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thor spoilers Thor Spoilers Discussion

While we do have an  Thor review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Thor spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile Thor Spoilers Discussion

And while you’re at it, you can give Thor your own rating right here:


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Discuss away!

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  1. Ibthought the humor was fine outside of Kat Dennings product placement jokes. Pop-tarts, Facebook, IPod etc…..

    Cosmic Cube OMFgFjshedjbsj!!! The Avengers is gonna be beyond awesome 12 months and counting…….

    • I really like how The Avengers is setting up. My guess is Thor is the last to join, because obviously it’ll take time until he can get back to earth. So it’ll be some quality stark & cappy screen time, with shield sprinkled in.

      I must say I loved Hiddleston, and am stoked that he’ll be one of the villains in The Avengers.

      The question is…What does the easter egg after Captain America? My guess is a dialogue in an office (Probably with the current roster of Avengers sans Thor) ending with a pan out from the helicarrier. Or maybe something with Bruce Banner because the have to reintroduce him since Mark Ruffalo has taken over.

    • I think putting those products in the movie was definitely for promotional reasons, but how many people call any MP3 player an “IPod”? Facebook is one the most pervasive social media sites in the world, esp. among college age students, so the use of it makes sense. Could they have done without it? Absolutely. But it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the film.

      • @Andy S All of the references to Facebook,Pop-tarts etc, all added to the “real world” effect for the movie. In my opinion it worked, some people may have been turned off by it but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it added to the contrast of Thor’s “fish out of water” theme. Kat Dennings’ comic relief was good and it kept the movie “grounded” so to speak, especially on how a real person might react to some of these situations. The comic relief also helps the movie have a sense of “not taking it so seriosly” and the fun factor. If there was no humor in this movie then it would have been too starchy and stiff. The humor was well placed and through my experience in seeing the movie twice already, all of the audience laughed when they were supposed to.

  2. Just saw it last night an I thought it was great, probably the one of the best Marvel movies to date :) the visuals and the acting were great
    I was wondering if anyone else got the reference to Betty Ross from the Hulk film in one scene, or am I just crazy

    • Betty Ross reference? I´ve read the script and I saw the movie twice. If there´s a reference, I must have missed it 3 times. Where exactly is it?

      • The reference was too Bruce Banner not Betty Ross. It was when Selvig said he knew a pioneer in the gamma radiation science. Kevin Fiege said he was talking about Banner

        • No it was Bruce thats why he said went missing.

  3. Another first rate Marvel movie. Every scene and character, I wanted more. That to me is the sign of good entertainment. Let us hope the next Thor movie will give us more interaction between Thor, the Warriors Three and Sif. Asgard needs to be given more screen time and there needs to be more exploration of the weapons that are entrusted to Odin. Loki was so well played by Tom Hiddleston that he could have his own movie. Thor does a great job of giving us something to look forward to with The Avengers movie next year.

  4. Liked it very much and although it was about as good as any other Marvel Superhero film outside of the first Iron Man it could have been Epic by addressing my minor nitpicks:

    1. Thor V. Destroyer in Backwater town was cool.
    Thor V. Destroyer in major US city would have been off the chain

    2. If you are going to do Thor V. Destroyer in a tiny New Mexico town, shouldn’t the Hulk have showed up to beat everyone’s asses and add to the carnage? (Hulk is always lurking around some tiny New Mexico town)

    3. I love Ray Stevenson ( I liked his Punisher alot, I love Rome. Ray Stevenson can play any dozens of cool Asgardian heroes OR Beta Ray Bill but he was not born to play Volstagg. Brian Blessed was born to play both Odin and Volstagg. Blessed should have been Volstagg fo sure

    4. Music was nice but there should have been wall to wall Wagner. This film was made to be set to Meistersinger Von Nuremburg

    5. Some of the effects oriented action scenes were a bit too hyperkinetic and muddled.

    Other than those minor things. Great Film. I hate Spiderman so I place this a solid #2 behind Iron Man parte uno. Captain Kirk has alot of gravitas and charm and badassery. Something American actors under the age of 45 do not have

