Thor Updates: Plot Confusion & A Casting Addition

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thor ultimate thor donald blake Thor Updates: Plot Confusion & A Casting Addition

From what we’ve been told all along about the Thor movie, it would entirely take place in the mystical Asgardian realm, with only a tiny part of the movie (likely at the end of the film) taking place on Earth.

This has seemingly been the obvious scenario, especially with the plethora of casting decisions made for Asgardian characters in recent weeks including Odin, The Warriors Three and Heimdall.

Strangely enough however, Variety’s article on Tuesday about a recent cast addition (more on that below) contained a sentence reporting that the story of the Thor movie “centers on a partly disabled med student who discovers his Norse god alter ego, the hammer-swinging Thor.

For those unfamiliar with the comics, this med student goes by the name of Donald Blake who’s Thor’s other identity. Why or how? Well, Thor’s farther Odin wanted to have his son, the God of Thunder, to learn humility and thereby puts Thor into the body of Donald Blake as an act of punishment for his reckless behavior. Odin places Thor in the body of Blake who suffers from a lame leg and Thor acquires his memories while losing his own of being a god prior to this event.

thor donald blake cane Thor Updates: Plot Confusion & A Casting AdditionLater, Blake finds the mighty hammer Mjolnir (hidden in the form of a cane) and gains the ability to switch between his human form or that of The Mighty Thor. Without a doubt, this will – in one form or another – likely be the link to how Thor becomes an Earthly being, leading to his interaction and eventual membership with the other members of The Avengers in the upcoming Marvel Studios’ films.

Getting back to Variety’s report – the focus of the article is for another talented cast member joining Branagh’s mighty roster: Kat Dennings (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Charlie Bartlett) has officially joined the cast of Thor and will play the character of Darcy, who works alongside Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

So, Variety’s statement about the story doesn’t seem to be the case from what we know so far and the story may not center on Blake at all, but may only include him during part of the movie – we have to wait and see on how that part of the story unfolds.

So while it may be obvious that Donald Blake will be included, or at least introduced, in the Thor movie – especially with the fact that Natalie Portman is playing a nurse of Blake’s and his love interest – It may not be the case. Hercules at Ain’t It Cool News may have found otherwise. From Hercules’s post:

“Variety’s assertion contradicted some of what we’ve heard, so we contacted a 100% tested and solid source, someone intimately familiar with the movie Kenneth Branagh is making, and he or she tells AICN Donald Blake is definitely NOT in the movie.”

That’s strange. Does that mean when Thor reaches or enters our realm, he is only Thor? Then what are Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings’ roles for and how will they interact with the title character? I’m not sure I buy that Blake isn’t in the movie at all but if he isn’t, I’m curious in how the character will be handled when he’s banished to Earth and meets our human characters.

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  1. Confused!!!

  2. Alrite, for weeks to months we being buzzing by Thor’s progress until it leads to confuse now. I think I had enough alrdy.
    Just when the hell do we get some development news of Caps?
    Arent they both schedule at the same year 2011?

  3. There are Thor stories that don’t involve Donald Blake but that do take place on Earth, at least, that’s what I’m told (I only read Thor for a little while). Ultimate Thor is one of them apparently. But in my ignorance, I have to say I also don’t completely buy the idea that Blake won’t be in the film. AICN have been wrong many times before (or, at least, their sources have been).

  4. Yeah I heard Donald Blake will not be in it at all. I think this is the better way to go because having Thor “transform” between human and a god-like being would be total opposite of the world Iron Man lives in.

  5. Having Thor at all is completely opposite of the world Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America live in.

    All of those characters gained their powers through the use of technology. It might be technology that could never exist in our universe, but it is technology none the less.

    Thor is completely different, as he is supernatural in his origin. Not being someone who reads comic books (but who love comic book movies), I have had a problem with adjusting to the idea of Thor in the Iron Man/Hulk universe that they have created in those movies.

  6. @ M-Cat,

    Speaking of which, where did you get that info from for your comment in the other thread about this?

  7. @ Sean

    Did you have any problems with Silver Surfer in the FF movie or any Superman movies?
    If not, then think of Thor in the same way. Just an Alien with super powers.

  8. @Manowar
    My problem is that by the time that Thor shows up, we will have had three movies that do nothing to even hint at aliens or supernatural beings in that universe. With Superman, aliens are established immediately with Superman. With Silver Surfer, he shows up in the second movie, so he could easily be introduced without problem.

    So both of them are easier to accept in their movies. And I am not saying that I won’t like or enjoy Thor, just concerned on how they work it in to the established universe without making it feel forced.

  9. If Blake is not in it, then Thor may be presented in a similar fashion to Ultimate Thor, where he claims he’s a god, but his teammates don’t belive it until Asgardians actually show up on earth.

  10. @Luke and Leia’s Love Child

    I agree that it could be a well mixed combination of both the Ultimate and 616 universes. Mrs. Portman could still be a love interested nurse to a man whom she maybe tending too who calls himself Thor similar to the Ultimate Thor but with Janew Foster role slightly different.

  11. lol i meant AVENGERS, i was typing in the dark, lmao

  12. They’re obviously leaning towards Ultimate Thor. I like that…
    I love both versions, but Ultimate Thor works more for a movie adaptation.

  13. Im not just a comic book movie fan, I have loved Mavel since I can remember but out of all the upcoming and potential Marvel films, i am leased excited about Thor. I mean I like the character and all and i will def see this movie, but I never thought that he fit all that well in the marvel universe and I really dont care about this project.

    Just for perspective: I think Cyclops and Captain America are the biggest douches in the Marvel universe but I even like them better than Thor

    is anyone the same?

  14. its a fact; marvel movies twist and turn what’s in the comics so that they can shove it down our throats in the cinemas.
    i just hope its as hardcore as hulk and as visually good as ironman (and hulk)

  15. To Blake or not to Blake?

    Well, in my view they already cast Portman as Foster; there has to be some goings on on planet Earth; I was starting to even think that Thor would find and lead other Midguard warriors who had been banished/punished to Earth…but I’m not sure exactly what will transpire. That. Midguard strife, or the Donald Blake story. Know what? I don’t care.

    That’s right.
    I don’t care.
    Not one iota.

    See—- I like it this way. I don’t WANT TO KNOW. The more questions and possibilities, the more I’m interested. The filmmakers should see all this is a gold and just keep the lips zipped. Let folks guess where things are going, right up to the month or so before release. It has my interest NOW. Don’t spoil the soup, if y’know what I mean.

    BTW, it could have a little Ultimates in there as well, Marvel seems to be on that lame kick.


  16. Hmmmmmm… perhaps some deliberate misinformation is involved here? Just a thought….

  17. @Sean

    Im not understanding your logic. Just becasue they haven’t been they cant be?

    In theory the Marvel movies go back a way long time. So Dr. Strange has had a movie (Mystic), Blade, (Mystic/Occult), X-Men (Mutants), Spider-Man (Genetic), Hulk (Lab created), etc.

    All were made without anything “like it” mentioned before. So to have a real life “God” (A belief of many) show up in a universe that is modeled on Real Life does not seem far fetched. Even if there has been no mention before.