Thor Trailer Officially Released!

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thor trailer Thor Trailer Officially Released!

[Update: The second Thor trailer has also been released!]

Marvel Comics’ version of the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, made his first appearance in 1962 thanks to the creativity of comic book legends Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber. Fast forward almost five decades and we’re now getting our first official look at the live-action version of the Asgardian Avenger in the just-released Thor trailer!

The new Thor poster was released yesterday, but it only gave us another look at star Chris Hemsworth in costume, wielding Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. The trailer gives us insight into Thor’s character, how he gets to Earth and who his allies and friends are.

We got a fleeting official look at director Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Thor back in July, via leaked footage that debuted at Comic Con this past summer. However, this latest trailer is our first real measure of what the finished, polished product is going to look like, including the visual effects, costumes, sets, and performances of leads Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Anthony Hopkins (Odin) and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster).

As usual, opinion over the big-screen rendition of a revered comic book character is sure to be split, but as far as we’re concerned, the film is looking to be in good shape.

Check out the Thor trailer by clicking the link below:



We’ll soon update this post with some still images from the trailer so be sure to check back.

The intro of the trailer, leading up to the logos and first shots of Asgard, is identical to the footage shown at Comic-Con. The structure of the trailer is also the same with the one game-changing difference being that the effects shots are now complete and they’ve finished coloring and polishing most of the scenes.

This is a vast improvement over what we’ve seen up until now and the newly added lightning effects and action sequences simply put, look very cool. The costumes, which had many up in arms before any footage was released, look good in context as well which should win back some of the early doubters. It’ll be interesting to gauge the reaction to the Thor trailer versus the rather underwhelming response to the Green Lantern trailer and that film’s CGI costume.

Here’s the big problem we have with the trailer: “In 3D… and 2D in select theaters.” Why only in select theaters is it available in standard (less expensive) format and why is this even part of the trailer? It’s a questionable marketing decision, to say the least.

If you’re psyched about Thor, visit Game Rant for the Thor tie-in video game trailer which debuts tomorrow night at the Spike Video Game Awards and follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes, @screenrant and @gamerant.

Thor opens in North America May 6, 2011 and  in U.S. theaters and on April 29, 2011 for the UK.

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  1. Interesting in a number of ways..

    I liked how Kenneth Branagh was able to mold the Thor character into something like himself. If other directors do this, this is the first time I have actually been able to spot it. Much better than appearing on film as extras.

    This will be easier to watch than the comic was to read. I have mixed feelings about this. The Marvel movies I want to see most, aside from those characters I am actually a fan of, are Thor, Silver Surfer, and Dr. Strange specifically because I could never make sense of their comics. The old English Thor language was particularly brutal for me so, no, I was never able to understand why it was popular. Now, I may never know. But, I agree, the movie looks like a block-buster!

  2. yeah I think we’ll see Avengers 2 before we see A JLA movie.

  3. Due to political correctness (Which I hate) They dont call them Gods so there would be no protesters. You and I know that someone wold do it. Love where this is going and Ive waited my entire life for this movie. I was a fan of the 60′s cartoons also. I just hope they really show his strength and I have seen nothing about his ability to fly yet. He does a big leap at the end but that not close.

    • I don’t understand that reasoning. They called Zesus and the others gods in the Titans movie. They’re of Norse mythology and are gods…even as a Christian, I’m not offended because that’s who they are in the mythology.

    • It’s explained in the film because they aren’t gods. They just appeared that way in history due to their advanced tech.

  4. The comic account that even without the Odinpower, Thor usually only uses about a third of his actual strength against mortal opponents for fear of killing them highlights just how much butt Odin’s son could kick if need be.

    Hopefully they get across that fact in the movie.

    I like this. I’m going to go see it in the cinemas.

  5. The most fitting would be for them to open “THURSDAY” night for the obvious connection. Verily The Thunderer himself would be pleased for it to open upon his day and bless the film. LOL!

    • Actually, in Germany, new movies open on Thursdays…

      • Then Thor will obviously do well over there. I think Thor will do extremely well in Europe anyway being that the character has Scandinavian origins.

        • Actually, he´s not really popular in Germany (except for the comic fans of course). When I talk to people who don´t know Thor as a comic book, they say: “Thor? You mean a Hercules-like movie?”
          But I can only speak for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I don´t know about the rest of Europe…

          • Ummm, I think the whole point of Ulik’s comment was to connect the opening of “Thor” with the day named after him. He was trying to be educationally humorous.

