New ‘Thor’ Trailer Shows Odin in Battle

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new thor trailer 2 New Thor Trailer Shows Odin in Battle

Of Marvel Studios’ two headlining superheroes fighting for box office dominance in 2011’s crowded summer of major film releases, Thor came out swinging first. Taking the prized summer opening release date of the first weekend of May, only to be followed by Captain America: The First Avenger two months later, Thor was the first to be introduced to the world with 5 minutes of footage at last summer’s Comic-Con and later, the first official Thor trailer.

Since being introduced to the characters and story of Thor early, Captain America has been stealing his thunder ever since, starting with the first official images of Chris Evans in Captain America costume, then the long awaited Captain America Super Bowl TV Spot. Now, Thor is back with an impressive second full trailer.

Yahoo! Movies debuted the new Thor trailer moments ago and it’s something you certainly do not want to miss. It features almost entirely never-before-seen footage, focusing on the literal and physical impact Thor’s banishment to Earth has on his new human friends.

Watch and enjoy:

The slower pace of the new Thor trailer emphasizes more of the story and title character’s introduction to his Earthly allies. We also get to see larger scale shots of the beautiful Asgard and the Rainbow Bridge, Loki being truly evil and anti-human, Colm Feore’s Frost Giant speaking and most cool of all, Anthony Hopkins in battle as Odin.

As much as I’m digging the work Kenneth Branagh and Marvel Studios have done on Thor, it’s almost ruined by the inclusion of Kat Dennings’ character who’s only there, from this trailer and her words at Comic-Con, as a desperate attempt to appease tween audiences.. We even get a Facebook reference in this trailer… Hopefully there’s more to her character.

From the rest of the trailer however, you can see how Thor is #2 on Screen Rant’s 20 most anticipated films of 2011.

new Thor movie trailer and poster 280x373 New Thor Trailer Shows Odin in Battle

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne, Thor stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Ray Stevenson, Rene Russo, Clark Gregg, Jaimie Alexander, Colm Feore, Tadanobu Asano, Joshua Dallas and Joe Gatt.

If you’re psyched about Thor, visit Game Rant for the Thor tie-in video game trailer and follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes, @ screenrant and @ gamerant.

Thor opens in North America May 6, 2011 and  in U.S. theaters and on April 29, 2011 for the UK.

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  1. i dont see how kate dennings is that bad, i mean sure her line in the trailer was unnecessary/not so funny but it wasn’t so bad as to say she’s terrible etc. everything else looks great, the visuals are amazing (love asgard) and the special effects are pretty good (not the best but def better then green lantern).
    i really look forward to this though i hope they dont swarm the movie with ‘moments of comedic relief’, i know this is supposed to be a ‘family’ movie but seriously the excess ‘comedy’ isn’t necessary to keeping viewers engaged.

  2. And yet still no full Captain America trailer.

    • i got a good hunch we’ll get a capt trailer in sucker punch.

    • Captain America comes out 2 1/2 months after Thor, so I suppose we can anticipate a new trailer some time in April/May.


  3. Smalltown USA feels cheap. Asgard looks fake. But still it looks better than Green Lantern. If you put a gun to my head and was forced to see one of these films it would be this film.

    • I have to say I agree on the “smalltown USA” thing. It actually reminded me of the backdrop of the Kryptonian showdown in Superman II. Feels like they chose the location for budget concerns more than story.

      But I’m still looking forward to this.


      • I read in new gameinformer magazine that the Norse Gods will be explained as Aliens with technological knowledge far beyond humans that makes them appear as Gods. So, we now have a Marvel/Disney produced movie that is rewriting the mythos of Thor’s whole origins. I call Foul, and this must be known by all true Thor fans, and Marvel comic’s fanboys. Please screenrant, we need to investigate.

    • Nah!

      Wait until the 2nd Green Lantern trailer comes out with Sucker Punch. It will be mindblowing and the SFX for Green Lantern will blow away whatever Thor tries to bring to the table.

