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thor spoilers Thor Spoilers Discussion

While we do have an  Thor review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Thor spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile Thor Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. So After Credits Scene.

    Loki falling down to earth and possessing Selvig with the cosmic cube/tesseract in SHIELD’s hands.

    Already setting up The Avengers: 7 Avengers vs 1 Loki and maybe the Skrulls.

    • Also, I loved Sif played by Jaimie Alexander. Very believable and subtly hints her unrequited love for Thor.

    • Maybe Thanos :)

  2. so guys, anybody else think that loki laying under the hammer, unable to move, was hilarious? and btw I love that they included the cosmic cube (or tesseract) in the easter egg scene at the end of the movie

    • Haha found that funny too.

      Setting up Captain America very well. Loki is a very conniving and sinister villain.

    • I love how they randomly threw in Hawkeye. The ending of the movie could have gone diffrently tho…

      • I actually thought the Hawkeye bit was just that; super random. Shame more wasn’t made of it really…

        • cameos are that way –random

        • Yeah, but for a cameo I thought Renner delivered that one line well: “Can I take the shot or not? Hurry up and make up your mind ’cause I’m starting to root for this guy.” That was very Hawkeye. Had the Clint Barton smart-ass edge.

    • Yeah that was pretty funny and i wasnt expecting an easter egg that big. Anyone else catch the Incredible Hulk reference?

      • i did! that made me lol haha

        • i read in an interview with Kevin Fiege that right after the Hulk reference, when the guy says “let me email someone who has dealt with them before” he was SUPPOSED to be talking about Hank Pym. But they deleted it because they felt it was one too many references

          • I did wonder about *that* someone, as it wasn’t actually touched upon afterward. Hank Pym eh? Nice..

            • ya Fiege said that having a Banner reference and a Pym reference all in the same sentence would be too much

          • I wondered who that other person was too.

      • Bruce Banner, got it. That was funny too.
        Loved the Stark reference as well.

  3. I enjoyed this movie immensely. I am looking forward to more Marvel movie action this summer!

  4. so selvig got possessed by loki at the end?

    • pretty much.

  5. Loki should have been killed off at the end. They should not use the same villain from Thor in The Avengers! Is Loki going to be their equivalent of Lex Luthor or General Zod?!

    Chris Hemsworth used to be perfectly healthy and physically fit a few years ago and it is absolutely shocking to see what he has had to do to his body for this movie with those disgustingly huge muscles that he has now built. It is worse though, because he has to maintain it for future Thor and Avengers movies.

    The ultra-gorgeous Kat Dennings should not appear in movies unless she is the female lead or the main love interest. She shouldn’t have been in this movie at all.

    • While thin, he looked fit to me. Also Dennings and leading lady should not go in the same sentence. I cringed at every scene she was in.

      • Madsen

        To each his own, but I pretty much disagree point for point with everything you just said.

        Not knocking your opinion – I just feel the opposite. :-)

      • Her pneumatic lips do seem purpose-built for 3-D though…

      • Branagh actually had to ask Hemsworth to cut back on the body buidling, because he had gotten his muscles so huge that the outfit they had designed was so tight it was cutting off his circulation on the first day.

    • i think that the reason they are using loki for the villain in Avengers is because in the comics loki was the one who caused the avengers to form. so i agree with them with using loki again

      • ^ What he said.

    • I just saw at EW.com with the exact same comment.
      How many other sites did you post this exact same comment?

  6. I thought it was pretty decent too.
    Some of the pacing a was little pushy for me… and many of the scenes lacked the subtlety of truly great cinema… I mean, its about as good as a boisterous night at the local steakhouse but its certainly no Michelin Star meal… so overall I’d have to agree with the 3.5 rating.

    Totally re-affirmed my soft spot for Natalie Portman though too. :)

    • I have to agree, the pacing was a little off. Still, good film though.

      • Oh aye! :)
        I think that possibly a more subtle ‘Director’s Cut’ from Branagh could play things through a little better rather than just stating them bluntly.

      • The pacing was always going to be an issue though….with a proprty like “Thor,” the first movie was going to have about 1 and a half movies worth of stuff to fit, no matter what they did.

  7. I loved the bit wher he drinks the coffee and smashes the cup after – well funny

    • Yeah, that was funny. The script included a scene where he asks Jane for a cup (while serving breakfast to Eric and Darcy), so he could give it to Isabelle, apologizing for smashing the cup.

      • Lol nah He dosnt ow them anything ..especially the rainbow bridge

        • I think it was a nice gesture. Especially on his path to become “worthy”.

