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thor trailer Thor Super Bowl Trailer

While Captain America: The First Avengers has been dominating the Marvel movie headlines with a little help from Spider-Man and X-Men: First Class in recent weeks, it was Thor that had the jump on them all. The first images of the cast in Thor in their other-worldly Asgardian attire had some worried at first, but when the first official Thor trailer debuted, fans were definitely on Marvel’s side and very appreciative of those practical costumes juxtaposed to Green Lantern’s CGI fiasco.

We have met the characters of Thor, we know what the film is about, and we’ve seen some (mostly) finished footage, but now a brand new Thor trailer has debuted during Super Bowl XLV alongside the premiere trailer for Captain America.

Here’s the brand new Super Bowl Thor trailer, courtesy of Paramount Pictures:

Thor is #2 on Screen Rant’s 20 most anticipated films of 2011 and this trailer helps emphasize why.

Thor represents the third superhero solo movie for Disney’s Marvel Studios, after having introduced Iron Man and re-introduced Hulk. That only leaves Captain America later this summer before we can see them and others come together for The Avengers. And this is all just the beginning of the path down Marvel’s currently planned movie schedule up until 2017.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne, Thor stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Ray Stevenson, Rene Russo, Clark Gregg, Jaimie Alexander, Colm Feore, Tadanobu Asano, Joshua Dallas and Joe Gatt.

If you’re a Thor fan, visit Game Rant for the Thor tie-in video game trailer and follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes, @screenrant and @gamerant.

Thor opens in North America May 6, 2011 and  in U.S. theaters and on April 29, 2011 for the UK.

And don’t forget to check out the full list of Super Bowl trailers.

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  1. Looked good still but nothing too different from the first trailer.

  2. Cool. But too short.

  3. It’s not working :'(

  4. Cool, even though it was too short. Can’t wait!

  5. Even thought we have already seen a trailer Thor still looks 1000 times better than Cap.

  6. trailer not as good as Cap but still…looks 1000 times better than GL

    • I would just like to say Green Lantern had been getting some crap for being a bad trailer but in reality it wasn’t that bad of a trailer in fact it was pretty good if you take away the sub par CGI for Ryan Reynolds mask, which is something you know they will fix because they cant have a 150 million dollar movie look cheesy and unreal.

  7. Two worlds one Thor.

  8. Looked good…still anticipating GL more…

    • Archaeon,

      For me it’s close between Thor and GL. I am more pumped for GL than Cap but Thor looks pretty good. I like that they are going back and forth between the two worlds and all it looks pretty realistic surprisingly.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong…I’m sure I’ll see and likely enjoy “Thor” as well…The teaser just didn’t bring a satisfied smile to my face like the “Green Lantern” teaser did. Now, I DID quite enjoy both trailers, so I remain exceedingly hopeful.


  9. Enough with the BS. GL looks, and will be, 1000 times better than Thor (who looks like a professional wrestler with a hammer).

    • Lol have you actually seen the GL trailer? It’s not even about being a Marvel fan boy I prefer DC and love GL, but that movie looks awful.

      • i liked GL. i dont complain about the CG cause i dont care much that its unfinished in a trailer 6 months before it relaseses. and the other thing people didnt like was that it was more ryan reynolds humor than cocky, something i dont mind either cause i find him funny. other than that i think GL looked great. although im more liking Thor and Cap. excited to see all 3 of them.

        • Glad to see I’m not the only one who can see past some bad CGI to see the potential GL has, its still the film I’m looking forward to seeing the most.

    • Why do fanidiots always have do dump on one or the other. He frickin looks like Thor not a loser pro wrestler. He can actually act as well and got a lot of acclaim for playing Cap Kirk’s dad in only 7 minutes of screen time in the Abraham’s Star Trek movie. I absolutely love GL but when Reynolds starts with his typical quips I think “Oh, Van Wilder is wearing a CGI Green Lantern costume.”

      • You’re right. There are what 2 quips in the GL trailer,a whole 2 in 120 seconds. That will assuredly be the ruination of the entire movie.

        Come on.

  10. the rock with the hammer in it at the beginning looked so fake and the punching/kicking sound effects are as if someone’s crunching on apples, sure hope its not like that in the final release…

    • How can it look fake? The hammer is actually a real metal prop? God, what do all you whiny babies want? I swear, Odin himself could come down from Asgard and kiss your butts and it still wouldn’t be good enough. I must stop reading the comments on these sites because they are always filled with whiny losers who say asinine things like epic fail and always need something to b**** about.

