9-Minute Preview of New ‘ThunderCats’ Cartoon Leaks

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thundercats preview leak cheetara 9 Minute Preview of New ThunderCats Cartoon Leaks

The premiere of the newly-rebooted ThunderCats cartoon is fast approaching, but you don’t have to wait to get a glimpse of the team in action. A 9-minute clip of the pilot has leaked onto the Internet, and you can check out this special preview now.

ThunderCats has been underway for the better part of a year, and is set to debut with a double-sized hour-long event on July 29th. The new version of the much-loved ’80s action cartoon is animated by Studio 4°C.

Fans of the original will note that the new series has a very different feel: the world is more sword-and-sorcery than space opera, and the mostly grown-up protagonists of the first cartoon have been made over into teens and twenty-somethings. The animation has the clean, deliberate lines of modern action cartoons with a more exaggerated and smooth style.

Series icons Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro and Mumm-Ra are in attendance, with regulars Jaga, WilyKat, WilyKit and Snarf (thankfully devoid of speech in this version) filling out the ranks.

The clip is clearly a demo reel, a series of disjointed scenes meant to show off the new character designs and action. It opens with Lion-O and Cheetara dispensing some street justice, then continues to WilyKat and WilyKit doing their best Artful Dodger impressions. Tygra educates his brother Lion-O in a competition, then meets up with Cheetara again for some weapons demonstrations that harken back to the original ThunderCats intro.

Later we get a good look at the more medieval culture of Thundara, via Lion-O’s father King Claudus (voiced by the original Lion-O Larry Kenney – a nice touch). Finally we get a good look at the Sword of Omens, as Claudus gives Lion-O a close-quarters history lesson. Unfortunately, neither hide nor hair is seen of the new intro sequence, which has some big shoes to fill.

Check out the leaked footage below:

The animation is impressive; it’s a step above most kid’s shows and rivals some authentic anime for style and pacing. While the more kid-friendly designs are sure to gain their fair share of detractors, I think they look suitably modern while working for ThunderCats‘ primary audience – kids.

ThunderCats will be getting its own panel at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Be sure to check out all the news on the Screen Rant Comic-Con Page.


ThunderCats pounces onto Cartoon Network July 29th at 9pm.

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  1. Whoa! This looks so freakin’ sweet!

    • Yes it does!!!

  2. Wow! This looks STUPID. NOT watching this!

    • I don’t know how you can say that, it looks awesome, perhaps even better than the original.

      • Just someone trollin’ man^^

        Pay him no mind.

  3. Used to come home from work and sit and watch this with my kids when they were younger. Now I can watch it with my Grandsons.

  4. The ads are now being shown on Cartoon Network, they started this weekend when I was home sick in bed the whole weekend. Made me perk up a bit to see them rebooting the series.

  5. I am sold. I can’t wait.

  6. I see Larry Kenney who did the original Lion O voice is also in the series voicing Lion Os father.

  7. Reminds me a little of Avatar: The Last Airbender, only not as good. Still, I’ll watch the pilot to get a better feel of it.

  8. Well, definitively a couple of things changed: CHEETARAH’S BOOB SIZE!!! Hey-oh! LOL

  9. Nice, I’ll probably give this a try. Thundercats, ho!

  10. It’s nice to see that they have tails this time around. I’m liking the animation too, some of it reminds me of the older Studio Ghibli films.

    It’s also good that we get to see Thundarian society and not just a few Thundercats stuck on third earth. Hopefully this way we’ll see more compelling storylines.

  11. I use to like anime but I just got burnt out on the sameness of it after a while. This doesn’t copy the look too closely though.

    Would have been nice if they’d done away with Snarf or made him less silly.

  12. That was VERY cool…I can’t wait!

  13. I kinda like the look, but CHEE-ZY dialogue. Also, was lion-O`s father voiced by the original??? or was it just my imagination? Is that 3rd earth? no space travel?

  14. Lion-O’s father in this version is voiced by the same actor who voiced Lion-O in the original series. I actually liked the dialogue (some cheese, of course, but consider the primary audience ;) ). I believe, from the clips, that they are going deeper into the history of the Thunderians, so they’re starting out on Thundera, BEFORE the Thundercats had to fly off into space to Third Earth. There do seem to be some interesting details…Tygra is Lion-O’s brother…The Sword of Omens has more of a “sword-in-the-stone”/Mjolnir dynamic (the worthiness factor). I think this could be a great redux…

    I look forward to seeing how the show actually turns out.

  15. I’m torn. It looked corny, yet the voice acting was very good and the fights were well done. Lion-O looks weak as a kitten and they could have left out Snarff totally. I do like the anime style over the 80′s cartoon look.
    I just hope every episode doesn’t center around Mum-Rah like the old cartoon did. That got boring after a while.

  16. this preview gave me chills I cant wait and the fact that the original Lion-o was the father was beyond awesome

  17. when is the movie coming out?Chris Hemsworth for Liono

  18. Cheetara is hawt.

  19. wow, i still remember the old thundercats… i wonder what they’re going to do with this one

  20. uhhh looks good but where the hell is panthro!!! no panthro its a no GO!!

  21. Big fan and I can’t wait. Looks great but… I’m not really digging the look of Lion-O. Is that his permanent look or just his “kitten” look? Will he “grow up” and have a longer mane of hair?

  22. I liked the original series, but it wasn’t fantastic…maybe this will be better. Though I have to say I’m just not a fan of this cutsie Japanese anime style…never liked it. The big eyes and the goofy sidekick animals; I mean really. Wish they took a similar approach to the reboot as He-Man did in 2002-2003. Too bad that didn’t last, that was great.

  23. Hey Im stoked for this! Like a few of you I too was a bit worried about how they were going to represent the characters for this generation! And I gotten MORE worried when they announced that it was being handled by an anime studio. Now dont get me wrong. I dont totally loath anime like some on here seem to come off as. Its like anything else. You pick what suits your taste. I am beyond pleased to see that the anime style maybe be there. But its well blended into the western look just like the original. That it is noticeable but not enough to “break” it.

    And just from this little bit seen. Theres so much potential and depth to the characters this round. Even Snarf isnt as annoying. Might be because we havent heard him talk yet^^. And I like Lion-O’s teen look. It makes alot of sense if you ask me. Then starting him as a whiny brat and toss’n him in a capsule and POOF! We have a fully adult child. I never cared for that back then. And wouldnt now. We’re even seeing an ugly side of their society. Bullying, muggers and even racism! Folks…this aint our Thundercats no more! This is a whole new animal with some TEETH! So, I cant wait!

    I’ll address a few fears I seen on here from some of you. as I watched the entire QA panel from last year’s Comic con. 1st off, Panthro IS in this. Not much more known on him but that he’s this huge muscle guy that appears to be some sort of mercenary. 2nd, this is NOT on Thundera. Thundera is just the name of the country. The world they are on is in fact 3rd Earth. So, no spaceflight & crashes.