  8. I had no expectations going into the movie, and thus thoroughly enjoyed it, it was fun full of action, funny and chris hemsworth was great as thor, the 3d was really unnecessary and spoiled it slightly, but overall well worth a watch

  9. The movie is a future buy for me when it comes out on blue ray.
    My one caveat was the small town in New Mexico. When the camera panned out, you could see the edges of the town, I was thinking they spent all their budget on Asgard and had almost nothing left for the earth town. But other than that it was a great ride :)

  10. I have a theory about how Loki may keep cropping up as a nemesis for the character of Thor:

    At the end of the movie proper we see him fall into the vortex created by the swollen power of the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge as it dissipates. This and the way he was portrayed in the after credits sequence suggest to me that the ‘Spirit’ of Loki is trapped between the Realms, possibly unable to manifest physically but still possessed of the power to influence the minds of others and cause mischief.

    Remember, Loki himself said something about the spaces-between-worlds earlier in the film and he has been identified as a Master of Magic… so maye he’s been able to preserve himself in this way even though he was, seemingly, lost when Thor destroyed the Bifrost. :)

    • Very good observation. IMO, I felt he cloaked himself as he did from Heimdall going to Jotunheim, when he went to Earth to tell Thor the “passing” of Odin as well as trying to retrieve Mjlonir. He went through the vortex and landed on earth.

      • A-ha!
        But consider this:
        If Loki is trapped BETWEEN the Realms then he may be able to assert malevolent influence on any one of them while AT THE SAME TIME in effect being safely out of Thor’s reach.

        I think this would make him a particularly effective antagonist for Thor, who has all this immense power but who is rendered completely impotent, against Loki at least. I think there’s endless fun to be had with that. :)

        • Once again, very good observation :-D. I’ll definitely keep that in thought!

          • Like I said, its only a theory… but its bloomin’ impressive eh? lol :D

            • ha. don’t masturbate to your own brilliance just yet.

            • ha. don’t masterbate to your own brilliance just yet.

              • Certainly not!

                I’m waiting to be proven correct before I start any of that. :P

  11. Im a fool, I missed the after credits scene.

    • Erik Selvig visits Nick Fury at his underground HQ. Fury shows him the tesseract/cosmic cube and talks about how it may hold some untold power. Then you see Loki in the reflection of the glass where he whispers to Selvig to agree with Fury’s statements.

  12. where any of the weapons held in that chamber (the one with the ice box thing) of any significance to the marvel universe, b/c the camera did focus of a couple of them prior to going to the ice box, i think it’s when odin, loki and thor go to investigate the issue, or when the ice giants go to steal it.

    the cameo was nice, it wasn’t to obvious, and it fit into context with what was happening at the time.
    one thing i hated is how the hammer magically flies to him right before the guys get their asses kicked, i mean yeah we know he deserves it and all, but you could have done that scene alot better. also the melodrama bs was really unnecessary, to much and to cliché.

    if i didn’t watch it in the dreaded 3d i would have given this a 2.5, but b/c i had double vision pretty much throughout the whole movie i give it a 2/5. these super hero movies are getting really cliché to one another, in the sense that there’s always a love interest to be saved in the end (or a ‘love scene’ between the the male and female leads in the end) and generally speaking we know how the movies going to end.

    they should make a ballsy move and take things in a direction no one expects (like nolan’s batman movies). that being said, i sorta liked how they destroyed access to the human world, so he couldn’t see that emotionally unstable child… aka the love interest of the movie.

    • Nolans Batman yawn.

    • The items in Odin’s vault are the Infinity Gauntlet, some mystical eye (Kevin Fiege said its NOT the Eye of Agammatto but some really old weapon from the earlier thor issues), an empty chamber and then the Winter Casket (the ice box). i think the empty chamber was originally where the cosmic cube was held

      • Totally missed the Infinity Gauntlet. I blame the 3-D playing merry hell with my eyes at that point. :-)

        • to your defense it did NOT look like the Infinity Gauntlet we are familiar with. It was the very first thing. I could barely tell in the shadows it was the Gauntlet. And it was glowing blue

          • Cheers, spearman – good to know the old eyeballs maybe have an excuse!

          • It looks exactly like the infinity gauntlet from the comics, except that the glove itself was gold/other metal in the film, and in the comics it appears to be leather, or could also be metal but it’s less apparent in handdrawn art. You can see it in the background as one of the frost giants gets blasted by the Destroyer.

  13. @Jeremy

    Cheers for expalanation of credits scene, I was wondering what it was in the suitcase, more comic book revision homework for me, lol.

