Thundercats Movie Still Alive? Script Details Emerge

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Thundercats Thundercats Movie Still Alive? Script Details Emerge

Open your desk drawer and file this under “S” for “Skeptical” but it appears that a copy of the Thundercats movie screenplay has hit the web – and thanks to a tip from Grizzlor at Thundercats Lair, we managed to read through a copy. So now we have to answer the looming question: Is this really a true copy of the screenplay for the Thundercats movie? If so, is it the first draft or the rewrite draft?

Insides sources close to the project are telling Screen Rant that Paul Sopocy (It’s Alive) has not only finished a first draft of the Thundercats screenplay, but was hired by Warner Bros. to do a rewrite, which has already been turned in. However, this information conflicts with what we told you back in December about Thundercats being dropped by WB – or does it? In Hollywood, information changes more often than a traffic light.

Word from our source is that Chase Me Productions is going to be the producing studio on Thundercats with WB handling the distribution. Chase Me Productions appears to also be working on Sherlock Holmes 2, Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride, The Brazilian Job, Men in Black 3, Jumper 2 and Five Brothers (the much unneeded sequel to Four Brothers).

Regarding this Thundercats script – if this is truly a legit version of Sopocy’s screenplay, then he has nailed it!


All of your favorite characters are in the film, along with a few new additional ones: Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Wiley Kit, Wiley Kat, Jaga, Mumm-Ra, Slithe, Monkian, Jackal Man, and even Lion-O’s father, Claudus.

TCsLionOClaudus3 Thundercats Movie Still Alive? Script Details EmergeLion-O and his Daddy

For the moment let’s assume that this is a legitimate screenplay for Thundercats. I won’t SPOIL all the fun for you, but here are some interesting notes:

  • There is no mention of Snarf at all – this is good news, because he would quickly become the Jar-Jar of the franchise.
  • Panthro has purple skin – there was some concern of stereotyping him in the 80s as being big, bald and black.
  • Claudus and Grune both appear in the movie (don’t remember them? Just click their names).
  • The Berbils robot bears are referenced but not featured.
  • Monkian and Cheetara have one the funniest interactions in the film.
  • Lion-O is given a love interest, Kaeli , who I’ve never heard of.
  • The film appears to be a hard PG-13 and is left open for a sequel.

For more information on the script, head over to Thundercats Lair and grab a copy for some light reading.

All and all, I’m hoping this is a copy of the rewritten script because it’s pretty damned good. Unfortunately, because Sopocy is most likely under a non-disclosure clause, we won’t be able to confirm if this version is his or not – though time should soon tell if it is real or fake.

Thundercats1 Thundercats Movie Still Alive? Script Details Emerge

For now I’ll leave you with this great Thundercats fan made trailer:

What are your thoughts on this Thundercats script? Do you think this movie could turn out to be good?

Thundercats the movie is rumored to be hitting theaters in 2012.

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Source: Thundercats Lair and a hat tip to Wikia for their list of Thundercats characters

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  1. Anybody watched an old episode of Thundercats recently? Even through the rose tinted specs of nostalgia I can tell that show did not age well.

    As far as a movie goes though, I really think it'll be almost impossible to make a decent Thundercats movie simply because of Snarf. Put him in, and as you say, he would be another Jar Jar… but leave him out and suddenly “it's not really Thundercats, they left out a major character!”.

    I say let it die as a remnant of the 80's.

  2. Is this live action or animated?

  3. i think they already did this movie oh yea its called avatar. but if they do do this they should use that technology or prostetics and dudde that fan made trailer never gets old….

  4. Your first link to the Lair has an SSL address giving it apage load error.

  5. They should just keep Panthro blue like he is supposed to be.

  6. James Cameron should forget about doing an Avatar sequel or prequel and do “Thundercats” instead. I wasn't blown away with Avatar but if James Cameron was to do “Thundercats” like he did Avatar but better, know that he's knows the potential, man……….!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! Now imagine the NEW toys and Thundercats paraphanilia!!! I could definitely see the eye of Thundera Symbol coming out of the screen at the audience in 3D!!! If I was Cameron, I'd get my hands all over this one.

