Thor Trailer Officially Released!

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thor trailer Thor Trailer Officially Released!

[Update: The second Thor trailer has also been released!]

Marvel Comics’ version of the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, made his first appearance in 1962 thanks to the creativity of comic book legends Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber. Fast forward almost five decades and we’re now getting our first official look at the live-action version of the Asgardian Avenger in the just-released Thor trailer!

The new Thor poster was released yesterday, but it only gave us another look at star Chris Hemsworth in costume, wielding Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. The trailer gives us insight into Thor’s character, how he gets to Earth and who his allies and friends are.

We got a fleeting official look at director Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Thor back in July, via leaked footage that debuted at Comic Con this past summer. However, this latest trailer is our first real measure of what the finished, polished product is going to look like, including the visual effects, costumes, sets, and performances of leads Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Anthony Hopkins (Odin) and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster).

As usual, opinion over the big-screen rendition of a revered comic book character is sure to be split, but as far as we’re concerned, the film is looking to be in good shape.

Check out the Thor trailer by clicking the link below:



We’ll soon update this post with some still images from the trailer so be sure to check back.

The intro of the trailer, leading up to the logos and first shots of Asgard, is identical to the footage shown at Comic-Con. The structure of the trailer is also the same with the one game-changing difference being that the effects shots are now complete and they’ve finished coloring and polishing most of the scenes.

This is a vast improvement over what we’ve seen up until now and the newly added lightning effects and action sequences simply put, look very cool. The costumes, which had many up in arms before any footage was released, look good in context as well which should win back some of the early doubters. It’ll be interesting to gauge the reaction to the Thor trailer versus the rather underwhelming response to the Green Lantern trailer and that film’s CGI costume.

Here’s the big problem we have with the trailer: “In 3D… and 2D in select theaters.” Why only in select theaters is it available in standard (less expensive) format and why is this even part of the trailer? It’s a questionable marketing decision, to say the least.

If you’re psyched about Thor, visit Game Rant for the Thor tie-in video game trailer which debuts tomorrow night at the Spike Video Game Awards and follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes, @screenrant and @gamerant.

Thor opens in North America May 6, 2011 and  in U.S. theaters and on April 29, 2011 for the UK.

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  1. Yeah looks like a go for me. I liked that 5 minute trailer better though lol.

  2. Holy crap that was amazing!!

  3. nice

  4. Two words.

    Awesome. Awesome.

  5. Excellent preview. So far the futuristic costumes look good in action and I’m eager to see how Branagh’s theatrical directing style meshes with the comic book movie design.

    I’ll probably pass on checking it out in 3D, though, since it was post-converted.

    • But how long will that be an option, I find it nearly impossible to find a cinema that shows films in 2D these days.

      • You live in an unique area. The majority of theaters contain mostly non-digital projectors.

      • I think that’s an exaggeration unless the UK is vastly different from the US in it’s theaters because far more movies show 2d than 3D these days.

        Though I am bothered by select theaters being a part of this.

        • I’m being serious, where I live, if a film is in 3D that’s all they show it in these days.

    • agreed… the costuming holds up well and the cinematography has a certain mythical light of unknown about it… its really similar to the Underworld cinematography and worlds better than the Blade Series

      Glad to see them pull this one out of the hat… its got my dollar

  6. Wow, much better then I thought it would be!!


    • Yeah… Bring on May and forget about all this bitter cold and months of Geometry and Algebra and rain… thanks for reminding me what HAPPY really means there Happyman! thats the good word for certain!

      Now back to the salt mines and rice bowls… :D

      • Rad, we have to have salt for our popcorn dude! :)

        • Oh, and your welcome. No problem.

          • And just one more thing, I’m promoting Jason Statham for Deadpool.

  8. Ok then…….. this looks good, bringing that sense of a serious epic action adventue. Interested in this far more than the Green Lantern project that’s for sure. I too preferred the previous five minute trailer

    But we’ve been burned by disappointing movies after impressive trailers many many times before so excitement with caution is the key I think.

    • I’d disagree on the basis that Marvel movies usually lived up to the hype of their trailers, but Iron Man 2 did let me down.

      Guess we’ll see, but I have a pretty good feeling about this one.

  9. eh i’m not so sure about this

  10. Looks great and seems to definetly retain the fun action feel of Iron Man.I like that they had the line about how “your ancestors called it magic now you call it science and I come from a place where they are one and the same” It makes it fit well into the Universe that marvel is making for itself.

    • I agree. I was worried a bit about that topic, but it seems they found a good way…

  11. Great stuff from Marvel, once again.

    Bytheway, how come no movie tracking website has covered the release of the new poster from The Lincoln Lawyer through their facebook page/Eonline?