  11. Sadly not much new. Still look a million times better than GL and a 1000 times better than Cap. This is how you make a film Joe Johnson and Chris Evans.

  12. Thor, thought you;d be bigger!

  13. As excited as I am about Thor, I think they need to step up the trailers a bit. I think the scenes are a bit too disjointed and eclectic, and the pacing is just off. I still think the movie will rock, but the trailers are just a bit too unremarkable

  14. Looks very, very ,very good indeed.

    The direction and look of the film are absolutely fantastic, they picked a brilliant director in KB, the guy has a real eye for beauty and this film just looks gorgeous.

    I have no knowledge of Thor as a character, so I am looking forward to going into this one totally blind, I have no expectations, therefore I should enjoy it quite a lot.

  15. I really wish they stuck more closely to the Thor comics. This whole Mjolnir hammer is like Excalibur sword in the stone in an E.T. tent isn’t doing it for me. They still are not revealing a strong villain like Green Lantern. Not a good sign. Still I would rather pay to see Thor than Green Lantern. It seems to take itself more seriously than Green Lantern’s playing dress up in front of his goofy bff.

  16. I would like more dialogue in the trailers because there has been very very little. Also I want to see more Loki, where is he in all this? But I do want to see this movie more than Cap even though Cap is my most favorite superhero ever.

    • I think it’s good that they are not showing too much, nice to have some surprises at the cinema no?

      • Yea, I am glad they are not giving everything away which is very odd because Hollywood is very good at giving you the whole plot in a two minute trailer. I just would like to see a variety, even in the five minute clip from Comic Con, Loki was hardly seen. He is the only thing that has been missing from the trailers.

        • Yeah, I do think its a bit silly that there is hardly any new footage on this spot aside from some FX shots.

  17. so was that an ice giant?

  18. and i know they already had the ice giant stills but dont they change and get bigger?

  19. There’s a little more plot emerging here I think.
    Here’s what I guess from what I’ve seen

    * Thor starts on the Ice Giants, brings War to Asgard and gets dressing down from Odin

    * Sent to earth as punishment he meets Natalie Portman and expects her to think he’s the bomb ’cause he’s a god and that.

    * Portman agrees to help Thor get his hammer back ’cause she wants to be a decent person all the while refusing to acknowledge that she wants to touch his muscles.

    * They go to New Mexico to find Mjolnir, Thor turns out not to be worthy because of his arrogance and attitude of Boss over Portman. Rage.

    * Rest of the movie is Thor getting over being a plebe and Portman finding out that there’s a tender side to the big goof.

  20. First, Thor never had a beard. And most of all this guy looks like a gay body bi jake model, not Asgardian god.

    • big_seph…

      Thor, in the comics, has had a beard several times, not to mention the fact that a couple of different people who have possessed the power of Thor have had beards.

      More significantly, the mythological figure upon whom the comic Thor is based DEFINITELY has a beard.

      Get your facts straight…PLEASE.

    • Actually, Thor did have a beard in the Ultimates series. But, I agree I prefer Kirby-Era Asgard and no beard. I think Hemsworth is great and can act. Go watch the last Star Trek movie. He played Kirk’s dad. Why is everyone ripping on him for being muscly and blond with long hair. Thor IS muscly and blond with long hair. I also love how people have to throw the gay comment in there too. Aww, did someone feel threatened when they popped a stiffie from staring at his beefy pecs?

      • Right on, Archaeon.

    • “Grizzly Adams DID have a beard.” -Lee Trevino

  21. Thor still looks the more impressive film over both Green Lantern and Captain America

  22. Looks really good. I just wish Brian Blessed was odin

    That aside I hope this is very Walt Simonson-y

    Looks to have alot of that

    • I think the problem with Brian Blessed playing Odin is that he’d be hard to take seriously. Didn’t he play a similar character once or twice in a very tongue-in-cheek way?


      • “Gordon’s ALIIVE??!?” 😀

  23. Woohoo! We get it first! Dunno why but I’m not going to complain!!! :)

    • haha

  24. Finally. Somewhere on the Internet where people are excited about Thor. Let’s get down to brass tax, tho. Which of the 4 DC/marvel/X-men flicks is going to win the merchandising war? Isn’t that the bottom line? Didn’t Lucas teach us?? (being half serious here)
    where are the little plastic Mjolnirs, to bug parents the way Hulk Hands have for years??? Cap’s caps? Wee lanterns? X-fake cleavage?

  25. Portman: “God, I hope you´re not crazy…”

    Thor: “Muahahaha.”