  5. once again marvel delivers but is still lacking one very important thing. ACTION. the reason i consider it to be good is because the movie did its job very well.. which was introduce the character and tie it in to set up the avengers. In my opinion.. Hemsworth was great. i cant say he’s great overall cuz this is the only work i’ve seen him in but he pulled this one off very well. so that’s a plus. Hiddleston as well did a rather good job of being his decieving brother but the only actors i really got that godly vibe from was from Heimdell and Odin. but overall on the acting side i have no complaint. The action sequences were just awesome! when thor was wrecking all those frost giants.. it’s what set off the excitement in the movie and it was just amazing to watch the character come to life. yeah some sequences were a little to focused in to the point where you cant see what’s going on but really.. it’s nothing big.. but overall.. i enjoyed it.. even though i wish there was more avenger lore into it.. (cuz hawkeye just got me hyped) .. it was all just presented the right way. they didnt force anything.. besides the love going on between thor and jane.. which need more of a build up. over all 4/5 cant wait for the rest to come and see thor kick some more @$$

    • The movie was riddled with Avenger references. When Couslon made references to “a scientist experimenting with gamma radiation” he was refering to the Hulk and when the Destroyer landed on Earth, Coulson asked “Is this another one of Stark’s?”, refering to Iron Man.

  6. Ive now seen this movie a couple times. In my opinion, the Hulk wouldnt stand a chance.

  7. Thor was a 5/5 for CGI and production. Asgard scenes were phenomenal- reminded me of Avatar. Odin (Hopkins)and Heimdall (Elba)were spot on in character. The early battle scenes with the Frost Giants were great and promising. Special effects while Thor battled the Destroyer was classic. However, the battle was a bit of an anti-climax- too brief.

    For story, I’d give it a 3.75/5. There was a lot more it could have offered. His transformation from an arrogant Thor to a humble one was too quick-too sudden. A lot of plot potential was left unexplored there. I guess time was a factor? But if Batman was that long and was a hit, why not stretch the movie a bit longer to make the point?

    I’ve been following this movie on Screenrant for a while and I just realized the major parts were shown in the trailers which took some steam off the movie for me but my wife thoroughly loved it. The hunky Helmsworth and the subtle romance with Portman was a plus for her. Probably more psyched about the movie in the end.

    In summary, after 25 years of waiting, Thor wasn’t much of a disappointment. I give it a 4/5

  8. The movie wasn’t bad, but I found it a bit underwhelming. And something that bothered me was how much CGI it had, it made some scenes look ridiculous I thought.

    Like for Asgard, was it a fully GG environment? Watching the movie I couldn’t help but remember the Lord of the Rings trilogy and how for the sets they used minitures instead of mostly CGI and I personally think that would’ve looked better.

    And a friend and I are discussing something, we’re both trying to figure out how long the Stellan Skarsgård character has been under Loki’s control. I say after he falls from the Rainbow Bridge but he thinks before that, can anyone clear it up.

  9. Im not really all that familiar with the Thor universe (X-men has always been my area of expertise) But i can truly say I liked it allloooot. Growing up Thor wasnt a very appealing superhero to me but this movie made me appreciate him that much more. I dident really understand the ending credits easter egg. Thanks for clearing it up for me guys.

  10. Finally got to the theater this afternoon. Damn you, Red Wings…

    Thor was easily the second most powerful character in the film and not afraid to show it. Thor was tossing around frost giants like rag dolls, which contrasted nicely with his fights as a mortal. Mortal Thor fought like an ordinary man, not a bone-breaking, bodyslamming beast like the characters in Watchmen.
    The acting was good all around. The only real weakness was Natalie Portman, but female leads in comic book movies never have much to work with.
    Some of the more silly concepts from the comics were executed very well, especially the rainbow bridge and Thor’s various powers.

    The editing reminded me of The Incredible Hulk, which left some solid character development on the cutting room floor. Marvel is seriously afraid of the 2.5 hour movie and it shows when good movies become merely “acceptable” after a few scenes are removed.

