New Thundercats Cartoon Series Coming Next Year…HO-O-O!

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 7th, 2012 at 1:16 pm,

thundercats cartoon banner New Thundercats Cartoon Series Coming Next Year…HO O O!

Some really great news dropping this afternoon for fans of the ’80s cartoon series Thundercats. According to MTV Splashpage, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation will be teaming up to bring an updated version of Thundercats to the small screen in 2011.

Now here is the kicker – the new series will “use anime-style animation and promises to be a 21st century reimagining of the classic 80s cartoon series.” So maybe fans shouldn’t get that excited over it just yet. Every time a classic cartoon gets the anime treatment, it just turns out…different than I remember it. G.I. Joe and Transformers are two good examples of how new versions of ’80s cartoons drastically differ from the old versions.

Now different isn’t necessarily bad because anime is obviously wildly popular among today’s kids, so I’m sure the new Thundercats will strike the right tone with Cartoon Networks’ and WBA’s intended audience.  WBA is promoting the new Thundercats series as such:

A sweeping tale combining swords and science and boasting ferocious battles with the highest of stakes. [Thundercats will be about] the grand origin story of Prince Lion-O’s ascension to the throne – and of those who would thwart his destiny at any cost.

As far as cartoon plot lines go, this is about as simple as it gets and honestly, that’s all that is needed. The rest of the story can unfold as the series presses on into the season. MTV SPlashpage was sent this fantastic looking poster and concept art for the new series.

thundercats cartoon concept New Thundercats Cartoon Series Coming Next Year…HO O O!

thundercats cartoon poster New Thundercats Cartoon Series Coming Next Year…HO O O!

There are some great names behind the series, and the excellent Japanese animation studio 4°C – which did the fantastic looking Matrix anime The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knights – will be handling the artwork for Thundercats.  Executive Producer Sam Register (Teen Titans, Ben 10) will serve as EP on Thundercats and he is joined by Michael Jelenic (Wonder Woman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and Ethan Spaulding (Avatar: The Last Airbender), who will serve as producers for the show.

It should be noted that Thundercats the TV show seems to have nothing to do with Thundercats the upcoming movie; although I’m sure if the series is a hit we could expect to see the film get a little more fast-tracking in Hollywood. Go check out the script review and synopsis for the Thundercats movie if you haven’t done so already.

What are your thoughts on the artwork and new poster for the new Thundercats cartoon show?

Thundercats is scheduled to air sometime in 2011.

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Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. He looks dark and feriorous. With all those names they got under their belt then I know ill be watching it.Thundercats! Hooo!

  2. yea but this is american anime its usually differnt than jap anime jap anime has more dialouge while american has more action it really depends on the studio. halo legends had alot of dialouge while batman gotham knight had more action

    • no. go watch a japanese anime. much more substance, much more action, much higher quality. American anime can’t even compare. I say this as an American, zipcode 33604 for the nonbelievers.

  3. yes!

    Loved thundercats as a kid, I even had the glove and the sword
    cant wait to watch this

    • loved the thundercats it was a brill cartoon and i am glad that they did a film and i was overjoyed when i found out that it was live action has well thunder thunder thunder hoooooooooooooooo.

  4. sniff…sniff…there goes another piece of my childhood…

    Anyone else want to see some NEW cartoons and movies being made???

  5. I love the Thundercats so I’ll probably not watch this. I personally hate amine style art in my opinion it’s ugly as hell. Sad to see one of my best child hood memories destroyed.

  6. As much as I would love to see a new Thundercats animated series, If the animation is going to look anything like the poster then they should change the name to Demoncats. I’m sorry but he looks more like a demon than a lion. I’ll still give it a try to see how it turns out. hope they don’t mess it up like they did with Batman.

    • Who messed up Batman…and how…which incarnation???

  7. Sounds ok so far. I’d just love to see James Cameron concentrate on doing a live action Thundercats the movie instead of Avatar 2.

  8. Yet another blatantly obvious reminder that Hollywood can no longer produce an original thought. I hate the animation style of 99.98% of today’s so-called “cartoons”, so I’m sure this, along with everything else pumped out these days, will suck and get cancelled.

