‘Three Stooges’ Trailer: Madcap Slapstick, Nuns In Bikinis, & Snooki

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three stooges trailer Three Stooges Trailer: Madcap Slapstick, Nuns In Bikinis, & Snooki

Filmmakers Bobby and Peter Farrelly has worked well over a decade to realize their dream project: The Three Stooges, a modernized adaptation of the classic comedy series that revolves around dim-witted siblings Moe, Larry, and Curly. In 2012, the world will at last get to see the Dumb and Dumber filmmakers’ “vision,” with actors Chris Diamantopoulos (American Dad!), Sean Hayes (Will & Grace), and Will Sasso (MADtv) bringing the trio to life.

An official trailer for the Farellys’ Three Stooges movie has been unveiled – and true to the brothers’ word, it features all the non-stop slapstick physical comedy gags and cartoony sound effects that the Stooges are famous for.

Here is a semi-official plot synopsis for the Farrellys’ Three Stooges:

The film will follow Larry (Hayes), Moe (Diamantopoulos) and Curly (Sasso) as they try to save their childhood home, but accidentally become involved in a murder plot and in a modern-day twist will end up starring in a reality TV show.

Now check out the official Three Stooges teaser trailer below (Courtesy of iTunes):

Most everyone is familiar with the Farrellys for their raunchy, adults-only brand of comedy (recent examples include Hall Pass and The Heartbreak Kid). However, The Three Stooges looks to be one of their rare semi-family-friendly offerings (outside of Osmosis Jones). That is, assuming that most parents will be okay with their kids watching grown men hit each other with hammers, ogle sexy nuns in kinky swimwear, have their genitals attacked by an angry lobster, and interact with the cast of Jersey Shore.

There’s good reason to wonder just how successful the Farrellys’ iteration of The Three Stooges is going to be at the box office; a lot of moviegoers might simply find the film’s brand of physical comedy and old-fashioned humor to be (for lack of a better description) too outdated for their tastes.

Judging by this early Three Stooges footage, it’s probably not going to help that the comedic set pieces and gags in the film don’t seem to be all that inspired or effective. Obviously, that might not prove to be the case in the actual movie, but the Farrellys’ weak track record in recent years doesn’t bode well in that regard…

The Three Stooges is slated for theatrical release in the U.S. on April 13th, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. I was a bit hesitant about this, but this trailer has me sold. Those guys have the Stooges down perfectly and they definitely have the slapstick stuff down as well. Granted, it is a first trailer and anything with Snooki in it screams “STAY AWAY!”, but I love the Stooges and will probably check this out in the theater.

  2. Not bad at all…

  3. Sorry, I’m far from “sold” on this. The Stooges can only be imitated, never duplicated, and this imitation appears like all the rest…wanting. I’m rather looking forward to the Farrelly brothers’ rumored next project, a sequal to Dumb and Dumber. Bring it on, so long as Carrey and Daniels are starring!

  4. AWESOME!!

  5. Two things.

    1) Snooki was the most offensive part of that trailer.

    2) Casting Art Garfunkel as Larry is pure genius.

    • Come on, she got slapped by Moe’s hand in a box. How is that not fantastic?

  6. This is almost blasphemous.

  7. Must say that I was almost sick when I heard about this movie a while ago but the trailer looks like a lot of fun and Sofia Vergara is my number 1 top sexy lady right now so will watch just to see her! Glad its not a serious documentry or a serious comedy trying to recapture the 30s and 40s.

  8. Sorry, but this preview couldn’t look any worse. Half-naked women and crotch shots? Totally not what the Stooges are.

    • Agreed. Not even the presence of screen sirens Kate Upton and Sofia Vergara is enough of an incentive to check this out.

  9. It looks like a complete piece of trash, and a mockery of a legacy. Shame on the Farrellys for what they did. If this movie makes any money it should go straight to the Stooges family as an apology.

    • If the last few Stooges movies didn’t tarnish their legacy, nothing will.

  10. I think most of you posters should be ashamed for all that you’re posting. Seriously, look at yourselves. Not even 2 minutes, and you’re saying this movie is the tarnishing of The Three Stooges. First off, nothing can tarnish the gold that the original shows made, even if this DOES bomb. Second off, stop holding your almighty fan heads above the clouds, and actually sit back, relax, and ENJOY this.
    Good lord, I swear, people. MUST you all turn everything into a political debate?

    • Isn’t this what Screenrant’s comments sections are all about, sharing our ideas and opinions with each other? Sometimes involved in friendly debates?

      I believe the Stooges are one of the greatest comedic teams ever, and by the looks of this trailer, the film comes off as a very poor attempt to imitate them. Placing the Stooges in today’s era, especially the bit with technology, is a desperate attempt to modernize them, and by watching the trailer, it doesn’t work. What’s next? The Marx brothers running a brothel? Chaplin’s the Little Tramp caught in a drug deal? Sounds hilarious, right? The Farrellys take iconic characters and taint them with their brand of vulgar humor, something the Stooges never were. Maybe they should have made it a period piece, but people might have argued it’s the same old thing. But that, to me, is the reason why the Stooges should be left in their time. I can’t see it working outside of their era, unless, like the Farrellys, you inject brash humor, thereby steering the characters into a genre of comedy they don’t belong in. The Stooges were all about clean comedy. The Farrellys aren’t. The two don’t mix. The challenge for the Farrellys would have been to keep the slapstick clean like the Stooges did, and maybe then I would have given it a chance, but they took the easy way out with half-naked women and crotch shots. Sigh.