    The fights in the second half of the movie were wayyy too short. Thor/Destroyer should have leveled that tiny town and most of the surrounding desert. Thor/Loki is almost justifiable given the obvious difference in power level between the two, but Loki did have Odin’s spear so the whole thing’s a wash.

    Anyway, I give Thor a solid 4/5.

  11. I liked the gate keeper. He was pretty bad ass :]

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed “Thor”. The actors did great jobs…yes, even Kat Dennings (remember that the annoying, but beloved, character is not only a Marvel movie trope but a Shakespearean one, as well, so it makes sense that she would be in this film). I remember a couple of posters complaining mightily about a black Heimdall…Idris Elba hit one out of the park, even being black with pearly white (not gold) teeth. Tom Hiddleston did a fantastic job as Loki. I loved all of the other actors in their respective roles, as well; I just wanted to mention those two, in particular (Dennings was altogether a separate comment).

    I did wish that Thor had not raised his arm to receive Mjolnir after his “death”…I thought that was a weak moment, since the restoration of his godhood was represented by the hammer’s return to his hand, so it should have landed in his hand, AFTER WHICH he could have reawakened. That is, of course, a relatively minor nitpick, but…

    The design of the Bifrost (and the solid bridge leading to its housing), the inclusion of the school-age mythology text (including the origin of Thursday, which surprisingly few people know), and the use of Mjolnir as a human paperweight were all brilliant touches.

    I found the after-credits scene appropriately amusing.

    Oh, and Vic: There was earlier some confusion about which Odin threw out and which landed first: Thor or Mjolnir. Odin threw out Thor first, and he hit the Earth first.

    Now, on to “Green Lantern”! :D

    • X-Men : First Class is next for me and then Green Lantern!!

  13. As probably the greatest Thor fan here on Screenrant,as evident by my name, I hereby give this movie a 4.5/5 rating. A generous rating for a not perfect but great, faithful, and entertaining movie. The only problem I had was the same as others; the Destroyer should have had at least another 5 minutes to do battle with Thor when Thor was revived. Thor should have had a MUCH harder time defeating The Destroyer. But non-fans don’t know how powerful(cannon wise) The Destroyer actually is or what and who exactly he was made for. By that standard, it’s forgiveable and the fact that it was being controlled by Loki and NOT Odin was a factor. Looking forward to The Avengers and Thor II “The Mighty Thor”. FOR ODIN………FOR ASGAAAARD!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh indeed. Odin’s plan to battle the Celestials wasn’t exactly a good one though :) . I’m also remembering the end of the Simonson run when Thor put himself in the Destroyer armor lol. As soon as I saw the Casket of Ancient Winters I freaked! Simonson’s Thor is my favorite run of all time.

      I’d give it a 4/5, and I was expecting a lot worse. I’m going to see it again in a few days in 2d, since the 3d conversion sucked ass.

      I really hope it does well enough to warrant a sequel. I want Surtur and Muspelheim!!


  14. Jane’s character got on my nerves toward the end (a bit too “oh Thor, how strong you are!”), but I don’t know the comics well so maybe that’s how she is.

    I LOVED the Stark reference when Coulson first sees the Destroyer. They reference his character so well (i.e., “he never tells me anything”) that it feels like he’s in the film even without making an appearance. Marvel has done a great job building the universe. So stoked for Avengers next year.

    • I agree about the bar fight. In the script it actually begins, because some biker calls Thor “Goldilocks”.

      • Not trying to be a jerk here, but seriously……we all know by now you saw the script and you know whats in the script. Must you reference the fact in every single post you make about Thor?

  15. Did anyone think GORT when they saw the Destroyer face-blasting the town? Also, although I loved the the cityscape of Asgard, I kept thinking of a pipe organ. These were not bad things; they simply amused me…

  16. This movie was totally Epic….. It was sooo good, I left the theater speechless.

    • See Rickster, there are other good fantasy movies besides HP!! :P

      Glad you enjoyed it!!

  17. I think it’s funny you guts call the ‘spoiler’ cube a ‘cosmic cube’. I think it’s an energon cube and we will see it used in Transfromers 3.