      Hemsworth seemed really flat in that trailer also….like he was just a reading his lines. Oh well.

  4. First off, that big monster crawling out of the ground is some pretty bad CG. That looks worse than the cave troll in Fellowship of the Ring (And thats over a decade old!)

    but other than that, awesome. It’s much better than i expected, like the Cap trailer. Loki is my fave so far, he’s exactly as I imagined from the comics.

    And where was Chris Hemsworth when they were casting terminator: salvation, he would’ve done been in that role than worthington.

  5. I can’t wait, I think it looks great. Hemsworth sounded great when he said you dare threaten me, thor, with so puny a weapon. Awesome.

  6. This movie looks good !
    Thanks for the articles :)
    Check my website too (, many updated news about movies.

  7. Well all I’m looking for is a rollicking good yarn with gods, ice giants and climactic battles.

    It looks like this is what I want.

  8. Any doubts i had just got blown away!

  9. Who are the obvious asgaardians in the back at 1.44 into the trailer? Anyone knows?

    The trailer seems ok. Better than many other superhero-trailers recently.

  10. That actually looks amazing.

  11. That was GREAT!! I thought it was much better than the other trailer. I will be there opening night! Same with Cap and Green Lantern!!

  12. Wow will be going to see thist movie now. Good year for Superhero movies.

  13. Okay.
    I saw Odin in battle armor, but wher was he in battle?
    was it with the frost giants?

  14. Marvel, you do realize that America is in a recession, right? You come up with these great movies, and now my bank account will be severely diminished! “D**N you! D**N you all to h*ll!!” 😎

    • Woah – hold off the “great” until you’ve seen them! But otherwise lol. 😉

  15. Watched the first trailer again at and it seems like they updated it as well. Am I imagining that? Music, effects, and a few other edits?

    • I think it’s the same, just vastly improved over the Comic-Con footage which was largely the same.

  16. Looks better than I first thought, but read in my new gameinformer magazine that the Norse Gods will be explained as Aliens with technological knowledge far beyond humans that makes them appear as Gods. So, now we have a Marvel/Disney produced movie that is rewriting the mythos of Thor’s whole origins. I call Foul, and this must be known by all true Thor fans, and Marvel comic’s fanboys. Please screenrant, we need to investigate.

    • if you research ancient alien theory they believe alot of our mythical accounts of gods could potentially just been advanced alien cultures which appeared godlike to our ancestors, so essentially they arent changing the origin, its still the same, just being viewed at through a different set of eyes.

      • Igdomanious is correct. The Asgard are most definitely NOT aliens with advanced/magic tech. They ARE the Norse gods of myth and legend. There is a damn good reason why, in the comics, Thor continually points out he is a god and thus immortal and cannot die (at least by mortal standards)

        This description is an insult to the myth and I really don’t know why they thought this was the way to go.

      • spider-Fan that was well said ,because one or anything technological advance very well would be taken s gods by our ancestors,hence the Greeks,Romans,Mayans and & pretty much every culture that existed way back then..imagine if one of us were to go back in time of the vikings with cell phone oven cigarette lighter,laser pointer etc & with what we know now .you would be perceived to be a God.

    • They’re trying to figure out how to bet tie this into the the Marvel movie continuity. Magic wouldn’t really fit in with the established Marvel movie universe.


    • Agree. They did the same thing with Juggernaut in X-Men: Last Stand.
      He couldn’t ‘lose’ his mutant power of forward inertia because it WASN’T a mutant power to begin with.

      I pretty much got used to it when they ditched the home made web shooters and made Venom out be sludge from a meteorite.. Not saying I like it though.

  17. Killer!!!!!!

    Kenny boy nailed it! (I think)

    Even though he screwed us on Brian Blessed

  18. Was that the Warriors Three in the background when the Destroyer was rampaging through the town (behind Thor when he steps up to stop it)?

