Thor Trailer Officially Released!

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thor trailer Thor Trailer Officially Released!

[Update: The second Thor trailer has also been released!]

Marvel Comics’ version of the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, made his first appearance in 1962 thanks to the creativity of comic book legends Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber. Fast forward almost five decades and we’re now getting our first official look at the live-action version of the Asgardian Avenger in the just-released Thor trailer!

The new Thor poster was released yesterday, but it only gave us another look at star Chris Hemsworth in costume, wielding Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. The trailer gives us insight into Thor’s character, how he gets to Earth and who his allies and friends are.

We got a fleeting official look at director Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Thor back in July, via leaked footage that debuted at Comic Con this past summer. However, this latest trailer is our first real measure of what the finished, polished product is going to look like, including the visual effects, costumes, sets, and performances of leads Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Anthony Hopkins (Odin) and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster).

As usual, opinion over the big-screen rendition of a revered comic book character is sure to be split, but as far as we’re concerned, the film is looking to be in good shape.

Check out the Thor trailer by clicking the link below:



We’ll soon update this post with some still images from the trailer so be sure to check back.

The intro of the trailer, leading up to the logos and first shots of Asgard, is identical to the footage shown at Comic-Con. The structure of the trailer is also the same with the one game-changing difference being that the effects shots are now complete and they’ve finished coloring and polishing most of the scenes.

This is a vast improvement over what we’ve seen up until now and the newly added lightning effects and action sequences simply put, look very cool. The costumes, which had many up in arms before any footage was released, look good in context as well which should win back some of the early doubters. It’ll be interesting to gauge the reaction to the Thor trailer versus the rather underwhelming response to the Green Lantern trailer and that film’s CGI costume.

Here’s the big problem we have with the trailer: “In 3D… and 2D in select theaters.” Why only in select theaters is it available in standard (less expensive) format and why is this even part of the trailer? It’s a questionable marketing decision, to say the least.

If you’re psyched about Thor, visit Game Rant for the Thor tie-in video game trailer which debuts tomorrow night at the Spike Video Game Awards and follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes, @screenrant and @gamerant.

Thor opens in North America May 6, 2011 and  in U.S. theaters and on April 29, 2011 for the UK.

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  1. Alright, I finally got to watch it…Personally, I thought that it was just ok.

    I still have faith that it will turn out to be a good movie, I just wasn’t blown away by this trailer.

  2. In 3D….and 2D in select theaters. WTF is this? IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

    Anyways,this is a must see i know NOTHING about Thor and it looks really good :D So im on board!

    • Ricky you just wrote what I was thinking lol so I will leave it at that. oh yeah accept my request mkay :P

      • Awsome! Haha. ;)

  3. im happy with the trailer but I hope natalie portman does more than “girl-in-tight-tshirt-running-around-in-slow-mo”…

    • I have no problem with her running around in a tight shirt. :D

  4. I am SO seeing this movie after seeing this trailer, Thor looks AWESOME!

  5. It seems to be the buzz word for this movie and I agree………..AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  6. I’m curious. Are they going to use AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” on the soundtrack? Heck, Iron Man 2 had “War Machine” among other ACDC songs.

  7. Very fitting but I’m so sick of AC/DC. :-)

  8. I’m hoping Thor and Cap get Academy Award Nominations for Production Design, Costume Design. Marvel at the 2012 Oscars, how cool will that be. I’m betting Green Lantern will take a win for Special Effects over Spider-man and Transformers.

    • I doubt any of that will happen for any of these films.

      • Um why not? Transformers, Spider-man, X-men, have all been nominated for visual effects. I’m saying nominations. With all the CB and sci-fi movies out in 2011 one will win, the question is which one. Costumes and Prod Design I would say would be up in the air.

  9. DC is not even in the same league of awesomeness as Marvel Comics! ‘Green Lantern’ won’t come close to grossing in a month what ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ will make opening weekend. The only movie that I consider worth watching from DC is Christopher Nolan’s and David S.Goyer’s Batman Trilogy.

    • You are speculating on the box office revenue for films that we’ve only seen trailers for. If this were December 2011, then you could say that with a certainty. But what you want to happen might not happen.

      • Don’t forget the Spider-man reboot (2011). Spidey can probably still break a record or two. And will probably garner a few Oscar nominations to boot.

        • Oops thats 2012. Getting confused with all these release dates.

  10. I don’t recall Thor being a jerk, i guess they’ve re-written him. As for the movie, it doesn’t look as awful as i feared, though Odin looks more like my grandfather than a god.

    • Odin’s always kind of just looked like an old man and nothing more. But with it being Odin, you know that looks can be deceiving, because Odin is the ruler of Asgard and more powerful than most Asgardians (or was, he’s not in the comics now). So I think they did okay with Odin for the film.

