Thundercats Movie Not Happening?

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thundercats logo Thundercats Movie Not Happening?

The last time we posted about the gestating Thundercats movie it was to reveal some early concept art for it, which (especially if you’re a fan of the original cartoon) looked pretty badass. But apart from some concept images, there wasn’t any real movement on Thundercats, and in fact there was word of it being delayed or even “shelved.”

But with the success of movies based on ’80s cartoon/toy franchises like Transformers and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, it seems like a no-brainer that the studio would be doing everything they could to get Thundercats into theaters ASAP… right? Well, you’d figure, but Collider is now reporting that the movie is no longer happening, at least not at Warner Bros., where it has resided since 2007.

Now Collider doesn’t give anymore details than the fact they have spoken to “a few reliable sources” who say Thundercats is no longer on the way from the studio we know as WB. I don’t know if that means the movie is not happening AT ALL, or whether WB isn’t interested in making it anymore and will sell it to another studio whose enthusiasm is a little higher on the scale (there’s a scale? icon razz Thundercats Movie Not Happening? ).

In case you don’t know, Thundercats was set up in 2007 by WB as a CGI-animated feature directed by video game art director Jerry O’Flaherty (Gears of War) from a script written by Paul Sopocy (It’s Alive). It was going to be an origin story of sorts, focusing on Lion-O becoming the leader of the Thundercats and, of course, battling with the classic villain from the cartoon, Mumm-Ra.

However, as stated, those who are looking forward to seeing Thundercats up on the big-screen will have to wait a while longer at least until it lands at another studio, or, worse case scenario, we may never see it. I use the word “may” as it seems very unlikely given the proven success of bringing out modern-day bid-budget movies based on well-known ’80s properties. If this “not happening” news turns out to be true, I’m betting it just means that the film isn’t happening at WB and not that it’s off for good.

Thundercats Thundercats Movie Not Happening?

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, Ho!

As with most ’80s properties, there’s equal potential for Thundercats to suck and for it to be awesome. The fact that it was being developed for CGI kind of sets my mind to rest more than if it had been live-action (that would have looked RE-diculous). If the project ever gets made, could we see the stunning technology James Cameron used to bring the blue Na’Vi to life in Avatar employed for Thundercats (kudos to fellow Screen Rant writer Rob Keyes for bringing that up behind-the-scenes)?


Thoughts on the Thundercats movie possibly no longer happening? Are you excited to see the cartoon be brought to life on the big-screen or should it remain just as it is? And would you be up for seeing the movie be done using the revolutionary technology employed in Avatar?

Source: Collider

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  1. I would love to see Thundercats on the big screen. As a child growing up in the 90s I watched the Thundercats everyday when it aired on Toonami on Cartoon Network. I think that they should make a movie but I am starting to get tired of every movie being completly in CGI, I like the way James Cameron revolutionized it though, putting together CGI and real human acting was a great idea and if anything they should make the Thundercats movie this way. I also think that making it live-action wouldn’t be ridiculous, that is the point of making movies, as long as its in the right hands it’ll be great. I was a bit bummed out hearing that this movie was shelved by the WB, but after I read of their idea making the movie all in CGI I said good ridance, let another company pick it up that will do the movie right. Just pleasde don’t let it be FOX since they ruin everything!

  2. it’s for the best

  3. I agree do it using Avatar technology,but try and stay true to the cartoon,i think they could do it with the right director and writers,i seen the art for liono i think they need to stick to the look of the original charaters.

  4. what’s next? Bravestar? Jem and the Holograms? Rocket Robin Hood?

  5. THUNDERCATS….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hows about a silver hawks movie!

  7. G-Force…

    Not the guinea pigs.

  8. Gargoyles.

    Terrahawks (although after the ghastly Thunderbirds movie…)

    Joe 90

  9. How sad the WB chose the shelve it. It will be an awful movie if not made with love and plenty of time to really get it right. ALso, none but a real TCat fan will really do it justice, so in a way, I am glad it’s up for another studio to take.

    When I saw avatar, I realized that the Thundercats movie was actually a real possibility, I hope the next interested director or producer seeks us out in the fandom world and asks for our input.

  10. I was in highschool back in the days when Thundercats was on tv ; didn’t like it but then I don’t think I was the target audience.
    I must admit , however , that I always loved the character designs – they all looked cool.

    on a not terribly interesting side note ,I could not stand the little-comic-relief-sidekick
    ( Snurglet? Snurfler? Puffweasel? Spazzy the Hairball?).

    even when I was a kid I never liked the cutesy pie sidekicks that almost seemed to be required by law ; they all had ‘em .

    … but I digress.

    I would like to see a Thundercats movie on the big screen.
    The current state of movie FX is tailor-made for characters like these
    ( but please spare me the cutesy pie sidekick ).

  11. As a big fan of the television show “Thundercats” I just don’t see it happening, some things should stay where they are, for those that were really stoked about it though I wouldn’t worry too much, they’ll (the studios) find a way to squeeze money out of it sooner or later. One thing I would love to see is a live action version of the late 1990′s cartoon “Gargoyles”, now I definitely could see that happening using the technology pioneered during the making of James Cameron’s “Avatar”, considering the great story that’s already there. All they’d have to do is condense it and bring it to life.

  12. As the owner of one Thundercat website and the co-Leader of another, I have to put my two cents in. I have been a big fan of Thundercats since my childhood and when I first heard that WB was planning on making a movie, I was ecstatic! Then, to hear that they shelved the movie really ticked me off to say the least.

    True, Thundercats may not be up there with Transformers or G.I. Joe in ratings, but there are many fans of the show that are waiting and hoping that the movie will be made. Sales of the Thundercats DVD sets should have proved that there is enough interest out there to take a chance. If WB is not willing to make the movie, then I say sell the rights to someone who will!

  13. The fun part would be figuring out who should play what part… Hmmmm.. Who should play as Lion-O? :)

  14. If WB hasnt realize the possibilities that this movie could have now thanks to Avatar than they should do everyone a favor and sell the rights preferably to Fox.This film cannot be made any other way.

  15. id like to see a live action REBOOT!

    i loved that show

  16. that or a live action tri gun cause

    they are already making cowboy beebop, the anime series is short but well written and very good, for those who havent seen it

  17. I want a Thundercats movie but I think this was for the best that concept art was terrible. I don’t agree that fans of the show should like it considering it looked nothing like the show. It was completely different in nearly every single way.

  18. Release the Kraken ont hose who produced failed concept art, and for those beign cowardly sheep to get good concept art and a decent script for Thundercats.

    I want Thundercats. HOE!!!!

  19. I think Disney should get the rights and let Pixar do it while utilizing the “Avatar” software technology or something identical.

  20. I would love to see Thundercats as a live action film! It would be great. As we can see any movie is possible to make nowadays. As long as it has a team behind it then I am sure it will appeal to the masses. Iron Man was well done, so I don’t see why Thundercats cannot be pulled off besides actors were used in X-Men, TMNT, Spider Man etc. Someone just needs to write a good script and have a big time producer sell it. In the future I would love to see Gargoyles, and Pirates of Dark Water.

    I can see Brad Pitt playing Lion-O

  21. I hope it is worth the waiting.. cant wait to see the thundercats in action.. my favorite cartoons.. Come on some body out there make the thundercats the real thing.. I want to see it on the big screen