    I too agree that the pacing was forced, again I think Branagh had a set running time imposed onto him. 15 – 20 mins extra would’ve definitely made it an even better film. We’ve seen with the likes of the Rings trilogy and Kingdom of Heaven the enhancing effect of an extended cut, and there’s a definite case for a Thor extended version.

    The Destroyer battle was a bit of a let down, just thought more effort should’ve been applied, considering how brilliant the fight with the Frost Giants was.

    I actually thought they were going to go with the story of Loki controlling the Hulk for Avengers and that the end credits in Thor would’ve seen Loki get transported back to Earth and encountering the Hulk amidst a large area of carnage.

    Just think that would’ve been a more cooler credits scene.

    Surely betting that Captain America’s credits scene will see Thor, Iron Man & SHEILD coming together & finiding him in the big block of ice.

    • Question: Do you think there is a reason for the two fight scenes to be contrastly different? Asgard seems to be other worldly and therefore such creative liberties may be had while on Earth, it cannot? Of course I haven’t seen the movie yet, so my mind may change.

    • Maybe Loki uses the Cosmic Cube to controll the Hulk???

      • I don’t know, seems like if someone like Loki, who already was powerful and intelligent, got a hold of the Cosmic Cube, he would think of a lot more ambitious things to do than control the Hulk.

  14. well they had better use the leader in the avengers film or i will be p!$$ed off. bring on the hulk, and leader.

  15. I loved the movie 4 stars is what I give it. Loki and Thor were the best parts with Heimdall being a close third. Loki’s scene with Odin before he falls into Odin sleep was great and then his fight/talk with Thor was even more impressive from an acting stand point. My only problem was the after credits scene that felt a little out of place, and the new problem of “how does Thor get from Asgard to Earth” in the Avengers movie.

    • Like Loki said, there´s more than one way to get in/out of Asgard.

      • Yea I know but they will still have to devote time to that in the movie which in the long run for Avengers will be a bad thing, the more time we have the team together the better, I don’t want to see 1. Thor figuring out how to get to Earth for 30 minutes then 2. The Hulk being chased down by S.H.I.E.L.D/Loki(depending on the plot) 3. Tony being accepted as part of the team not just his suit 4. Hawkeye/Black Widow being introduced to everyone 6. Loki getting his body back(if he even does(if not then him staying as SPOILER ALERT Solvag and being found out to be Loki)5. Captain America getting use to the time and whatever else we find out they don’t tie off in CA. There are almost too many plot lines to close just to be able to start the movie, let alone the team working together to stop Loki/other villains.

        • Have faith in Joss Whedon, mortal.

  16. Ive waited alot of years for this to be made. I am happy and it turned out better then I thought it would. Going again tomarrow

  17. Historic Day!!! Fellow ‘Watchers of the MCU. I accept the limitations of having to have our first Thor movie bought to live-action and restricted by the ‘General Public portions of the Film. Twas frustrating to the Fan base but its now outta the way. Read other articles to confirm the outpouring of wanting more Asgard than Earth! Like the Avenger plugging hanging over Iron Man 2.

    But the Future has been layed bare and all the Business actions that had to be done introducing a character not as popular to the ‘GP as ‘Batman,Spiderman,Wonder Woman, Superman has been completed.

    Look foward to unaltered Asgardian characters without the painful explanations to the GP. Mangog, Skrug, the Enchantress Tyr and Surtur all await.
    Did everyone see Odin riding Sleipnir-Awsome!!! Now it can be the LOTR of Superhero its supposed to be..

    • Verily indeed my friend, I did see that great steed Sleipnir in all its glory. It would be great to see Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder shown in some way that works, even as just cameos in the sequel. LOL!

  18. After seeing how the movie ends, I am confused about how Thor will join the avengers seeing he never really was told about them by shield.

    • He told shield(Agent Coulsen at the end before he goes back to Asgard) that he is their ally and when they need him he will be there basically joining the Avengers on the spot.

  19. I was overall pleased with this film. One of the best things i liked was that it was not so full of avengers references that it was about it burst, like Iron Man 2. I loved Remmer’s cameo as Hawkeye. I thought he fit it perfectly and I did catch that little bit of attitude he gave to Coulson. the only references to the other movies i caught were Selvig mentions a collegue who worked in gamma radiation and when Coulson asked if the Destroyer armor was something Stark did

    • And Selvig talking about a e-mailing a guy who had experience with SHIELD. <- Henry Pym.

      • I would have included that if they had not taken out Pym’s name lol

        • Yeah, if I hadn´t read the script (which included the name), I´d be scratching my head who this “friend” was… :)

          • They should have said Henry Pym like they had originally planned. Non-fans have no idea who Henry Pym is, this would have been a good way to spark interest for the character, other than that, Selvig said a scientist of gamma radiation but mentioned no names; fans would have known who he was talking about but non-fans more than likely may have slighltly known only the reference to Banner. A lost opportunity there were with Pym that should’ve been taken advantage of.