  7. Come to think of it, maybe there's a way to lead into the Thundercat's mythos from Avatar, like they could be a related species or something who separated and evolved differently.

  8. Lol true, The Vin Diesel being Panthro always cracks me up

  9. Thanks, it's fixed now.

  10. Um…I'm gonna say no to that. Thundercats had no environmental message and regularly gave positive messages about unity and doing what is right. Avatar is about a guy that abandons his ENTIRE race for some alien booty.

  11. You know, I wasn't able to confirm that one way or the other. I'd like it to be live-action but I'm sure more details will emerge in the coming months.

  12. Yeah, I can agree with that. Jake Sully didn't have much of a life left anyway and he would have had to stay on Pandora anyway because he probably would've been killed or thrown in jail if he went back to earth. Not only that, what were his chances of getting legs now that he was helping the Na'vi. He wasn't going to get any human booty especially being a paraplegic and knowing what he could do with his NEW body. Don't lie and say you would have went back to earth to go to jail, get no punanny and more than likely killed. His human body became useless anyway. But yeah I do agree on somebody else doing this, with the AVATAR movie technology though.

  13. This is gonna be beastly!!! I've always loved Thundercats, and I would really like to see a live action movie (not animated). I'm a black person, and I don't even care about the stereotypical stuff related to Panthro. now we just need the Masters of the Universe movie to get rolling, and my whole childhood tv experience will be re-done into movies

  14. T-reezy

    not sure if it was a joke or not but I just read somewhere that Brad Pitt will be playing the lead in Masters of the Universe. They must be getting ready for casting soon.

  15. Thundercats was really the only 80's cartoon I had enough fond memories of to want to go back and watch, so I wouldn't know about that, but I wouldn't be surprised. The only really old cartoons I love are the shorts, like Tom and Jerry, or the Warner Brothers cartoons,

  16. This is a RIDICULOUS idea. The only way I see this working is if it is all animated or CGI, himan actors will look ridiculous dressed like this

  17. HA HA HA. I remember seeing this on youtube about a year or two ago. I thought it was pretty cool, and i still think so.

    Besides all of that, I can't wait for this movie to be made. Thanks to Avatar for being the guineapig for the new special effects tech that has come out. Because it worked like a charm other future movies that require tons of real life-looking special effects can now be made. Thundercats is just one of them, along with the Justice League, etc. I'm not surprised thay are now talking about a Thundercats' movie again, after the success of Avatar. Good work guys.

  18. Frankly, I would definitely like to see the Thundercats in Pixar animation as well. Maybe in 3D. I think that would be pretty cool.

  19. Anybody got the link for the audio files of the actors doing Snarf, Lion-O, Mumm-Ra….
    Where they just start cussing up a storm, mess up lines real bad, and I think one of them is drunk or sick…. I remember hearing that a few years ago and laughing my ass off. Those were better than that dang vid……

  20. I'm not too sure, tasouli. I mean if it's understood that they come from another planet (Thundera) where the inhabitants are cat-like people and are different colors, i think it can work. No one complained about Mystique, nightcrawler, or beast looking ridiculous, being completely dark blue in the the X movies or Toad being green in X 1. I say give it a chance and let's wait for upcoming news concerning it.

  21. Wait…we are all missing the point of this article. Jumper, Wild Hogs, and Four Brothers are all getting sequels? Really?

  22. HAHAHALOLOL. Good catch Spawnacus. I was distracted about news of one of my favorite cartoons being made into a movie. LOLOL, but you're right. My question is Why do they want to make these supposed sequels?

  23. It's fake. No film would leave out snarf.

  24. Totally agree. The show aged very poorly. When listening to the characters talk, it's almost as if they are speaking in slow motion.

    On another note though, is Schnarf going to be in the movie?

  25. I have 3 questions:
    1) How big are the litterboxes?
    2) Who cleans them out?
    3) Regular or clumping?

  26. just look at avatar and you can have a general idea of how the Thundercats would look like