New ‘Three Stooges’ Casting Rumors Emerge

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The Farrelly Brothers’ latest comedy, Hall Pass opens this week, but the highest-profile project on the siblings’ upcoming slate is very much that of a big-screen version of The Three Stooges.

Ever since it was announced that Three Stooges had moved from financially shaky MGM over to Fox, we’ve been waiting to hear some casting updates about who will play Stooges Moe, Larry and Curly when the film goes into production this spring.

This Three Stooges movie has had a pretty winding road to production. Over the course of the last year or so, acclaimed actors like Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn, Paul Giamatti and Jim Carrey have all been rumored for different roles in the Stooges’ lineup – more recently we heard names like Johnny Knoxville, Andy Samberg and comedian Shane Jacobson mentioned in connection with the Stooges movie as well.

The Boston Herald says that the Farrellys have their collective eye on several new actors to portray the slapstick happy trio. Among those currently under consideration are Johnny Knoxville as Moe, Will Sasso (S**t My Dad Says) as Curly, and Justin Timberlake as Larry.

The filmmaking siblings have reportedly also reached out to movie star and The Simpson‘s voice actor Hank Azaria to play Moe, as well as their Kingspin star Woody Harrelson and Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Larry David to play (appropriately) Larry. Apparently there are others in contention to play Curly, but Sasso is by far the best known of the lot.

Peter Farrelly debunked rumors that Knoxville was a lock to play one of the Stooges last month, but it’s not surprising to hear that the actor in still in the running – after all, his Jackass stunts are essentially the contemporary equivalent of 1930s era Stooges’ physical comedy. Sasso certainly has the looks to play Curly (not in a bad way, mind you), and Timberlake has surprisingly begun to establish himself as foremost a comedic actor. Here’s hoping moviegoers won’t be tired of him providing comic relief after seeing him in upcoming pics like Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits.

Given who they’re looking at to play the Three Stooges, it seems that the Farrellys are planning to portray the brothers as either under-40-year-old adults trapped in a strange form of arrested development (Knoxville, Sasso and Timberlake) or as slightly older gentlemen (Azaria, Harrelson or David, and presumably another actor getting on in the years) who have long been set in their anarchic ways.

Either approach could prove to be entertaining (or not), and the Farrelly Brothers are reportedly set to begin filming their Three Stooges movie in April, so we should hear some official casting news in the near future.

Who would you like to see play The Three Stooges?

Sources: Boston Herald (via The Playlist)

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  1. I don’t know how this would work when I think about it, without drastically changing the characters. And even though they need to, people will be upset with such a change.

    It’s be interesting to see who they cast though!

  2. I can see Sasso in it but the other two…hell naw!!!

  3. The only thing worse than casting Johnny Knoxville as Moe would be casting Seth Rogen as Curly.

  4. Please keep Timberlake away from movies.

  5. Timberlake is a funny guy, he’s done some bad movies but he’s a good actor. (social network, SNL)

    • Nowherman

      I disagree. I think he’s a terrible actor. Maybe I’m bias and I’m looking for any screw ups he makes in movies but I just can’t help it. Sure he’s funny in the shot SNL clips but that doesn’t make him a good actor. Plus, his self-driven campaign to get an oscar nomination for Social Network by wedging himself into relationships with the oscar board members made me really dislike the guy.

      • I agree, Nowhereman. Timberlake’s a bad actor. Don’t know why he keeps on getting all these roles. Bet he still feels good about betraying Janet Jackson, leaving her holding the bag.
        There’s an article somewhere else, with Timberlake saying he’s not a jerk.
        No, he’s a jerk, an arrogant one, one who leaves his friends high and dry when their career and making loads of money is more important.
        I’d hate to be friends with that guy. I wouldn’t want him standing behind me, ever.

        • Ooops, I meant, to say that to OGB, that I agree with OGB.

  6. I’m having a hard time envisioning anyone in these rolls. They’ll have to find a way of capturing the essence of them without coming off as bad copy/lame immitations — even good immitations really will not do. They’ve gotta catch “that something.”

    • Well perhaps the movie has more to do with how they became the 3 Stooges rather than being another 3 Stooges movie? I hope so!