            I suppose you could expand upon that and say Wednesday would be EVEN better, since you’d then be honoring Thor’s father, Odin (aka Wotan…and Woden). Since Odin is also the God of travellers and thieves, it might be best not to piss him off ;P

            • I got Ulik´s point. And Odin can steal my wallet if he wants to. It´s empty anyway. :P

              • So I guess this is not a bid for you to be in the next credit card commercial with Thor and all of Asgard chasing after you asking whats in your wallet?

                • As long as they bring Natalie Portman, no.

            • that went over a lot of heads! LOL

    • Indeed it’s a very appropriate suggestion. I like it a lot. So much better than the pedestrian AC/DC. :-)

    • I agree, even if it’s an alternate version done Asgardian style by one of the singers in the Halls of Valhalla! As they drink merrily and feast eternally singing it and other fine song and tales of great battles. :)

    • I’ve been saying that since the first trailer dropped.

      I’m sure there’s lots of rights involved but – really,
      if Jason Bonham can tour doing Led Zep songs w/out the
      reunited band, I don’t see why Marvel can’t get the rights
      to roll the song at credits.

      It’s important to keep in mind that, at the time, there was
      a strong pop cultural connection btw. comics & rock & roll.

      Sabbath might’ve been more into it than Zeppelin, tho.

      But I absolutely believe for this movie to reach mass appeal,
      inclusion of that song would be a dead winner.
      You should to start an online campaign to allow Led Zeppelin to let
      Marvel use the song. I’d get behind that in a heartbeat!

      • I like the idea. But I guess Robert Plant is not.

        • dunno about that… if these fools can use the song then surely Marvel could scrape around in its pockets… this discussion fits with my idea that movies are made so hurriedly these days essential elements of the multimedia dimension get left out leaving a gaping set of variables incapable of filling the void…

          soundtracks make a huge difference if you ask me…

    • I think you’re right. Also, KISS has a song called God Of Thunder. I wonder if that will make the soundtrack.

  6. damn that was sick

  7. This looks fantastic and looks to have everything I had hoped for – I’d be willing to place a bet that it’ll blow Green Lantern out in the box office results.

    I’m already convinced this movie is going to be good. Let’s see the trailer for Captain America, please!

  8. Meh, I think that the comic-con trailer was better. And the beginning is not exactly identical as i’m pretty sure their was some different dialogue used/ omitted in this one when the agent is interrigating Thor (though the footage itself may be exactly the same which is what you actually said) This one does look good though and i’m definetley seeing the movie in theatres (maybe twice)

  9. He’s not weathered enough, but Natalie is in this so I’m game.

  10. I want to see Volstagg eat a whole bird to himself while drinking mead with Thor,laughing with food in his beard.

  11. Led Zeppelin is one of the most over rated bands of all time, but that’s besides the point. I’m still seeing THOR in May. Hope to see a decent cameo from Samuel L Jackson.

    • You won´t…

    • Seriously?? MAN… Led Zeppelin is actually the musical background to at least 2-3 generations of living here in America… cant speak for anywhere else and as if that wasnt enough… Led Zeppelin was really more about the artistry of the music than any other band in its time… No not the sheepish experimentalism of the quirky wild man Zappa but definitely artists all the way…

      You wanna talk over-rated then pull out those Bon Jovi and Poison disks you got stuffed up under the couch somewhere… those guys lived on the spit and the sweat of the greats like Zeppelin for years… Im not buyin it and believe me I do know my music from Metal to Bluegrass… hell Bela Fleck covered Zeppelin and that says a lot about Page and Plant not to mention the legacy left to drummers by Bonham that his son lives off of today and so many drummers will pull out of their bag in a minute to show off… John Paul Jones… gifted… Far from overrated son…

      Heres the punch line … put that in yer pipe and smoke it because you might need a new high if thats all whatever your smokin is doin for your…Thanks for letting me be the educator here… someone had to do it…PS… i am funnin you … i dont smoke and you may not either

      • @theeradicaleclectic, Aww yeah, another real music enthusiast here. I like Zepplin a lot too. They were pioneers no doubt, even when they stripped the music down to straight up raw blues. Real artists they were and are. Many bands wouldn’t have existed without Led Zep.

        • Honestly I can’t stand Zepplins music. I really hate it, but I respect the band because they helped music evolve. I may not of liked their style, but at least they wrote some lyrics with a little meaning behind them rather than the plain old “Lets rock all night” crap that had been around everywhere else and because of them we got a lot more music with important lyrics that mean something.

  12. Looks promising. I hope this lives up to my expectations. Unlike Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk “reboot”, Clash of the Titans, Ghost Rider, Terminator Salvation, etc.

  13. Also the green lantern trailer looks horrible. the cgi looks pretty dumb and so does the costume. I’m used to the black guy green lantern from the justice league version anyways lol.