    • You obviously know nothing about the comics lol. It was the Cosmic Cube. Wtf The Transformers have nothing to do with the Marvel films.

  18. This was a Great movie overall, My favorite parts are when Thor kills the frost giant monster, and when they as the doctor how Thor got so strong he just says STEROIDS. LOL Idris Elba did a wonderful job i might add

  19. I just can’t wait for this to come out on Blu-Ray. I will actually probably buy it on the day it’s released (or at least the first week). I really think the 3D conversion hurt the film more than enhanced it. I’m hoping that eventually my theater has the 2D version so I can see it again on a weekday matinee.

    • Andy,

      Same here. I think I’m going to enjoy this a lot more on Blu-ray than I did on the big screen in murky 3D.


      • I saw it in both formats on the weekend and the darker scenes were so hard to visualize in the 3D format but it was easy to watch in 2D and I appreciated the film a lot more in 2D

        • That is what I kinda figured, GK. I actually had to sit on the left side of the theater which made the 3D on the right side of the screen even more blurry and dark. I am SOOO not going to buy a 3D TV anytime in the near future. THAT is a gimmick that the TV manufacturers are trying to cram down our throats. $100 for an extra set of glasses, give me a break!!

        • Jess,

          I did laugh a little. 8)


  20. Saw THOR today (I don’t like jam packed theaters so I wait till Sunday :) ) anyway!……..I have to say overall I thought it was a success. Maybe it’s the fantasy lover in me but I liked it a bit more than even Iron man.

    Like many others though, I thought the films biggest failing was time. I really (REALLY) wanted another 20 or so mins to broaden and embellish the story a bit more. Most of that time should have been spent on Midgard (that’s Earth for you laymen) because I agree his acquiring of humility was far too short. I wanted to see Thor struggle with Earth culture shock longer and give he and Foster a bit MORE time to actually create a bond. Of course in that short 2 days he was hit by a car (twice!), tazered, drugged and then tied up so he definitely got punished.

    As to the acting I thought all did a good job. I was especially pleased and pleasantly surprised with Hopkins and Hemsworth. And sorry but I was not particularity impressed with Elba (only pointing this out because so many are making it a point to say he was just off the charts great)

    Now on to the nit picking! (This is all it is, personal observations, so don’t get yourselves worked up about it)

    1) I thought right off the bat blinding Odin in the war with the Frost Giants to be frivolous and unnecessary. He was “supposed” to have given his eye to Mimer for the wisdom of the Giants. It would have been best to have had Odin always with one eye. They left SO many other things unexplained, this should have been one of them.

    2) They briefly showed us Odin’s 8 legged steed, Sleipnir (very briefly) but I wished they had showed us Geri & Freki (his wolves) and Hugin & Munin (his ravens) at his side on the throne.

    3) There needed to be a bit more backstory to the reason why Loki was adopted. Would have been nice to know he was a master of the magic arts for instance.

    4) Hogun as an oriental guy? So we have the token Asian guy and token black guy? /rolls eyes. If we are going to accept these are aliens, why would they have the same racial diversity as the earth if they are not from here? A bit too politically correct for my tastes.

    5) Wasn’t a huge fan of all the high tech, especially in explaining the bi-frost as a wormhole. It’s supposed to connect only Asgard with Earth, NOT the 9 realms. Heimdall should be a literal unwavering/sleeping guardian, not some gatekeeper with a sword key. Yeah I know the whole plot kind of revolved around this but…

    6) If they are going to have Heimdall, why did he not at LEAST have gold teeth? (or would that have been too stereotypical?)

    7) I agree with Vic that Asgard looked a bit too “Star Wars Episode 1″ for my liking.

    8) Wish Thor had been wearing his helmet more.

    9) Thors hammer is supposed to have been made from the Asgardain metal “Uru” Not from a black hole.

    10) Would like to have had some more explanation of how the Destroyer was created because it is MUCH more than a mere treasure vault sentry. Would also have liked the Destroyer to have, well, DESTROYED more! It was one of the movie’s shining moments though and wish it had had a bit more screen time.