  19. The rock monster in the end of the trailer looks fake, like video game graphics. The Kraken in Clash of the Titans looked more fleshed out. When will they learn not to make creatures completely CGI and start using practical special effects? The Facebook reference makes me want to vomit as does the chick making it. Who is she and Why is she in this?

    -I’m still going to see this regardless of the outcome hoping this will be Marvel’s first properly made comic to film adaptation.

    • Did you not see Iron Man? That’s about as close as its ever gonna get to a properly made Marvel adaptation…..hense the word ‘adaptation’. I’ll agree the rock monster at the end looks fake. I am hoping they do a little more to it before release.

  20. Answer me THIS: How does one Tase the god of thunder?

    • Yeah, I dont know. I am assuming, in that scene, he is less than god-like and has lost his powers for some reason. It did strike me a little odd though. That probably shouldnt have made the trailer. But, overall, the trailer looked good imo.

  21. By Grabthar’s Hammer…

  22. I’ve not read the “Thor” comics and have a basic knowledge of Scandanavian mythology so I wasn’t too excited for the movie… especially after the first trailer.

    Other than the slightly offensive portrayal of a small American town and the less than stellar CGI there at the end, I thought this trailer was really good. As for Kat Dennings: a necessary evil to widen the audience. Unless she turns out to be the foil to Thor, I bet she’s harmless.

    In the initial background research I did on the comic “Thor” I thought I read that he was a human doctor when he first arrived. Is that right? It didn’t look like that in the trailer.

    • @Jessie

      As with all superheros now a days, the origins for Thor have been wide an varied over the years. The one you are referring to has Odin casting Thor out for being as ass (just like the movie) but he arrives on Earth with no memories in the body of a crippled med. student that has to use a cane. After a long period of time “Thor” arrives in Norway, finds a special cane in a cave and when he strikes it on a boulder he is transformed back into Thor and the cane turns into his hammer.

      I don’t know if that particular story would have worked very well for a movie.

  23. While the movie still has it’s list of longstanding negatives, the trailer at least looks pretty action packed and entertaining.

    I’m really not liking though how they have written Thor as some backwoods barbarian in a modern world. The whole, toss the coffee cup on the ground and demanding more, is not something Thor would do imho.

    I also didn’t get a good sense of scale from the supposed Frost Giants because their appearance was so brief but did they only look to be 10’ish tall??? They are supposed to be GARGANTUAN, on the order of 30’+ so what is the deal?

    • I think they are just trying to show that Thor isn’t exactly familiar with Earths customs, in Asgard I am sure they would throw more than just a coffee up around while drinking ale. Hopefully he isn’t made out to be some barbarian though like you stated, because as big of a brawler Thor is, he always had a gentleman side to him.

      Was wondering the same thing about the Frost Giants. If they are human size I will be a very angry man.

  24. This trailer looked freakin’ awesome! Man, I’m going to go broke watching movies this year…but ONLY if I can watch it locally in 2D. I refuse to see this, Cap or GL in 3D.

  25. Looking really good. I am going to see this for sure.

  26. Dang! That looked good!!
    Can’t wait to see it…in Real 3D…on the Irvine Spectrum IMAX screen.

  27. Have to say this looks quite awesome now and puts Thor firmly at the top for most promising comic book film to look out for. I still have a feeling it’ll be more impressive when in Asgard than in Earth.

    But plenty of action and spectacle and nice touches of humour. Certainly miles better than the Green Lantern and Captain America footage from what wevew seen so far.

  28. Wow! Thor is looking Better and Better all the time. Definitely on my movies I must see list this year, along with Cap, and Pirates 4.

  29. Wait, is Odin fighting with Thor in that shot? O_o

    • I like to see Odin go at it with Zeus!

    • Yes he is. They have fought occasionally in the comic books and I am thrilled to see that they are actually going to show the All-Father Odin in action. Most of the time Odin is renounced for his power and I was a bit disappointed they didn’t show that in the first trailer, but this one has defiantly shown he will be more than just a king in his chair.