      • That’s what I was wondering. Will it be a biography or simply another adventure of the Stooges. If it is just a recast continuation, I can’t see it working on the same level as the original, no way in heaven. It would be like recasting The Honeymooners or The Odd Couple. It never works. The writing and casting would have to be incredible.

  7. OK, Steve Carroll or Benicio Del Toro = Moe; Tom hanks = Larry; Sasso or Jack Black = Curly.

    • Please no Jack Black, I think we’ve had enough of him. But I agree, they would need very talented comedic actors with similar styles to their counterparts to make it convincing.

    • I was agreeing with you up until you got to Jack Black. That would be the kiss of death for this film with that no-talent hack as Curly. Sadly, the best guy for the part would have been Chris Farly, IMO.

  8. No, No, and No.

  9. No stooges without Jim carrey for me.

  10. Sasso is an absolute no-brainer for a project like this. Dude is funny as all Hell when it comes to physical comedy.

  11. Will Sasso could be a great choice for the movie, but I still think that no matter how they spin this off, it will end up being a complete disaster.

  12. Better off just putting together two hours worth of the original Stooges shorts and releasing it in theaters. Throw in some new documentary material and you got something worth watching.

    As for the F. Brothers—they’re knuckleheads! Nyuck-yuck.

  13. love the farelly’s but hate this idea!!! only if this is a biopic does it have a chance. there is no way anyone can capture the classic charm of the slapstick genius’, espsecially these three guys in this rumor. knoxville couldn’t play luke duke for god’s sake, let alone moe howard. death ot htis project unless it’s a biopic.

  14. maybe its just me but, does this really even need to be done? the stooges were fine for their time, but this sort of humor bores me now. Its unsophisticated run of the mill slapstick. It seems to me that any idiot could pull off that sort of humor.
    now i biopic could be interesting a look at the real people behind what they were doing, but a rehashed idea of the the comedic duo? Just slap together a highlight reel of nut-shots and hammer hits from the last few years of craptastic lowbrow comedies and there ya go.

    • oy, trio, not duo, i swear im not an idiot :D

  15. Some things are simply sacrosanct. The Stooges in any iteration are one of those things.

    I don’t mean it as a challenge to anyone’s creativity. Simply a bad idea whose time will never come. Please, leave it alone; let it go.

  16. This just seems like an awful, awful idea. The only time this seemed remotely worthwhile to me was when the initial rumors involving Benicio Del Toro and Sean Penn surfaced. And that was only because it would have been so intriguing to see actors like that play roles like the Stooges. Though the idea of Jim Carrey in a fat suit never appealed to me. Why not just go with a funny fat guy, like maybe Kevin James? I tend to agree with everyone else regarding Jack Black, although I think his problem is more about bad decision making than bad performing.

    There’s no following The Three Stooges when it comes to that sort of slapstick. The only way this works is to put together a cast that will be irresistable in itself.

  17. Unless they can get dead ringers who can perfectly do the stooge’s comedy, it will be a disaster.

    CGI anyone!

  18. OMG What is next? I bet when Stallone has bit the dust (Knock on wood) the studios will remake Rambo or Rocky with some popular actor during that time. Sheesh!!!
    Wasn’t there a hallmark movie or TV Movie about the 3 Stooges life behind the screen?

    I agree with others if they turn this into a biopic like RDJ did with Chaplin, I might rent it.

    • There was an ABC biopic about ten years ago. Michael Chiklis played Curly. I don’t remember who played the other two. I have no idea how accurate it was, but I seem to recall liking it.

  19. What about Mike Myers? He could probably do all three rolls.

  20. OK…what is this…a biopic or a story featuring the “characters” played by the Howard brothers and Larry Fine?

  21. If it’s a biopic, there’s nothing new that hasn’t already been done or can’t be gotten from Wiki.
    If it’s a story, please don’t.

  22. Are you joking? This has atrocity written all over it.

  23. I know! Jim Carrey is Curly, Dane Cook is Moe and Billy Crystal is Larry. (Larry always looked older anyway so it could work with Crystal.) nyuk nyuk nyuk… I can’t wait to see this one!

  24. From my opinion with comedy I think it should be Kevin James as Curly, Jim Carey as Moe, and Rob Schnieder as Larry. My own opinion.

  25. Is their A New Three Stooge Moive Coming Out Next year? And I Hope it’s Will Be The Cast Of 2012.