Three New (Awesome) Transformers 2 Posters

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With Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen less than two months away, promotional materials for the $ure to be huge blockbuster sequel are hitting the ‘net at a rapid pace. Not two days ago we had a couple of new Transformers 2 character posters for you – only those posters looked more like they were trying to sell us Transformers action figures, rather than promote Revenge of The Fallen.

Never fear though, we have three new promo character posters for you today, and these three new posters definitely look like they’re trying to sell the film. Each one is pretty badass and features one fan-favorite robot in disguise: Starscream, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

Without further ado, here are your brand new promo posters for Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen:

new transformers poster1 Three New (Awesome) Transformers 2 Posters

Starscream is ready to flex his Decepticon muscle on the Autobots.

new transformers poster2 Three New (Awesome) Transformers 2 Posters

Bumblebee is coming out with guns smoking for the sequel.

new transformers poster3 Three New (Awesome) Transformers 2 Posters

No matter how old I get, I still get giddy from seeing Optimus Prime.

If you’ve been paying attention to the trailers and promo images from Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, you’ll have noticed that this one Egyptian pyramid keeps appearing, and seems to play a major part in the film. The latest trailer for Revenge of The Fallen showed what looked like the film’s climatic battle taking place outside the pyramid (Devastator sucking up sand and Autobots into his deadly cement mixer mouth). Could the pyramid be the resting place of The Fallen, setting us up for some corny, Bay-style jokes about Transformers affecting the devlopment of Egyptian culture and human civilization as a whole? I wouldn’t bet against it.

We’ll know what role the pyramid plays and a whole lot else when Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24 2009 in theaters and IMAX everywhere.

What do you think of the new promo posters?

Source: Yahoo Movies

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  1. you see thats what i’m talking about but i’d rather they had different backgrounds for each character but still awesome…

  2. Optimus Prime is the Transformer equivalent of Superman..He is just really cool..Hope he’s a little more physical in this film and that he hands Megatron his head by the end of this one.

  3. Awesome! Thx kofi

  4. I’m pretty sure thats not the case for tf2 since devastator is in it but at least for tf3 i would so love to see ” tidal wave”. When i first saw the trailer to this and saw the battleship i was already excited till i saw that it gets destroyed… I was like well thats surely not tidal wave. Either way… Michael bay if you read this… TF3… With tidal wave and maybe the stunticons having some sort of epic battle whilst smaller transformers below are duking it out as well. That would be awesome!!!

  5. Well, now we know that Starscream will play (hopefully) an important role in the film. Awesome posters.

  6. DINOBOTS!! Where are the Dinobots? :P

    Am I the only one who has a hard time telling the difference between all the different robots?

  7. See, when whoever it was posted the article displaying the other posters for the film everyone was freaking out, but just a few days later we get the posters that really depict how awesome this movie should be. See guys, this isn’t some novice promo team they have working to promote this movie, these guys are pro’s and will advertise this thing the best way possible to get the most amount of butts in seats possible. Now if the product lives up to the promotions is another story…..but we’ll have to wait for that.

    I’m actually getting very excited for this movie as well as Star Trek because I’ll be seeing them in IMAX. I’ve already got the plans made up for Saturday, me and some friends are driving about 40 minutes away to see Star Trek in IMAX because I honestly think it looks like one of those movies you should see in IMAX because the already enhanced visuals will be enhanced to the max, as well as Transformers 2. :D

  8. @Stephen,

    Yes but TF2 will have the ADDED bonus of having true IMAX sequences like Dark Knight.

    Devastator in full IMAX? That alone is going to get me into the theater.

  9. Well I was already going to see it in IMAX but I didn’t know they used IMAX camera’s for parts like in TDK, AWESOME!

  10. I like the Optimus Prime one, the other two, eh, not so much, especially the first one, that pose is just weird… It looks like he’s in the middle of speed skating…

  11. Heck, wasn’t that Devastator climbing on the pyramid?!


  12. those are nice

    i went to see monster vs aliens in IMAX, and the power went out on the theater with like 20 mins to go on the movie.

    so i was given raincheck tickets to go back. well these are valid for all movies, anyday.

    so my kids decided for me to hold on and use those tickets to go see TF2 instead since they like it better

    now i am hyped and cant wait :)

  13. Screw this I’m gonna wait for the Go-Bots movie. They came out way before the Transformers ever started. Everything else is an imitator.

    They are going to make a Go-Bots movie right?

  14. starscream looks bad ass in his poster

  15. @ Walrus

    Your statement is wrong.

    While the Hasbro version of Transformers was released in 1984 and Tonka’s Gobots were released in 1983,(which isn’t “way before”),the original incarnation of Transformers actually preceded the Gobots by a few years,making Gobot the imitators.

    Gobots sucked anyway.


  16. @Andy
    Now you’re talkin!! Since we get to see older bots from ancient Egypt, I think the next movie should have bots from the Jurassic period. Me Grimlock!! I would also like to Metroplex, but an entire city changing would be kind of insane. Of course, that’s what people said about a car changing into a robot.

    What about Voltron? I haven’t heard anything about that movie in a long while.

  17. Yeah I want them to introduce the Dinobots, however I’m just tired of the whole “Transformers were already on Earth” idea.

  18. I don’t think producing Gobots on the silverscreen is anywhere a great idea.

    1 – They have beat the TF Fandom which is by far near to impossible.
    2 – Gobots, their transformation is just far to goofy and their alternate modes just totaly dont make any sense at all. i mean bad guy leader who is a bike to take upon that starscream like version of optimus prime? like wtf
    3.- its a certified confirmed box office flop in millions down the drain. No director would want to invest his/her genius mind for another giant robot movie.
    4. TF is the only cartoon/toy franchise powerfull enough to defy what i said above.

    *these are just my thoughts

  19. 1 – They have to beat the TF Fandom which is by far near to impossible.(correction)

  20. these are greate pictures