            • I think they didn´t tell the name because they´re not sure if they´ll use him in The Avengers. If they dropped his name, all fans would be disappointed if he´s not in the movie…

              • Well they ARE working on a Ant-Man movie that Edgar Wright has been drafting. And in Iron Man 2, Favreau admited to a small Black Panther easter egg and he won’t be in the Avengers.

                • the Ant Man film will have no connection to the Avengers films, according to Wright himself.

  20. I am DEFINITELY seeing this movie again! Need to bring back Natalie for Thor 2. The 3D was kind of weird but that is my ONLY complaint.

  21. Great movie. I agree, pacing was off. I would have like another 20 minutes, especially on Thor’s friends. Did Michelle Obama and her diet team make sure we couldn’t have a rotund Volstagg? An anemic V-Man! That’s just wrong. I couldn’t believe I got out of the theater in less than 2 hours, with 10 minutes of wading through credits.

    Destroyer looked too sleek, too human. I like how his power was presented, but I thought they could have added the hinge element like in the comics.

    I could tell Selvig was holding out. The post-credit scene only gave partial answer to that.

  22. I think Vic’s review was wrong. Mjolnir did NOT precede Thor. The audience’s introduction to Mjolnir (in Iron Man II) preceded Thor. We even hear Mjolnir’s impact after Thor has already arrived.

    • SHC,

      I could be misremembering – in any case it makes no difference to the story whether Thor arrive first or Mjolnir did. But didn’t Odin toss Mjolnir into the vortex ahead of Thor?


      • It’s Thor first, then he throws Mjolnir in the opposite direction, Vic. Thor hears about the “satellite” from the two guys in the cafe, which could have been placed anywhere storywise though, as you say.

        • OK, guys, thanks. Fixed it be just replacing “preceded” with “followed.” :)


      • Nop Thor was banished first. Mjolnir is seen coming to earth in the background when they are driving him to the hospital.

        • thats was his hammar actually

          • Mjolnir is the name of Thor’s hammer.

          • haha Derp! You watched the movie right? They called the hammer “Mjolnir” like 6 times.

  23. ^Iron Man 2 and Thor are basically going on at the same time

    • As well as The Incredible Hulk.

  24. Why would anyone want to discuss “Devil” on this page? lol

  25. I saw it in 2D and was very impressed by this film..4/5 for me.

    Infinity Gaunlet + Cosmic Cube..excellent..

    Sif was bad@$$..she probably could have kicked the Warriors Three’s arses all over Asgard..I thought Tom Hiddleton was brilliant as Loki and look forward to seeing him on the screen again..he nailed Loki to perfection..

    I also thought Idris Elba as Heimdall was AWESOME!! He really captured the spirit of that character…

    Warriors Three were alright especially when they show up in desert town and are staring in the shop window at Thor..very funny!!

    Colm Feore was very menacing as the Frost Giant King Laufey..

    Anthoy Hopkins screen presence was astounding..he commanded your attention and played Odin with nobility and compassion that befits the King of the Nine Realms

    Loki was the smartest and most cunning person in the room at all times..

    I think it is a very worthy addition to the Marvel film universe and look forward very much to seeing these characters again..

    Some of my favorite scenes:

    When Heimdall breaks out of the ice and slays two of the frost giants to allow Thor, the Warriors Three and Sif to return to Asgard via the Bifrost

    Didn’t I see Stan Lee (the Cameo King)as the driver of the pickup that was trying to move Mjolnir from it’s desert resting place?Maybe he could create a comic book with that title…and now….CAMEO KING!!!

    J. Michael Straczynski was the first guy to find Mjolnir and try to wield it..

    The final battle was a little anticlimactic harkening to the two final battles in the Iron Man films(need to be longer and more engaging)…Marvel needs to work on these climactic scenes for sure..

    Jeremy Renner’s cameo was superfluous but I enjoyed it nonetheless..as well as Nick Fury, Loki and the Cosmic Cube after the end credits..

    That is how Marvel should have used the Avenger tie-ins in Iron Man 2..a lot more subtle and much more effective IMO.

    Kat Dennings could have been left out of the film and I wouldn’t have missed her character at all…

    Agent Coulson is becoming very one dimensional to me..

    Very good movie!! :)

  26. “Yeah we can tell your hammered.” I could have done without the humor in a few parts but overall it was good. Typical of what to expect from Marvel these days though.