    11) Don’t know how I feel about Loki being able to use Gungnir.

    12) When Thor arrived on Earth, why was he calling for his hammer and not Mjölnir? Seemed like a misfitting way to set up a mediocre joke.

    13) 6 year olds should NOT be allowed into a PG-13 movie. I don’t care if the parents think it’s ok. If you parents must see a movie……hire a babysitter!

    14) I still think it would have been better if all the Asgardians used the more correct Shakespearean diction.

    *) Anyone notice that Sif was never referred to as the Goddess of War? Like the Warriors Three, she was just an Asgardian warrior. Don’t know why the advertising agency felt it necessary to put that on the posters.

    I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. I hope the Redbox version is the directors cut so I can see a few more mins.

    Oh and The most sensible use of the Cosmic Cube would be to have Loki release Surtur, one of Asgards greatest foes, from his rocky prison.

    • While I appreciate many of your comments, being a major mythology buff myself you seem to be confusing Marvel Asgardians a bit too much with actual Norse myth. Except for the colors of skin, they were rather faithful to Marvel’s Asgard. I also wish people would stop calling them aliens. While certainly technically true they are extradimensional beings, not mere extraterrestrials.

      • Also, they said Mjolnir was forged from a dying star, not a black hole. A black hole is a dead star thus has no matter, only imploded mass. In the original comics it is never explained where Uru the mystic metal came from, only that Thor’s hammer was the only weapon made from this element. So, it is quite possible that this element is forged from a dying Asgardian star, or that it’s energy is what was used to actually forge the metal itself.

          • I agreed with you about Uru. You are spot on about the mythology, so I stand down on that point. No need to argue. I could, but I won’t.

    • “Hogun as an oriental guy? So we have the token Asian guy and token black guy? /rolls eyes. If we are going to accept these are aliens, why would they have the same racial diversity as the earth if they are not from here? A bit too politically correct for my tastes.”

      This is interesting to me, because the very logic you use to explain why there shouldn’t be black or Asian Asgardians is the same logic that explains where there WOULD be, if Asgardians really existed.

      Here in the real world, gods are invented by humans, and as such each culture’s gods resemble the humans that invent them…Norse gods are white, Roman gods resembled Romans, etc etc. However, if you live in the world of the Thor film, then the Asgardians exist whether or not humans know about them…they weren’t invented by humans, they are a people all on their own.

      In fact their appearances on Earth influenced human culture (specifically the Norse peoples). So…if the Asgardians really exist on their own, then they’re going to have certain aspects that any other people would have…there will be variations of skin color, dialect, etc. All of this is true…which means it’s not really that crazy to think that some of them would be black or whatever else.

      Hogun…well, that’s a different story. In the comics (and thus the movie) Hogun was the last survivor of a group of people (the comic doesn’t specify if they were similarly gods, or just mortlas) that were massacred by someone named Mogul of the Mystic Mountain. The comics also don’t specify whether or not he was Asian, but we have some evidence that he was at least Asian-esque: His name is very similar to “shogun,” some of his clothing is very similar to that of the Mongols (specifically his hat), and the person who killed his people was named Mogul, very similar to “Mongol.” So it’s not all that strange that they cast an Asian actor for the film (an actor who played Gengis Khen in the film “Mongol” I might add), and dressed him in armor/clothing that was very similar to medieval Japanese armor.

  21. I liked it, and agree with Vic’s 3.5/5. The only disagreement I had with Vic’s assessment was how long it took Thor to become worthy; I felt the timing was appropriate. And I also agree with everyone else that the final fight between Thor and Destroyer was too short.

    One thing I have read on here is how people are wondering how Thor will get back to Midgard; well, when the Bifrost was destroyed, my first thought was what Odin said to Thor about the hammer, “A hammer is used to build and destroy; a fitting weapon for a king”. I think Thor is going to rebuild the Bifrost with Mjolnir.

    Overall, a good film that I saw twice, but Iron Man is still my favorite comicbook movie.