  9. Thundercats HOOOOO!!!!!!

  10. As a born cynic I would put my money on the series letting down all fans of the classic 80′s series. That being said, the 80′s series wouldn’t wash with the children of today due to the special effects in even the cheapest kids tv series. I recently loaned a friend with a young son the entire 80′s transformers series and I’m intrigued whether the kid will appreciate them as much as I did when I was young. The main sticking point for me, is that the 80′s cartoons were designed to have real villains, who were nasty and didn’t care, whereas today it seems that producers are worried about scaring kids. Point in case, during the original transformers movie Ironhide pulls at Megatrons leg in a dying attempt to stop him. Megatron’s response – pointing his cannon at his head and saying ‘such heroic nonsense’. You don’t get lines like that these days.

    And on the point of Cameron directing the Thundercats movie, no thanks. I watch Avatar at the Imax, and me and a friend played a game of who could predict the most things in the film. We guessed about 75% of it. Although it was visually stunning, and very impressive, the storyline left alot to be desired and this isn’t something I’d want with the Thundercats

    • @Phil I agree with you on that about the story with Avatar. I wasn’t blown away by it. Maybe if someone could use the same 3D technology that Cameron used then it would be great. I just can’t think of any Director who would do a good job with the movie. I’m sure there’s somebody out there that would do a better job than Cameron but who? Any suggestions?

  11. As long as their not taking it to the big screen……I don’t think i can take another corny movie version (GI Joe) of my old favorite cartoons. (And I don’t mean Transformers uno)

  12. Avatr wasn’t that good to me. The special efx were amazing. But I didn’t need his anti-big corporation/military message in the story……The Hurt Locker was better…..

  13. I think Thundercats will be different and good too. I wish they would update my favorite cartoon Thundarr The Barbarian.

    • @KC funny you mention Thundarr The Barbarian being that we’re close to 2012 in which that story is some what based on what could possibly happen according to the Mayan calendar and the Ancient Sumerian story about the appearance of the planet Nibiru.

  14. There is one change I’d like to see and that’s to get rid of that damn Snarf thing. God that was an annoying character.

    I was never that big a fan so I wouldn’t mind if they did a more serious sword and sorcery type story.

    • @Thandrale You said your were never a big fan, that’s cool but Snarf will be in it. They may just change his personality a little

  15. This doesn’t sound like a hit to me. They should go with the original animation style and character design from Season 2. All u need to do is update a little with some CGI here and there.
    That’s it, keep it simple.
    Also let’s not make it dark and violent! Everyone seems so fix-sated on making things dark and violent. All that does is bring u deeper into the dark. Why not do some thing that inspires people to be good and do right. That’s what I got out of the original series.

  16. Talking about the stock exchange is always interesting and enlightening. I’ll wait for the next posting. Thank you.

  17. I was born in 92′ an I loved staying up late an catching the old Thundercats cartoons. But I think CN is gonna destroy this classic especially if it goes anime style. SN:If a movie is released I hope WarnerBros is not producing it.

    yea the thundercats anime wont be soo bad…..and to all you guys ho say
    all america gets is crapanime your wrong!!!!(lionel agrees:P)
    now thats the good stuff!!!
    really stinks….(pokemon gamesOk)

  19. oh CN is doin it…………………….:(

  20. Hayden I’m a huge Thunder cat fan but this just looks bad to me. I hade that these days everything has to be anime style and it’s a complete disrespect to the original art style the conic books of thunder cats from the last few years have been beautiful and a cartoon should look more like the thunder cats and less like a disrespectful version.

  21. Hummm… Guys…

    The original cartoon of Thunder Cats is also made by japanese Studios… The “Pacific Animation Corporation”…

    What some of you are calling here ‘anime style’ in rescent revival cartoons like the Transformers is a pure american caricature of japanese anime that they use for making anime-like cartoons.

    Maybe that the animation is also made in Asian countries, but the character design of those revival series like Transformers or Spiderman are very american. Not-at-all japanese.

    If you guys want to have a little chance that the new animation adaption of Thunder Cats looks like the original one, just hope that the americans doesn’t interfere too much with the 4°C Studio… ^^;

    I had a good laugh reading this… :’))

  22. Ohhw by the way…

    Ponyo may stink, but…

    Do you know which studio made Ponyo?
    Do you know wich Studio was part of the The “Pacific Animation Corporation”…?