      • At least from the 1960s to the 1980s Odin was usually represented as big and muscly, he is after all a warrior.

        Typical 60s Odin below by Jack Kirby

        • do you want odin to look like that? and where in the world would you find a 50 year old good actor with muscles like that?? i think odin looks good enough.

          • Actually the Dad from Orange County Choppers has the body of Odin somewhat and he’s 50+ :)

          • They will show Odin in his younger years doing battle AND they will also show Odin when he was very built when he was younger. So yes! We will see Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin all dieseled-up(muscle suit)&(CGI “300″) kicking ass. Collider has said that they saw it when they were invited to visit the set.

    • Michael,

      I don’t know if I would use the word “jerk” but I’ve always perceived Thor to be incredibly arrogant in the comics (with good reason – he’s, you know, a god). 8)


      • If I remember correctly, a big part of the early thor storyline was that he was exiled on midgard[ EARTH} until he learned humility. Obviously that is a storyline that would play out eventually. I believe in the comics it played out by the 80s.

      • Not as arrogant as Hercules which I’m hoping they consider in the sequel. :)

      • Vic, I don’t know why i have this idea that he’s a really noble character, the comics i’ve read most are the Lee/Kirby ones from the 60s, maybe that’s it.Either way it looks better than i expected.

        • Oh, of course he’s noble – one does not eliminate the other.

          But what’s much more common is arrogance WITHOUT nobility. 8)


          • Great point Vic! Another example would be that “Fandral The Dashing” is very noble but is also very vain.

  11. The trailer looks really good, but so did Daerdevil, Ghost Rider, X3, Spider-Man 3, and Wolverine. I’ll wait for a review and Netflix it…

  12. This is another example of how much better Marvel Movies are than DC’s they put more into there movies for the fans…..ok let me rephrase that this shows how much better the Marvel/Paramount movies are better than ANYBODYS comic book movies out there

    • Better than Nolan’s Batman movies? I don’t think so. Though this movie will be awesome.

      • Better in the sense that Marvel’s movies feel like actual CBM’s whereas as Nolan’s two Batman films, while well written and directed, feel like James Bond/Jason Bourne thrillers. Batman’s never given off a “superhero” feel per se.

        • @ chaps

          I agree with your comments about Nolan’s films. They don’t naturally have that superhero feel based from a comic book hero. Marvel Studio films on the otherhand, have both that real world/Superhero natural glory you’d expect. Thor looks like another great film, Also can’t wait for Capt. America’s Trailer to show up aswell.

          • Right, and there’s nothing wrong with what Nolan is doing…in fact, his approach is probably the right one considering Batman has no powers at all…everything based more on reality and it’s worked out beautifully. I just prefer what Marvel strategy so far, it’s list of characters, and their plan of bringing the Avengers on film…very bold and risky, but that’s what I love about that company.

        • @ chaps, I agree. “Batman” had to stop being “Batman”.

          When I look at this “Thor” trailer, I got chills from the potential of this movie. This movie is going to rock!

      • I swear, if I hear the phrase “Nolan´s Batman movies” one more time, I´ll jump out of the window…

        • Nolan’s Batman movies

        • Nolans Batman movies.

          (Sits back waiting to see If he follows through)

          I hate when people complain about this they are Nolans Batman movies. He not only wrote but also directed them it’s his vision for Batman. Funny enough no ones complains when people say Burtons Batman films but it’s popular to hate on the Nolan films right now.

          By calling it Nolans Batman we seperate it from all the others to signify what franchise we are refering to and it fits because he wrote and directed and over saw virtually every aspect of it.

          • Don´t get me wrong, guys. I have no problem with Nolan or his Batman movies. I just think they are very overrated (I posted that in another thread already). My problem is that people think these movies (or Nolan in general) are always a comparing point to every comic book movie there is. You can´t compare them to Thor, because (even though they´re all comic book adaptions) they´re completely different. It´s like comparing an ashtray to a bottle of water. I can´t stand people say: “Well, this [insert movie name here]-trailer is good, but Nolan would have done better…” Who is this guy? Jesus?!

            • By the way: I decided to not jump out of the window, because I want to see Thor without being in complete body cast…

            • @ scapegoat

              You pretty much nailed it. I mean makes me laugh when i hear someone ask who can direct this particular superhero film etc. then one person obviously mentions one particular director all due to the success of the last comic book film he directed. That’s just one film with a easy comic book character to adapt to the big screen. But there’s plenty would remain a challenge for any director no matter how great they are. And just because they had such success with that last film doesnt mean they’ll have that same spark with a different comic character. Just about everyone i know liked TDK for what it was, not because of Heath Ledger’s performance only which alot of people would deny was due to film’s success imo.

