depp seems to be emulating Heath ledger’s Joker”.
    This looks like another Depp original character portrait in every way.

  14. The trailer won’t play on my computer :( is there anywhere else that I can watch it?

  15. Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton? Should be good.

    I have been disappointed by Tim Burton in the past. Best not to get my hopes up too much.

  16. I didn’t like Johnny Depp in Charley and the Chocolate Factory and I’m not sure how I feel about him being the Mad Hatter. His personality doesn’t really fit the character.

    I’ll keep an open mind.

  17. It looks fantastic. Johny Depp and Tim Burton has made some great movies in the past. This looks to be no exception.

  18. I want to see a picture of the cheshire cat…

    i think they should go for a similar look as the one in americn mcgee’s alice

  19. it does not matter to me what he does, he’s cute , and besides i love all of his movies.

  20. I must admit that I do enjoy all the Depp films with their quirkiness…

  21. I will definately be checking this out sometime soon…..

  22. wonderful

  23. “it does not matter to me what he does, he’s cute ”

    The very definition of a Johnny Depp fan.

  24. I definitely got a “Chocolate Factory” vibe from the Mad Hatter. Don’t get me wrong; I love Johnny Depp in everything he does – from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and all characters in between. What makes Johnny Depp such a good actor is he lives the life of his character; he doesn’t play a role, he is the role. But this time it seems like he just fell back into Wonka mode and changed the colors, and viola, we have a Mad Hatter!

    I was hoping for a darker, more sinister “Burton” film (much like Alice, the video game) than what this trailer leads me to believe, but there may still be hope; after all, it is just a trailer.

    I’ll RedBox it for a buck.

  25. Definitely got me hooked.

  26. I think this movie will be “dark” in that tim burton sense, but also light since it is after all “wonder”land.

    All i know is that i’m pumped to see it and J-Dawg’s accent and costume are sweet

  27. Well lets be fair Foopher the Tim Burton sense of dark is a couple of odd looking costumes/set pieces and then literally making the lighting in the film darker than your average. That’s Burton dark.

  28. First off i have to say that this looks like a very good start to what will be an excelent movie. Secondly to all you people who are getting the Wonka vibe.. might I ask from what? The clip itself is not overly long and the only things that The hatter actually do is walk across a table, throw his hat, and tell Alice that she’s late.

  29. errr I’m going to have my doubts… I’m not too appreciative of all these movies coming out in 3D. I’m definitely gonna watch it on regular screen. Then there’s johnny depp. If i was making the movie. I wouldn’t choose a character i used in my last movie (sweeney todd) and also use a guy who uses the same personality in all his movies. BUTTTTT… i have to say I’m definitely looking forward to this movie. I’m a big fan of the books and movie adaptations and this looks like ONE of the first movies that will extend its screenplay to the second book, ‘through the looking glass’, and not just the first, ‘the adventures of alice in wonderland’. I’m also hoping they don’t mingle the two basic themes (cards and chess) of the books together too much, so that it changes the story. I’m also hoping that the amazing LOGICAL puzzles behind the masterpiece of Carroll’s books are portrayed much more than previous other movies have done. I still say the 1999 version was my favorite. If Depp can do a better job at the mad hatter than Martin Short, then kudos to him.