  12. Oh my GOD! That looked freakin’ AWESOME!! Wow, that looked SO much better than the trailer for The Green Lantern.

  13. There was next to nothing there that wasn’t on the ‘leaked’ trailer. Still looks great.
    But I saw those fateful words… In 3D.

    • Yeah 3D wasn’t necessary, it never is.

      • Post coversion 3D too.

        If Captain America is in 3D I’ll wait for DVD, because a period flick with 3D will just look plain ridiculous.

    • you got to see a lot more of devastator! or whatever hes called. barely saw im in the 5 minute trailer? or am i wrong?

      • That was pretty much the only new thing, and it wasn’t much more than a few frames, I’d say there was 10-15 seconds of new stuff.

      • magnus, it’s called the Destroyer armor. this movie’s gonna be cool

        • oh right, destroyer. my bad!

  14. awesome, cnt wait for this, not sure if i will pay the extra for the 3d or not, depends if they are doin a top notch job in the post conversion but either way 2d or 3d im seeing it =)

  15. Wow, looks real good! The costume related worries should start to dissipate now.

    • I wasn´t impressed when I first saw pics of the costumes some months ago. They looked like rubber. But they seem to work for the movie. Looks good IMO.

  16. Good way to kick off the 2011 summer movie season. Great slate of flicks lined up.

    • 2011 will be at war with 2012. Bring it on!

      • Classic… spoken like the warrior you profess to be…hhahaha… thanks

  17. Far better than Green Lantern’s trailer in just about every way…story, graphics, characters, style, costumes, f/x, etc. Huge.

    • No.

      • Good point you make.

      • I disagree… Green Lantern is already a disappointment for me and its mostly because of the costume and prat humor that I saw in the trailer… Sorry Doc… Just didnt bring the punch … too much CGI???

        Its personal taste to be sure but thats how I roll… wheres my tank?

        • definitly too much cgi in the lantern movie. maybe they will fix it or polish it or whatever.

          but asgard looks very much like cgi. they need to make it more realistic in my opinion.

  18. Looks awesome this movie is gonna be sick!

  19. That was awesome

  20. i want to see an HD version! the quicktime one at comic book movie only shows like 1/3 of the screen…

  21. Because he’s a God who has powers and whatnot, I’m hoping they make the scenes look good where he’s using them. I’m sure the acting will be top notch and all, but it’s the action effects that I wonder about.

    The trailer makes it look like they have some of those fast-forwardy scenes, like when Odin magically takes the hammer from Thor, and when Thor throws the hammer at that guy’s face and then brings it back. I’ll be really happy if those scenes look good in the movie and not too cheesy. Same with the Devastator scenes. The whole ‘robot walks into town shooting lasers out of his eyes’ seems a little campy to me, so hopefully it’ll turn out well.

    I’m honestly not trying to be cynical or anything, but these are just the feelings that came up after I saw the trailer. Regardless, like most fanboys, I’ve been looking forward to this and Cap since the day they were announced. So hopefully it’ll all be good.

    • It’s the Destroyer Armor.

      • Yeah I couldn’t remember what the dude’s name was, and I didn’t want to go look it up in the middle of the post so I figured you guys would know who I’m talkin about.

        Thanks for catchin it, though.

        • I think the toughest realism is going to be based in the scale or perspectives of the destroyer and also the ‘believability’ when it comes to the points of terror… really didnt feel the fear when I was supposed to but certainly think that everything else carried the right amount of weight and impact to make this action feature decent…

  22. I used to not give a damn about this movie…but the more footage I see of it, the more I plan on catching it opening weekend.

  23. How are people even seeing this? All I can find are Yahoo! videos that say “No Longer Available” and a Quicktime video on that has so far taken an hour to load HALF of the trailer.

  24. Looks good still bothered by Odin’s look and the look of Asgard, but every thing else looks good. This puts the Green Lantern trailer to shame which was awful.

  25. The first time you guys showed the trailer, i wasn’t too interested. But this time around it looks a little better.Idk why. A lot of it was the same, but for some reason this trailer felt more compelling.

    • Its all in the editing if you ask me… the transitions left a lot to be desired in the Green Lantern Trailer and the personalities were not well developed beyond the obligatory ‘dude’ moments… Thor had a lot of dynamic perspectives coupled with moving transitions… always a winning combination. Definitely a fan of the lighting and cinemagraphic choices with Thor as well. so glad this comic is getting its just desserts…

      It was one of the first that I read as a child… have to admit that the costuming is not so much like what i expected but it lends itself well to the directors proprietary choices apparently… Bravo

      • @theeradicaleclectic, Your perspective and taste is very cool. I can dig it! Lets get a cyber beer dude.

  26. Can’t wait to see the Captain America trailer. Gotta start brushing up on the comics again.

  27. This looks awesome.

  28. Kinda liked the leaked 5min trailer better, got more sir anthony I guess ><