Jim Carrey Explains his ‘Three Stooges’ Departure

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jim carrey Jim Carrey Explains his Three Stooges Departure

The Farrelly Brothers thirteen year quest to bring The Three Stooges to the big screen has hit yet another roadblock. Although some momentum was gained when Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro, and Jim Carrey were lined up to play Larry, Moe, and Curly (respectively), the project ultimately continued to spin circles in development hell.

Penn was the first to jump ship and even though he later considered returning, ¬†Carrey had by that point decided to abandon the film¬†as well. Combined with MGM’s continuing legal woes, the prospect of a Three Stooges movie became increasingly uncertain.

Carrey recently sat down with MTV and speculated that audiences won’t be seeing the Farrelly’s modern-day interpretation of the iconic trio any time soon:

“I think it’s dead … it’s dead at least with me.”

That may be the case, but just because this incarnation of The Three Stooges movie never came to pass doesn’t mean the Farrelly’s will give up on it altogether. If their passion for the project has carried them through thirteen years of obstacles, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they simply put it on the back burner and return to it again at some point in the future.

Even if that’s the case, don’t expect to see Carrey’s name attached to The Three Stooges ever again. He explains that his departure was related purely to concerns for his health:

“For me, I don’t really want to do anything halfway, and I don’t feel like a fat suit does it … I started experimenting with it a little bit, and I gained 35, 40 pounds. I wanted to gain another 30, 40. When you’re [Robert] De Niro in your 20s or early 30s, you can kind of come back from that. It’s a tough thing to come back from when you’re upwards of 30. Your body can’t carry it or you can have a cardiac arrest.”

And of course there would be the added strain of the Stooges’ well-known brand of physical comedy:

“Put that with Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro slapping me in the head all day long, and someone will lose an eye. It won’t be good … It’ll be like ‘Midnight Express.’ It’ll be awful.”

the three stooges Jim Carrey Explains his Three Stooges Departure

I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one who’s quietly relieved by this news. I have nothing against Del Toro, Penn, or Carrey – but all three struck me as somewhat unusual choices to play the Stooges. Not as unusual as the decision to make this film in the first place, though; A Three Stooges biopic maybe - but a series of sketches set in the present day? Pass.

Those guys were one of a kind and the influence they’ve had on comedy is already so far-reaching that there’s just no need for a Hollywood re-imagining. I say just let this one go.

Source: MTV.

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  1. Damn. Jim carreys the best.

  2. Agreed. Let it go and appreciate the originality and pure genius of their comedy from a few decades out and don’t try to recapture it. It’ll just be So-n-So as Larry or What’s-His-Name at Moe and That-One-Guy as Larry. No one will be happy, it’ll fade to multiple TNT late night showings and be roundly forgotten in 5 years.

    The Stooges were the Stooges. Let it go.

  3. BTW, What exactly is Jim Carrey doing nowdays?? Last i heard he was gonna do Ripley. Now i guess he is doing that penguin film. Kinda seems to me he disappeared a couple of yrs ago..

    • He last movie was “Yes man” that came out last year and has an upcoming movie next month…

      • Yes Man was 2008. There was a 5 or 6 yr period when he was making a lot of good movies.98 to 04. then after that he has done only 4 movies. the other 2 are animations. What happened to Truman show Jim carrey? What happened to ESOTSM Jim Carrey????

        • I think he’s been having some troubles,personally.

          • Ive always wondered that. Jim carrey needs to make more movies.

            • damn sad.. He was certainly Oscar material. . Hope he comes back on track and starts his career anew.. i was v excited with Ripley. Any idea abt it?

              • Nope :(

                hes like my fave actor..

          • Jim Carrey’s got depression. and i think its bad actually, or so i’ve heard. or i might have just dreamt that i heard it.. but i think so! which is horrible cause hes such a good actor/comedian! my favourite for sure.