              • I think the fact that it was Ledgers last (completed) film hyped it a lot. But I get your point. It´s about time you send me your X-Men ideas, dude. I can´t wait to read what you have in petto for them..!
                Just in case you didn´t save my e-mail adress:

    • Marvel is owned by Disney now. Bought the distribution rights from Paramount for Iron Man 3 and The Avengers.

      • thank you funky tikal and the doc… something that i was glad to learn besides all the come uppance that got in the way… :X

    • I hope that paycheck you’re receiving from Marvel Studios is large enough to make you feel as important as you’re trying to sound…you ARE funny, though. Heh.

    • the problem with DC is that they only focusing on Batman and Superman too much it took them too long to do a Green Lantern movie.

      • @ dan

        I agree. Sure Batman & Superman are DC’s two most popular heroes but imo, id like to see other heroes hit the big screen aswell which lead to cross-over solo films that would lead to a Justice League. It Just seems WB/DC are being stubborn because of Nolan’s opinion about how he feels each hero franchise should stand by themselves & someone else agreed with him. Or maybe it was vice-versa.

        • well i dont care about JLA movie anymore i feel DC needs to do standalone movie for each of their characters i even feel they could do a Static Shock but i doubt DC/WB will do that.

          • I´ve always been a Marvel guy, but I liked the Flash tv show from the 90s. I´d love to see a proper made Flash movie.

  13. It looks a lot better than I thought it would be. I’m not too hyped, but I’m far from disappointed.

  14. besides that 3D garbage it looked pretty good. graphics and cgi seemed to capture that feeling of another world but we’ll see. really am hopin that the storyline and avengers tie-in are solid. he better be rockin that helmet a good portion of the movie haaa. i just hope they do him justice by showing how powerful he actually is. crossing fingers for an epic fight scene.

  15. I’d like to be terribly impressed – but I’m not.

    It doesn’t seem like it will be a bad movie – but also doesn’t seem like it will completely live up to its potential. Like the X-Men movies. All of them.

    Was, however, impressed with Anthony Hopkins’ take on Odin. And is it just me or did Natalie Portman’s boobs get bigger? Here’s hoping they did.

  16. They seemed to have ditched the Don Blake alter ego and his amnesia.

    The Destroyer looked pretty cool. Loki and Odin looked excellent.

    Asgard looked impressive but seemed a bit modern looking.

    • they did say that Don Blake alter ego wont be in the movie for day one. but the name might be still their Thor might use it to hide his real name

    • A nod to Donald Blake will be in the movie however,the character Donald Blake will not be in this.

  17. Only one scene of him throwing the hammer and it didn’t look too good. The hammer looks too light in weight and a bit plasticky.

    • You have to remember that it is magical in nature, that is why it is supposed to look light(I hop they will emphasize this by someone trying to pick it up). Also, they have 6 more months to tweak the CGI. Have faith man!

      • hope*

    • That scene is the one that did it for me…I thought the hammer throwing and catching was fantastic. Signature move by Thor. Reminds me of Hulk’s thunder clap in TIH.

  18. That scene of him slamming Mjolnir into the ground is ****ing awesome!!!

  19. ‎1. Not liking the fact they are calling the Asgardian’s “advanced aliens” instead of “gods” which they are

    2. Not liking the fact that they are saying that magic and science are the same thing in the Marvel universe because well we all know it isn’t true

    3. Yes I am one of those guys who doesn’t like the fact they casted Heimdall as a black actor it doesn’t line up with the comic, I also would get upset if they cast John Cena to play Luke Cage, or if they cast Jet-Li to play T’challa(black panther) and placed Wakanda in Asia instead of Africa. If hating tokenism and wanting continuity is racist then yes I am racist.

    Those are the only 3 things that caught my attention. What do you guys think?

    • Ummm, what were you smoking when you wrote this?

    • are u stupid

      1. this is Marvel Thor not Norse Thor. they are called Asgardians advanced alien race in the comics.

      2. magic and science was always in the comics for crying out loud

      3. big deal Heimdall is black his not even the lead character anyway. and also in Asgard there are different races anyway black, asian, etc.

      • dan,

        Call someone here stupid again and you’ll be gone.


        • my bad but i found it annoying people still complaining about the race issue

    • “Advanced gods” is essentially how they’re defined in the source material…

    • chris,

      They’re trying to make this movie fit into the Marvel film universe, which while fantastic, is basically rooted in reality to make it more appealing. That’s why they’re doing the magic/science connection – so it fits in with the rest of the movie universe.