  14. This looks honestly kinda lamee… The Green Lantern trailer evoked more of an epic feeling in my opinion.

  15. Overall, Thor looks pretty good. The trailer actually gave me the vibes of an Iron Man/Hellboy hybrid – which isn’t a bad thing (granted, I’m not terribly enamored with the Iron Man movies, but they are fun movies).

    I have to put this out there – I’ve never been a big follower of the Thor character. He always seemed rather out of place considering the rest of the Marvel universe that lends itself more to science fiction than fantasy (gene mutations, science accidents and radioactive spider bites). That said, the trailer has piqued my interest. I’ll likely catch this in theaters… and end up buying the blu-ray.

    • I really don’t see the problem with the MARVEL universe having Asgardian demi-gods as beings from an other dimension.

      No different in some ways to beings inhabiting the Negative Zone which was discovered by Dr Reed Richards of the sci-fi orientated Fantasic Four books.

      I remember when those books dabbled with the supernatural with Agatha Harkness back in the 70′s and even her ties to The Scarlet Witch in The Avengers books.

      The natural and supernatural realms have always been synonymous with the MARVEL universe. :-)

      • I agree. I miss Agatha…

  16. I agree Dan, considering the amount of powers he has, Thor would seem more suited with DC’s roster of superheroes

  17. Lucky for me I don’t have any expectations for Thor…and this trailer doesn’t make any difference. To be honest it just doesn’t interest me, but I’ll still see it.
    Green Lantern looks more impressive to me.

  18. Both “Green Lantern” and “Thor” are made by their official company studio owners, so I’m expecting far better movies than what Phony Sony & Fox Abattoirs put out. :-)

    • @ Magnetic Eye

      Lol Phony Sony, I like that. Im look forward to both Green Lantern & Thor & expect them both to be a hit. I probly more anxious about Green Lantern just little bit more cause i know more about the character than i do Thor in the comics but can’t wait to see both films. Really anxious to see Capt. America’s Trailer to come soon.

      • @ WallyWest

        Yeah I’ve got around 300 or so Thor comics so I know a lot more about that character than I do Green Lantern. I read “Rebirth” last week so I feel a little more acquainted with the fearless Hal Jordan.

        In regards to Asgard, I can’t really tell too much from the trailer but it seems we’re getting more of a futuristic looking Asgard instead of classic Renaissance type architecture.

        Still it’s all good. :-)

        Captain America looks like it’s shaping up well too. Looking forward to that trailer as well.

        • Kevin Feige said, we can expect a Cap trailer “as soon as the next year.” We´ll see…

          • Cool. Thanks scapegoat. :-)

        • @ Magnetic Eye

          Wow. 300 comics? even when i had comics, i didn’t have that close to many,lol. Of-course i had varied amount of comics which i stated somewhere before got thrown out by my mother. Especially one of my favorite Batman comics, A Death In The Family. I even had a crossover comic of Batman vs. the Predator. When does Capt. America come out? is it 2011 or 2012?

          • 2011.

            • Thanks MercWadeWilson :-)

          • @ WallyWest

            Yeah that’s just “Thor” comics. In total there’s now just over 5000 or so , which is still small compared to some collections I’ve heard about. :-)

            Approximately 90% is MARVEL, the rest is DC and a few DARK HORSE and VALIANT.

            LOL, when I was a lot younger my mum used to threaten to throw out my comics if I didn’t tidy up my room. :-)

            I thought Captain America was due for release in 2011.

            • Wally.. The last time I counted my collection (95ish) I was at 19K. I stopped “Collecting” around 06.

              • @ Nate

                Now that’s impressive! Are you selling some of it soon? :-)

                • @Magnetic Eye!

                  I started collecting when I was 11. I’m 42 now. LOL. Back in the early to mid 90′s I was spending about $300 a month on comics. Ah, the single young man with disposible income days…
                  I digress, Um, I have been thinking about selling most of the collection. I had a mover tell me that he’d never seen that many books in his life. LOL.
                  I just have to set down in a basketball court size space to sort them all to decide what to keep.

                  • @ Nate

                    “Ah, the single young man with disposible income days…”

                    LOL, yes I remember those days well. :-)

              • @ Nate

                Sheesh. Thought about goin into filmaking and go through your comics to make a film? My friends encourage me into goin to film school, but i been more into cartoon animation which i been aspired by Bruce Timm. I go through what books i have now & think of how can i make their costumes come into reality without makin any drasticly changes etc. Ive done a few for movies i friend liked pretty well. You probly seen my post about my mother throwing out most of my comics,lol. One comic i want is one of the original print copies of Action Comics of Superman issue #1. Knowing me id read it once and put it in a plastic seal, not to be opened again till i pass it on to someone.