      The ultimate insult is placing Snooki in this film. Iconic characters and one of the most annoying people alive today in the same film? I don’t think I need to say anything else.

      • that is a lot of words and stuff.

    • AMEN!

  11. Ah slapstick.

  12. God, this looks terrible. Snookie?! C’MON!

  13. I don’t find this blasphemous. Honeymooners with an all black cast is blasphemous. I think everyone is giving its thumbs down because carrey/penn/toro aren’t in the leads. Being a life long stooge fan, I enjoyed the trailer & while it wouldve been nice to see the dream cast play them I’ll accept it for what it is. Be lucky they weren’t urbanized or done by some no name director looking to just cash his check & have a cast that don’t even look like them. This was a dream project for the farrellys that they have been trying to do for some time now & they grew up on them which should count for something. I for one will be looking forward to looking at this movie. Nothing is ever gonna take away the legacy that is the three stooges.

  14. oh. physical humor. funny.
    i’ll see it, but only for nostalgia’s sake…

  15. Hey porcupines, spread out!!! What’s wrong with refreshing the memory of the 3 Stooges? As Moe would say, “Oh, ignorant,eh?”

    No one is attempting to duplicate the 3 Stooges. They’re only imitating the 3 Stooges and imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

    I’m thrilled that they put this movie together (although I could do without Snooki – I guess I’ll have to use the men’s room when that scene comes on).

    Anyway, ladies and gents, lighten up and have some laughs with this movie! Enjoy it for what it is, not what you think it should be!


  16. When I heard this movie was being made I almost cried out of disappointment in humanity. But after seeing this trailer, I think it might be kinda funny. These three have got the Stooges down (seemingly) perfectly.

  17. I personally like it! Everyone should give it a chance and go see it!! I hope it does well at the box office. I LOVE the Stooges especially Curly!! He ALWAYS makes me laugh!!

  18. What was the point in making this movie besides money?

  19. I liked the trailer. It made me laugh; so mission accomplished.

    You can’t expect perfection. The original stooges spent years perfected their craft on Vaudeville before they made their first short. The stooges were not “clean” comedy as some have suggested. They ogled and objectified women as much as the censors of the time would allow. They did start off in burlesque shows, you know. They are low brow comedy and they were awesome at it. If they had more freedom they would of used crotch shots too. Some hate Snooki’s cameo but I think it satisfies people who would like to see her poked in the eye…at the bare minimum at least

  20. I wanted this movie to be a drama about their lives and they represented in the era they lived in. Also really wanted to see Penn, DelToro and Carrey play the Stooges. They were smart to back out of this project.

    Am I the only one who finds Sean Hayes disturbing to look at? He doesn’t fit the part at all.

  21. I usually rail against remakes (and it’s not really), but I will love to go see this movie. I’m a big fan of the Three Stooges, and slapstick comedy, and these guys have got it down to “T.” And it has that Dumb and Dumber vibe that I love! I’ll be there!

  22. I was mostly unaware of this project, shocking considering that I have been a stooges fan I was 4. Ever since my father introduced me to “An Ache in Every Stake” and from the ice troubles, to Curly shaving some ice (quite literally, with a hot towel, cream and straight razor) the turkey stuffing scene, all the way to filling a cake up with gas from a stove to impress their charges I soon fell in love with the crazy trio. I think one reason why they have endured in popularity after 75+ years is due to the innocence the three give off. They act like children and very much so is shown throughout the short I mentioned above. Curly throws temper tantrums when things are not going his way Moe although the smartest of the group still cannot follow simple instructions himself such as Half a cup of butter is not the same as a stick, or whether it’s taking instructions very literally such as stuffing a Turkey with Oysters still in the shell, rolling potatoes cause the recipe calls for them ‘diced’ and my favorite a whole can of peas tin and all. It’s because the stooges believe they are doing right by these they display this innocence and because of this we laugh if not so the shorts would not have endured as long as they have. Another thing about the shorts is their environment these films came about when film itself had an innocence about them as well, from the supporting cast to the times itself, these films were made at a time when movies were a form a pure escapeism and for the most part did not reflect real life. Movies were always shown to be what life could be and what the audience would want to be. Everything was also shown in black n white not the greys of more contemporary and later modern filmaking.

    With that said with the Stooges now in contemorary no modern times, they do not work in this era at least new films would not because our audiences have become much more sophisticated and this childlike innocence the audience looking for more risque gags in their films (one exampe would be the Hangover movies) the filmakers have added a bit of sex in the film now the stooges were maybe skirtchasers but the display of sex esspecially a nun in a bikini simply would not fly and still today doesn’t fit, the audience simply would not even get this approach to the film. Also another reason why these shorts worked were because they were just that shorts. The film version would get tiresome for the most part showcasing the same slapstick gags we’ve seen for 75 years. Sure it’s a nice bit of nostalgia but that’s it, once that wears off the film will be tiresome.

    The actors will really good at their parts imitating the comedy masters heck they even look like their iconic counterparts but’s that’s what they are simply really great imitators. I see this almost every year on Halloween. Some friends dress up as their favorite stooge and continue to laugh it up with slapstick gags and voice impressions, while my friends may be great at mitating the greats the actors are very much in the same boat. So as a stooge fan I welcome this bit of a tribute to the trio, but I will not be making any great film comments nor will I be critiquing every bit of what they did wrong or should have done, I’ll just sit watch and hope to god I laugh more than once, and tat’s all this film will be, a tribute.

  23. The clip had me cracking up. I grew up on the Stooges TV era. Looking forward to seeing more.

  24. Being made to watch an ad for 39 sec is taking the royal wee!!!!