      • Vic is right.

        • I was wondering how they´ll manage to fit the fantasy world of Asgard into the “real” world of Iron Man and Cap. I think the way they made it is very good.

      • Yes!!! It’s based off of Pseudo-Sciences such as,mulitdimesional travel and communication,runes(divination),fire reading(divination),metalergy and manipulation of molecular structures all these are done through ALCHEMY which is a psuedo-sceince that is thousands of years old. ALCHEMY goes hand in hand with MAGIC.

  20. This movie looks better than I could have expected… this could one of the best Marvel movies to date.

  21. This doesnt look much like the 60′s animated Thor cartoon I grew up on, but looks good enough to pay to see at the theater. No alter ego, weird.

  22. If the movie is anything like the trailer, then it easily will be Marvel’s best. Concerns about Marvel scaling back Thor’s power have been dismissed. Odin ripping Mjolnir from Thor, Thor smashing Mjolnir into the ground causing a major upheaval, the Destroyer, and an epic story to boot. Cannot wait until May 6th.

  23. The first thing he called Earth was earth instead of Midgar, so I assume he will not have his usual “Prepare to do battle with the Odinson vile beast” type speech patterns. They are really sweeping the God thing under the rug. Hey he may even land in L.A. that is where all the alien movies seem to be taking place these days!

    • Hemsworth stated that they will talk in an english accent, but they got rid off the “shakespear”-language.

  24. I think the film looks like it be quite entertaining…at least judging from the brief view.

  25. I thought after reading the comments thus far I had a few thoughts of my own to share.

    Those who feel a little put off by some of the semantics or particular deviations of the trailer from the comics, well in a sense I feel your pain, but I figure for the money this is as good as it gets. I think most of the changes is about the money, it’s that simple. They want to appeal to the broadest audience, so throwing out old English, some story details, and even a less than ideal story are sacrifices to the realities of business.

    We live in an age of reason and less about faith. It’s, give me the facts and I’ll think about it. So for a great many the whole gods thing is hogwash. Never the less their’s no accounting for believing in your own mythos and if the storytellers won’t definitively say then the whole matter is by its nature, designed to be open for interpretation. For example, it could be argued that Thor told Natalie’s character what he would expect her to believe not necessarily what he and his Asgardian brethren believes. Then again we haven’t seen the whole movie either. The controversies spark interest as much as fan appreciation which could equal ticket sales not normally a given. At least I think that’s what the powers that be hope. As far as story goes, looks pretty simple, a little bit of moralizing, a little controversy, the real villain emerges and the good guy with the clay feet triumphs in the end. A shameless plug/tie-in to the Avengers and it’s a wrap…

    • Grok that…

  26. They’re NOT calling them “advanced aliens” LOL. In the Comic-Con trailer, the Asgardians had a more old english type of speech. They cut alot out to make a normal length trailer.

    • They are aliens only in the sense that they are alien to earth’s dimension. But not like E.T’ from another planet or something “StarWars-esque”. Though they have visited earth before and may very well have originated from earth but moved onto another dimension like with the legend of “StoneHendge” and it being called an ancient “stargate”

      • Yeah but you and I both know that people would get pissed if they had to listen to 5 Yoda dialects going on in a conversation… besides the whole point is that Thor is screamin about how his dad is an old fuddy duddy that cannot keep up with the times… Surely the vernacular of the younger generation evolved and that is part of the conflict…

        • I agree. Odin’s an old fart that just doesn’t understand 3000 year old teenagers. ;(

  27. wow!!i was hoping this movie will do the honors to thor,and for what i saw it does. i really like the mood of the movie,its like an alien invasion with gods… can´t wait to see who will make a cameo in this movie. so far so good. thanks marvel (thor will own gl next year)

  28. I never read the Thor comics, did he have beard in some of them?

    • I am getting pumped for this movie, Hemsworth really does look the part, and of it helps that Natalie Portman is in it.

    • Yes, Thor did at one point have a beard.

      • Wasn´t that the other guy? Thunder… something (I forgot his name)? The ultimate version of Thor is bearded though.

    • Wally, some time in the 80s, Thor started sporting a beard.

  29. you guys don’t understand once marvel done with there avenger films , d.c. films are gonna be big , justice league is going to blow avengers out of the water

    • @ mario

      Yeah, if DC ever does make a Justice League film which seems would take a enternity right now.

    • @ mario

      One thing you need to understand that not too many people here are impressed with childish MARVEL versus DC debates.

      I couldn’t care less as long as it’s a good movie regardless of which company the characters come from. I enjoy comics books from other companies including DC. :-)

      • Yeah, that´s like comparing apples to bananas.