            • Wow lol Magnetic I’m sitting right at about 400 comics total ish haven’t counted. You got me big time lol and I thought my collection was to big.

              • Yeah, I had about 545 comics until my apartment got broken into and my stereo system,t.v., art work(personal) and comics got stolen. I was more into collecting the volume 1/issue 1′s because of the obvious reasons(no subscriptions) and I also was into collecting major event themed issues and 1st appearances. My Wolverine volume1/issue#1,my Sub-Mariner volume1/issue#1,Defenders #1,The Max #1, Secret Wars and many more. I was lucky I didn’t go to jail for killing somebody on Bushwick Ave in Brooklyn that day on.

                • Man that really sucks. Dirty rotten scumbags. :-) I’m assuming Bushwick Ave is in Bushwick one of the larger suburbs in Brooklyn?

                  In Australia there is a bit of a stereotype associated with the five boroughs of NYC, in particular the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn as places with more than above average crime rates. True or False ? I think it’s probably more to do with knowing where and where not to go.

                  My wife tells me that on both of her visits to the US, she felt safer walking around NYC than she did in LA. Go figure. :-)

                  • Yeah,Bushwick Ave is a long strip in a neighborhood of Brooklyn known as “East New York”. All of the boroughs have good and bad areas. Well it all depends on the area and how you carry yourself in those areas. If you walk with fear, the wrong/right people will notice then you will attract negative attention. If you have a don’t F- with me attitude, pay attention to your surroundings,and be about your way, then people tend to back off if your in bad areas. It’s all about how you carry yourself. If you’re white and go into a mostly Black/Hispanic area and don’t seem scared most people won’t even pay attention to you,unfortunately it’s the total opposite in places like Bensonhurst,Brooklyn if your not Italian or white(no offense to anybody here). Brooklyn is pretty interesting cuz you can go from “Crown Heights”(considered bad)then not too far down the block(Eastern Pkwy)to “Park Slope” which is filled with rich yuppies,artists,film execs,etc.,and Russian Mafia who all dress,and act like they are broke but far from it. As far as L.A., I don’t know,I’ve never been there to make a sound opinion without going off what I’ve seen on t.v. I know that I definitely would like to visit Australia for sure.

  19. Hummmmmm. I would say first off the Thor Trailer > the GL trailer and I will probably be happier about the movie itself based on what I’ve seen.

    That aside, I am still displeased with the whole ultra futuristic and high tech vision that Kenneth Branagh created. There should be at least a bit of the rustic, monolithic look of the Norse Myths but they totally removed that feel. You can mix the two together and have it work (Klingons from Star Trek are an excellent example) And all the armor looks like it’s made out of what it probably IS…plastic.

    Not feeling Hemsworth’s Aussie accent either. The new Avenger’s animated show has it right so why couldn’t they do it for the movie?

    Also still don’t have a clue why Heimdall is a black guy. I have no qualms with the actor, just the displaced need to have the character not be white like he is supposed to be. I would have the same problem if they decided to have Will Smith play the next Superman (which almost happened btw). That is not the way they are portrayed in the comics or myths so WHY change it? Change for the sake of change with no good reason really infuriates me.

    As for Hopkins playing Thor….I really like the actor but am not sold on him as Odin. He needs to be a big imposing figure with a deep voice. Of course finding a good actor in his 60′s that also looks the part might be too much to ask for. The welded on eye patch ala Klingon style but again high tech just looks stupid.

    That ALL being said, it pales in comparison to the atrocities that were committed on the GL set.

    • Yeah, let’s all jump on the “don’t like Aussie accents” bandwagon. LOL. God forbid if we also happen to hear English, Irish, Scottish, South African or Kiwi accents in films.

      Thor is from Scandinavian Norse Mythology so he shouldn’t have an American accent anyway.

      @ mongoose. These young actors are perfecting their craft and learning how to use a neutral accent. They got hired for a reason. Look at Mel Gibson’s first batch of films and you can hear traces of his Aussie accent. :-)

      • I don’t not like Aussie accents. I just don’t like my Norse Gods speaking with one, what can I say? I am also not exactly thrilled with the language patterns used (I want to hear earth called Midgard and a few “thee”s and “thou”s) but admittedly this is on the writers heads for not going with more proper speech.

    • They changed Heimdall´s skin color, so what? Are you complaining about Sam Jackson as Fury as well? And I don´t think that Asgard or the Asgardians look “High Tech”. It looks like a different realm (which it is actually)…

      • How do you guys know that’s Heimdall anyway? I was thinking with the glowing red eyes the cat was probaly Sutur? I must have missed something.