    Right, Ghibli… (But formerly called “Topcraft”)

    • Why do you think “Ponyo” was not good? I loved it, though I WILL agree it was not the best Studio Ghibli film. Still, even not being as good as its preceding cousins makes it better than quite a bit of animated tripe both released and being released now and in the future.

      As for the new Thundercats cartoon, I think this style will work very well as its animating force, provided that the stories and characterizations are watchable (and, yes, I was a HUGE fan of this and many other ’80s cartoon series). I await with bated breath :D

      • Don’t misunderstand me! I like Ponyo a lot.
        It’s because someone above wrote that it ‘stinked”… ^^

        Maybe some people didn’t like it because most of the Ghibli movies can be watched by children and adults, and that Ponyo is aimed to children.
        But the animation is great. :) Myazaki tried to use as less 3d as possible in that movie. Something really rare nowadays. :)

        i’m also pretty curious for the new release of the Thundercats. The show seems to be for e more mature audience than the latest revivals. And Studio C°4 is a fabulous company. :)

  23. But having a big studio making an anime is not the key of 100% succes.

    Look at Heroman from Bones. (The guys that produced Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Eureka 7, Xam’d, Wolves Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Samourai Champloo,…)

    It’s a japanese anime made with a story from Stan Lee. Well, humm… I found it horrible. Anime is not just a way of drawing. It’s also a way of telling a story.
    And those american-japanese cross-overs are rarely very enjoyable. ^^;

    A frenchman called Jean Chalopin worked a lot with japanese companies, and succeeded in making really nice cartoons that you guys surely know. ( Ulysses, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Jayce, Mask, Rainbow Br., Gadget, Heatcliff, Pole Position, Popples, … )

    So… A lot of those ‘american’ cartoons you guys watched as little children were drawn in Asia… Surprise! :)) (Same thing for the Galaxy Rangers, Sylverhawks,Transformers from the eighties, Robotech…)

    But the reason why he succeeded where most of other producers failed in international coproductions, is because he didn’t took children for stupid brainless dwarfs and he didn’t either caricatured animes.

  24. Weather this “re-imagining” is true to anime stylings or not is irrelevant. As an animator it is endlessly frustrating to see shows re-done in “anime” style. It’s another way for enormous companies to reap huge profits by limiting the potential of artistic properties.

    Were WB willing to sink a substantial amount of capital into the new Thundercats series not only would they completely satisfy older fans, they would also attract and hold the attention of a much larger audience than expected. When all of your new shows look like everything else on television there is no mystery as to why they are removed after a few seasons.

    Speaking strictly from an artists standpoint, I would happily work for less money if the project were exciting and I knew my work was going to be on screen in a matter of months. This series has a plethora of fans, many of whom are animators like myself and would jump at the chance to add some new edge to the Thundercats.

    In no way am I disrespecting anime, some of my favorite films are done in the style, however when it is used for television series more often than not you get still images sliding across the screen while the entire plot is explained to you. That is NOT animation, it is motion graphics and a poor example at that. Let’s face it the Thundercats aren’t that deep, they need well animated action sequences and a lot of them.

    If this show is another 21st century re-imagined teen drama of an 80′s classic I am going to defecate in my pants and send them to WB.

    P.S. It is true, the vast majority of traditional animation today is created in Asia. Production houses are all that is left in America, aside from the occasional Disney film and some boutique studios.

  25. I think this is an epic fail for the cartoon series…

  26. Gotta say I was excited till I heard who’s Doing it. Animatrix, Teen Titans, and Batman the Brave and the bold, all have really terrible art. Not fitting the thundercats. (Everything is way to angular and all the chicks are flat as boards) I hope that I am proven wrong. I love 80′s cartoons and I’d love to see one finally be brought back right.

  27. Pure. Unadulterated. Garbage. Sick and tired of classic characters looks being slaughtered. I was excited about this until I saw this picture. What an epic fail. I will definitely NOT contribute to the ratings of whichever network this cartoon will call home in hopes that it does not make it past one season. They killed spiderman with his new look in the movie, they killed transformers and xmen with their recent cartoon “revamps”, what’s next? Voltron is next on the chopping block to get slaughtered? I HATE the new styles and concepts of new cartoons it’s so uninspired and lacking creativity it’s like they hire artists right off the street these days. Sorry but this is not acceptable and I will not support it.

  28. wow. What a piece of crap. 10 minutes into it and I want to hurl.

  29. The first episode finally came out, and I loved it.