    • Oh, and another little complaint; when Thor was destroying the Rainbow Bridge, I thought he should have said, “For Odin…for Asgard!”, right before he finally destroyed it. But that was probably just the geek in me. :-)

      • I agree I was fully prepared to geek out the second Thor bellowed “FOR ASGARDDDD!”. Instead we get Volstagg yelling it as he attacks the Destroyer then gets smacked out of the air like a fly

    • Kahless…

      Also do not forget that Loki revealed to Heimdall that there are other, less known ways into and out of Asgard…

      • Yes, but the Bifrost is used so often in the comics that I believe they will just have Thor rebuild it. And wasn’t it Loki who only knew that?

        • Kahless…

          I agree they’ll repair (possibly even upgrade) Bifrost, but I was just considering the problem of what to do as an alternative…

          • Also, I just saw the second part of your query. Remember that Loki tells Heimdall why he’s no longer needed before flash-freezing him…

  22. I was a little depressed that with the Casket of Ancient Winters being a central focus point, that Malekith was not in this movie at all.

    Other than that, this was a great movie, and another positive step towards The Avengers.

    • @Doom3524, I pretty believe 98% that Malekith will be in the next if not 3rd installment. I’m willing to bet that Balder The Brave will be in Thor II as well as The Enchantress, and Skourge The Executioner.

      • Amora and Executioner are pretty much a must for the next one. Malekith, I am not sure how they could get him in with them. Then again, who says they have to be a combined enemy? Malekith could be someone at the beginning he is fighting, and then Amora and Skurge could be the main villains.

  23. Excellent Movie – Well done to all the cast, crew & Director for making the Avenger everyone thought could not be done on the silver screen. I loved it & my son of 12 loved it…so there you go! Bring on Capt America now & The Avengers….

  24. @Spearman:
    What Black Panther easter egg?

  25. I think the movie was 4/5 stars. Possibly 4.5. The scenes of him spinning his hammer looked tremendous. Especially in Jotunheim while he was tearing up the ground while spinning it. I was astounded to see him fly so much. The way he flew across Bifrost was straight out of the comics. They had all of Thor’s iconic fighting styles and poses. My jaw dropped the way he killed the huge behemoth. I didn’t make the mistake of seeing this in 3D first, so all those scenes were very clear, even when dark.

    I thought their handling of Bifrost was very intelligent in its depiction, if a tad overused.

    The final scene of Thor destroying the Destroyer was so fantastic I shivered. This entire fight scene should have been longer, though, I agree. Thor’s gaining humility should have been more gradual, as well (needed 15 more minutes of film time on Earth).

    Now the acting:
    Hemswoth was fantastic. Perfect choice. Hopkins was excellent. The banishment scene was moving from both perspectives. Hiddleston was quite good, as well.

    Dennings was completely unbelievable as a scientific intern and her part was a bit too cutsie-cute pop cultural for my taste. However, I get why they wrote the part and wasn’t too put off. A couple of her bits would’ve been funnier if they hadn’t been played to death in clips.

    The Warriors Three were great fun (especially when they show up at the diner door). Some said they got a Superman II feel here. Funny though, when they were in Asgard I got a distinct Flash Gordon feel from these characters, very reminiscent of Vultan and Prince Barin.

    Heimdall was good but added little. He did have one line that made me laugh, when he agreed to help Sif and the Warriors thwart Loki… “Good.”

    Surprisingly, though, it was Portman who left me cold. She did an adequate job and that’s about all I can say. She seemed vacant for much of her performance; not quite fully invested. I could understand why her character would be so invested in Thor as a scientific discovery but couldn’t really figure why he would be that taken with her. In all fairness, a bit of this may have been resolved with just 15 more minutes of film on Earth. This would have allowed for better development of Thor’s humility and his love for her. Still, this only detracted a little. (Oh, on a side note, they could have had her character make it clearer that Asgard was a separate dimension and not just outer space. They waited till the Easter egg at the end to even use the word dimension.)

    All in all, I was more than pleased! Going again this weekend.

  26. i just hope in the avengers film that the leader is in it, and it takes the whole group to take down the hulk. i also hope bruce banner can control the hulk later on. but loki, and the skrull are must at least in the sequels.