    • Um, yeah. Go Google the red band trailer for “I Love You Philip Morris.” I had to click away about 20 seconds in…


      • “then after that he has done only 4 movies.” I Love You Philip Morris is included..
        Yes he is been making films. But look at his profile from 2005. Yes man was good, haven’t seen fun with dick & jane, Number 23 i liked very much & i love..
        Now look at his profile from 97 – Liar liar, Truman show, man on the moon, Grinch, Majestic, Bruce almighty, ESOTSM..
        What happened to him afterwards???!!

      • So no chance Screen Rant will cover that film? Too bad, I thought “I Love You Phillip Morris” looks hilarious and fascinating. The man the main character is based on escaped from prison so many times! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Jim Carrey got old and somewhat depressed, that’s what happened to Jim Carrey

  5. Jim Carrey was born at the wrong time.
    Under the old studio system Jim would have made
    dozens of comedies and had a career as one of the greats.

    Jim Carrey is a comic genius but sadly when all
    is said and done there will be a fraction of
    that genius on screen for posterity.

  6. I don’t know, personally I feel like he’s just gotten bored with the style of comedy that got him famous. Starting with Ace Ventura, The Mask, Liar Liar, Batman Forever, The Grinch, Bruce Almighty, and especially Yes Man were all just more of the same. This isn’t meant as a crack, since I like every one of those movies, but it’s clear that he wants to do something else.

    Truman Show, Number 23 and Spotless Mind were all something else, and while I liked all three of those as well, Carrey doesn’t quite have the chops for a meaty dramatic role. Not like, say, Robin Williams.

    If he’s not doing movies it’s probably cause he’s only getting offered those zany comedies, and I think he’s passed those at this point.


    • Don’t include me in that statement!! I think they should just let the Stooges be. There’s no way any modern take on them could do them justice. The Stooges are timeless and should be left that way!!

      • i beg to differ. I actually saw the movie and contrary to popular opinion I think it was done in good taste and held true to their form. Hilarious!!!

  8. the only way it would work is if they used original 3 stooges footage for the funny parts and modern actors for a behind the scenes life story of some sort. then it would be kind of depressing, i think all the stooges died poor and broke.

  9. also , no one could pull off the chemistry and timing.

  10. Jim Carrey is a true bona fide genius. He has never been allowed to be as good as he was on “In Living Color”. I suspect it might be because he was allowed more freedom on that show to improvise. Who can say?

    In regard to The Three Stooges, I cannot even begin to imagine why he ever agreed to even consider that project.

    The Three Stooges were not my cup of tea, or my cup of anything else for that matter. However, they did hold a place in the comedy genre. They were unique in the true sense of the word, a word most people don’t know the meaning of when they say, “Very unique!” However, I digress.

    To truly represent Larry, Moe and Curly you MUST employ actors who not only physically resemble them, but who also can exactly duplicate their “truly unique” physicality. I don’t think this is possible.

    We have, at our disposal today, something called Computer Generated Imagery. Under the proper creative control and execution this process can perform what appears to be true visional miracles. A lot of writers, producers and directors balk at this marvelous tool because they feel it takes over and substitutes artificiality for their creativity. An ego trip to be sure. However, I think this is the proper way to honor The Three Stooges. Let us see if true creativity, imagination and dedication to true icons of comedy can lead to a product of love instead of, “How much is in the box office because of MY personal genius?”.

    But that’s just me. If I really knew anything I would be living in Malibu.

  11. I agree. He did not even need to be considered for the role of Curly. He is a very talented actor and just insane. They need to let him have the role he was born to play… The Joker. I know he played the Riddler but I could care less. He should have never been in that role. He is everything that makes the Joker what he is and he would have blown Heath Ledger away. Sorry to all the Ledger fans but in my mind, Carey is the Joker.

  12. Ahh… so very glad that cast never happened. The stooges we got were pitch perfect. Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn and Jim Carrey would not have been. Particularly the latter two egomaniacs.

    Hoping for a sequel, because, as it turned out: a modern revival of the stooges was not horrible at all.