    • @jake the snake
      ” Typical of what to expect from Marvel these days though.” what does that even mean? Marvel Studios is a young company compared to others when making their own movies and probably haven’t hit their stride on what works and doesn’t work. With that said, I think they have done a good job so far with the Iron Man movies, Hulk and recently, Thor. Thor wasn’t the first Iron Man, in terms of good, but was decent enough. You have to face it if you’re a fanboy like myself, for these comic book adaptations to be successful they have to appeal to a wide audience and these hints of humor/big stars that have no big roles/ and changes to the story lines have to be made for the film to make money.

      • Tiso,

        I understand your points and I mean no disrespect but I don’t think Marvel will be taken seriously with all the dumb humor. It was like Transformers. Natalie Portman is Megan Fox (I’m not comparing their acting chops) except with worse one-liners. Who drives into a storm, hits someone with their van and then cracks a joke? The first 40 minutes were littered with horrible one-liners. Thor dies and comes back to life. Kills the Destroyer in 2 minutes. Putting on the screen “Thor will return in the Avengers” was pointless since we already knew he would return. Samuel L Jackson at the end? Shocker I know but he has to get his money. Marvel can even make a great actor like Jeremy Renner seem pointless. I know 95% disagree with me but just my opinion.

        • All valid points jake , and to a certain degree i agree with all of you’re points. Lol at meganfox/portman comparisons and the one liners were horrible.

        • I actually agree with a lot of your statements and makes sense, but it is just a reality that Marvel won’t take next step right now since they just started making their own movies.

          To address the happy/playful tones it has. I will use Nolan’s Batman for example, it is reality based somewhat, gritty, adult dialogue and dark. I just don’t think Thor franchise can ever be that, and if they did start going that route, I think it would turn off a lot of audiences.

          In the end though, I completely agree ‘Thor’ could have been reworked and if they allowed extra running time to have a better polished finished product than what they had.

          Maybe in the future they could venture down this route with the movies and if they are selective with their characters. I know Marvel Studios doesn’t own Daredevil but he would be perfect

        • I will agree that the Hawkeye cameo was completely pointless and didn’t move the plot in any way.

          • I agree, but adding Hawkeye was necessary to show case him and spark interest for him in the Avengers AND it was for the fans. Remember, they didn’t give this film a lot of time so a lot more could have been done but time was a factor.

        • When thinking about the “thor” film during the months leading up to it, I was sure I would hate the little offside jokes in the dialog, even though I knew why they were putting it in there. If these films try too hard to take themselves seriously, it could backfire into something utterly dorky, so they had to balance out things with some amusement.

          I was sure I would hate the jokes, but in a packed theatre, I heard everyone laughing and getting a kick out of the humor, and even found myself laughing along with them. I understand your point of view, but I think it really works in the favor of the film(s).

      • easy, they have to much childish humour, melodrama garbage and typical endings. they should really change their game up if they want to continue to make money b/c eventually people will realise how repetitive the plots get (regardless of hero).

  27. I loved the way they did Loki’s magic in this such as his dopplegangers, especially at the end where he made so many of them.

    Also liked the scene where Thor gets the hammer back, though part of that is due to me just liking the sound of Anthony Hopkins saying the inscription on the hammer.

    I’m rather curious how they’ll bring back Thor for The Avengers as well, though they may have created a possibility in establishing that Donald Blake is in fact a real person in the Marvel Universe. Perhaps they plan to go with the stick-switch after all? Maybe a bit too far-fetched, but something to keep in mind.

    Loki controlling Hulk seems like a pretty good plot I think to start things up. I admit I’d like to see some other villain for that film than having Loki show up again, but then Hiddleston did such a great job that I can now honestly say I wouldn’t mind.

    Loved the post-credits scene especially when I knew what was coming when I could see Selvig’s reflection in the mirror.

    The dynamic with Loki in the film was rather different from that of the comics, though that’s not too big a surprise. Unlike the comics, Loki seems more readily accepted by his family if that makes any sense.

    I admit I feel a bit confused as to why Loki might want revenge though I think it may be due to how in the end all his actions were to make his father proud. I suppose perhaps he could have the same problem Thor did in that he can’t seem to admit he was wrong? Maybe it’s a silly thing to think at all, but it seemed rather clear that despite their differences in the end, both Thor and Odin loved Loki like a brother and son respectively.

  28. Favorite part is when Thor put Mjolnir on Loki’s chest. Mjolnir = The Ultimate Paperweight.

  29. I liked alot of the humor didnt really seem out of place or take over the movie like some people suggested before it came out. Yeah Loki didnt seem bad in the movie just misguided.