New ‘Three Musketeers’ Trailer Offers Absurd Take on Classic Tale

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three musketeers trailer New Three Musketeers Trailer Offers Absurd Take on Classic Tale

Paul W.S. Anderson isn’t known for his subtlety (see any of his Resident Evil movies), but the new trailer for his upcoming take on The Three Musketeers may take the cake for eye-popping, utterly ridiculous, completely over-the-top action.

Like the first trailer for The Three Musketeers, this new trailer offers a decidedly new vision of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel. And by new, I mean ridiculous. In a mere two minutes, the trailer shows off a massive aerial battle (with authentic 17th century pirate ship/blimps), flamethrowers, explosions, and more slow motion than a sports highlight reel.

Of course, all of this in-your-face action is intentional. As star Logan Lerman told Screen Rant back in April, this iteration of The Three Musketeers is supposed to be the most “badass” version of the story ever filmed. The question is, will fans like it? I’ll tackle that question in a bit, but first, check out the new Three Musketeers trailer for yourself.

As easy as it is to dismiss The Three Musketeers for its cartoonish action, there are definitely redeemable qualities to the film. For instance, it’s fun to see Orlando “You Can Tell I’m Evil Because of my Facial Hair” Bloom sneering and chewing up lines about “war machines.” Likewise, it’s always enjoyable to see the beautiful Milla Jovovich in action.

Still, I wonder if audiences will be interested in this new take on the well-known story. The 2001 film The Musketeer was a memorable flop, despite its attempts to modernize the novel with a heaping dose of kung-fu action. Could The Three Musketeers suffer the same fate?

And then there’s the whole 3D issue. At Comic-Con last year, Paul W.S. Anderson made a big deal out of the fact that Resident Evil: Afterlife was filmed in 3D, rather than post-converted. However, the final result was still less than impressive, because of the gimmicky way the film used the 3D.

Judging by the first two trailers, The Three Musketeers is going to feature the same kind of gimmicky 3D, and that’s a huge risk. Transformers 3 might prove otherwise, but we get the feeling that moviegoers are beginning to reject 3D. By the time The Three Musketeers comes out in October, will people be tired enough of 3D to avoid the film? Let us know what you think in the comments.

The Three Musketeers 3D hits theaters on October 14th.

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  1. The superulatives to describe this movie here make me want to see it even more! Thanks, HA!

    • Ditto, I really WANT to see it for the over the top action. And guess what to the author of this column I love slow-motion in movies! Glad that they put a ton into this film!

  2. I really do hate that man =/
    I wish he would stop ruining great source material, by making it a staring vehicle for his wife. Well in this case maybe not “starring” but close enough.

  3. ok, I’m a guy who has never read any of Alexandre Dumas’ work, yet I can’t picture it being like any of the incarnations made over the past 20 years. Am I the only one who wants to see a PROPER adaptation that isn’t a Chris O’Donnell comedy or feature blimp-ships blowing crap up?? And as for 3d, I’m a firm believer that 3d is a great tool to expand the experience of a film as many filmakers have said. The problem is that most studios and filmmakers have just been slapping it on every film they can, even if it doesn’t work, just because Avatar made a billion dollars and people are sick of it. I quote Guillermo del Toro, “I don’t wanna go see Pride and Prejudice and have Mr. Bennet leap off the screen at me”.

    • You should check out Gene Kelly’s adapation of the film from the 30s along with the one from 60s or 70s. Really good Musketeer films.

    • The version with Michael York, Oliver Reed, Charleton Heston and Racquel Welch was very close to the original book. If you can get the unedited version it is also very realistic and accurate to the type of swordsmanship that was used at the time.

      • agreed, that was hands down the best adaptation. the cast was perfect~ oliver reed and richard chamberlain, for heaven’s sake. Athos! Aramis! the brawling style was right on as well.

        ‘then… we shall have to charge you.’

        • We watched it on Netflix the other night and I was expecting a serious movie and then it got silly which made it so much better. Especially when everyone was being serious about it. Nothing better than a serious man being silly without ever knowing it.

  4. A little too over the top for my taste. The whole flick your sword in the air in slow motion CGI and catch it before stabbing someone is quite played out.

    Would have been cool if they grounded the story in reality and submerged themselves in the french culture ala The Last Samurai. That would have been “bad ass”. IMHO


  5. Steampunk and swordplay. Looks like a ton of fun. Hell, we have seen a bajillion “accurate” adaptions of the Three Musketeers. It’s refreshing to see someone do something a bit different with the background. I think that it’s going to be a screaming lot of fun. the 3d will suck, but 90% of the 3d in movies sucks. so this shouldn’t be any different. I am really looking forward to this one.

  6. My Opinion: I’ll switch of my brain and clap like a 5 year old when something explodes :P But still: 3D … *puke*

  7. What would be the point of doing a “Resident Evil” movie in 3-D if you weren’t going to go for gimmicks? For an action franchise featuring zombies, it makes perfect sense to me.

  8. I don’t see the reason to be pessimistic because of the trailer like this article has. Looks great, real fun and I will watch this.

    Who cares if it’s using 3d in a gimmick way or not? Just don’t see it in 3d then. Looks like a more fun version of a classic tale ala sherlock holmes. Except this will better.

  9. Count me in !
    Same here..Trailer looks really fun !
    Don’t care about the 3D,and anyway gonna watch it in the 2D version !

    Cool Cool Stuff and nice trailer,have to tell my friends,really hope that turns out to be as good as it looks !

  10. Looks like a P.O.T.C-esque flick. Cool trailer!

  11. Looks like a mash up of The Matrix, Pirates of the Carribean and poo-poo.

  12. All I want to is: Will they still be one for all and all for love? Seriously, let the one you hold be the one you want, the one you need. Cause when it’s all for one it’s one for all.

    • So what you’re saying then is “There’s a rose in a fisted glove, and the eagle flies with the dove, and if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with”? ;-)

      • exactly

  13. Lmao @ all for love lyrics… It looks like alot of fun ill see it for sure.

  14. This looks like a lot of fun. My only concern is Lerman. He looks totally out of place in the trailer.

  15. Why not, I guess. It seems to blend historical fiction with fantasy.

  16. I will be seeing this movie because of two words: Orlando Bloom. I would watch him read a phone book.

  17. hey, even in kuwait i could load the trailer–that IS badass. steampunk & dumas! bring it!!

  18. Krap!

  19. Looks totally stupid. Too bad, cuz the original book was good, as were some of the earlier adaptations of the novel (“some”). This, however, would be a waste of money to buy on DVD or go see in the theaters. I might–maybe–watch it on my Netflix just to see how they hamburgered it up, knowing that if it just gets too barfilicious, I can always turn it off, and go in the kitchen & make another scrumptious sandwich without missing anything.

  20. This show reminds me what the “updated” Wild Wild West was to the original series. /facepalm

  21. Paul W.S. Anderson really knows how to put the dumb@ss in Dumas’s work.

  22. This looks like fun. It’s not Dumas, but it does look like fun. If for nothing else, it’s got me just to watch Milla Jovovich kick ass in a bodice and hoop skirt.

  23. love Love LOVE Steampunk! Loved the novels (have never met anyone else who has read them), loved the Raquel Welch movie version, will love this one for what it is – a steampunk version. Lighten up people – this movie will be fun.