        • Becuase that is Idris Elba in the trailer and he is playing Heimdall…

          • Tango GK Triple 3! Idris Elba it is then. isn’t he on tap to play someone else in the Marvelverse in the near future? I can’t remember… BP maybe?

        • Mongoose.. so you just have a problem with the Heimdall, but not one with Hogun being Asian?

        • @ mongoose: They didn´t change Fury into a black guy. He´s still the same in the regular “616″ Universe. Only his “Ultimate” counterpart is a black dude. And since these movies (Iron Man, Thor, Cap n´ The Avengers) seem to be a mix of both universes, it´s ok with me. And since they say that Odin, Thor and all the others are not Gods like in the norse mythology, but more of “advanced aliens”, I don´t care about skin colors, as long as the performance of the particular actor is good. So I see no reason to freak out. But I respect your opinion.

          • And by the way: they made Whiplash into a russian, and nobody complained about that.

  20. They’d make a 3D film of a dog pooping if they thought we’d even remotely buy it.

    • I´d buy it. As long as it has a good story… :D

  21. The one thing that bothers me is the fact that the Frost Giants aren’t giant. Sure they’re like 10 feet tall, but seriously. They were the size of skyscrapers. SKYSCRAPERS!!!!!

    • @MercWadeWilson, Yeah that kinda bother’s me too. There should at least be 1-3 giants that are 20 feet tall. Ymir nears to be at least that size. I did however hear that there will be dark elves in this so we might see Malekith make a cameo.

  22. Even back in the Kirby years you heard of the towering, golden splendor of Asgard. Its always been that way and until the 90′s it was the same. Ive collected Thor since the 60′s and I am very happy the way this is turning out to be a mixture of all eras

  23. Hey Vic… sorry for getting all uppity in my merriment here when it comes to The Thor… but this is a definite high point in my film archive

    Hope junior didnt take me too seriously in my obligatory Led Zeppelin hype. I work on courtesy and spell checking when I can… Carry on..

  24. very EXCELLENT trailer and hopefully the whole movie will be this way.
    my only hangup is the VINTAGE viking helmut that THOR has made famous in the comic book is not in the trailer. without the helmut on he looks too much like a juiced up BRAD PITT from TROY.

  25. Thor looks very cool but, will he fly in the movie?


  26. Any word on those still images that were going to be uploaded?

  27. Magnetic I wouldn’t call that a stereotype it’s actually pretty accurate those areas are riddled with more crime than most entire cities.

    As far as Ny vs LA can’t really say one is worse than the other. It depends on the area but honestly I’d say LA is safer. Hard to say for sure. NY I find to be filled with more mean people with bad attitudes and alot of low level crime. While LA is generally safe for random people but wrong person in the wrong place the crime tends to be less low level and more violent and bloody. LAs safe spots tend to be safer and their bad spots tend to be more violent but I can say this it’s not easy to find nice people in NY I know a few and even they tend to tell md that it’s mostly filled with D**ks.

    • Oddly, there was a poll a few years ago on the news that showed NYC had the friendliest people out of all the cities in the US. LOL I found it hard to believe, but since I never been there I wouldnt know.
      Im from Chicago – the most federally indicted city in the USA. *Sighs*

    • Well that’s pretty spot on but it’s not that us New Yorkers are d**ks(which a lot of us are LOL!), it’s more of the fact that in order to get ahead you have to be more aggressive in that very aggressive city and show that your not about to take any crap from nobody which may come across as being a d**k but many people do take it too far though. People tend to not say hi and stuff in New York cuz unfortunately most people that greet you in public usually ask for a favor,or money right after that. LOL! It’s unfortunate, but actually having lived in Atlanta, GA for a while now I’ve noticed that Atlanta really isn’t all that hospitable like they claim and New Yorkers in New York are A LOT more hospitable compared to Atlantans. Mostly because of recent migration to Atlanta and the generation gap. The most of the younger people in Atlanta have no manners and speak horribly in public which is incredibly irritating. I’m preparing to move back home to New York or to L.A. to finish school and pursue my career in multimedia arts(film,music,and visual arts)

  28. Hell Bull22 they do have his helmet in the trailer. He is taking it off before he gets his tail kicked by Oden. And there is another shot of him wearing it holding the hammer in the air while rallying the place guards or whoever they are.

    This is really gonna be an awesome flick

    • WHAT ABOUT FLYING ????????

      • Can he actually fly? I always thought he just threw the hammer and didn’t let go of it and it pulled him along. But he couldn’t hover in the air or anything. I remember he could create whirlwinds with the hammer and storms.